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Open letter to Marissa Maya.

 Open letter to Marissa Maya.

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ In the Name of God , Most Gracious, Most merciful ♥️🤲🕋♥️🕋🌹🌹🥀🤲🌹🕋♥️🤲 Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wbarakatu To everyone around the world May there peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you all Google headquarters the CEO of Google Sundar pichai and Susan whose name AI cannot pronounce it keeps giving me Wikipedia LOL

But especially to the person this that is addressed through Marissa Maya and to People of planet Earth.


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I hope you're doing well Marissa I've been watching you on YouTube speeches and everything that you're doing your journey to Yahoo feeling incredible documentary to watch I got to tell you anyway today I have my hive buzzing I'm trying to create that culture you talked about people from Bangladesh people from Pakistan people from India people from all over the world when I was building the house of wisdom when I went to Fiverr I said I want to build the House of wisdom because one of my friends was an actual coder who has his own website probably would love to work at Google got tired of me asking about HTML I was sick and tired of reading Wikipedia and he was not going to teach me how to code because I have to learn how to code and that was not my thing I did not have appetite for Java and all of this other stuff I gave it a shot I went to when it used to be owned by Linda I listen to this guy called Sam alibis talking about the foundational programming I listen to that thing like it was buffet time 😂😂😂 lol.

Anyway he got tired of me and told me about Fiverr his name is Mr Sufi believe it or not and that's when really my imagination just went crazy all this talented people they're waiting to get paid as little as possible and they're willing to work on anything it was just an incredible gift I'm actually on my way to meet the sufi and yes that's his last name actually so those people don't think it's weird I'm making stuff up no that's the last name of the family.

Anyway he's the one who picked me up from the airport when I entered the circle and I came back I told him well I guess I'm going to be doing something I don't know what I need to open up my past start looking at all my qualification and look at what is it that I did that was the best that was the hardest part.

Ultimately I came to the conclusion that there was a letter I wrote in when I was in corrections that's in my blog you can check out because I had worked hard and I was not just going to turn the cheek and start a new year I had been through so much I had learned so much and corporate would never acknowledge growth of my individual because they're here to make money that's never their goal they never look at people as individual who need to grow with responsibilities and opportunities criticism and space for reflection so the culture is not there in most places but I know in Google it's there cuz I've been watching you guys you know how to bring this young people Chevrolet even Amazon has a culture Jeff bezos talks about it it's day one and it's a mission statement and people still don't understand what this culture business is all about it has nothing to do with religion but it's it's about the bees and the hives and people aspiring to high goals and not stopping until they get there until they lose themselves in the work.

Well this is the reason for this open letter I guess everybody has a legacy you know what they say you really have a good idea you're not afraid of anyone coming and stealing it because if anyone can steal your idea from you then you should not be working on it you should share it and let those people who can actually do something good with it do it and that's my personal philosophy never work on something everybody's working on if you're doing that then what's the point of your life?

That does not mean that people who work a job should quit even though the grind stuff because it's through the grind we discover ourselves just like when I was a correctional officer I work hard and I was trying to be there board of director I was going to tell the CEO and all the way down to my coworkers how this company is going to be run it was built by startups I don't know if you know anything about private corrections but they used to be called CCA but they changed their name because they got too much backlash they treat immigrants like you know what they have a contract with the United Marshalls.

Anyway I have a TV show about it I already wrote my script and it's going to Amazon so don't worry about that one Amazon is getting the comic book it's getting the movie deals the TV deals Amazon prime what is YouTube getting maybe then we'll talk about that later we want you to go to focus on AI and this is what it's all about so let's talk about this Brand currency idea in detail.

Obviously you have definitely taken a close look at the artwork that was made for the Islamic blockchain and I'm going to leave the technical details and all of that this is something that anybody who knows anything about blockchains will understand I'm just going to talk about it in general terms what I want this thing to accomplish and where it's supposed to go it's mission statement.

