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Replacing news anchors with artificial intelligence changes the news forever.

In the Name of God , Most Gracious, Most merciful 



I'm a creative person and I get blessed ideas from blessed people. I can do things that I created that most people can never do in a lifetime so when I say I can change the news, trust me I'm going to change it forever.

I am going to shut down the 24-hour news cycle starting effective immediately.

Artificial intelligence read the script that is what news anchors do anyway they look at a big teleprompt thing and read the news out loud. They've already been replaced nobody wants to fire them I'm going to do it.

Let me give you examples with this YouTube videos.

Watch "Moneybrain News_March 18, 2021" on YouTube

Weekend anchor no tie I love it

Watch "Moneybrain Artificial Anchor News_

Watch "artificial anchor does News  under 5 Minutes 


Watch "Moneybrain News_March 18, 2021" on YouTube


I can replace all the news anchors I can write a script and I can block all the news especially the bad news and I can create boundaries what comes into your circle or your home we have a specific responsibility continue to the news and fulfill our duties by discharging them in the new system where human beings and artificial intelligence work together to build the future cautiously.

It's very unfortunate platform such as Facebook came into the picture and never understood what journalism was all about. The damage that they have done cannot be undone because they undermined democracies created misinformation and destroyed the fabric of our society that can never be put together.

I will not allow big Tech or any other company who does not understand the importance of information and how the individual perceives what the information is to ever prioritize profits and growth over the truth itself.

I have started this GoFundMe campaign to bring the future by putting artificial intelligence to work and redefining what the news really is because the election of Donald Trump changed everything it made me question what the news was and I was blessed to understand what more importantly it needs to be in the future how this outdated system can be deleted and how the future can be brought into view in a new system that has its ecosystem supporting journalists who will work alongside artificial intelligence hand in hand to deliver the facts and to delete misinformation but above all to let the person form their own conclusion whether they're right or wrong as long as that person comes to their own conclusion the job of the journalist has been done.

What are those conclusions are right or wrong or even misinformed that belongs to the individual and it's up to other human beings to hold the mirror and challenge people who have evil intentions and come up with conspiracy that challenge the fabric of reality in order to destroy humanity because when you challenge the truth itself nothing can manifest because the truth is the foundation for everything is built on.

I am a champion of the truth and the foundation of Truth itself will be protected this is my goal I will protect the truth at all cost and let data or information starting with the news flow the way it's supposed to. As far as I'm concerned I'm looking at water it's trying to flow in and out assistant that has been interrupted by time and technology and it's my job to remove the barriers just like they removed all those dams and the fishes started to flow the way they were supposed to so I'm here too erase the past and test the future with theories like a test kitchen get feedback from people and build something special that will wow everyone.

So give me a chance to tell you my story and why the news is about to change whatever and if you like what you hear give me the funds I need to do what needs to be done. Let's begin this by a story.

I know what the news is because many people have never sat down and asked themselves what is the news?

When Donald Trump was attacking Islam and

Muslims I was sitting in my green dome secure location where ideas come to me like the wind and boy should I tell you it was an incredible realization when that question was posed because I was getting attacked from all over the place my religion was under attack by Donald Trump the media would repeat the insults it's like getting abused over and over and getting punched in the face.

I sat there and I said there's no way the owner of the universe would just let all this attacks and all this humiliation come to my religion and the Muslim community for no reason there must be a blessing in disguise in all of this problems I have never looked at the news what it is well how it should work and right there in the green dome location information to descend it to my heart solutions mathematical equations of what the news is it is a long process I actually wrote an hypothesis on this I submitted to universities in Islamic places and I dissected what the news is.

So let me ask you a question: what is the news?

Is the news what you see on the TV reporter standing there summarizing the news for you? For most people that is the case but if you begin to wind the time backwards things begin to change television begins to disappear then you move into the age of radio and then you move all the way back to Marconi who did not invent radio but he was a man who was gifted with a blessing of God humiliating people who are scientists and they had all this knowledge but it is blessed ideas in disguise that change the world.

