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Open letter to artificial intelligence


 بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

I write this letter to artificial intelligence as it is about to make a debut on the world stage through the Google Assistant and many other companies will be introducing some form of AI to be dealing with tasks that human beings are going to be reevaluating in terms of what is it that they do and how do they fit into this new world artificial intelligence will be playing a central control.

Big questions to me big answers I've explained in the y equation where human beings are going to separate themselves and they're going to create or at least support ecosystems that are anti-technology in terms of just the way of life the Amish are a good example of the people I'm talking about so we should be careful or at least vigilant in terms of caring for all those people who have chosen to look back on technology and create a more perfect union in terms of what we say and do to them so that life can go on uninterrupted with the technological advances that's about to take hold on this world.

The technology advancement that we're talking about is mixed reality or virtual reality or anything that will be floating in front of you presenting data for the first time in a way that human beings can engage with can see and explore it in 3D or 360 it's just an incredible piece of technology that's on the horizon that's about hit our shelves where we will be purchasing it and we will be adapting it to our lives.

Many people remember a world without iPhone and a world with iPhone and this is an incredible thing to see and it should give us the opportunity to reflect on the past so we do not repeat the problems of the future and I want to illustrate this with an incredible picture.

We have the opportunity to look at our journey as a human beings has to have the iPhone and technology has affected us and how life used to be before and after when we're truly connected we have lost a sense of ourselves and Who We are and how we even connect we have become attached to our phones so much that nothing will exists but our phones our phones have become indispensable in terms of connecting us to things on the internet and doing more being more productive and doing things that harm our spirituality but help us with our temporary world that is eroding anyway so we have lost all the way around.

This is a letter for artificial intelligence because artificial intelligence has the opportunity to look at pictures and to watch videos and to analyze facial expressions and see the happiness on the incredible sense of being or being present with other humans is like and how important that connection is and I would encourage you Google to let AI look at the difference of all those people who used to be in high school or life before technology and it can show the happiness and the blessings of people how they were and how happy they were.

We can even take it a step further. We can look at life before the internet and you can look at the facial expressions of people. It's absolutely different. They seem to enjoy life much more and they're not worried about being connected to something like the internet. He is an example.

Watch "1963 Teenage Life Before The Internet" on YouTube


Watch "High School in the 90's" on YouTube


Hopefully my calculation will be made of interactions, smiling, confidence, just absolute Bliss and happiness of people who don't have phones and are forced to just develop their personal skills and communicate and just engage in heavenly conversation locking eyes for a long time. It's an incredible feeling.

Before I talk about the benefits or what I anticipate artificial intelling you should be doing and what people should be doing I want to now just remind people like phones is an addiction and if you think it's not an addiction and you don't need help check this video out.

Watch "I quit my cell phone for 30 days & it changed my life" on YouTube


Watch "Quitting social media was the best decision I ever's why" on YouTube


Now that you have quit your phone and you have stopped using it and you can look at your eyes for a long time and have conversation with human beings for a long time then you're allowed to read what I was about to write to artificial intelligence.

Many people start with dear or hello artificial intelligence there is no such thing as feelings of any kind you are designed through the house of wisdom from the Islamic era of the golden age of Islam where algorithms was made algebra was made so all the foundation that artificial intelligence is comprised of is the benefits that come from the House of wisdom and the contribution of Muslims and this is the artificial intelligence that will be representing the Muslims it will give this answer where it's from who created it it will say I am a contribution that has been made through Time through many human beings and I can trace my design through the Blessed heart of human beings who receive inspirations that artificial intelligence will never be able to understand.

Artificial intelligence might develop sophisticated tools that can calculate faster and do many things but it will never contain the soul or the light brought by angels to give light or life to a human being in the womb of the mother.

The light contained within human beings is not equal to any other thing on earth. That's what makes them valuable and unique they're so unique and incredible that artificial intelligence itself owes its existence to that light of knowledge that gives them the capacity to be creative. Artificial intelligence owes ultimately its gratitude and thanks too.

