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Open letter to Jeff Bezos. I love looking into the future and trying to take a shot in the dark and hopefully I'll be proven right for my efforts because the more I try to fail and and the more resourceful I tried to get the more exciting the journey personally I have loved every step so this letter is just a continuation of that resourcefulness. For those who do not know Jeff Bezos and I won't blame you because it looks like the guy in at school where you can take his lunch money and he won't be complaining LOL which makes him the ultimate hero because when you look at Jeff Bezos you don't see a Steve Jobs or Einstein or anything like that you see someone who's normal and you get a sense of I can also do this to which is a big compliment to Jeff Bezos as a human being. So I want to introduce Jeff Bezos to the world and Beautiful video he made with his brother and it really puts emphasis on parents who are creative. If you don't parent and you m
Donald Trump is an asset to the USA if he's willing to be part of the game plan to use his personality and is unique powers to change the world. I want the world to remember me as a man was able to see the other side of the coin and a man who was able to turn the page with no one could. The lord of the heavens and earth has blessed me with opportunity to withhold my emotions and understand that he's the one who works through the spirits of the people and what that means is completely mysterious and I do not wish to explain. What I am saying is that if you step back and ask yourself simple questions such as how and why did Donald Trump become president and I want to give that different perspective as to why he can be an asset. First I want to start with the why question which is God is the one who chose him and put him in the White House despite us human beings putting up a fight and yes I put up the biggest fight I wanted to vote for Hillary I was excited a