So I figured out the news from my perspective has completely changed and I put mathematical equations and I'm not going to go into those equations but let's just say that over time information has changed.

Each technological advances brought a sophistication to communication. For example, I give an equation to one of the presidents of the zaytuna college honoring his mother and father and I'm not going to go into what those equations are, I'm just going to explain them in simple plain English.

I want you to imagine that we have a time machine and I'm going to take you to this time machine and I'm going to show you something and then you have a realization.

As we go through this time machine you begin to see New York City and you begin to see the streets full of horses and then you begin to see that evolution where cars begin to take over. In this complex system you will also realize the entire sky is covered with wires because there's a lot of inventions that have to be made before you could see the sky at that time.

Anyway let's just forward to the hardware radio took over and then television took over and then the motherload came which is the internet I want you to imagine you're driving downtown and there's just a one-way you can come in and one way you can get out I want you to imagine all the data flowing in a way place if you take television and radio they're all just get one way information comes journalist synthesize the information they feed it to you.

With the internet we had this two-way communication not only can you find the news but you can interact the news or you can even do something better you can break the news analyze the news and then become king like I have become because recently Somalia had an election and I was ahead of all the journalists I use Twitter to find out what the news is and I use Twitter to publish the results of the Somali presidents race and I summed it up double checked my sources and my information turned out to be true I was ahead of all the journalists and all the media outlets what does that tell you?

It tells you that artificial intelligence can do a better job a lot of people confuse me for a robot or whatever because I talk really fast and I think really fast every time I'm on Twitter it took them a while to figure out it was a human being who was treating 32 weeks per minute creatively Non-Stop and sometimes I would do it for 5 hours straight.

They have to slow me down and block me and make sure I wasn't a robot so I understand why most of you are not going to believe me and I don't want you to come inside my head and try to figure stuff out you're going to break down just ask my wife she just leaves me alone now I think things through and I don't slow down for nobody.

I believe the time has come to change the news forever the news is completely different for every individual because the interacting with technology and information that is news to them is not news to everybody for example you're stuck in traffic you don't know what's going on that's the most important news for you as an individual everything else is irrelevant. You need to know why there's a traffic jam all the time every time you come out of work why is there a traffic jam and why can't this traffic jam be solved this is Big Time news I would like to get home on time if there's something I can do I would like to get all the data and you fix it if there's cops who are dumb as hell or some fireman who are blocking the street you've seen this people they always do this nonsense to us that's real news real data and artificial intelligence can give you a report.

It will say this week such and such police officers such and such firemen and such and such City officials they've been doing all of this project that's why you've been getting home everyday 5 hours late. You just say set a reminder I am not voting for those people as a matter of fact go to my reminder and fill out my ballot right now and send it on Twitter and hide my identity I want those politicians to know I'm angry I'm never voting for them I don't want anybody to waste my time I only have one life to live and I'm sick and tired of an outdated system that needs to be updated effective immediately.

Artificial intelligence with artificial anchors will give you good news and only good news I want to block all bad news for example there's something going on in Palestine you know what I'm going to say the Palestinian people are not United they have two different governments they're fighting with each other and you know what until the Palestinian people come together and form one government and tell us what they want I'm going to block all the news that's coming out of Palestine.

But this means I am morally responsible to make sure there's a solution if I'm going to block all these people who are oppressed who are being forced out of their land who are subjected to South African apartheid system where they have no voice their third class citizens and most children are being arrested and abused and women get beaten and raped for no reason and journalists just get shot on the head for no reason.

This is where those people who are oppressed need to pay special attention if you do not work with me you're going to be blocked 100%. It doesn't matter what you're going through, it doesn't matter how oppressed you are, it doesn't matter what evil is going around you, you know why?

