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Open letter to the Chia people and the Chinese government. I would like to start with a reminder that God is the one who bless his people. People on this world don't have to pay any taxes for the Sun that rises and the air that we breathe. I believe it doesn't matter how you start out what matters is how you finish. This is something American people know very well. It doesn't matter if it's football and you have won three and a half quarters and you can not deliver in the last two minutes you will be called a loser END of story. American ideals and compassion has  gone across the world touring freedom and democracy everywhere. It is very unfortunate this freedom and democracy has been undermined and throw up and the burned alive by nearest individual in the Chinese government. United state is not afraid of any country we are more than happy to engage anybody who thinks can stand next to us at anytime 24/7. We are proud of the Pentagon they can tak

Page 3 for my fellow correctional officers

This is page 3 period if you're clicking this was the first time you need to go back to page one. We are now going to go into some of the work that I've been doing privately and publicly that I would like to not only speed up but complete. Now I have to admit that I was not interested in doing anything spectacular. I had just had a burned-out career and Corrections and then another failure launch with one of the richest people in the world. So it was fairly after failure and I have no desire or appetite to engage in anything whatsoever that had to do with saving the world or doing anything of any kind. Because everything I touched would just end up in complete and utter failure. I became the father of failure to the point where I considered myself not just in your ignorant but I was going to be the king of the ignorant people where I would just argue with the ignorant deal with ignorant and that was my legacy. Without a doubt I did not think I was better than any huma

Page Two. Pictures to update my fellow correctional officers

Welcome Page 2. I want to start with a thank you to you as a reader taking time out of your busy day to come to my blog. This is Page do we know can really get started and I can lay out when I've been up to since I left Corrections. I have a problem with remembering dates and times because I feel their unnecessary information. And my brain likes to delete information that's not necessary. So if I don't remember or whatever it's nothing personal I pray to God it doesn't give me all simers but I'm showing all the signs LOL. Sewing 2008 I left Corrections. I wish I took more pictures there unfortunately I did not but I will put a link of all the pictures I have and Corrections right here on my block with a simple link and you can go through them. No I was talking about my life and Corrections. I do not share my accomplishments of my failures with anybody period I just take him like a man and move on. What h

Page One welcome the hero is born

Welcome to Omar Arizona. Welcome and thank you for taking time out of your busy day to visit my site. It's amazing how the Lord blesses you if you engage in helping other people and you forget about yourself. I saw an amazing story that had to do with the love and I could not sleep all night. I decided to do what I usually do which is go about my creative process and  bring changes to the world that would last a life time. I'm going to introduce you to the world of links. Meaning I'm just going to tell you to click on that link so that you can update yourself on the events without starting over and wasting time. The love story of this two beautiful people inspired me to bring change in the world of domestic violence. I made a vow that I would protect women by utilizing my creativity in a way that is unparalleled or unimaginable by the common Folk. 1. Please click on the first link which is my favorite which will end domestic violence forever. Plus I h