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I have a dream I have a dream that will turn into reality

I have a dream that will turn into reality. I have a dream and I would like you to close your eyes with me and hand me over your heart. I have a dream about the future and where we are going and I want you to give me your hand  and your ears as I begin to describe this future and detail. I have a dream but before I tell you about my dream let me give respect to Martin Luther King. I went to touch his podium looking for a Dream and I went to seek the blessing of this man who could see the future a man who Moved hearts to March with him in Washington and  to match with him across the bridges I meant to say we are finally free. I love Malcolm X more than my life but I understand Martin Luther King had a dream and his dream came true so I went to his Podium and I put my hand on his podium and I asked the king I said okay I went to have a dream about technology and about the future and I want to lead the black people of this country but I want to do it with the white


To the Imam that got away. Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wbarakatu  my dear Imam  Shaykh Abdur-Rahman  which means May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you and your family and your loved ones. I write this letter with emotions burning through the sky. I went to explain myself that I am among those two people who are struggling in the road to get to god  with character so that I might be among those who represent the messenger of God in the future. Many people do not understand that once you have done repentance you start on a new page many people choose to keep judging and keep looking at the actions of other people such as me. A lot of people do not understand and that all this project and everything was turned in secret and I requested that I remain in secret unfortunately it was made very clear to me this has nothing to do with all the beautiful projects and all the beautiful words. It was made very clear to me that the blessing of my fa