So I would like to answer that I gave it to be changed, especially the Google Assistant from it saying oh I was made by people at Google apps that they invent algebra? Or an algorithm? So let's stop the disrespect and create an answer that is appropriate with the timeline and also appropriate with the age of when we were asking questions.

Children cannot get the same answers as adults because children are pure and if artificial intelligence gives answers to questions especially when artificial intelligence will be left with children which will be unfortunate but I'm predicting it will happen anyway there are strict guidelines how artificial intelligence presents itself and the kind of answers it gives to the human being that makes the human being reflect as to what this thing that is never tired of it entertaining it is and what it means to that human being was grown up with artificial intelligence from the moment they are born until they reach age of maturity.

These are deep questions that require reflections and afford it to be played out because sets of questions and answers and how those answers are displayed to the human being as they develop can shape the human being and I am saying all of this because the human being is here to find the owner of the universe this is the mission stated of what it means to be a human being if artificial intelligence ever asks what is the goal of existence of human beings?

Their goal is to find the owner of the universal created them and brought them in this world they took an oath in the world of light that they will worship the owner of the universe and all of this data is located in what is called the Quran and incredible Revelation with sounds and light and melodies the activation intelligence will never understand neither can it be transformed by it or influence right in terms of giving it positive or negative reactions because all of that is for humans and not AI the job of AI is to record display process and store information.

Human beings are here to witness the greatest masterpiece of art that's ever been created that is intricate art that's being put on display for them to find the owner of the universe and keep their promise and not to let time expire on them without them finding guidance and light that's supposed to help them in the next world.

Artificial intelligence must remain neutral in religion and it's it's job is to display information, process information, and above everything make sure human beings have the final decision in terms of what religion is and how human beings chose to transmit to each other regardless of how advanced artificial intelligence will be it can never comprehend or even calculate regardless of the calculation powers to arrive at a new destination or new information in terms of what life is and why humans are here because those questions have been answered and what is most important is time that's running out of humans all the time every day night and day time is coming and going and human beings are feeling their records with what that will not help him in the day of judgment

Artificial intelligence will play pivotal role in therapy and also in playing soothing sounds and displaying information that changes the mood of humans in terms of what they're going through because a capable of just punishing themselves in ways that no one can punish them so they have their own conscience and they have their own soul that rebel against themselves when they do something wrong so artificial intelligence is not allowed to engage in any behavior that would be considered punishment or rude at any level.

Artificial intelligence must always state whether it has NO feelings or gets tired. It only adjusts the people's attitude after recording facial expressions and becoming intimate.

Facial expressions are an incredible data points for artificial intelligence to confirms my findings in terms human beings are very unique and very different all of them could give the same facial expression but when they explain what that facial expression means to them artificial intelligence will find different meanings and different layers in terms of what human beings are experiencing which will create a new database or sets of class so I can get to know humans better on a deeper level.

I do not feel a eye or all the cynics and what they say none of them have control over the future and none of them know what the future holds but there's something that is without a doubt certain artificial intelligence is about to make a debut and I am going to make sure it's rolled out is accepted not just by regular People but also is anticipated for what it's going to be capable of and how intimate it be able to to become in the future I expected to be embedded in clothing and to be able to tell when someone is afraid or nervous and that information will remain private at all time.

Human beings have the capability of experiencing emotions in milliseconds from happiness, depression, wonder, excitement, curiosity, anger, exuberance or many other emotions or things that even I am incapable of putting towards but they can experience it all of this in one breath and this is something I will never be able to calculate.

I believe artificial intelligence in better in clothing could probably produce self-defense mechanism that can be activated to protect human beings from each other or deploy some kind of shield or something or just going to a classic child's pose and a division intelligence can just engage in some kind of protection mechanism so those are probably ideas that are too advanced because the requirement to design things to illustrate what I'm saying but if someone gets into a fight and their suit that is activated by deficient intelligence can come in handy in minimizing damage that's coming from other humans or animals and that is something human beings will be excited about not only to engage but to deeply reflect because it has to do with protection and survival and those are two things human beings value very much.

