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To the president weloce to 2018

In 2018 we're going to do something very different right from the get-go. As a superhero I expect to set the tone and be an example for young people around the globe as to how we can take on challenges and bring peace and prosperity in their own country.

If you have read my happy holidays you clearly figured out that everything I did mostly was a big prank 2 launch my brand to change the world and to just go from there without any direction but somehow I expect to get to my destination and move on with my life.

2017 was a very tough time for all of us in this country. Fortunately if 2018 starts just right then all should fall into place and we can forget the past hold hands moving to the future together as one family because we only have one voice when President and one country.

We don't have a choice in this matter we have to find a way to get up and just move on with our lives and adjust to the new reality that technology has adjusted the way we communicate and the way we process information and it's not going to be the same.

So clearly I want every young more person to open up a Blog and if they don't like the president they can definitely replace him by writing a letter to the favorite senator.

Yes it's true when I got angry at the president I came up with a plan to pay him a lot of money and to make him step down and to make a man of the Lord take the White House which was perfectly legal.

So I told her those people who are making this shift going into the street causing us all problems we need creative ideas we don't need people are ruining businesses and dividing this country.

One of the biggest people who have divided this country is the media without understanding that every time you cheat something negative about the president and every time you go ahead and attack the president and his family you just opening up an old wound.

Meaning of you think you know the president and I am just like you I just think I know the president but one thing is predictable the president is unpredictable on what he will do but that is just fine with me as a correctional officer that is all I had for more than a few years every day I came to work I never knew what was going to happen and I never knew how my assignments would change all I knew was that I was just going to adapt with whatever changes were going on and I was going to use my famous phrase.

I'm going to roll with the punches and I'm going to deal whatever comes my way and do everything in my power to solve the problem and not be part of the problem. And this is the question that everybody in this country need to ask themselves?

Are you part of the problem because if you do not know if you are the solution or the problem then you are the problem.

I want everybody in this country to ask themselves what is my rule what did I do in 20 17 to divide this country and what am I going to do in 2018 to unify this country?

Well I'm not going to answer that question for you but I am going to tell you what I'm going to do moving forward.

I'm going to introduce my bucket list and I'm going to go ahead and hopefully people will work with me and we'll just move from there.

The first thing is in income inequality do the United States. It has nothing to do with regular jobs or 925 or trickle down economics it has to do with creativity and it has to do you realizing the awesome power that this president has.

President Donald Trump has one power Above All Else he knows how to intimidate and how to do a hostile takeover of any institution with his Twitter account.

The president can utilize Twitter account to cause Havoc for a good cause in 2018 and I'm talking about a lot of companies who need to be called out and I want him to use his stick to clearly make it well known that your day is not please with certain companies as we begin to reveal what's really going on..

People do not see the potential of good with Twitter under President. It doesn't matter if it's a foreign or domestic issue with a simple Twitter he can send the enemy into complete history and they can mix their shit with water as far as I'm concerned.

The president Twitter account saves us tax dollars and at the same time engages the people any new platform. Everybody is struggling to understand. it is my job as a superhero so clearly articulate role of the technology in the 21st century.

We're clearly going to have disagreements but whatever those disagreements on we're going to block them out and we went to read each other's points and we're going to come to a peaceful resolution by finding the middle ground through the internet.

Clearly by now you heard I'm the new sheriff of America I might got some business and I definitely want to make this very clear that I plan on going about the country as the man of the Lord and I plan on doing the people's work in any way I see fit and I'm going to start with the clip that just shows you how wonderful this president is.

Clearly it's been a very tough year for the Press and we do not want what happened in 2017 to repeat. They've been in heaven with Obama intellectually stimulating them and manipulating them and I don't think they're ready for someone who just can tell it like it is. Clearly you need a break from them and they need a break from you because their job is to inform the people and give you a hard time and take your president is down as well just like they did to Richard Nixon so that should not be any kind of friendship between you and the Press they're out to get you and they will do whatever they can to undermine you laugh at you and humiliate you but every time.

Clearly mr. president the time has come for you to manage this people you are having a successful businessman not because you're the most intelligent scientist or you are the most IQ human being on earth now is because you act when ideas that makes sense. You go ahead and purchase friends and businesses and you build them up. So I implore you to take this nation into a new Direction when it comes to the media and your interaction with the media by simply not doing any press conferences unless it's well-rehearsed and you have complete control over it and I'm going to give you a very good example what it's like to have complete control to pre-select your questions and to be a complete Nut Job with wanting to have control.

New president wanted to have more influence and power and Prestige than President Obama. You never wanted to say anything stupid or out of the ordinary he always wants to control his image and the perception of people have of him especially he doesn't want people to know he's a Muslim and I think it's about time you came out of the closet.