Brand currency is the idea that people's choices are rewarded so we turn the choices into rewards. Let's just say Google partners up with the most toxic company let's say the worst polluters for example I don't know Enron or Exxon whatever the criminals you know the LOL let's say that they sell this gas and they have chosen to change their ways and the blockchain can implement this changes they want to make and they can be rewarded at the pump.

So let's say that you meet with one of these polluters and you cut a deal with them and you say we're going to build this blockchain AI and we're just going to work on the AI and the tech part then you're going to leave the human stuff to me.

So human stuff is all mine please tech stuff I'm going to describe it in detail so you can get your 🐝🐝 firing.

So I want you to draw a circle around yourself and then take a big why if you can as an artist just throw that big why.

Why me LOL well we all chose that's why but what is much more important than the why question is why you.

XY equation hypothesis I have a picture of it on the house of wisdom you can look it up it belongs to one of the teachers.

So why stands for the human being as an individual? It encapsulates everything they will do from the moment they are born until they die.

I'll take you to the ropes so a child is born. The first thing they do is attach aid. The heartbeat is recording the AI is recording the child. It's looking at the fever. It's doing whatever the AI is supposed to do to a child, which is 24/7 monitoring and collecting data.

Obviously this new baby is connected to two parents but before even the parents meeting the AI automatically creates the first leaf which is the identity in binary whether it's a male or a female. This new baby is now required to pay its bills even though it's still in the cradle. Fortunately the parents have been making good choices. Everything they do has had a purpose because they understood this brand currency idea in a very good way.

The parents understood everything they vote came with an opportunity cost meaning that product that they picked up in this new world of mixed reality comes with all kind of data it shows them where it was made it shows them which truck driver delivered it it shows them the environmental impact it gives you a total score by the AI and also by the humans the truck driver that whatever the whole place is going to give this specific product to score.

So by them selecting this product the advertising budget that was made by this company it's obviously attached to this product so when they purchase or even better when they borrow to purchase that product they get a leave for a point therefore they have generated brand currency.

Brand currency in simple layman terms it's just buying stuff you buy something you get something buy one get one free we all know the coupons you buy one thing you know you get the other one free it's a big coupon.

This is a different coupon it's connected because before you take a bite before you take a sip before you put the toothpaste in your brush before you take that toilet paper or water and use it let's just stay the AI will be right there automatically generating that Brand currency for you and it goes into your account.

Simply everything that's on the shelf right now has a value of a brand currency if you minus the opportunity cost that all of this thing was made and then you take the humans calculations you know the boss is terrible the work environment is toxic the truck driver was harassed when he was driving this the delivery I'm in The human side was horrible everybody in this blockchain that deliver this specific product was either depressed or just humiliated and no one can hide this data because we are all connected to the system.

The job of the AI is not to have any feelings, it's to just execute products that were made, shipped, and consumed, awaiting feedback from humans. Feedback received adding reward just like Bitcoin which is what Brand currency.

So everything we buy especially women are going to love this all those expensive makeup and shoes and all of that that they were buying could be generating brand currency for some charity some starving kid now people have an excuse to really go shopping buy those expensive luxury stuff that they're dying for 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 lol.

so I have looked at some of the stuff you guys have I can tell that the AI can scan the products create them digitally so it's going to be floating in front of everyone any product people like it's not our job ever question people who make products they can make it anywhere around the world our job is to give the customer what they want and whoever can do that in the most efficient cost-effective way to do it in this new brand currency system will be a winner those people who don't partake in the system they will be going to the poor house we don't have any appetite for losers in America people need to get in line and understand AI is about to change the world but it means human guidance and I'm going to take it all the way to touchdown.

So I want this brand currency practiced at Google I literally want Google to open the door to brands and say we're going to build your products digitally we're going to take the latest technology we have we're going to make them float in the air and we're going to shut down all supermarket and all this other places we're going to disrupt the entire supply chain.