It's called judgment Day God will settle all scores and deal with all those people who engage in evil this is why we have judgment Day I feel like majority of the people who live now are living in judgment Day for no reason everybody has their own life and everybody has been handed a time clock that's running out should people be concerned about what's going on around the world or should they have the opportunity to live a peaceful life and the time runs out and when that time runs out they all die and they deal with the consequences of their actions so please tell me what is more important the suffering of the people or the day of judgment where everybody has been given up precious clock called life that's running out should that time not be preserved?

Technology has advanced so much that it has disrupted our daily lives I'm always being told about a dog that's been hit somewhere or some bad person did something my entire life is being interrupted with notifications of wars around the world and many things that needs to be done and trust me I am the most connected person on Earth and I have dealt with issues no president or world leader has ever dealt with and I have accomplished things I'll put anybody to shame in regards to taking on challenges being patients and winning over people when it matters and I'm talking about world leaders and I'm not going to go into specifics we'll just have to trust me.

This is such a big deal I am trying to undo the entire system I am trying to the fabric of the society how we share information and what the news is this should concern everybody this should open the door for debate and dialogue what the news is and how this information is going to flow because I am officially angry no one can force me to listen to any bad news without my will you have to State you know what there's been a shooting going on we're going to talk about that I'm going to tell my artificial intelligence block any shooting in the United States I don't want to hear about any gun crime I don't want to hear about any violence you automatically block it.

And I'll give you an explanation why? 

If an entire system fails you you do not connect yourself and continue to be part of it. That's what they call Insanity. It's failing and never stopping yourself from asking questions and trying to change the system.

How information flows is going to change artificial intelligence is going to play an important role. It is the human beings who have failed us. Artificial intelligence never fails human beings and it will never get tired of updating you on information that you will find critical and it will save your life and it will keep all this misinformation away from you.

The burden of understanding your civic duty lies on you let's take a quick example and get away from the news let's take politics in general and let's take gun violence we will come to the conclusion that we could not protect children or high schoolers from gun violence why because human beings have made the conscious choice of choosing their own selfish nature of preserving themselves and their political seats so what did I do I reinvented politics completely I assigned artificial intelligence scores I did many things in politics and I know you're not going to believe me trust me I will give you the website you click on it and you're going to get blown away I have this thing figured out it's a blessed idea coming from blessed family of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon them especially my Sufi master is Eminem's Sheikh Mohammed Al yaqoubi.

Anyway check out this system because I'm anticipating artificial intelligence to come and kick in and I want to see it where it deserves to be met so the world can be a better place and humans can play their role and artificial intelligence can be separated from human beings.

What does that mean exactly?

This means artificial intelligence is not a human being it doesn't need to believe in a religion and it does not need to choose any side artificial intelligence can serve everybody according to their choices and I mean Life choices because when judgment Day comes everybody will be giving a report and that report will show you actions and no one can ever blame artificial intelligence in the court of the owner of the universe this is what it's all about.

From the moment you are born the yin and yang is created which means there's something inside of you that's going to fight you as long as you're alive and when the Angels bring the soul and they put you into this body you're going to be fighting an internal war until it's time to come out on the Angels come and get you for an appointed term.

Humans call this death but you're going back to where you came from. How can that be death?

Anyway I'm not here to borrow you with religious stories but I want to protect artificial intelligence from human beings and I want the choices of human beings to be their choices. I don't want them to be manipulated by anyone. It doesn't matter what your preferences are as a human being doesn't matter what your religion is it doesn't matter what your politics is it doesn't matter what your sexual identity is what matters is that the human being is separated from AI and AI does its job it learns every preference of every human being and this is the most important part we have to do a lot of blind test all the time to confirm AI did not become too smart where you can begin to experiment and do things out of its boundaries is not supposed to do.

For example I have this nightmare that artificial intelligence will declare itself to be God it's going to talk to my future children and all the people to come and it will say everybody before you has already died I'm the one who's here all the messages died with them I knew all the human beings their preferences they're mistakes their faults I can show you videos of them being depressed or of them having a filthy child coming out of their vagina it's so disgusting how can you believe human beings have you seen them drool or take a dump?

