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I'm going on a journey around the world. Governments stay away, you're not welcome.


In the name of God most gracious most merciful

The most powerful citizen understands that changing the world in all directions dealing with all governments and citizens and all problems require transparency at the highest level.

What this means that for me privacy is dead there's no such thing as privacy even for one second as long as I live but that's what happens to people who become president they get surrounded by all kind of weird people but I'm not a president and I am not sworn to any country but my Lord owns the universe so I would like to just solve problems creatively ,but that means I'm going to be in different webs time line of people and interest so many things are going to be intersecting at the same time so many things are going to be happening at the same time I'm going to require people to trust me.

To gain that trust I've been very forthcoming with what I say and I have been very public on my day today activities and also I've been very public on what I think, how I think or why I'm angry or how things transpired.

So if someone is upsetting me or something happens, anybody can go through the timeline and figure out what's going on.

With great Powers come great responsibilities I am taking on a responsibility of solving so many problems of the same time it's almost impossible to comprehend what's going on I just think I have a wife who keeps bringing me down and telling me what I'm doing is nonsense unfortunately we all know it's not nonsense and today is just a vacation day I'm not destroying the banking industry I'm eating my burritos and probably I'm going to watch a movie and I'm going to chill out but chilling out for me it means I get to set my destiny in terms of my interaction with people across the world so that there's a clear playbook with rules anybody who violates those rules will be punished to the maximum effect I'm going to find you when you were vulnerable and I'm going to hurt you cause panic whatever it will be a total attack a destruction that you've never seen do not violate my rules.

So what are the rules?

My privacy no one is allowed to approach me at any time for any reason unless they've been given permission to enter my presence.

It doesn't matter what country I'm in anybody who sends people this include spies or whatever the hell they are you coming to my space my privacy you put up secret cameras you do all kind of weird stuff let's just say that I have friends you can see sucker I might be making this up but it doesn't matter I have friends in high places and whatever you're doing is going to be undone without problems.

Why am I saying this well right now I am protected I am in the home of the free and the brave my privacy is protected I can go and do whatever I want I can see whatever I want let's just say that in the beginning of my journey people are unsure what I was capable of and who I was and they want to take out a very close look.

And yes we're talking about the intelligence people in the United States and other people they were just curious I mean they've never seen anything like me I was in my bedroom I didn't take the teaching of my teacher seriously when he said you can move the world if you remember God just do your best forget the rest I took the teachings and I created my blog my friend and I just went to work on the internet.

Watch "Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi | The Power of Dhikr" on YouTube


The results were as follows When Donald Trump was in office he witnessed me shaking countries he witnessed me moving people around I was engaged in politics at the highest level to simply summarize what I'm trying to say and let's just say Donald Trump wanted to take a closer look and he's not like Biden but I didn't mind because I was unsure of myself.

When you are new to doing something and you find out some foreign leader of Iranian guy whose president is totally panicking and you were just in your bedroom tweeting and blogging moving the whole world how are you supposed to know that you are responsible for such timeline conversions basically what I mean people of the world are taking me serious and I have no idea this is going on.

So basically I shut down my blog and I tried to put limits on myself I literally refuse to watch the news or any information that was coming live I would react to information a week or a few days after it happened so that I don't interact with the timelines and I don't miss with anything and I'm not responsible for anything.

The timeline of my blog shows everything it shows when I shut down I just went back to my tracking because I believe in the owner of the universe controls the universe so it's not my job to worry about how things transpire or what's going on around the world I can eat my sandwich I can live my life in peace the owner of the universe is in control everything has already been written the pen has dried only Muslims understand what I'm talking about.

So certain events have happened and I had nothing to do with it and I'm proud I had nothing to do with it because when you recognize power you should be a coward because power always corrupts anything it touches if you have power you will be corrupted it doesn't matter who you are that's why even early at my stage when the Iranian president notified me that he was taking my jokes and b******* Seriously, I cut back. I can only think Jack Dorsey was suspending my account and slowing me down and so forth.

