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Warren Buffett and the world

Open letter to Warren Buffett. Dear Warren Buffett I would like to make you an offer you can't refuse and I'm telling you there's not going to be any Italian pizza or pasta trust me you're going to like this. I want to talk to you about legacy this is something that's very important because it goes down in the history books when we are all going to thousands of years from now how do we want to be remembered is the question. I want to make it very clear in American history there's only one family. Rules them all and that's the John Deere Rockefeller family. There's no one in American history or would be better than them in any way for more shape in this world now and forever. We have comes to legacy John Deere Rockefeller out doesn't them all he will be remembered as the great American the one who financed Americans out of the depression the one who used his money to bring change that will last a lifetime. Dear Warren so I want to be

OBAMA / family 😆 let's take on the problems

Open later to President Obama why you have to listen to a new voice to fix the system. Dear president Obama I choose to call you president because the current individual who is occupiying the White House has failed to meet the obligation of becoming commander in chief. Even though I have reached out to him through my blog. The current administration which I have nothing but love for in my spiritual heart has chosen to copy my strategies without even giving me a thank you. If anybody challenges me I can go back in time and we can look at my blog and we can look at the solution that the administration has chosen to follow which is a complete mirror what I'm saying on my blog. So it's time to take the gloves off and really come to an understanding that I have more than a million people visiting my blog so that must mean I have commanding  voice on to the Internet. Some People are  more than happy to go out blogs and cheat and copy original ideas and pretended it was thier