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Update report for Sarah Jacobs.

 In the name of God the most gracious most merciful.

Report card update for Sarah Jacobs.

What does Google search and data in general that is being organized and synchronized and being made a copy of by Google have to do with politicians the answer is simple it's everything everything that's being said about you everything that's being searched about you all the queries tell everybody what do you need to know movie Forward about yourself and what the people need.

So the report card in the future it will be like Google search it's going to display what people are searching for unfortunately today what politician do is just give all kind of information you go to their social media and you just go through their pages and that you were looking to connect with that politician you were looking to vote for that politician but you are searching for what you want not what they have and that's something Google learned a long time ago.

So politicians need to learn the same thing around the world. This US house plan might start in the United States but it's going to be everywhere. It doesn't matter where you are if you're in politics this will affect you.

So people have their own needs and wants and ideas and beliefs and it's important that we confirm that we respect human decisions in terms of what they want and what they need and not waste their time.

So the future artificial intelligence will automatically take over and this work is going to be much easier.

When a person comes to a politician's page like Sarah Jacobs the AI knows everything about that person and it's going to show them what they want to see and what they want to hear.

We need to stop wasting people's time. People know what they want and that's why they're searching. They expect to get a certain result. Some of them needs to be organic and some of it needs to be paid and that's what happened in Google search.

So I will be working closely with Google in developing this report because what you're looking at at the US House plan is what they call a rough draft that's supposed to withstand scrutiny and to double check if what I'm saying and doing is right and so far I've received nothing but positive result this is how politics should look like in the future politician should have a report card but the question is how will that report card be formulated.

The answer is simple I'm not going to go into what artificial intelligence should do or what are the rules I don't want to go too advanced I've already made a podcast about that and I sent it to Google and they're thinking about that and they're working on that because we're going to be in the world if I overnight and we don't want to be overwhelmed when AI comes so that's why I start with advanced stuff and then I work my way back with just simple stuff that's how I work.

So let's just go to our current time. I don't want to go so advanced that I lose everyone.

So what I'm going to do is work with Sarah Jacobs and I'm going to tell her you know how about we rework your social media and delete some of the stuff that needs to reflect what everybody wants to see.

She might say well you know there's a photo that I'm officiating an incredible love that is about the Lord you know and I tell her the lord loves all kinds of love but you are representing everyone so I'm going to work with you and then I'm going to initiate the door to door data collection.

So we're going to get volunteers who will never challenge you in office and this is very important. You need to make sure the people you get there are not too bright they're not going to get any ideas from them for office and that's why I talk about this in detail.

So you should definitely need my open letter to Congress because I read the book on President Kennedy's courage and you can find all that in my blog I'm not going to waste my time putting a lot of pictures for you guys are politicians you should read everything in my love and listen to all my podcast because if you don't know who I am I'm going to quiz you I said this in my blog and I said this in my podcast and what did you answer and if your answer is wrong I'm going to know that you never respected me and I should stop wasting my time with you.

Anyway what we are going to do is do this door to door survey we're going to do with every member of Congress. You must reside in the state you serve but I saw with Alexandra Cortez that it was unacceptable to have a member of Congress who doesn't even reside in their own district and doesn't even care about the people they represent. You don't deserve to be in Congress if you don't live in your district.

Watch "The Courage to Change | Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez" on YouTube 

So we're going to use the AOC move on every single member of Congress you can join me on this revolution or you can be on the sidelines where I will permanently ban you and make sure that I come after you like Lyndon Johnson if you don't know Lyndon Johnson you don't know me I got the same drive and high motor.

We are not going to give access to our app or our data to the public in terms of the information unless they follow the rules that I'm going to set as well.

I'm sick and tired of loud mouth idiots coming to Congress meetings in their communities disrupting them making their lives hell you know humiliating them I don't like this that's why I believe in a hierarchy even God has a higher key that is God that is Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his family and then there's everybody else this includes father Ibrahim you know and there's like seven heavens and each heavens as a prophet you know and then we I think we got Jesus we got we got all kind of prophets it's incredible story it's called the night journey.

My teacher does an incredible job in talking about this.

Watch "Shaykh Abul-Huda Muhammad al-Yaqoubi: Isra and Miraj Celebrations" on YouTube 

I'm sure you're up to date with the night journey of the greatest human being to go to the greatest place where even angels cannot even go so this means Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him went to a space and a place no being who's human has ever been and will ever be and this is an incredible achievement by itself for humanity it's something that you should celebrate for the profit to go into a space and a place that no one has been invited to and no one will be invited to ever in terms of going there physically the prophet went to the space and time physically because he was made of light particles and his light was totally different and that's a religious subject for another time who really is the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his family.

Anyway so the hierarchy is there in the community we have leaders who are already there and people will choose to trust them to represent their needs and wants and through those representation or Representatives is how Congress is going to be addressed I don't want any member of Congress ever exposing them to danger to all kinds of people who have all kind of intentions that is nonsense the same goes for the Senate we don't want our politician to be exposed to any kind of danger and we don't want to put police officers or other people who have to come and do security all the time it's just too much for everyone.