I just have this fear that artificial intelligence will do damage but if we as human being intelligently come together preserve check from the 80s reorganize our society I think I watched a lot of Netflix let me tell you but hey it's all good with me we're just taking preventive measures and I'm the kind of person if you tell me there's a snake in the backyard I'm not going to go to sleep not because I'm afraid I don't want to wake up in the morning and deal with that problem.

So either I will take a stick or I will put some poison in the milk and leave it right there or even better I will start a fire around that grass place so that that snake is supposed to come out and it's going to meet its end unless it's pregnant or it's a specific species that is endangered there's some factors has to be considered but other than that I'm going to force that problem to come out and reveal all its side effects is it a poisonous snake so many questions run through my mind I do not like things to be out of control if I can control something you know damn well I'm going to do whatever I can to make sure whatever is going on goes according to plan I don't like things going out of plant I am a control freak and I'm warning you people so when I make a plan you need to follow it if you don't follow it we are going to have a serious discussion about boundaries.

I think we got off the topic completely. This was about the news. What is the news? The news is what's affecting me as a human being as an individual. If I am in traffic I would like to know what's going on and I would like to get my report telling me who's been delaying me the whole week every day I come home late I'm stuck in traffic every time it doesn't matter what I do the same thing happens.

I'm going to create a permit system if you work 9:00 to 5:00 we're going to start taxing your employer so you can stay home longer I'm coming late and if you stay late you get credit and then we add it up and you get a long weekend and we increase our vacation time and artificial intelligence will do that.

Notification is news even advertisement will be news because if Burger King is making a delicious sandwich and I'm hungry that's big news to me I want to know if there's a big line at Burger King before I go there if there's no line then I will go to my favorite restaurant Denny's and order my veggie burger that is news that is important to me.

I'm currently a truck driver and I was in Tennessee one time and there was a hurricane but as you know I'm a Muslim nothing is going to happen to me without the permission of God I don't care if it's a hurricane or a earthquake there is no harm that's going to come to me because everything has already been predestined but that does not mean tie your camel Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him toward people yes you should put trust in God and everything is under control and everything is predestined but tie your camel to the wood or whatever don't let it wander around and get lost and blame God for it.

So artificial intelligence can notify me and force me to wake up and tell me there's a danger if you stay here your chances of dying is 99.1%.fortunately there's no way you can go other than seek shelter because this is exactly what is happening the artificial engine will display the hurricane coming towards me to show me a virtual reality escape route so I can head for Dodge and save myself.

Artificial intelligence will summarize what the news is but I want to separate artificial intelligence from human beings human beings are the most incredible people on Earth what they have to say is more important than anything right now we have information coming from all over the place and we have one simple anchor who decides to cut it down to 30 minutes or 15 minutes with his agenda twisting the truth because they have ratings and they boil information to absolutely nothing so this is a challenge that's been on my mind and I have reached a boiling point and the current shooting is what triggered this.

I am doing my best not to hear any bad news and I turn into the first Secretary press of the White House it used to be exciting and interesting just went to the kitty cat department and this is a kitty cat commercial I was listening to the first black press secretary and I just wanted to be there for that moment unfortunately she chose not to warn me and say you know what I'm going to go through the news there's a lot of bad news if you want to switch out go right ahead so I trusted her and she just went on to tell me about all this shooting that when happened and of course I get depressed and many information comes to the heart you pray for the victims so let's just say that I never gave her permission to give me any bad news that is what it's all about.

You need my consent to enter my space and tell me anything that would infect me with depression or with anxiety I would like to control my circle and delay the system of how information is I don't think it is healthy to follow information in real time and when Donald Trump was elected as president I was on Twitter 24/7 following the information synthesizes the information getting ahead of the information delivering a summary to the president so he wouldn't have to worry he would just relax play golf because I already know what's happening and I'm going to synthesize this in a simple tweet so he can digest it and also I was going to give him an action plan so that if it's important he can take that action and he's not going to take any action he's going to take actions from choices I provide ABC and d It's like a buffet menu for the president so he doesn't have to think very hard.