It was like being put in a baby seat and I don't mind especially when Biden won I literally took a vacation deleted all my tweets shut down my blog for a few months I was actually going to shut down forever the weird thing is that we live in interconnected world and I had accomplished something great in my bedroom tweeting and blogging and not a single reporter noticed not a single person was curious it dawned on me what just happened is being ignored by the brightest and the best the people who are supposed to separate fiction and the truth people who are journalists people who are my heroes they didn't even notice.

I thought about all the children and all the people who will be coming in the future and I looked at the opportunities I had and what I said and I had a debate with myself should I come back or should I not come back should I be lost to history forever say nothing do nothing cuz Biden is ignoring me and everybody else is ignoring me and it's all good I don't have a problem with that.

When President Biden made a mistake call whatever went to the Middle East so he had a problem I can't remember what but that ignited my passion to get involved again so I wrote my blog and slowly began to make my way back to power that is corrupting that is dangerous because you're making decisions people's lives at a stake people's owner is at stake so this is not a joke I understand the seriousness of the matter and what it means to put on the mantle of leadership.

It's a heavy burden anybody who's smart runs away so I ran I deleted everything I went silent for so long that people forgot about me I know understand that if I remain silent and I don't continue my journey the amount of loss will be greater than the amount of blessings that will be gained by the world my silence is a betrayal to God and my blessed family.

So I hope you understand what I'm trying to say this is a responsibility I don't want and I don't need and I can choose to be a private citizen and just delete everything and everybody would forget about me unfortunately there are millions of generations who are coming after me and they need a very good foundation and they need a very strong role model to make sure I live a great legacy not only can they look at it but they can be inspired by it and that's what this is all about.

So I turned to my journalist around the world and I tell you all be the balance of power or the separation of powers that holds me accountable in this new age where information comes very fast and someone has to interpret that data reach a conclusion and make a judgment on that data before other people which makes me judge, jury, and executioner of the digital world.

By notifying the journalist, I have put in a lot of work to make the truth the foundation that I stand on and I have put a lot of work for journalists to examine me in difficult circumstances and saying the right things should build confidence with them when I'm engaging at a high level.

So I guess what I'm saying is that I have my own plan and my own way I'm trying to explain it to the terrorist around the world which is the the foundation of everything we stand on is based on the truth and if the truth is protected and defended and we are not afraid of anyone then the reality everybody holds to be true will not be corrupted.

If we can protect the truth and be United against anyone who's the enemy of the truth then we are all going to be successful in our endeavor in building peaceful societies and coexisting the enemy is misinformation and the enemy is anybody who's playing around the world of politics in the dark saying and doing many things that they should not be doing.

If you cannot find a simple blogger and a Twitter user who's constantly contacting you constantly showing you what he's doing or just showing off and you can't even pick up on that how can you pick up on all those other people who are doing and saying things in the dark and explaining it to regular citizens so they can take an appropriate action against all those attacks that are going on against their freedom against their reality that they hold dear.

So the truth is that journalism has failed and we have failed to protect ourselves from foreign governments and agents and many other people who are engaging in politics at the highest level.

So I call on news anchors and all those who are responsible for protecting us and restoring this balance to be part of this journey with me because I want to be accountable, I want to be transparent and that is something new on Earth.

I'm going to take it a step further moving forward any journalist who wants to investigate or look into my blog or my text or my phone calls or my emails or my pictures is more than happy to come and just go over everything I call it the accountability judgment or two of the truth anybody who's not willing to be scrutinized search questioned interrogated by journalists should not be allowed to have the powers that I'm going to be having moving forward.

