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China and the US should move forward and fix the relationship and stop complaining.


In the Name of God , Most Gracious, Most merciful 


China and the US should move forward and fix the relationship and stop complaining.

The time has come for China and the United States to fix this severely damaged relationship that the world depends on. The relationship between the United States and China has built a jugular vein where the blood they both share represents the economies of the world.

The world depends on this blood to be pumping and working because their relationship has become a heart pumping life into the economies of the world.

The success of the world depends on China and the United States finding solutions to the problems they face and doing the damage that has been done by ignorant presidents like Donald Trump who has severely and permanently damaged this delicate relationship that the world depends on to function.

In this open letter I will address solutions that both Nations need to focus on because the world depends on both Nations finding success because their success is tied to Every Nation on Earth.

I will start with Secretary State Antony Blinken's speech which is a long list of complaining and whining and mixing up problems with small solutions that are non-existent.

I believe those Nations should look at each other and understand that the relationship has gotten sick and the solution must be devised and I recommend not mixing complaints with solutions. I explore what the solutions are and how both Nations can find a solution that is needed not just by them but by the world.

It is easy for both Nations to forget that over time their relationship has constituted the rise of many other economies that depend on their cooperation. So I write on behalf of all other nations who would like the United States and China to find solutions to their problems because success hinges on this basic fact because both of them have become a heart pumping the blood of success to many economies around the world.

If both countries fail to find a solution to all the problems they're facing it will be a catastrophic failure that will affect the whole world and it is up to people who consider themselves to be visionaries and leaders to make it clear to both countries failure is not an option on this great relationship between China and the United States we must forge a new solution by being brave and courageous about what the problems are and what the solution might be down the road.

We should not wait for Donald Trump to be re-elected so this jugular vein is permanently severed and many countries around the world will pay the price if both countries decide to go in a different direction and stop being the heart that has been United to benefit the world. They will be death and destruction and multiple fronts around the world and many economies will fail because the United States and the government of China could not find a way forward which is a calamity that must be avoided at all cost so I take it on myself to write something that might be a rough draft for both Nation to consider so that success can be an outcome and the only solution forward we begin with the list of complaints that were put forward by the Secretary State Antony Blinken

 "Secretary of State Antony Blinken delivers remarks on U.S. policy toward China 

A list of complaints about China is something the United States has chosen to do for the foreseeable future.

If you're going to complain, complain directly to everyone. You made a big speech about China's secretary blinking, you forgot to even mention the leader of China Xi Jinping and you also refuse to directly speak to the Communist party.

You can just complain like a laundry list and then add some good words here and there and expect things to change for the better.

The relationship between China and the United States has been strained and leadership is needed to make sure the address relationship is back on track with the United States making it Crystal clear where they stand and how they are going to be with all the challenges that has been posed by China so that the United States can follow this plan step by step moving forward.

Instead what I got from the secretary was just a list of complaints from China over its human rights record and refusing to find solutions to all the problems that has been posed by China and the communist party.

If you're going to be tough and salty and rub hot pepper in people's eyes just get it over with is my advice to the secretary because it doesn't help you and it doesn't help China when you do not stand strong and give remedies or solutions that might challenge the status quo.

So it is left to me as a visionary leader who has a bright political future in this country to think about your speech and to ponder over its unintended consequences because at the end of the day as an American citizen I am in charge of this government and its actions because I vote to put them in power.

I advise Secretary State Antony Blinken   to just be candid and straightforward with his list of complaints and just leave it at that. At the same time  make time where you only say good things China has done and how you can work with China in a different setting. I'm just tired of this boxing match that seems to never come to an end.

I advise the Secretary  State Antony Blinken to do exactly that: don't mix your words up if you're going to complain about China complain all you want please put all your complaints in one basket don't mix it with your solutions.

What you say in China is very important because you're challenging the narrative of a country that is going to play a pivotal role in making this world better for everyone.

So I advise you to make time to say good things about China and how you can work together to make this world better for everyone. So that we can all move forward with solutions in our hearts and minds and find ways to work together because if China   and the United States prioritize what they have in common and face all their problems head on without making excuses I believe adjustments can be made by both countries to accommodate one another and above all to tell each other the truth.

The Secretary of State's speech was very long. It was over 40 minutes of complaining and mentioning many problems China has brought to the world stage. And I wish that he would have just left it with just speaking about problems in general and made another day to talk about what China has done right in detail because he was very thoughtful about complaining about what China has done in Tibet, what China has done in Xinjiang province and so on.

I want to remind the secretary that he's not dealing with the Soviet Union and President Kennedy's challenges were much greater than what we face with China who does business with the United States on daily basis whose supply chain is synchronized with ours in many ways China is more of a friend than an enemy yes they have many shortcomings that needs to be addressed in public and in private but that does not change that there is much wisdom that is missing in the strategy applied by President Biden and his secretary.

I found it to lack taste in the cup of tea they have served China and the world. I've already said that 40 minutes of complaining and not delivering that speech in the American Spirit where you're inspired because when President Kennedy dealt with the issues the Soviet Union had which were many he dealt it in a way that was inspiring even the Soviet leaders were literally enjoying how they were being criticized because it came from the heart and that's a big difference between President Kennedy and how he chose to deal with the challenges he faced.

