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Update report for Sarah Jacobs.

 In the name of God the most gracious most merciful. Report card update for Sarah Jacobs. What does Google search and data in general that is being organized and synchronized and being made a copy of by Google have to do with politicians the answer is simple it's everything everything that's being said about you everything that's being searched about you all the queries tell everybody what do you need to know movie Forward about yourself and what the people need. So the report card in the future it will be like Google search it's going to display what people are searching for unfortunately today what politician do is just give all kind of information you go to their social media and you just go through their pages and that you were looking to connect with that politician you were looking to vote for that politician but you are searching for what you want not what they have and that's something Google learned a long time ago. So politicians need to learn the same thi