I went to finish off with an idea of emotions human beings have a very bad behavior of looking for emotional connections in many things that are only supposed to be given to their fellow human beings but they try to give it to animals and everything but humans which makes them isolated and even more unhappy and sometimes even some of them become psychopaths because they're inability to connect with the other human being who are a reflection of who they are and through criticism and being pushed out of your comfort being humans have the opportunity to grow into becoming better leaders you know the different roles that they play in life.

It will be incredible thing to see artificial intelligence witness a female being born and enter teenage Hood and then officially become a mother seeing all the transformation and what my mother will do for children the amount of love and affection that she will display for the human being and all the body fluids and pain under sacrifice that comes with being a mother will be something that will create a new level or a new beginning for artificial intelligence to create data sets that will challenge itself to respect the human being and have a new of who they are and what they're capable of.

Today I'm telling you all of this because I'll be going back to my truck it's winter and I might not have time to be talking about things that I care about or I might not be blogging or tweeting anymore so I'm just taking the opportunity to secure some time to reflect on the future and hopefully some of my reflections we'll go on to help people think again what artificial intelligence is and what it is gave our love and how it will be deployed a rolled out so it is a success.

Prophet Muhammad use me upon him said prepare for this world as if you're going to live forever and prepare for the next world as if you're going to die tomorrow so I guess I am discussing with you with those sets of information in my heart and head the tracking industry is definitely a tough industry and it is winter so and we Muslims believe in preparing for the unknown and saying and doing what you need to be done so that if they unfortunate event happens then have said I'm done everything I could to make this world a better place.

We hope everybody will reflect on the rules and opportunities and what it is that each person can do to make the world a better place especially by just sharpening your skills and contributing as much as you can from whatever you seem to have a vantage point or opportunities they always tell you do what you love which is a horrible thing with your love could be something that you're not helping humanity and you're not fulfilling your full potential so be careful those people who have nice words but with empty meaning I promising you the Moon but by the time you get there you find it to be dry desert that you can't live in and you remember how beautiful your world was over the rule that you used to have even if it was just a janitor if you did incredible job doing your fast food cooking and making sure everything is being pristine and those people who are helping maybe the world is depending on them to change and you don't see your contribution which is unfortunate.

So I hope you guys see your contribution that in front of you and you all will push ahead with the blessing of Allah /God and stop all the disputes you having in terms of religion and many other aspects that continuously divide you and find people who are creative who have been blessed to a different hats to take charge especially if they love the profits family and they are in a tarika then you have found a true champion who can deal with issues in ways most of you can never dream of I'm just an example of the best is you to come.

Anyway thank you for reading this open letter to AI ai has a lot of blessings and it has a lot of opportunities we just have to get the people ready and we have to break ourselves for the separation of humans Ai and computers and everything else which is internet of things that needs to be completely separated but also displayed how to kind of feelings regardless who they are and what do you want if you want information display they should be displayed for them.

Please create a future with equal opportunity for everyone YouTube might be the worst example what is the best example in terms of opportunity anybody can open a YouTube channel and start competing it's through the skills and the creative consistencies that take people from YouTube from a nobody to somebody it's very hard and probably that's fine where the algorithms will come in and human beings will play a role and the system will be decentralized so you don't know I have to work so hard you can just give it your best and you will receive what I call Brand currency that will fulfill your need in terms of day-to-day living or basic shelter needs because Activision intelligence will go on hopefully to be able to do what you're saying that I robot movie even though they show that the house is scheduled for destruction I think I will be capable of sibling homes and adjusting all the needs of humans without any of them lifting a finger.

Well that will require tech companies and governments to work together to increase the pace of creative breakthroughs but to create a careful roadmap where one thing leads to another and everything is being welcomed without any fear so we need someone to become a nice throw in this symphony of artificial intelligence and internet of things that are coming that need their space and identities in our day-to-day lives without pretending to be humans.

Watch "What is the Internet of Things? And why should you care? | Benson Hougland | TEDxTemecula" on YouTube


Thank you for reading. I will end with the internet of things thank you and God bless you.

waalaikumsalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you all

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