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To the president weloce to 2018

In 2018 we're going to do something very different right from the get-go. As a superhero I expect to set the tone and be an example for young people around the globe as to how we can take on challenges and bring peace and prosperity in their own country. If you have read my happy holidays you clearly figured out that everything I did mostly was a big prank 2 launch my brand to change the world and to just go from there without any direction but somehow I expect to get to my destination and move on with my life. 2017 was a very tough time for all of us in this country. Fortunately if 2018 starts just right then all should fall into place and we can forget the past hold hands moving to the future together as one family because we only have one voice when President and one country. We don't have a choice in this matter we have to find a way to get up and just move on with our lives and adjust to the new reality that technology has adjusted the way we communicate and th

My failed lawsuit

Vulcan INC. I I went to initiate a lawsuit against Paul Allen. Paul Allen is the owner of the Seattle Seahawks, and  the Portland Blazers. I work for a company known as Nastec nternational . Who work for Vulcan for information visit   my Job is as estate agent protecting Paul Allen sanctuary or home. MR Allen bought a house and Vulcan hired my company Nastec to do the job. Nastec hired me Omar abdi jabar because of my excellent experience.  I  am not sure exactly when the hire date was but I think it's around in October or Nov 2013. Every thing went wrong from day one wbenI told the Nastec I was not going to return the next day due certain things I observed and I was not interested in telling the people in charge that they don't have the right basic training of choosing the right people to work their apparently, they were so in a rush they just hired people of Craigslist and  formed a team and put them to work on the estat