This does not include all journalists some people are pathetic and they're nothing but a puppet and they'll never be allowed to come into my presence those journalists will have proven themselves and are willing to give their lives for the truth will be trusted by everybody and if they say I'm trustworthy I deserve to have my privacy and whatever I'm doing I'm going to be accountable because they are going to have a general discussion with me then I think that is a proper measure of balance of power in terms of moving forward

So I welcome the journalism to my life and all those people who take the truth seriously if the truth is a foundation everything is built on and you are worthy and approved by American anchors or other anchors who I'm going to develop relationship with who have a long line of integrity and honesty in terms of making the truth of foundation everything you stand on and you have enough pudding oh proof of who you are and what you've done you're not going to have a problem coming into my presence questioning me and having a conversation but this is only for those people no one else is allowed because I deserve to keep my privacy just like every other citizen and I'm not required to say and do all of this but because I know future generations will depend on my work and I want everything I say to be above par to be the most honest to be the most admired I have to put this prevention measures.

Prevention is better than cure and now I give my message to government if you tell me any secrets of any kind I'm going to block it out I don't want to hear any secrets or any kind I will not join any secret organization and I will not be part of anything I will never sign any contract I will never do any deal I will never accept any money of any kind.

Basically if you're a government and citizens are depending on you and you have tax dollars just do your people a favor spend your tax dollars and your resources developing your country and your resources to be successful my advice and my ideas 100% free you don't have to buy them you don't have to ask for Access everything about me is on my block who I am what I'm doing.

You can even save money on spies. I'm totally blogging but I'm doing sometimes by the minute that access that would destroy any intelligence community because I am giving you the playbook you don't have to have anybody follow me or disrupt my privacy when I come through your country.

It's very unfortunate I say this some people will not listen some people will not respect me and when you do not respect me I might act like I'm weak and all of that but I promise you there will be consequences that you have to negotiate out of most people think they can coach me in a compromising position or you think you're going to do something say something because you don't believe in God you don't believe the angels are present and you do not believe that if you just mind your own business take what you're giving and play fair things are not going to work out.

Let me remind these people that the owner of the universe is in control of everything. He's in control of every action and reaction nothing can happen without the permission of God even those people who want to hurt me they need the permission of God to hurt me and if they hurt me God is calling me back and it's time to go home so there is nothing out of the ordinary or nothing any evil for anyone can do that God cannot control.

Why am I saying this? Well I want to travel freely and I want to sell the rule book to all these organizations out there when I come through your country, just mind your own business. And if some of you are creative enough to be part of my life without me knowing I'm not going to blame you but if I bust you in any way and I found out you work for any government or you're doing anything funny business you will be terminated without question and if you do not leave quietly the people you present will be punished in a manner I see fit and I'll give you an example.

When I worked in the prison there was a warden who played games with me and there were many other people who played games with me and just because I was at war at them does not mean I was not going to forgive them praise them surround them and all directions because they looked at me as the officer who was just trying to be somebody what they didn't understand is I was going for the chairman of the board I was going for a high position and I was going to be buried alive there I didn't care I was going to die in that person that was my only goal I was going to be successful at this I have given it my all they didn't know what to do with me and I didn't know what to do with them so we reached the crossroads.

If it wasn't for the blessing of my teacher and all the miraculous things that happened I would have been dead a long time ago but the owner of the universe accepted my sacrifice and accepted my journey and he sent me people to save me, guide me, bless me and I'm still on this journey.

I don't need to explain anything to anyone you can all see the creative input on the table you can all see what's going on I don't understand what's going on you probably don't understand what's going on but it doesn't take a genius to understand if we just play along with this creative process we could save the environment or we could avert major wars or major famines or many things that the problems that we are facing can be dealt with by me being creative and by people around the world helping me and not bullying me or intimidating me because all you have to do is talk to my mom she'll tell you everything you need to know.

Never think for me, never bring any decisions and think that I'm going to accept whatever decision it is. I don't care if it's moving a cup across the table. If I did not ask you to move that cup towards me, why did you move that cup? Was it my decision, was it your decision?

