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I have a dream I have a dream that will turn into reality

I have a dream that will turn into reality.

I have a dream and I would like you to close your eyes with me and hand me over your heart.

I have a dream about the future and where we are going and I want you to give me your hand  and your ears as I begin to describe this future and detail.

I have a dream but before I tell you about my dream let me give respect to Martin Luther King.

I went to touch his podium looking for a Dream and I went to seek the blessing of this man who could see the future a man who Moved hearts to March with him in Washington and  to match with him across the bridges I meant to say we are finally free.

I love Malcolm X more than my life but I understand Martin Luther King had a dream and his dream came true so I went to his Podium and I put my hand on his podium and I asked the king I said okay I went to have a dream about technology and about the future and I want to lead the black people of this country but I want to do it with the white folks first.

So I close my eyes and I spent a few minutes with the podium and when it was done I felt a tingling sensation.

My beloved told me take a picture put your hand back I don't know what happened but something did Spark I said wonderful idea because when I went to Muhammad Ali's grave I refuse to take pictures or let anyone know that I have just visited the champ while I was in Kentucky.

First let's finish Martin Luther King and let me show you a picture.

It was an emotional moment I connected with the King and he gave America a dream and he made them move towards the future and they told him I will not make it with you but I see the light.

I have a video of him making the speech please listen to the king for he has been here and I am here enjoying all my rights because he gave up his life.

Don't listen to the nonsense it's not personal it's politics I need to say what I need to say but this man is my king he's the king of my heart and he is the king of Atlanta don't listen to anyone you can see my picture and where I got my dream.

So please listen to the king because he spoke to me and he spoke to everyone around the world and this famous speech it sends a jolt between my spine and it makes me stand up strong and makes me look into the future as I begin my predictions let me play the king one more time you will stand up and sing and you will say God bless the King Martin Luther King is the only King America.  He spoke with eloquent speeches and Beautiful Smiles he was a reverend and he was a man who was a lion by his own right because he reached the Mountaintop.

So I want to take you back to the Mountaintop and I want you to listen to the king so he could see the future and he made it ring and I cannot help myself but to come to tears as I remember the King on the Mountaintop let's watch this video together as we remember who got us to the Mountaintop in America.

I want to take it from The Mountaintop and I want to go to the ground where I belong For only  the king can stay in the Mountaintop.

I know he would be proud that I went to Twitter and I took on the haters as a matter of fact I took the Devil Himself and I put them in a bag and I gave him a paternity test and I exposed them all Martin Luther King would be so proud.

Note to self put the devil picture right here.

So without further ado I want to play the next video of Martin Luther King giving the full speech on his dream because through dreams everything comes true we must dream together first and we must hold hands.

With this speech Martin Luther King painted a picture in the minds and the hearts of everyone not only are we equal but a day will come where color will be non-existent and All rights will be restored.

I wanted to write this in tribute to Martin Luther King so the haters and those who doubt me that I love the king must head for the exit.

Because my dream was inspired by Muhammad Ali and was stitched by a bee and was taken down the mountain top by Malcolm X I have to share it in a different speech.

I just wanted to wake people up how much I love Martin Luther King and his speech and I want everyone to know that some of my inspiration was passed down from the Mountaintop by the king.

I enjoy all the freedoms because of his speeches I'm living  in America with all its opportunities at my feet.

I would not be where I am without Martin Luther King and I want to give him the respect he deserves and I want to shut the door on the faces of those who Doubt Me and My Love for Martin Luther King.

With that I want to end because this is too sweet but I want to dream and I want to tell you about my dream and fortunately all those people who have not show me support and who have turned their back because they doubted my love for Martin Luther King.

So let it be known that I love Martin Luther King and I consider him my hero and I understand the sacrifices he contributing to my success to day.

I plan on giving a full speech on my dream on a different occasion but I wanted to put a down payment on the future then I will paint the picture in the following words.

In my speech I will talk about my dream about the news!  my dream about the political system ! my dream about how Americans will work and live in the 21st century!

Martin Luther King would jumping Joy when I say trickle down economics makes no sense making us work longer and harder and paying us less is a trick that they learn from their masters.

Yes I have a dream a dream that will affect everyone around the world and it will stand the test of time.

So I have touched on my dream and I have sparked my imagination from the King and I want to close the chapter because my full dream belongs to my Muslim Brothers who never got any credit but we're apart of the fight to change America.

So I have a dream and I hope to write it down and I hope to share it with you as I paint the picture of the future and all its glories and all its hallelujahs so you can all jump with joy.

I am not a man with a silver tongue and I do not trust those who have the silver tongue be careful of the silver tongue for they always talk about hate and not love and dreams that's how you know they have a silver time they are allergic to love and dreams.

So the night is young and I say let's all have a dream let every man and woman around the globe reflect back on Martin Luther King and bring about a new dream bring about a new dream so we can dream together and hold hands so we can go into the future knowing it was a black man who brought the dream again it's deja vu for the white man again but the black man always comes with a dream and with their dreams they change the world.

So I  want to talked to every black child whether you are a boy or a girl you must bring your words together like a shoestring and you must look at the stars and say I have a dream because we have a man with a dream his name in Omar Arizona and he shall dream for all of us we wait for his speech as he begins to describe his dream I want you all to be happy with me for my destination is guaranteed and I understand it will be moving fast like lightning.

And I pray to my Lord he lets me fire in  all cylinders and let it happen at all the time so that it becomes a storm no one can approach me or they will be destroyed I have a dream I will be in a storm I have a dream I will flood every plane I have a dream no one will contain me I have a dream but Ali and Malcolm X already complaining too much it's time to close the chapter and say goodnight.

So please sit down and make up your dreams so we can see if it matches up with mine I'm a man from a storm and I bring the storm whatever I go no one understands who I am and what I want all they know is that I'm doing too much and I am in a storm and sometimes I am the storm.

So please tell your children we have a man who loves Martin Luther King and he has a dream unfortunately he brings a storm and he moves like lightning and he's afraid of the silver toung  man who burned down his land and took everyone as a slave and brought them to America.

So ladies and gentlemen I have a dream my dream shall stand the test of time so get ready as I begin to take off and as I begin to create my storm I promise you it will be beautiful and it will be scary and you will not be able to help but just praise the Lord.

So by all means praise the Lord he's in charge of everything go to bed tonight and wake up in the morning praising the Lord and say the man of the Lord came and he put the name of the Lord in my tongue and he reminded me of the Lord and I was jumping up and down all I could do is remember the Lord he came with the name of the Lord and he left with the landlord and he said Remember the Lord for the Lord is the one who blesses he is the one who increases the blessing he can make anyone full of blessing so ask you lord to bless you and ask the Lord to bless me we can all be blessed don't be ignorant and don't be jealous the blessing of the Lord is available to everyone.

So ask the Lord to bless you and bless me thank you for reading this and good night.

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