This means prices have to go down this means appointments have to be made and this means a waiting period has to transpire which means everybody has to order their products and it has to skip this process where it goes to the supermarket it's displayed on shelves and then it's sold to them at a premium price which is an acceptable.

Village supermarkets and all this other places they need to be returned to a place where it's like a tasting place where you go spend your brand currency to eat something and do like feedback for products chocolate or something new that's coming out it's just this Dubai expo experience you go out and deal with the new products and they're trying to generate interest get feedback that's what I want to replace all supermarket too I don't want anybody to ever go shopping again that's my plan especially when it comes to food.

So I think Google can begin to practice right now if you're a woman you take whatever it is that you take as women you can have the AI scan it you can have the AI put it in this 401K plan and you can literally practice this brand currency idea bring it to life.

How all the product is going to be floating around you and how you're going to spend all the billions of dollars to make this virtual reality a big deal, that's not my concern, my concern to make sure I share this dream in the most articulate way I can.

This brand currency is a 401k program where businesses will not have to pay any advertisement fees it's just included in the transaction people are doing Google is just part of the system just like Google search you guys solve the problem people never stopped coming to you and then you figure out a way to make money until today but now ads have become a problem and Google wish that they could just sustain themselves without any advertising just have a clear transparent search engine that displays world results but unfortunately human beings can display all kind of evil so even that is just going to be displayed so there has to be a human intervention we can never just hit the button and say okay I will just figure out everything will experiment with everybody we'll just break things and go fast that's for the laboratory known as they did in Facebook may they rest in peace 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂




I'm just kidding Facebook's features with WhatsApp what's up is the new office they have a unique opportunity to undo the damage they've done they have a unique opportunity to protect privacy to have a unique opportunity to copy what Fiverr is doing and put them out of business where you can start your business you can have your office you can connect to your Google cloud just like Twitter is learning a lesson and working with Google.

The enemy here is Microsoft you cannot let a beast like this continue to dominate office we want new entrepreneurs to go Google they already do their business on Gmail they work on YouTube because YouTube is a real place where people leave their jobs and they come to earn a real living it's a real place it's no longer a place of jokes where you bring kitty cats and you play some funny videos you know what we'll leave those attention seeking suckers to those people who are going to be drowning.

This is why I think YouTube shorts itself is just going to be shut down because when you don't have to worry about where your money is coming from your automatically generating through brand currency you can make the system as boring as possible and make the system to be a system that helps you concentrate connect with your family with less distractions.

Yes I understand that tick tock is taking over the world and they're giving a lot of attention to people but to be honest nobody wants a 5 minutes Fame people have been designed to be private they want their lives to be private they want to know if someone clicks on their profile they know who clicked on it they want to know if people are talking about them on the Internet and what they're saying.

Privacy is people's number one default it is not something people can just take advantage over try to make money on moving forward Google has to understand privacy is just the default and in order to make money you don't never need to compromise privacy you need to protect it and you need to think about constitutional amendments where if someone wants to look at somebody's Gmail or document they need to submit to people who are free and fear nothing people like me I'll say you know that guy is trying to change the world you know if people want to look closely what he's doing then definitely we're going to definitely work with people who need to be updated because they've been put in charge of the government and they need to make sure that they participate in this experiment in shaping it which is fine with me cuz I know I lost my private a long time ago but that does not mean I need to lose my privacy with the public they are the public and they'll get public Access everything else is private access people will just have to earn it that's how the world works.

Privacy is not for sale not to anyone and this is something a commitment Google needs to make with this brand currency 401K idea you take all the products you scan them and we assign a high score to them and a human score. We lock it up in the blockchain and we let the future proceed.

So to summarize what is brand currency it is the idea of people's choices can be rewarded you want to buy a Coke or a Pepsi there's a big brand currency reward you want to fly Delta or Southwest my favorite airline which bags fly free they get the biggest brand currency because they've been able to deliver on cutting cost treating their employees well and making this bags fly free.