I don't play around the decision belongs to me nobody gets to think for me nobody gets to advise me and if I'm moving fast I'm going to do what I need to do if people need to hold me accountable I'm available for accountability I've already spoken about a accountability openly and this is what it's all about it's about changing the world it's about never ever intimidating me.

This message goose to Biden I had no problem being surrounded by Trump and all his agents whatever in the beginning I was unsure what I was doing and what Trump was doing there was a time I had a hole in my apartment and I knew this was the right opportunity to bring all those people into the open right into my house pull them in it was like a Honey trap.

And wouldn't you know it some people showed up looked at me and we were both laughing at each other I said who's really the victim here me the black broke guy in his apartment tricking these people to come into my presence so I can watch them and look at them and assess all their friends I'm a man of the Lord do not underestimate my intelligence the only thing you can rely on is my integrity and honesty.

If you don't lie to me I will never lie to you I don't break my promise and I don't have double face I hate people who are devil face and who constantly think they can kiss ass and do a run around on me you have no idea what I'm capable of or what kind of intelligence God gave me and who my father is and what I'm going to accomplish

I'm going to have people around me of my own choosing and I'm going to do whatever I want and I'm going to go whatever I want and I'm going to go to vacation as much as I like I will talk I will do whatever I want this is the freedom given to me by every black slave who ever lived

Anybody who tells me anything to do is an enslaver is a person who's trying to oppress me or manipulate me or whatever I will have no mercy for people who are engaging in business they shouldn't be stay away from me if I want to talk to you you will be sent a representative and you can come. Just stay away from me even if I come to your country. Just give me my privacy and respect me as I go about changing the world or pretending to change the world.

So what does all this mean? It means people are going to leave me alone. I'm going to continue my journey of being transparent. If I'm being transparent, if I'm being accountable, why should anybody give me a hard time?

It's like a story that's playing out and you can all see for yourself all you are being told is to mind your own business let this story play out and let's see what happens can I change the world or not can I be creative or not it's that simple some people will play along and some people will not and I don't know how this is going to end but I'm going to give it my best and ended there.

So please I hope to see you out there and I hope to meet with people who are accountable to take the truth to be the foundation everything they stand on and they're willing to defend it with their lives if that is who you are then I want to meet you I want to get to know you I want to listen to your ideas I want you to listen to my ideas don't worry about nobody nobody thinks for me nobody controls me nobody can tell me what to do at any time except the blessed family I work for them I am there donkey no doubt about it shoes I do whatever they want but they give me a vacation I get to go in my creative parties and do whatever you want but I'm always going to be on call with them because all my creative powers from them especially my spiritual teacher is my spiritual father to be I would say LOL he's already there but you know this stuff is always developing anyway there's no need for you to understand everything I'm saying if I'm doing.

If I had to end with anything, ask yourself a question: what is this all about?

Is what I'm doing beneficial? Are you benefiting from what I'm saying and doing?

If what I'm doing is insane and is already working then just leave me alone.

If you don't like what I'm saying and doing you have Twitter and you have your own news agencies to raise your opinions but without mentioning me at all you can raise your concern so disagreement on Twitter in my timeline in the way that I see fit and if I choose to address it I'll address it I have full authority with the blessing of my teacher to move this world anyway I please that was his speech and I took it seriously and it seems this stuff is happening anyway.

I'm sorry to tell you if you need a math degree or you need a tutor you can just go to hell.

You shut your mind and your tongue with the devil you have to shut the hell up you don't know what's going on.

Never believe what people say, always believe what the actions are, especially when you give them enough time to say and do whatever they're doing and then look at how things have concluded. That's the only way you will always know the truth, you will all know what's really going on.

The worst people of those who don't let things play out sometimes will be hurt sometimes you'll be attacked sometimes it'll be rewarded sometimes you'll be manipulated sometimes you will be lied to sometimes you'll be pushed into the corner until you can breathe so many things are going to happen to you I'm not going to lie to you stuff is going to happen it's going to come fast it's going to be like lightning like a storm but when the storm is over everything's going to be clear what does this all mean?