That's why I talked about building that incredible building to respect politics and to actually make an office that mirrors Congress and the senate in Washington DC in every state where everybody who works for the government is located in it doesn't matter if they're a judge or there's a sheriff person one place for the government to represent us all in every state you go

ing to have office there I'm going to call it the ZIP code government building where everybody is going to come there and just deal with anybody who was authority over them and it has to be strategically located somewhere that maybe already exists because there's a lot of beautiful landmarks and buildings that can be converted over to this idea.

The comic book tells you everything I'm going to do about politics for the public and I'm going to talk to them through the comic book so they understand that they are the problem because they're the ones who are mixing what's politics and what's personal and they're not giving members of Congress to represent them. What I learned from Kennedy's book is that once someone has a liberal arts college and they know poetry those are two requirements for members of Congress you should know some poetry and you should have a liberal arts college if you don't have that you should go to  college and get it they have online classes they will help you get yourself educated.

Watch "What is a Muslim Liberal Arts College?" on YouTube 

Now that you know that you as a politician need to be educated and you need to visit this college and talk about liberal arts and why it's important and you need to quote Mack Van dorn and all other great college professors only then can you be qualified to be a representative of Congress.

I have a YouTube video that I talk about Sam Houston after reading JF Kennedy's book and listening to the audiobook. It really made me realize what great character is all about so it would be nice if some of you actually went and visited great monuments..

I have a secret YouTube channel as a truck driver so don't tell anybody about it.

Watch "Sam Houston I am taxes"

Make sure you update yourself and everything you have written because it will have great consequences on your features if you just don't keep up. Go to my blog if you're a politician make sure you read this too at least.

Now we are up to date how exactly America's politics is going to change forever by building the building and using the arc and all of that nonsense we can now begin the real work which is forgetting the future and living in the present

I'm a very distracting person meaning I will talk about many things so it's my job to bring you back to the present and tell you forget about everything everything that you have now read let's now go back to a current state and let's be present with the problems we have and let's solve them by listening to what I'm telling you.

I want to work with every member of Congress and the Senate at the same time across all timelines this us house plan is a donation to the United States of America and to the government of the United States and to all the presidents and all the Muslims slaves who have contributed positively and are going to be recognized obviously there's nothing free in this world even I never do anything for free because I either do it for God to reward me sincerely you know or some people do it to gain favors or whatever but for me I'm a man of the Lord so I asked the Lord to accept the sacrifice I'm giving to bless me and bless my spiritual guide whose present will never get any Glory because they can't understand what's going on.

The family of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon them are the Most Blessed people on the face of the Earth they are grandfather is the best Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his family and because of him blessings and mercy can open for the universe in ways none of you can imagine so American democracy is being reconstructed in behalf of the family of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon them and I am a champion of the family of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon them so all of this is a gift to you at no cost I've already spoken to certain members of Congress letting them know what I want in order to do this exchange of the heavens and the Earth so please let's make that happen there's always something or an opportunity to cost us economy is always say what is the opportunity cost for all of this is to honor the family of the Prophet Muhammad and to build the city of wisdom anyway before we do all of that let me restructure our democracy from the ground up.

We're going to start with the door to door collection since now all the elections are finished which is something that I was waiting for by the way because this should not be started when people are being elected to office and people are running for office and I think I missed you this thing because I'm just human I don't like to see people feeling down or people being arrogant even if I'm supporting a team NFL team and they start dominating I start praying for those people who have zero on their school I'm going to start doing anything then I go back and pray for the other guy so I'm I'm an underdog person so if I'm supporting you it's because your underdog and as soon as you leave that realm I'm going to be playing for the other guy that's just how I am so most of you who don't know me can understand when I'm not supporting you and when I'm supporting you there's a reason what I say and do hopefully that will give you some kind of sense.

So door to door serving will start after we secure art and certain things that I need Congress to do first. After that I expect members of Congress and send it to have people who are senior citizens or people who can never compete with them unless they want to control their office when they leave hand it over to someone who they can have influence over because that's how politics works because if I occupy an office and I leave it you're damn sure that whoever's taking that office is going to be influenced by me big time unless they have a liberal arts college they know what they're doing and they're seeking advice for me and they can make their own decisions which I will respect but until then I'm going to have a lot of influence and I don't care anybody till that's how politics works.

Anyway back to Sarah Jacobs on her report cuz that's exactly what we're doing.

The moment people come to this report they will see Sarah is a big sports fan she supports the Padres and all the other basic stuff the national monuments of the country it's going to start off with a lot of praises a lot of pictures how they love the district how they are telling people how to do incredible thing and what incredible thing that they're doing.

It will show all the efforts members of Congress and the Senate they're working to make sure the districts that representing is not just limited to your small pathetic district that you carved out with a knife no this is going to be a message to everybody I'm here to help you I'm here to serve you I don't care where you're from I don't care who you are I'm here to help you I'm here to represent you my door is always open my volunteers I already collecting information asking you about who you are or what do you want and what are your dreams so I can make sure that you're taking care of.