The solution offered by the Biden administration is not coming from the heart or even the mind it's just coming from a place where a old woman is just complaining are not showing the Elegance Spirit of America which is to say yes we have all this problems but we also have many accomplishments that we have work together that has made this world a bigger place.

Not only that Secretary of blinking should have mentioned India which has a worse record in terms of calling for genocide against Muslims. As a matter of fact I want to play a small video on this because this is a very important matter.

Watch "Indian Muslims Under Attack | Dr. Safiyyah Ally" on YouTube


Problems are not limited to the borders of China but India is playing fire, stuck in hate and division within its society, something China does not do. This is why I have more hope with China in addressing the Xinjiang problems and taking on its problems head on than India will ever do.

I'm not here to downplay what the Muslims in xinjiang promise have gone through and I think it's just lack of leadership in the Islamic world to represent Islam and it's true form and to offer solutions when problems transpire so that what happened in xinjiang province does not happen ever again. Because when leadership is missing countries do their best to deal with extremists and the lack of understanding of what Islam is and how inheritance of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him have been left behind to people more peaceful and non-violent is something government can easily Miss and I hope to address this with my own plans.

The facts on the table don't change what secretary blinking said in many terms are not just true but are our facts on the table and there's no way around cold hard facts which must be dealt with without anybody bringing excuses.

I think it's the lack of just inspiring leadership from the United States that is lacking because if the leadership was there they would have found ways to work with China throughout all the problems they have to build a more perfect relationship that would be beneficial to both sides.

This is a battle of philosophies in which our countries can work together and become more successful than countries creating a list of complaints  that fall on deaf ears.

The relationship between the United States and China can make or break the entire world because the whole world depends on the jugular vein that has been created between the two countries and they share this jugular vein in the world of economics whereby if this jugular vein is severed or injured in any way then the blood that has come to embody success of the economies of the world is in jeopardy.

This is a very serious matter. The entire world depends on China and the United States selling all their problems of moving to the Future hand in hand so that economies around the world can prosper.

Those who choose to remain silent and don't understand the consequences of this relationship between China and the United States not finding a peaceful coexistence and addressing all the problems they both face will have a dire consequences and the rest of the world as we have many challenges ahead of us starting with climate change to feeding people around the world in general so this world can be a better place for all of us.

I urge the Chinese president Xi Jinping and the President of the United States to address all the issues both countries are facing honestly and courageously whether they choose to agree or disagree on how they both approach the future. What will not change is the success of the world depends on this relationship to prosper.

We cannot give up on this relationship and all its challenges and we cannot shrink from our responsibilities on the world stage between two great powers that must find a way out of their problems that were exacerbated by an ignorant president known as Donald Trump. Who engaged in unnecessary Force an injured relationship with many insults that were unnecessary and damaged the relationship the world depends on to find peace and prosperity.

This is about the world finding peace and prosperity and that is my summary of the problems we face in the United States and with China in general that if both countries choose to work with each other and be honest about the challenges they face then they will all take time to ponder over what are the real consequences of finding solutions to the problems they face.

Waves of recessions which would lead to businesses dying and followed by bread lines of unemployed people and destruction of accumulated wealth is not something that both countries should run to with a smile.

We face many challenges and we must admit that the Chinese economy and the American economy sleep in the same bed every night and they are married to each other whether they like it or not they're in a long-term relationship and they must deal with their challenges as parents removing ignorant people from the discussion and opening the door for wise people to address the challenges both nations are facing.

The world has seen much more destruction because people have refused to give each other an opportunity to communicate honestly and fearlessly so that they can find solutions to the problems they're facing. This has been the case for the United States and China, a long relationship that has now found itself locked in a corner where nothing but a fight seems to be a solution that nobody wants but the ignorant such as Donald trump.

I believe we are all losers if we let ignorant people drown out people of wisdom to continue their discussions and make diplomacy and respect for one another to be destroyed.

What Donald Trump has taught us is that those people who are not mentally stable will destroy everything and the relationship has been severely injured and it's been bleeding for some time and that's the cold hard fact that the United States and China must face it is time to heal those wounds and let diplomats and those people who are wise find solutions to the problems that's been decaying this relationship that the world is depending on for success.

I called on both Nations to find solutions and speak up courageously for what they believe openly and proudly. It is only the coward who refuses to deal with issues that are decaying this relationship from the inside out.

I finally want to remind China someone like Donald Trump could be re-elected and we can all go back to square one and this nightmare that I have that the world will suffer because the jugular vein of business that move economies around the world that makes people's life better could be severely and permanently injured and the world will pay a price for this if this jugular vein is permanently severed.

I call on the secretary to make another speech to the Chinese people and the Chinese president and address the Chinese president by name Xi Jinping and speak about the contributions that he has made and the Chinese people have made to the world stage. I call on the secretary to call for cooperation and to highlight the important relationship China and the United States have built over time that has made this world a better place for everyone.

