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Was the News Ever Unbiased

In the Name of God , Most Gracious, Most merciful Dear James Brown I hope you enjoyed the documentary especially how we ended as if he's playing football and handing over this problem to both of us telling us the news was hit from the left the news was hit from the right and from all sides just like a quarterback it went down and it never got up again. For those who are not following us on Twitter he's the documentary. Was the News Ever Unbiased?". Football analogies are incredible as I try to impact this documentary that was made in just exquisite fashion breaking down the history of how an institution responded to the propaganda that was made by Nation in the world wars that went on to create a different reality so much death and deception journalism went a profound change. He talks about how the institution developed, unfortunately from my perspective he doesn't see my own Journey which is an Islamic perspective where the truth is the foundation everything is built