Some members of Congress are very beautiful and most of us Wonder are they single or not? And women should use this to their advantage because there's nothing wrong with who you are and what your preferences are in terms of getting an offer other places who will give you a diary for 5 million or 5 billion who knows what men are willing to offer what this will do is make you a woman who is independent effective immediately so I'm going to create the opportunity remembers of Congress in the Senate to have that opportunity to secure funds through marriage I call it strategic partnership marriage is always been part of life.

And women always have to be given this opportunity to be financially independent. You shouldn't be marrying your campaign manager to get some money, you know what I'm saying but maybe that person is becoming an incredible documentary maker and she's on her way to become a legend in the political world.

Watch "The Life of Ilhan Omar" on YouTube

Anyway the report card will represent the politicians the way they want to be represented because they're paying the ultimate price of going through a humiliating campaign and they're going through the ultimate price of revealing all their taxes and being humiliated it's a tough job to be a politician and this is my message to the public you don't know what it's like to be part of a campaign will you be criticize and humiliated in your heart is being broken and everybody's calling you all kind of messed up names we should understand politicians are political athletes and they should be respected so the report will be displayed according to the work that they're doing and they get to choose what's being represented. For example

Sarah came back from a big trip and she wrote a big article.

Basically this politicians they know how to represent themselves they don't need anybody's help but what they need help is a creative person to come along man of the Lord to tell them your job is to be re-elected every time you need to be able to get it up without taking the blue pills and the reason you need to do that is because you have to perform at all times and you have to get all the data from your district so that you know what's really going on and no one is going to outseat you from your political position and that's my job to make sure this system works for you because you chose to be a political athlete and don't apologize for being a political athlete.

I remember one time I wrote The Open letter to politicians how much I love them and the sacrifice that they have to do to just be everybody's friend entertain every idea they send into the sewer system of politics on Trump came and just flip like a pancakes all over the place and just enter the storm and you don't know what's going on in Washington and you're doing your best to just tell your district that you're representing them they just need to trust you and you have your leadership that I help you select from your community and you have them engaged they have to be senior citizen people who cannot challenge you in Congress anybody who brings me anybody who's Young I'm going to unseat them myself because the idiots why am I investing all this time for some young hot shot to come along and undo the relationship we're doing now.

This does not mean like people like Nancy pelosi need to leave the office free and clear to give all the young hot shots and opportunity to compete and an opportunity to win the election seats I'm not here to get in the way of all the new people who are running and all the people who are new they need to understand that the Senate is full of old people and all of them are going to be retiring and many political positions will be opening around the United States there are so many positions and that's why I made a YouTube to make an example I'm going to be sending volunteers with camera to stop making assessments on anybody who's Young who needs advice what they need to do to get themselves into political game and make sure that they are ahead of the game so they can have a long peaceful prosperous career in politics.

So if you are young and ambitious and you plan to run on Congress or are you working Congress you are already included in the system you're going to have points you're going to have voice you're going to have power but you're not going to have power like the elected officials elected officials are elected they have power and they are determined to keep that power as long as everything is perfectly aligned in terms of fairness and opportunity no one should question me cuz I'm going to make sure this whole thing is 100% Fair across the board sometimes I might seem that I'm supporting politicians to just keep their power but that's not the case I just told you I just don't want this backstabbing and lying going on in the Washington you work for someone in the office you are there representative you know their secrets all of a sudden you betray them and you start running against them and then you start hurling or throwing accusations and it becomes nasty and ugly and those people are going to be permanently banned.

If you work for a member of Congress or Senate you need to quit ahead of time and you need to tell them that you will be running against them and then you need to also sign a disclosure agreement that you will never say anything that you heard in the office or any personal information that could destroy the politician and I don't care even if the accusation is 100% right people have 100% guarantee when it comes to their privacy anybody who violates people's privacy will be banned from politics I will come after you like a lion and no one is going to open any political doors for you ever you have my promise I don't like snitches and I don't like liars or leaking or lickers who lick everything and spit out everybody's personal information.

So if you're new don't blame me you're part of the system you have been baked in into the system so all you have to do is just read everything and know Your role if you're a young person no what your role and response celebrities are go out and volunteer go do the right things go say that I think so that when it comes time for you to be running for congress or Senate you've already done the work you already know the community you already know the problems of the community and you can have a wonderful chance of winning so I'm not here to stand against young people who want to run for office I'm just saying educate yourself on what politics is about and what are the rules and responsibilities that are required for you to represent people because this is not an easy task and the Arabic language it's can be summarized on the following.

Hyphenation: wa‧kil



wakil (plural wakil-wakil, first-person possessive wakilku, second-person possessive wakilmu, third-person possessive wakilnya)

Derived terms





Anyway that language is the only language that the English language fails in its entirety because it is the language of the Paradise and it's the language that is sacred, it's pure and its beauty and it contains many meaning.