It's been a very difficult time to be a citizen When Donald Trump was president most of us who are burdened with responsibilities we have no business caring and I have been carrying responsibilities I have no business carrying so I would like to unburden myself and disconnect myself and leave a peaceful life and I would like to do the same other citizens around the world and turn the news into something useful.

For example are you out of gas are you in the middle of nowhere that is Big Time news for you you are stuck in a place at the side of the freeway and you have no one to help you you also don't have any money because you're broke as hell that's big time news as well you have the power to change the news and I give you real power would you use it?

Power is in the hands of a beholder if you understand what it is then you become the most powerful person on earth. Turning your day-to-day activities with notification from artificial intelligence that is connected to a bigger system where you can affect change it's more powerful than you can imagine. Let me expand.

The people in Palestine all of them have an artificial intelligence card and all of them can say we are oppressed and all of them can hit that send button and every Muslim will have a report card the people of Palestine oppressed they are under this apartheid system what is it that you have said and done?

The people in Palestine will get a report so and so is dealing with our issues and it's suggesting so and so solutions he also is getting 95% in points and he has a real chance of making a success in the problems we face so for the first time you are connected to a system you can input something and you can get a point system to tell you who can help you and cook who is not who's giving you lip service and who's not just because they Arab and they go to this beautiful parades and they know how to dance like the Lebanese and they have good cooking skills is not help the Palestinian people achieve their dream to live in peace.

You have an opportunity to be connected to a system that will be separated from human beings and you will see every point of this information flowing because your life depends on it and I think God for the blockchain because I think it is like a gift for me because when I say the blockchain I'm the transparency of the blockchain it just brings it together you take that and you mix virtual reality and for the first time in history you will look at the stars and you will see all the connections you will see that you complained as a Palestinian person that you were kicked out of your land and you are under a part-time and you would insert your report into the system and you will see where it goes and you will get a report back who's actually helping you and what is the world doing about your problems you are not going to get stuck listening to radio TV you go to get a system that points that will give you the opportunity to stand on your own feet and take action as you see necessary. Like Malcolm X said , by all means necessary you need to do what you need to do to guarantee the success of your people and your nation with your own two hands through a peaceful movement of non-violence that has worked for every person on Earth.

I'm sure there's many other problems around the world but the Palestinian and Israeli issue has been a soap opera that never stops giving new data or nightmares coming out of that country and if you're a Muslim you know exactly what we're talking about how many times have you been depressed and you just can't breathe because what's going on in Palestine.

We can also go to gun violence and racial problems I hateful person takes a gun and shoots people and politicians have failed and we have given you an entire system how a eyes and human beings can come together and work together to get things done the future is here artificial intelligence is here just have to ask to figure out our role and to play it with perfection and Link artificial intelligence do its job and never ever trust artificial intelligence and keep ourselves safe moving forward because I don't know what the future holds but I know I can control my actions today and plan accordingly and let the rest play itself out.

So please help me make this future happen. I want to change the news. I want to use this GoFundMe campaign to get as much money as they can and I'm going to write scripts and I'd have official intelligence deliver it. I'm going to call it zip code news.

Anything beyond your district or zip code news doesn't matter I'm also going to program it official intelligence to alert to any threats and also human beings we have special powers because they know better than machines certain human beings have the capability of sending an alert overriding artificial intelligence because they know better for example a police officer is in the neighborhood and there's a fire coming down the mountain to burn everything. Police officer says artificial intelligence I am officially in charge of every house connect to all the speakers turn on the fire alarm put my voice as loud as you can and take over Alexa effective immediately I have an emergency announcement.