That is not to say Delta is not the best I pay for my bags but I get really good service people are well paid we just need to understand everybody has a different business model and if customers love how people are treating them and how they utilize this brand currency then they shouldn't have a problem because I think this brand currency will just replace even the stock itself valley of the stock literally because data is going to be flowing from everything and everyone is just going to be taking its purest form that has ever taken because nobody is trying to disturb how data flows.

This is definitely going to be the job of the Federal reserve because but I have noticed since I love economics and interned for Mary Lynch one time and I really was convinced I was going to be the FED chairman and I used to be a fan of Greenspan speeches as he talks and moves the market it was just an incredible thing to watch.

The fact of the United States of America created the Fed taking it from a Titan and separating it from politics it's just an incredible accomplishment that most people are yet to comprehend the idea that you admit your weakness and you hand this to professionals and you say we don't know what we are doing we need you to manage our money set interest rates and make sure there's no inflation is an incredible accomplishment that we should all celebrate.

This is because the Federal reserve has to literally take data seriously so seriously that it is the official currency of the United states. They need to make it a priority data is going to flow without interruption from anyone especially from artificial intelligence coming into the Federal reserve and the specialist in the Federal reserve are going to look at this data and decide what the economy is doing but the environment is doing what actions does the FED need to take with all this data that's coming from factories from people all over the world data is a new currency if data is represented and it's true form we do not try to pollute it we do not let businesses take their finger and this data that's coming from the public and we make sure and purify and purify then I think we can have a better chance of managing your economy in the next decade there's nobody's going to come close to us.

So what are the tools that we're going to use to manage this I guess this is all in economics in macroeconomics and whatever it is that the FED does that they need to look at mixed reality or virtual reality that they use in statistics to spot inflation or extend credit because as you know the brand currency is an extension of the Federal reserve.

Anyway not to get too deep into this nonsense it's all about data everybody's generating data and that data is going somewhere if it goes to Facebook where it's closed you don't know who's doing what and they're just trying to generate profits for their companies or shareholders at any cost you don't have any data coming out and even if the data comes out they look at it and say you know what we're here to make money we're not here to help teenagers who cut themselves please we got reports to do let them all die.

There's a shift in this country it's happening artificial intelligence will take over jobs will be lost opportunities that are unheard of is ahead we must be ready to Bear all the burdens that leadership requires us to do without making any excuses let's meet all the hardships head on and forget about the storm that's brewing for other nations who are sitting aside and not dealing with this issue of artificial intelligence in all its difficulties and aspects we also have foreign enemies who are enemies to democracy who have chosen to silence freedom itself and are trying to build competition to our way of life and they forget that God has blessed America because they have chose to adhere themselves into the rule of law and to be ruled by the public through discourse and in a manner that is democratically relevant to Justice itself that's something that none of these people will ever match that's why we cannot wait for anybody we have to forge ahead and get this done that's the message to the Federal reserve but now we want to go back to Google because these are the people who need to experiment build all this information I don't think you have any problems someone from the FED joining in because let's face it it's going to be the geeks and this quarters and creative people are going to be in charge we might as well make way for them take this positions of leadership so the future can be secured for America.

If you are afraid someone's going to steal your idea then you have lost your mind because ideas are gift of God and the moment you become stingy somebody else's heart will light up and they will build what you were supposed to build but they will do it better so if you have an idea share it don't be afraid someone might steal it no let them steal it let them be the artist let them be the ones who get the credit and make it so you can focus on stuff that makes you happy and relax you don't have to go build anything the world is just going to be self-assembling as you see it fit without You lifting a finger that's the ultimate artist let me tell you.

So do you Marissa Maya I know this is too much but go back to the social circle you guys were doing you had something right when they were doing that you know when they're talking about you have time for your family you have time for your friends just apply that to individual and add lots of privacy and you guys will come up with something special I promise you because on an average day do you know how many brands a person interacts with from the moment to erect cap and they sleep just tell your creative people to launch their AI to recognize everything they're doing from morning until night how many brands they interacted with and let them leave this idea of this blockchain and we can call it the Islamic blockchain to honor the House of wisdom so history can remember it was Islam that pointed the way when everybody was confused talking about John Connor how AI is going to destroy us so much nonsense.