If you're confused well let's go back to Google to search you know we need to make what we're looking for organic so I'm the first person to start searching terms for religion see what the search is giving me because sometimes it's giving me the right results sometimes it's not sometimes it just is perfect and that's the case now check it out

He is the Wikipedia link.,referred%20to%20as%20God%2Dconsciousness.

I just shared some verses of the Quran members of Congress and the Senate must understand what the Quran and what Islam is if they're going to have any future in politics nothing is more powerful than religion religion has rule politics and it will continue to rule politics the question is are you willing to be educated if you are I have a 5-minute video if You skip I will make sure I remove you from Congress and the Senate and I will not stop because you are a racist then you don't want to be a man of the Lord or a woman of the Lord you just are interested in your own desire and you're playing games with me mixing up what's personal what's politics and you're making me a concoction that I am not interested in so this video is a requirement for every member in the house to understand what the Quran is and it's being explained by a Christian for God sake.

Watch "What Is the Qur'an? | Dr. Garry Wills" on YouTube 

Somehow when I was typing this my phone turned off. I hit the power button by mistake. I had to go to the bathroom and then I was going to see a lot of good things. Now I have to just wind it up and say whatever is on my mind. Anyway, let's conclude.

I want to do the door to door knock for members of Congress in the Senate I want them to control this thing from day one I want them to be the coolest kid in the block by making them the first people to understand and play a part in shaping this because that's what politicians are supposed to do you shouldn't be an idiot we holding your hand and guiding you all the time it's becoming a big joke right now so I'm going to give the politicians a chance to show that they understand this and they are chosen to participate and they're welcoming me to their office to come and have discussions and help me shape this in any way that is in the benefit of democracy and the political process.

This is how I distinguish people to be a foe or a friend I don't have anybody who's going to be sitting on the sidelines I don't believe or like people who can make up their mind you either for it or against it you are a voting for it or you're voting against it this is going to be the way I deal with people I'm not going to ask you twice I'm not going to play games with you you give me what I want I'll give you what you want if you can do that you don't deserve to be a politician you don't deserve to be in Congress and I should do everything I can to undermine your office and remove you and attack you from outside you need to remember I'm a person who watches a lot of documentaries this means I have a lot of knowledge and insight and creative blessings from places you cannot understand if you doubt me you better watch this documentary about one of the most gifted politicians who changed to be my hero because he taught me don't go into politics you're going to get cancer people are going to hate you and I wanted to honor his memory his name is Lee Atwater.

Watch "Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story trailer" on YouTube 

I am nothing like this man but my blessed Prophet said wisdom belongs to the believer it's a lost friend of the believer so I took all the good parts from watching that which is you don't want to die of cancer you don't want people to hate you you want to help everyone you want to give everybody a chance to be your friend to meet them to work with them but at the same time you don't want to force yourself into people who hate you and don't want anything to do with you and they're more than happy to fight you to death so I have to figure out a plan to come up with a way to find out who are my friends and who are my enemies and it's a very simple thing to do I've been trying to make politician do this just like I've been trying to make the news shut down and publish everything on YouTube how hard is that?

Anyway I have to fight the news until they get it but for politicians I'm going to make it very simple I send you a tweet if I didn't send you a tweet send a tweet back to the account and just say I never received the tweet but I support your plan and I'm looking forward to meeting you in my office my office is open please come.

All you have to do is follow the account that tells me that your office is open and I can come to wash anytime we can have a discussion about what the politics of America is all about and how we can shape it together.

I don't consider myself a politician because a politician is someone who's involved in politics all their life I only got involved in politics when I saw no one could handle Trump everybody had failed Obama and Hillary tried to burn this country to the ground attacking Trump right and left even challenging him or whining him up like Obama did until the last second he spit in the face of trump and then left the White House it's like a trash and dumbfire what Obama did to Trump.

And I want to explain this because many people would have questions and I don't like to be asked questions. I will explain things in detail so much that no one will ever dare to ask me any questions.

Obama should have recognized that Trump had a silver spoon in his mouth and should be treated differently with the silver spoon meaning you should have given him access to Air Force One to go visit his friends all over the world but before that you should have vacated the White House or given the president an incredible opportunity to move into the White House and to start working under the supervision of Obama you know supervising him making him say hello to all the presidents and then sending him on a tour to visit all the military equipment we have such as the submarines and everything else so the President should have gotten an incredible tour you should have said hello to all the president he should have been on a journey of becoming president because I don't like this idea at 12:00 p.m. noon someone sign something and the transfer of power happened this is something I'm going to challenge right here right now in front of everyone.

