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Dear Walmart this week I drove a lot of your loads to your distributions and I want you to know I'm not getting my fair share and I have an idea to change everything. I delivered a lot of loads to distribution centers which is normal in my company because there's a lot of drivers who deliver and today I stand in a very precarious and also difficult situation so I want to share my thoughts with you are especially for truck drivers. To be specific let's just say that while I was delivering a Walmart load I drove thirsty and hungry and because I'm a Muslim I know how to go to ramadhan it was not a big deal but for other people it's very difficult.   Any way Those who don't know the trucking Industry Walmart truck driving is a dream job it's like the major leagues it is the stuff of Legend and as  truck drivers we're all trying to make it Walmart. FYI just filingl in those people who always go to Walmart or complain about how much regular