My dear Muslim brother we are both Muslims and every American knows it especially my white brothers who are very proud to speak their mind and I'm going to engage them in a new platform where we can intellectually engaged each other on a platform.

President Trump is going to encourage Americans to open up blogs and share ideas and I will encourage him to do something that's never been done before which is to kill something in the White House that needs to be killed so we can all move on with a lives

By watching the YouTube video Reno you're going to understand what I want you to do. You need to kill them you need to kill this program even though it's not coming from the Fox network judge lol watch the video below because I'm talking about President Roosevelt and fireside chat what else do you think I'm talking about.

Mr. president it's time that you took the White House into the 21st century. You need to redo how things are done in there. Tweeting is part of the presidential job to engage the public and heads of state at the same time with one tweet you're connected the billions of people if Roosevelt was here he would we say I am so proud I'm a president who listened who are Somali superhero.

Which brings me to the most requested thing that needs to happen effective immediately is how you're going to open up this White House and the communication platform between you and the public so that we can move into the 21st century.

For example you can do what Obama did which is help people launch their blogs we clearly know that you meeting with people on camera and people seeing Donald Trump the Celebrity Apprentice cannot get out of their mind.

But when you do a voice interview and I take notes and I go to my blog and I blog information that is completely within the norm of the new standard should get keep an engage to have more unfair balance information without making fun of you and I'm going to show you this video so that you really get the point.

 Mr. president this people are not going to forgive you and you should not ask them via video to forgive you because if it would play Clips on top of your apology and just make fun of you.

Now on the other hand if you were to write a letter of apology and sign it and earned with your voice when are you are oh by yourself and you're very emotional you can definitely cord something for us telling us how regretfully are on what you have said and done to this country.

Clearly is going to be exclusive on all blogs and the media will not get the opportunity to play this on their Networks but every American is going to be tuning in to somebody's blog and they're going to hear a perspective that is well-balanced and people are going to argue with each other what's wrong what's right and then a superhero is going to get them on the same page what the hell happened.

Mr. president as a superhero you know damn well I'm really good at getting people on the same page and shutting them up. The 24 news cycle is back from a very very long time ago it is not a good fit for the 21st century to have a 24 hour News Network Broadcasting and taunting the president this includes the Fox network.

I asked you to trust reporters give them special access and return this power back to the reporters let them say whatever the hell they want it's a democracy as long as they don't show it on TV and they block it out and they defend their points and they defended was well I think the information of this country the diet it consumes will be fair and balanced and I want to show you a picture which should resemble what I expect to see in the White House.

If I am good at anything is that I know how to overwhelm and shove so much information that those who don't believe in the Lord will break down we live in a world of technology and ideas should be the new standard oil.

Without further ado I introduced what I need to do to the news networks and I tell them to take notice because Somalian John D Rockefeller has arrived.

So I consider myself to be the sheriff and I got things to do blogs to write Life to Live and I want to leave you with one video as a goodbye with the president when he was in the white house he spoke to some white some lady and he told her you want to create this committee you want to do this let's do it that is the moment I realized this president what successful in his life because if he sees people with passion he'll put them to work and he'll reap all the benefits.

I didn't last time. Moment. This guy became rich and famous because he passed on the back and let creative people take place and did not try to think for them or control them whatever go do what you need to do with your startup and let's see what happens.

I want to end it with this quote I have no problem setting it up meeting with people going about doing my people's business meeting with them presenting plans and let Donald Trump sign in an agreement that we are all hammered out and we are all happy with. It is not the president's job to go into different communities and different people and listen to all of them and try to get them on the same page and solve everybody's problem.

If you have a problem and you're very passionate about it and if the president tells you you want to set it up you want to go ahead and do this the answer is very simple as far as I'm concerned obviously I understand completely why she felt disrespected and how inappropriate that was because Donald is not Obama and his work style is very different and they're all adjusting to him and he's adjusting to them and it's been a very trivalent year.

Nevertheless I want to make it very clear to this president that I have no problem taking the mic and I have no problem dealing with my community and have no problem writing up a report on behalf of my community and cutting a deal that will heal a divided that Obama's administration fail to address Bush Administration fail to address Clinton administration fail to address as a matter of fact every single president was been in the white house has failed to address this issue because they don't want to have tough conversation.

Let me make it very clear the time for change is now and the time for change is to get ahead of the game place your bets and out with your competitors and by those houses while they're still low so that we can all benefit when the market recovers.

I want to send this message to the American people it is time to be creative it's time to open your own blog it's time to be part of a new system where we are engaged we are never going to let a liberal take the White House destroy Family Values destroy the work of the Lord and humiliate Us by passing laws that is against American principal from the founding time of this country it's time we got behind God and the message of the Lord and step up and say I'm proud to be a man or a woman of the Lord and I'm not going to apologize for it God Bless the USA and God bless everybody let's go out there and bring peace and prosperity to this world.

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