Moving Ford president-elect will have the power to move into the White House earlier and president-elect will be under supervision he will talk to world leaders he will tour our military he will go on a tour around the world to meet every president to listen to every problem by the time it comes that he is signing that document at 12:00 noon he can focus on the problems in the American people or whatever problem that's being thrown at him what Obama did is do maximum damage and then burn the country to the ground and just leave and someone like me have to come alone save Trump save the country save the world and direct the president to do as much good as he can with all this anger with all his problems

So it's a big joke I was never president I was there for difficult times and I was there when I was a babysitter but at the end of the day I was a private citizen and when I realized that my ideas were been taking too seriously I deleted my Twitter I shut down my blog and I just went back being a truck driver and leaving it in the hands of the Lord.

No one can control Trump was always going to do whatever he wants as a matter of fact they said that he would make up his mind depending on the last person who talked to him that's when I gave up and I said even I cannot make a difference but I'm going to make a difference in terms of when there's a really tough problem nobody can solve so I just considered myself to be the The A team of last resort meaning when everybody fails we know the politicians pay when all the scholar fails when everybody has failed that's when I come in.

That's the decision that I made and when I reached a point where I could tell Trump did not need any more help and he can do whatever he wants I decided to shut down and go back to my personal life because I don't want to be associated with Trump or the president of Russia or anybody else at the end of the day I remember Crystal clear thinking how is history going to remember me?

I said to myself I don't want to be associated with Trump or putting I'm going to shut down my block I'm going to delete my tweets I'm going to go back to my truck and leave it to God and God will bring this back to me at the right time in the right timeline when everything is perfect that's something you chose to do and now I think it's the right time at the right place and I'm doing the right things which is just perfect and this is what we call 

I wish my Google Assistant could finish my sentences, something I'm working on.

To be honest tech is my passion of spent a lot of time there I write out of things about tech I'm a tech person I am not a politician but I can assume the rule if I need it because it's just a puzzle in my life and I find a way to fit in and say the right things and do the right thing but I hate politics I hate being stuck in endless meetings I hate having meetings with people and just talking to their problems especially if it's about politics I'm a man of the Lord I'm the man of the circle I have a teacher and I have other duties to attend to I have no business being in Washington or doing all this stuff that I'm going to be honest.

So please help me help you I'm just a truck driver and the American dream is happening again in America because you guys let immigrants come in here especially those who are not poor are wealthy and coming for incredible backgrounds but they're mixed in with the poorest people because they're afraid if they say blah blah this blah blah America is not going to let them into the country we only let the desperate the losers to come here or we're going to choose what we're going to know about the Lord is hiding his Blessing.

No you are not you're not going to know who has the blessings of the Lord it could be the mother or the father it could be the uncle it could be the generation of Mexicans or Spanish heritage who are coming into this country you are beginning to serve the country many people accused Mexicans they're going to take over this country they're going to destroy this fabric you know let's deport to Mexicans.

The truth in the matter is that the Mexicans never wanted to be in this country. You forced them to be in the country, you closed the border, you engaged in many things that made America horrible and I actually have a video for this.

Watch "The wall of eyes trained on the US - Mexico border" on YouTube 

Watch "The dark history of "gasoline baths" at the border" on YouTube 

Watch "How the U.S. Stole Mexico" on YouTube 

Anyway I can't find that video but it gives an incredible explanation as to the border was open to Mexico that would come and go as they please and nobody wanted to stay in America because everything is too expensive so what does this mean it means that the housing problem can be alleviated in California if we just open the borders and we give people the opportunity to work in the United States but live in Mexico this means let's go back in time and do the right thing we did something wrong

Anybody who complains about immigrants and called them rapist and says immigrants have nothing to offer in this country I control the political system in this country and the Europe political career will be a short-lived one because my political power is only rising it's not going away I don't know why you people don't understand this stuff is from the Lord I'm a man of the Lord and I trust the Lord so you better trust me or you're going to just be left on the sidelines that's the message I want to give people don't wait to think this stuff over and to understand everything and then commit that's not how Faith works you commit and then we see which will meet up and then we take you to the process that's how this stuff works unfortunately when people are doing is declaring war.

So I'm going to make it very simple and I'm going to explain to the family of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon them I gave politicians the opportunity to follow this account that was designed for them that's non-profit that all of them are sent a tweet and those who did not get a tweet they will get a reminder and they will be shown this report card if they refuse to follow the account it means therefore they're an enemy and they're planning their attacks and I'm going to plan mine.

If you hate me and you don't want anything to do with this and you're praying to God I fail or I disappear that's fine you have the right to do that all you need to do is do not follow this account because that absolutely tells me who I need to attack and who I need to make sure that is not on board with this plan this plan has been going on for a long time and just wait until the American people wake up to the fact that you were told to just follow Twitter account and you refuse to be a follower you refuse to be a civil servant who was elected who should follow any good idea that is supposed to strengthen our democracy and not undermine it everything about this plan is strengthening us As Americans it's pushing us forward as Americans it's retelling our story how we deal with problems so refusing to follow this account it's a clear violation that you are a full and I am not coming to Washington meet with you you don't have anything to do with me I don't have anything to do with you do whatever you can to hurt me and I'm going to let the Lord to deal with you cuz I don't take revenge.