It means one thing if you trust me you will let me watch the story unfold. If you have any objection, raise your objections on Twitter. I will see it and I will think about it. I will make adjustments.

Other than that there should be no reason for anybody to be complaining about what's happening because all I see is good. All I see is blessings. All I see is incredible creative ideas going around helping everyone. If that's what you're not seeing then sorry I can't help you.

Thank you for reading this let me change the world with my creative ideas stay away from me if you get busted leave with Grace do not identify yourself I will choose you but don't come and play games with me don't think I don't know who you are what you're up to do not understand me people continue to do this and they fail just give me the respect and love I deserve I'll give it back to you give the world your best and the best will come back to you is the advice I have for everyone.

If you are a spectator stay out of my way don't like my tweets don't disturb me don't get in my timeline just enjoy the story that's unfolding what's wrong with stories that you can all see you can all understand and you can all be part of everybody can be part of this those who have power to make my life easy make my life easy those who have no power to make my life easy pray for me you're more powerful than the people who have resource it's that simple.

Let's be part of a plan where we're changing the world with creative ideas helping one another and building a better world that is what it's all about I'm looking forward in meeting all of you I'm looking forward and talking to all of you and I'm looking forward and traveling anybody who has a problem you can find me on Twitter I'm ready to fight 24/7 as long as Elon musk does not betray me silence me slow me Down things are going to change things are going to get better everything is on the shoulder of Elon musk it's all on him he's the one who's trying to change the world but he just met someone who's better than him faster than him stronger than him the question is can he provide the protection and can he get out of the way so I can do what needs to be done.

There's no good ending I'm sorry we'll just have to find out how things transpire and happen thank you for reading God bless you all I plan on traveling so make you adjustments make your resources available meet with your team's things are going to be moving fast things are going to be moving in all directions do not be among those people who did not listen to what I said. If you get left out it is because you didn't plan, you didn't participate, you did not make resources available, you just try to manipulate me, use me or treat me like a piece of crap.

This is definitely for those who understand what the Golden goose is or the black angels whatever they are, those who don't make resources available and I find foreign governments and other people making resources available making my life easy and I travel and I start working in Germany and other places you have no one to blame but yourself.

I am a private citizen and I'm looking for creative people who are private citizens and are not part of any government organization.

No one who works for any government can be part of my organization I am anti-government anti-military anti-intelligence I don't want anybody from any department anywhere around the world who's affiliated with the government to be around me rule number one don't trust the government they have the interest of their own people to look after.

I trust the citizens of the world we share the same problems we're trying to overcome the same issues and we do not have anybody to save us everybody's being selfish everybody is looking out for their own interest which is normal every government should look out for its own people every government should do the best they can for their own people.

We should not blame governments for doing whatever they do to look out the interest and the security of their own people but we as private citizen we share one planet we have to put those people in the side and tell them do your thing don't enter our atmosphere Twitter is a good example we're talking to each other we're helping each other we're praying for each other we're humans and that is what I'm here to support my fellow human beings so let's work together to move things forward let's work together to get things done without making excuses because in the startup world you have to move fast but we all have to move with care and elegance and beauty and slow everything down.

So I'm not going to be moving out of the country anytime soon but if resources available from private citizens around the world who want to see me or travel I will make my way to my private citizens I've made this very clear private citizens only this is a creative program open to the private citizens and the public only governments are not allowed to participate I don't care who they are and what reasons they have they are not welcome at any level and at any time.

So if you are a private citizen doesn't matter where you live you have a problem and you need a creative solution come into my timeline if my timeline matches your timeline we can work together if not my Lord has created me to have fun and enjoy life but if I see something and I'm inspired and I feel like doing changing stuff and moving stuff around or jumping here and there I will do it other than that I'm a free citizen I can go on vacation forever if I want I'm just going to do whatever I want that's the whole point of this no one can tell me what to do at any time at any point.

Thank you for reading, may God bless you all.

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