Anyway I think I've given you enough to get you a beehive buzzing to get your people thinking and to make everyone at Google who works at every product to understand every work that you've done starting with Google documents to all the way to maps have changed the world there's no company like Google on Earth they have changed the world and I urge Google turn all your employees to full time users instead of this contracting business that you have going on but I understand that some people need to grow up and they need to be pushed out of the nest so they can go become great people you know so it's not that we need to hand over everything to people people need to learn it if you have a great idea go build your own company this company was built by people who believed in themselves you know from under they need to be rewarded and they need to continue to keep control anybody else was a good idea they should go build their own company but I'm saying you guys need to figure out your leadership team to make all this complaints go away and Google and all this government contract business you don't need any government contract if you're going to be building artificial intelligence that's going to be anybody's life you don't want that burden of dealing with military contracts it's a bunch of nonsense.

Anyway I guess that's discussion stuff we're going to be having with the board as we summarize every quarter what teams have hit what goals and what improvements have been made and how far AIS come because they need to forget everything after it's all about the coupons I told this to ethereum blockchain guy just laughed it today I don't think he's laughing at all so he's binance and all this other people who are not paying attention people should respect regular people who have regular ideas those who don't respect regular people you don't know who's the 500 pound gorilla in the room and that's the message to the crypto world I don't know what the future is but I know nobody's going to wait for you a transactions to clear as you trap our money in your blockchains that is useless just because someone has a good idea does not mean it's the future.

This is why we have bubble anyway I guess we'll have the blockchain bubble LOL but I think they can make adjustments they can compete and I will have discussion with them and see what they can do to catch up but we don't have time for people to reinvent the wheel it seems like this alpha good thing is ready to go it can be unleashed and this 401k can just come into existence and life can get better for everyone how can I accomplish my goal in the fastest way possible without reinventing the wheel it's all the questions that drive me crazy and Google is the company that does this they think about this very beautifully they think about what does all this mean? How can we make the world a better place? How does everything we do our products relate to a world that is better how are we leaving this world when we are gone for future generation and I think those are questions Google already asking all those people who are working there who take what they work is seriously because this brand currency idea I promise you will bring hopefully with a blessing of Allah the teaching of my profit Muhammad a day will come when everybody will refuse charity why do I need to stick my hand out and that day I think I want to take a shot at it see if I can make it in my time because that's what the brand currency mathematics and ideas I'm going to be discussing with my circles how all of this came together it's going to be a lot of tea and circles LOL.

Anyway I hope you have everything you need to understand this brand currency which is just a coupon people are being rewarded for their choices you buy something you get something the advertising budget companies is baked into this and they get to see real raw data we remove this blockade or this thing that's about to quarter heart attack or something I don't know what they call it we remove this they get to see the customers interact with all the customers they get all the feedback they get to make their products better they get to unleash new products they get to make as much profit as possible everything is open everything is secure in the Google cloud in the Google blockchain that's how I'm going to end it.

Thank you for reading this Marissa hopefully you can discuss it with Susan I definitely want to see you too who's going to be the next CEO of Google because even though I want Susan to be the next CEO you have already failed in Yahoo as a startup and we all know failures are just a stepping stone of success so speak with Susan she knows what's right if you're the person for the job then maybe alphabet will be alphabet and everybody will keep their titles and they'll just create you as a new CEO for your own department which would be cool but anyway this is decisions for the board and the founders of Google so I leave it in their hands.

Anyway with that thank you so much I look forward to visiting Google and talking to you guys please make my ID bad charity for me and my friend and send it to us so we can just come to Google headquarters and I get a demonstration of what I'm talking about get the beehive buzzing get these people working let's see what they're going to have 401k for the world God bless you God bless America God bless every human being on Earth.

Thank you and goodbye.

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