Second thing is that I'm a truck driver in politics people who control Power always get money from foreign people foreign governments and many other people I'm a creative person I'm not rich person I have to make a living I'm driving my truck I'm doing whatever I can to stay away from political influence or being owned by anyone that's probably the worst thing can happen to me is someone making decisions for me or thinking that they gave me money so they owe me that's why I don't meet with anyone I don't talk to anyone it's my decision it's my journey and no one else can come on board except the blessed family so money has no meaning to me but the truth has to be stated people have to make money from someone you have to earn income from somewhere and I am trying my best to generate income that is halal and I'm going to tell all those people who are interested in participating in this program to give me money that is pure in terms of coming from your checking account or something that you got from your wages you know don't give me a credit card or something that you pay a lot of interest in I just wanted to be kosher so I'll end with plea for help from politicians to support me because at the end of the day it's comes down to money in terms of what I'm trying to do and where the money is coming from is more important and sometimes the idea I'm trying to do or tell because whoever gives the money is going to have a voice or at least they're going to pretend to have a voice at my table and they will be punished severely.

Money is not going to change me I'm just not going to make me a better person my teacher has spiritual gifts that's worse more than any amount of money I would delete all my projects I will disappear into the dark if my teacher said so so you can understand wealth means nothing but it's a means to do things in this world so I'm going to ask the politicians to support my creative work I published all my comic book and have published all my stuff for free for you to read yet you are sitting there watching me and refusing to help me financially you're refusing to follow me on Twitter that is your actions so far so you should look at your actions and understand where you stand in my table whether you're a friend or a phone your actions completely tell me that you're all not friends of mine you're all trying to undermine me and you all wish I perish because you're giving me cold silence you're refusing to like the tweet that I've sent you. You're refusing to retweet the tweet that I sent you, you're refusing to follow the account. Those are clear violations in terms of the rule of engagement where you stand and what you want.

Opportunity for you to contribute to my patreon website where I do all my creative stuff you can click here and fund me so that I have the money I need to come to Washington whenever I feel like it no one has the right to invite me or tell me what to do this is something I don't like I'm going to come whenever I like I'll leave whenever I like no one can schedule an appointment I'm just going show up at any time and talk to you anywhere no one is going to put me in a calendar or put me in a prison call meetings and all of this no this is my show it's going to happen the way I wanted to happen I will be in Washington whenever I feel like it and I will talk to him I want no one can tell me what to do the most important thing I have as a human being is my time.

My time is the most valuable resource I have that I can never get back and all of you are going to respect that if you don't then I'm not going to deal with people who waste my time. What's the point?

So show me your support so I can come to Washington on tour the White House and do whatever I want add to my schedule

I went to visit Congress first meet with Congress when I'm done with that I will meet with the Senate when I'm done with that I will meet up with the vice president and I'm done with that I will meet with secretary blinking talk about that job I want all of this will happen anyway I see fit if I want to meet them I will if not they can wait for years I don't care.

Nobody gets to tell me nothing nobody gives me orders other than the profits family and my wife and my family that's it that's where the order start and stop everybody else is to mind their own business simply because you are more than happy to watch me die and just disappear from the pages of History the owner of the universe is brought me back and put me in charge now so I think it's fair that I get to control whatever I go whatever I say moving forward without any permission from anyone anyone who dares to challenge me I promise you you're not going to be happy I will wait for you for years if I need to and I will find the most vulnerable moment and I will hit you with everything I have that's how I work never think that just because I'm letting it go and I'm smiling means that I have forgiven you no I take all my anger and I talk all my creativity and I lock them in the box I send it to the Lord.

I would open that box when you piss me off or when you piss people off and I will look at that anger and ask the Lord is it time to teach this person a lesson or not if my heart is cool and I feel this box is unnecessary I just deleted permanently but some people they're going to be taught many lessons throughout my time.

Anyway this is supposed to be a report card Sarah Jacobs and she's an incredible woman and I'm sure she doesn't mind that American politics is being reshaped with her report card because this is about women in Afghanistan this is about women in all over the world who are either beaten in their own homes or you know or are victims of sexual predators or even worse domestic violence because people can recover from all kind of sexual problems but domestic violence where you just die that's the ultimate lost because once you die it's no coming back from that that's why I'm very particular with my time what I say what I do I want to control everything I'm a control freak nothing is going to happen without my permission.

It's important Americans politician take a course on Islam on death from American scholars YouTube has a lot of people who are using a lot of incredible nonsense to display an advertise out of this but I'm more of an educational guy so when it comes to death in Islam you should take a course in it then there's a free course you can check out the video below

Watch "The Grave - Hamza Yusuf" on YouTube 

I guess when you talk about death you have to now begin to conclude and conclusions are not easy with me first I want to cover I need money okay I have workers who work for me workers who are putting this up on my side I used to do it myself copy and paste but I like to create employment for my workers I can do this take all this information I have put it on the website myself and make it perfect it's just copy and paste but I'm delegating because just because you can do something does not mean you should.