I call him the Chinese diplomats around the world to speak with wisdom and courage without shying away from the problems we are all facing there is no easy way out this is an important time to heal the wounds that this relationship has suffered under Donald Trump and to let wisdom and courage to be the way forward and finding solutions.

The world depends on China and the United States finding solutions that are tailor made for each other they've been able to work with each other for a very long time and adjustments have to be made to this relationship because where this ship is heading nobody's going to win not the United States and not China the only people who will win are those who want to misery and the destruction of progress which is something should make us all worried because if nobody wins then we are all losers.

I do not want to be among the losers who was unable to inspire both Nations to sit back and understand that solutions can be tailored and made one patch at a time. When I look at the relationship there are too many holes in this boat and too many people depend on this boat to function so economic prosperity can be guaranteed. So I called them both Nations to make wisdom and respect for one another to be the foundation that will heal these wounds that has been severely injured that needs time to heal.

We have faced covid and we have faced ignorant leaders like Trump who have launched trade war with China

Watch "Trump launches trade war with China" on YouTube


My advice to the president of China, Xi Jinping , is that the relationship has been severely damaged and the world depends on the United States and China finding common ground and healing this injury that has been caused by an ignorant man who does not understand how the world is connected.

Donald Trump and his ignorance and lack of wisdom should be a central point that the United States and Chinese government should find a common ground and not wait for Trump to come back and  permanently server this jugular vein that has been carefully been built over time and many countries depend on for the economic prosperity because the success of China and the success of the United States determine the fate of many nations and their success in their own economies.

It is all about finding success that should be a focal point for both Nations because both countries have many citizens that want a successful life that is tied to the environment without dragging in its citizens on the global stage making this a bit of a fight. One thing I did love about the secretary's comments on his speech was the following.

The problem that is faced by China and the United States is the difference between governments and not people. We have to limit the hate that comes with opening the door for ignorant people to air out grievances that produce hate for the Asian community in the United states. We have seen a lot of hate since Trump took office towards the Asian community and the Chinese people in general.

It's been a very tough time to be alive to watch ignorant people take positions of power and refuse to use any wisdom or insight in terms of understanding the consequences of their words.

I hope that we can take a great lesson from the past and understand that a severe and permanent damage has happened to this great relationship that the world depends on to find success in their own economies because we live in a global economy and we all need each other and we have to find our way forward without complaining and understanding wisdom and respect for one another will be the foundation that our success will be built on. I pray both Nations find success through wisdom because the clock is running out and the ignorant people could be re-elected and this jugular vein that has been carefully developed over time could be severely damaged from the world will just pay the price which is unacceptable so I hope that we can all assess our actions and make sure that they're in line with wisdom and respect for one another so that we have a chance for the two governments to work together and find solutions that is desperately needed.

Thank you for reading this. I hope both Nations find success. I hope to keep adding to the cup of wisdom the world is missing. Leadership is very rare in our days to find people who can help people navigate from the problems they face because of ignorant people who deliberately chose to navigate through storms and destruction so nobody wins is something that I will desperately continue to help Nations and countries avoid.

There is a huge gap when it comes to leadership in this world and I am not seeing anywhere or anyone stepping up to fill this void so I hope to do my best to continue adding to the fabric of Nations so they can find solutions to problems they severely in need of so they can all find success and prosperity which is my only goal.

I heard the secretary to redo his speech and don't mix everything up if you're going to complaining just do it but please make time to pond over your complaining and what the solutions might be and do not mix your problems and solutions and serve them with one spoon medicine is served over time when spoon at a time you chose to give us a 40 minute speech that I found to just be not helpful to the current circumstance we find ourselves in.

Before I conclude I want to send a message to President United States Joe Biden and the president of China Xi Jinping it is very important that you let the secretaries and diplomats deal with all the complaining and the problems that both nations are facing. We would like to see the respect and warm welcome that we have seen over time to make a comeback to the White House and to beijing. We would like to see both presidents shaking hands and exchanging words of wisdom and making an example for the world that it doesn't matter what our problems are you're both going to do your best to find solutions there might not be any short-term solutions and that might not be any solutions left because we have two different philosophies but we should never lose respect for each other and we should never fail to continue to let wisdom be the wind that sails our ships that can help us navigate many problems that I had.

Both countries face many challenges but respecting and honoring one another is the foundation of success and I urge both presidents to stay away from negative comments or discussions in general that have severely damaged the relationship.

My final message goes to Secretary of State Antony Blinken

I know one day I will have your job as Secretary of State Antony Blinken  and I will show you what it means to be a true diplomat where I will complain about a country until they will cry tears of blood. At the same time I will ponder over my actions and I will make a separate time and I will praise the country for all that it has done and they will cry tears of joy because that is what  leadership is all about something that you are yet to learn but with time I will give you many demonstrations so you might take notes and we can finally heal this divide between the United States and china.

Thank you for reading this God bless everyone.


waalaikumsalamwarahmatullahi wabarakatuh

May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you  all thank you for reading my open letter my blessed family and 

To everyone around the world

May there  peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you  all People of planet Earth.


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