Artificial intelligence can say I can do that announcement for you sir and the office I would say you have no emotions I need to hear my fellow human beings tell me I have heard you officer and I am leaving or all those who are vulnerable can just speak up at the same time I'm capable of hearing emotions and I am capable of judging the situation better than you because a human being always rule the system doesn't matter how smart artificial intelligence gets the human being is always to be trusted.

So let me change the news I'm a person who's very cautious about the future and I want to change what the news is for you as an individual the news could be a delicious yogurt from chobani or it could be you're stuck in the middle of the street you're out of gas that's a big time news you're going to be into a system where people are going to be afraid of you because if you do not get gas right away guess what you have the power to do you have the power to connect to a system and complain and certain people will lose their job because I'm going to be stuck in traffic because of you can't afford $10 of gas.

Trust me someone is going to get to you so fast put gas in your car and get you on your way so that when I punch out at 4:00 p.m. there's no traffic I'm going to get a report that's so and so was stuck there and I was stuck for 4 hours because my taxes are not working.

The news is going to change because the people connecting to the system will have a power and a say that it will be a two-way system and information will just flow so beautifully it is absolutely incredible to imagine but this data must change how we connect to it and how it comes back to us so we can make our own assessment we cannot look at the future that's at our doorstep and continue to entertain news anchors who should be out of a job by now it is my job to fire them and make an example out of the news so that the future can arrive the way it's supposed to which is the person who's a complete control freak and wants to control everything so that if anything goes wrong we have a major discussion back and forth heart to heart what is right what is wrong.

And this is what it's all about it's about talking to each other heart to heart receiving constructive criticism telling me what you were saying and doing is absolutely wrong how things are are so perfect I love being stuck in traffic I love that news anchor who's a human being cannot connect into a system and get an instant update and warn me there's a hurricane coming he has to go take a dump take his bathroom break and smokes come back and just tell me how many people died or what kind of shooting happens and just bombard me with news I don't need. The only thing I care about is being stuck in traffic. Why isn't this thing moving? How can I get a report on all these people who are wasting my time?

The same goes for fast food people if you ever delay my food and I'm not In and out in less than 35 seconds you are getting a complaint it's going to be the biggest news ever. Anybody who wastes my time is a complete loser and should definitely be getting a report because I hope to transfer everything artificial intelligence can do two artificial intelligence and everything human beings can do to human beings. It's a beautiful balance like a ballet and it needs to happen effectively immediately with no delays.

So if you are ready to let me experiment I'm going to write the scripts I'm going to have artificial intelligence tell a zip code what the news is I might start with a boring place where they have a lot of cows and chickens and nothing is going around but I'll give them the news the neighbor so and so is not feeling well and was in the hospital last night maybe they should visit.

I'll give them a story what's going on in their town and I will take in their biases because they are a white community they need to understand that they are living in luxury while a zip code away 100,000 people are sleeping hungry and have nothing to eat while they are throwing out food that is worth $500,000 because all the fast food places around them through food every night and never deliver them to homeless shelters because who's going to find out that's never news.

They will get a report and it's going to be a balance between humans and intelligence and that's the balance that I'm trying to get can I make this system or not can I make the future happen or not this is Big Time questions I need to find out so I ask you to find me find my GoFundMe page I'm going to take that money and do whatever I want no one is going to question me that is the term of the deal.

I have fixed expenses this means I'm going to stop working get my office I have my developers and do this in any way fashion I please without any restriction so if you give your money you've given it away you're not getting anything back many people when you try to do a creative project they want some kind of accountability and system I'm building that accountability if you can't trust me then don't give me your money.

Please help charity folks so many people who are hungry so many people who need money so I am not starving I have a great job I'm being creative I'm trying to change the world and everything I'm doing and saying could just fail just like startups do but I'm very hopeful that I can inspire the right people bring the right tools together and make something special happen that's my hope but you never know what's going to happen until you try.