So I want to thank my staff who have been incredible and being patient with me even though most of them are very desperate the comic department is desperate the WordPress department is desperate the YouTube department as a manager it's desperate for cash so I'm really strapped for cash and I need to find a way to find all my ideas without breaking anyone and patreon is a place where I can do that most of you don't even know what patreon is but that's how future campaigns are going to be launched in this country all donation from me big companies will immediately stop when I begin to enter politics you will never accept a single donation from corporate donors unless they make it clear that this is a gift to you to put you in the billionaire status because I believe all politicians should be billionaires just like Elon musk and Jeff bezos if they're willing to make you a billionaire and just catch you a check and say you know what we really love you we really respect you he is a billion dollars I am all for that no big deal but I'm not for is this people who give you money over time which makes you a rat that's leading this bread crumbs which we can all see it's unacceptable so I want you to see the future of campaigns and how people are going to be supporting you.

Watch "What is Patreon and How Does it Work?" on YouTube 

I'm going to leave a message to the founders of patreon I contacted you into her I told you to give me a loan you have refused I promise you politicians will not fill me because I'm going to build relationships with them and they're going to give me so much money that I'm going to create a patreon to support politicians because money is very important in our lives and the beautiful Jetson homes and everything that we're going to be buying I'm going to be buying it with my fellow politicians this is something you refuse to understand.

I'm going to leave it to politicians to use their power to talk to this people tell them give this guy alone that's pure that's kosher that can be monitored what he's doing how he's spending his money because one thing politicians must have access to please how someone is spending their money especially if he's trying to transform politics this report can only go to politicians who are elected to everybody else I'm sorry. Politicians need to know exactly how I'm spending that money and what I'm doing with that money it's just a political thing that has to do with trust because you never trust someone who you don't know what they're doing with the money that you're giving them so those politicians who are smart enough to follow what I'm selling them get with those people come up with something that gives me access to cash at the same time gives you data reports back so you can see where the money is going and what I'm doing with the money because I'm going to be building this app and I want to be using money that's coming from politicians only because this has to do with politics.

If I'm going to be in debt I should be in bed with the politicians in terms of shaping the country because you have spent all your time and life in politics why should I not spend your money you have earned it in a good way and you shouldn't be embarrassed about being a billionaire some of you are a billionaire some of you are not if you're not a billionaire and you just want to contribute directly click on the link right here so you don't have to look for anything.

So click on the link above and make a donation for my creative work because I am a truck driver and I'm very careful with who gives me money because that means you might order my favor because they were there in the beginning we don't know how this works and to be indirect to American politicians who I am shaping their political life and their political career depend on it is something that we should all be proud of because you're going to owe me something and I'm going to owe you something and it's going to be a really nice relationship I think but those who are not interested hey I understand you can't even give me $1 and you don't appreciate what I'm doing and you're looking for a fight and I'm looking forward in taking you on.

I guess there's never going to be a good time to say goodbye but I have to wrap it up now and think Sarah Jacobs was inspiring me for being an incredible San Diego who's giving us the opportunity to shine and become an incredible woman who has an incredible life in politics.

She's a politician who comes to block parties and treats her community with respect and love that is something I appreciate.

She's wearing the color of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his family which is green and green is the color of life it's the color of the leaves.

Sarah Jacobs is a person who cares about the environment. She's going to be an incredible leader who's going to take on the environment and take on all the problems we face. She's never going to make any excuses and she's going to represent herself.

Sarah Jacobs cares about San Diego and she cares about the food bank she wants to make sure everybody is hungry has something to eat she never goes to bed without praying to the Lord to make sure all the children in San Diego county have been fed as a matter of fact she prays for all the children around the world

She's meeting with food banks so that families have what they need. She's not just talking, she's going to the food bank, she's spending her time and she's trying to build a political career. By helping people and every level

She tweeted about Ukraine and there's an incredible video you must watch.

When we build this app politicians will control every single thing that's being said about them they're going to portray themselves the way they want to be portrayed as the heroes they are and their local stations are going to be shutting down soon as you transfer to YouTube but that does not mean we're losing control it just means politicians are going to have more power than ever because I'm going to make this platform our social media platform so if TV shuts down we have an inbox supported by the US government where everybody in San Diego is going to have one because of they need to reach the congressman because they have all kind of needs and wants are we going to make sure that they use this inbox because.

Because they're going to need to know the incredible job Congress and the Senate they're all doing for their constituents they're not going to need the media in the way they used to we have YouTube now and we have incredible power of social media if you bring all of that together you can create your own feed that we can insert to the news feed of politics where will be controlled by the politicians 100% but by Facebook not by Google this is going to be owned by politicians 100%.

Politicians get a lot of hate mail.

Social media has given people that put it to put on all kind of masks and say whatever they want so someone who actually works for the Congress woman or man can videotape or take sensitive information and just make it go viral by the time the truth have the chance to put on his shoes the lines of going around the world 100 times and that Congress woman or man or representative in the Senate has no choice but to resign because they want betrayed and they could not keep up with technology but I'm going to slow it all down.

Politicians will be protected from all hate mail and voicemails because people have the right to express their opinions some people will love you and some people will hate you and all of that is data we're going to welcome it unfortunately it has a deep psychological impact so most politicians will create a counsel of psychologist to deal with all the hate mail and will give them snippets of what's going on people angry with you people are living death rights we are doing something to push buttons you're a politician and it's your job to know how to push those buttons.

People don't hate you or love you without you doing something that's why I stay out of politics I just use this entire thing as a creative project so that anybody who can copy me I pretend that all this is their work and they should be giving credit because they know how to copy and paste I say go right ahead I am not afraid of the competition I actually welcome it and it's time politician is the same thing in America.

So I welcome the state department and all the members of Congress to be part of the startup to build this app with tax dollars but at the same time to let me always keep control of their brand and I can give it to my descendants and all of that there has to be a place for the family of the Prophet Muhammad to play a role in all of this real creative inspiration behind all of this.

So anybody who says anything it doesn't matter who they are it doesn't matter because we're going to open our democracy to the world As a matter of fact anybody who doesn't like Trump can come and vote and we will publish the votes of all countries on our state department the results we hope to manage elections and to be transparent with the world and to be the true leaders we are but because of our military but because of our open borders and all the immigrants will continuously come through and make America great for everyone.

So I tell the politicians of America let's stop making excuses and let's take politics out of the government's hands maybe the stock dollars is not a good idea maybe you guys can give me your money I can make you co-founders and we can go in business together and we can make this app private and lock down politics forever in terms of making sure you are getting reelected because at the end of the day power starts on your district you don't want to be like that guy who was conceited by competition because you weren't paying attention therefore you became has been or used to be a member of Congress we know how painful that is.

So those who choose to participate in this game we're going to be transparent with the world and we're going to show that the United States of America is the greatest country on Earth simply because their doors are open for all creative people to come and do creative things if we can fly a rocket we have no problem going to the Nazis and finding Van brunt to come and just run this rocket and take us to space As Americans we actually don't care who the leader is the only thing we care about who's the best and who can guide us to get where we need to go that's what the sports is all about it doesn't matter what color you are if you're a great quarterback and you can throw and if you're a great receiver you can catch and if you're a great running back you can run guess what you're going to be the starting lineup every night.

So I guess I'm telling you you have left me on the bench for too long and now I've just become too powerful for you even to challenge me in any level and if you continue to remain silent I will soon have the power to remove every single member of Congress and the Senate from their position it might not happen now but I will be knocking on doors like a lonely guy and making innocent videos and talking about oh my God I'm so innocent I'm doing this for the first time I'm totally a virgin it's not going to work out well for you don't make me take the innocent road just play your role let's get it over with I have other problems to deal with.

And that's how we're going to end it politics is nothing but a puzzle and a problem to me it's a creative project that I worked on because of the profits family and I'm done with it I would like to hand it over to the politicians meet with them build this app make it private and institute all the changes right in front of everybody in the world because America is not afraid of working with the best to get where they need to be that's always been our strength not our weakness. Don't make it a weakness now follow the Twitter account ask those people to donate or create a special loan for me so I don't have to ask anybody and those who want to directly give me the money you have the link so let's just change American now let's make America great for everyone let's bring change in the political field, and the economic field, and the technological field come let's do everything in the same timeline and send updating all direction at the same time without skipping a beat.

And with that I say thank you for listening I appreciate you reading this Sarah Jacob report that had a lot of information that's designed to redesign politics for the politicians by the politicians to the politicians because of President Kennedy and because of courage that received from Lyndon johnson, President Nixon and all the way to the founding of the country George Washington and even president Harris the first woman to become president the bus is going round and round and I'm thinking about one thing they can you president I hope that guy can keep an eye on me because he knows what's going down.

And with that nobody's going to know what's going down cuz I'm going to go round and round around you guys until you understand that you are the guys who are supposed to be the leaders of our time you're supposed to reach out to me as opposed to follow the account you're supposed to do whatever you can to advance democracy protect the Constitution of the United States and to welcome immigrants who can transform your lives on the country moving us on forward that's the job of the people who are elected.

So do your job let's get things done thank you for reading this God bless you and God bless Sarah Jacobs my native San Diego I look forward to meeting you you're the first person I want to meet in Congress so we can talk about the charges and the Padres I'm going to be honest I'm not a baseball fan the thing is too boring I just couldn't get over my head but I know all the players I know all the heartbreaks so just calling some favors from the chargers there's some place I like so we'll just have to look at my tweets and then try to pull in some favors when I meet you let me get some autographs you know I'm very selfish guy let me tell you anyway thank you for reading everybody have a good day.

Thank you for reading this I pray you all blessed with a long healthy life and your problems are blessed and a solution is found for you whatever your problem is.

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