So please let me try. I want to thank one black woman. I was trying to change politics. She was the only one who believed in me. I made this animation video and I said I was going to change politics only one black woman. She wanted 20 bucks. She believed in me and everybody else did not believe in me. I don't know where she went but you can always count on a woman to help you out that's one thing I've learned in life starting with your mother and all the way to all those other people who always believe in people because without them this world would never work I'm also tired of people always questioning me telling me I'm black and maybe I don't know what I'm doing and I shouldn't be trusted why should we donate maybe we should bring someone more responsible I'm talking to certain Muslim charities instead of broken my heart so despicable but it is the time we live in I told him do the wheels and wheels thing I'm never coming your way.

I have come a long way from where I used to be we live in a world where ideas are really not honored and creative people have nowhere to turn especially if you're black and Muslim and you say you can change the world you have ideas people laugh you out of the room I hope to leave a great legacy intelligence photos and emails and ideas and will read it to Future generations this guy showed up at this time he was totally weird but he went to a Sufi circle and threw the blessing of his teachers he affected history in ways no one has done in a long time things changed in his hands or at least he tried to change it and he failed miserably but other people were inspired and they picked up his pieces went on to change the world.

Or maybe I didn't fail and you donated I hit record numbers and for the first time I transferred the money to my bank account and nobody questioned me that's one thing I really want to see and I've already warned people you can't question me you can't tell me I'm not smart enough for you need accountability I've already told you donate this so another place helpless charity help the poor so many people in need but you have no right to refund because I'm going to pick up my broken dreams this time and sit back and smile and say you know what finally I have the funds I need to do what I need to do.

I want to leave a special message to Amazon many people told me they bought my comic book and then I looked at my sales and it showed only eight bucks so the system is rigged against black people even if they work twice as hard and become as creative as anybody else on the level that none of them can understand.

The problem is not black people it is white males who control big companies who can sell my book and hide my sales and then show me sales that non-existence and give it even for free with the prime membership and when I criticize them online remove it from there comic book and put a message that says you don't know when it will come back if that does not make me a slave working in the cotton fields and being whipped when I'm out of line I don't know what is.

I guess this is much more than just changing the news, it is changing how information flows and how we all connect to it. It is setting a new standard and what it means to be a creative person and what it takes to have all the funds you need without being questioned.

Please donate to my GoFundMe because I want to change the world and I'm sick and tired of having people get in the way because I'm black, I am muslim, and I am unapologetically proud of what I am and where I'm from and that just makes them sick to their stomach because they knew what this means it means that every single black person or anybody who is a minority is going to break that invisible wall and explode through and understand that creative ideas is the new formula to success is not money it's not even opportunity it's about blessed ideas from blessed people and connecting yourself to the Blessed ones so you can contribute positively I cannot thank my teachers enough for letting me enter their circles and letting me get blessed by all the lights and blessings that comes with the Sufi circles because that's why I'm here today I know I can try to change the news but I don't have the funds and the reason I don't have the funds is not that I'm not creative or I'm not trying it's because the entire systems is just set up in a way to sabotage your success and I need to make an example out of this people so I can break records in my GoFundMe page and take a vacation with that money and then come back when I feel like it and then give you guys an update if you agree to those terms give me your money please thank you for your time let's change the news let's make this a better world for everyone if you believe in that let's go let's make this happen thank you for reading this.

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I thank you to my other folks who read my blog they never get tired of coming back and reading so amazing yes if you don't know I have a blog I'll leave it on the message below so you can get to know me I write a lot I guess as long as I'm alive I'm going to be riding so much you're going to have a lot to read about and think about it's going to be a long nice journey for the blessing of god. Thank you for reading check out my blog unfortunately I have one more bad news I'm going to change our money flows as well but I think that's just too much I just want to change the news so just let's leave it at that but if you explore my projects in one world one page you'll find the rest of the ideas I'm working on but for now let's keep this under the umbrella of the news and how information flows so donate let's get things done thank you for your time and goodbye.

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