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What the meeting of Washington is all about.

 بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ


In the Name of God , Most Gracious, Most merciful 



Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wbarakatu 

To everyone around the world

May there  peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you  all People of planet Earth.


What the meeting of Washington is all about.

emir abdelkader el djezaïri coming to town in style.

We hope to go to the Red Cross in Geneva and request the beautiful momento that they build for the amir to be transported to Elkader is a city in Clayton County, Iowa, United States.

Watch "When Americans Honored an Icon of Jihad | John Kiser" on YouTube


I hope to write an open letter to the Swiss as well actually I will just send this letter to them as well because I want them to be part of the plan because we have a unique opportunity to celebrate a real hero of Islam that is the grandson of the prophet Muhammad be upon him.

The grandson of the prophet Muhammad emir abdelkader is the embodiment of all the teachings of islam. Islam has never needed a hero to be given the ultimate salute from Geneva all the way to Elkader Iwoa.

I hope to sell it to them Cruise industry because I'm going to have a lot of Muslims who are more than happy to go on a trip to go get the amir and to get all kind of water salutes and military parades in honor of the grandson of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

Water salute will be done from Geneva all the way to Turkey first.

The army was a military general a George Washington with his time a man who stands for freedom and embodies all the qualities of attaining all the highest character Muslims are in need of in this century.

So this is why we're going to try to give him as many military parades and honors in Europe and all those people who can stand outside their waterways to give respect to the The grandson of the prophet Muhammad emir abdelkader who embodies all the teachings of Islam and once he is celebrated the proper way starting in Europe all the way to Minnesota we can now begin to United States celebration because the amir is coming back home.

Celebrating in Minnesota or going through Montreal and letting the Muslims in Canada celebrate the amir and then realizing only the sea to transport the Memento that was made by the Red Cross to be celebrated and to begin to be transported all Muslims in the United States who own a beautiful boat can certainly use the Mississippi River and follow this big party all the way to his destination from Minnesota

I need to do my research but I think there is a navigable river coming from Minnesota all the way to Elkader Iowa.

We have the turkey River running across the city which is a miracle if you think about it especially if you're a Muslim to have a serie dedicated to the grandson of the prophet Muhammad and to have the river called turkey River it's not a coincidence it's a blessing.

At the time we get to this city I would have expected to have raised enough money to build the house of wisdom but before even getting here I can tell you the citizens will line up the waterways welcoming the amir is going to be a blessing sight to see the amir being welcome to his City and he's bringing all kind of goods and happiness because we're going to be ahead of him building beautiful restaurants putting our art there and I'm making the town great for everyone.

The family of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon them are incredible human beings and regards to the blessings that the messenger of Allah has best world upon them as his household.

It's not easy to comprehend what it's like to be a man and not to have a male ear yourself and people make fun of you telling you you're cut off you never had a son and reminding you that you are an orphan anyway and you are nothing in the first place.

The Arabs were very rude and harsh people they said every filthy evil thing they could fast think of to my blessed prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and probably would hurt him the most was this accusation of not having a son who reached full maturity. Because God blessed him with the son but God took away his son so it was a double tragedy where he they made fun of him but God gave him a son and then got took his son away so we need to remember that as Muslims that the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him deserves us to remember this simple historical facts that caused him a lot of pain and to honor his blessed family is actually mentioned in the Quran.

Quran says which is a command to the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him tell them I don't need anything in return for this message as far as well or anything that you guys can give other than kindness and love towards my family because he's going to be leaving them behind.

This is a direct command from the owner of the universe Allah reminding Muslims specifically to show mercy and kindness to the Blessed prophet family be upon them.

So this is an extension of that mercy and love towards his family because he made a special prayer for his family to be protected from the car Satan and to be among those who embody the most light and blessing and history has proven that to be the case.

This is not a small matter this is what I want to do and regards to bring the amir back home I have plans to build the House of wisdom I have already drawn up a beautiful construction of what the house of wisdom will look like and what the simple City will look like so you can just get started what is the other people who can submit better plan of course we will accept it or not we will go with the plans that is at hand and let me give you the YouTube again.

The House of wisdom

So we're talking about building an entire city and also having all the citizens welcoming the amir with all the plans and blessings this is why I want to discuss it with senator Chuck grassley of Iowa to build opportunities of building cities of the future and also bringing the hero of Islam back to the United States and the United States will get a chance to start on a new page with Islam which is something that is desperately needed.

We're not going to hide the fact that prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his family have been usable political pond in regards to people who have agenda and regards to utilizing power and using them as a stepping stone or even turning them into some kind of weapon they can throw the opponents in any subject and then claim to love them and so forth.

We're going to defend the blessed family please be appointed we're not going to allow anybody to use them as a political pond or a political football to be thrown around for their own political agendas and that is something that hopefully we will make a library of in the House of wisdom all the attacks and the sophisticated ones in the past from the House of wisdom.

The house with wisdom will be a repository of where the history of Islam will be built by the family of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon them so that the future generation can understand the story of Islam and how everything went down without any sugar coating.

Greatest Injustice future generations can receive is to find a distorted message of Islam or sugar-coated or individuals who just want everybody to hold hands and sing kumbaya not understanding that each generation has been given their tests and we are blessed to see the report cards of the people who well before us and we hope to leave a better report card for future generations so this is what the House of wisdom is about.

The first stop will be in Congress meeting with Senator Chuck Grassley about this idea of bringing jobs, bringing a new futuristic city for the people of Iowa in Elkader Iowa.

So I have requested a meeting with senator Chuck grassley important time and we're just going to discuss this point take a few pictures and then we will go back to our community and discuss this much further this is going to be a full effort by the community to make sure plans are laid out to build a house of wisdom and the blessed family peace be upon them are honored because they have a city named after their own and it is the only place in the whole of the US that's not been honored that should have been ordered long time ago by Muslims so we really make up an app for lost time.

So we hope to take a beautiful Cruise hopefully we'll be fully vaccinated or we can fly there and minimize all those people who want to be part of this journey because we really want to make this joyful event and a moment that the world will remember forever honoring the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his family this is what it's all about.

I can only leave you with the city of elkader iowa the river named turkey and you can just imagine citizens coming out welcoming the amir the whole town understanding the economy is about to change and plans are made to make their lives better they're going to have tourism they're going to have multiculturalism coming to town honoring their hero who's in the Red Cross right now and I have to be honest my heart is Criss crossing all over the world waiting for this moment to happen in Elkader Iowa.

I leave you with beautiful pictures. Hopefully that would happen to Europe out of respect to the amir all the way down to Minnesota and all the way down to Elkader Iowa.

We hope to bring the new home with all the celebration we can master and we hope the blessed family peace be upon them will enjoy this new city that we're going to build for them and continue the legacy of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon them because the House of wisdom will definitely have some kind of Independence just like the Vatican encouraging Muslim scholars to be vocal about Injustice and setting an example for the world so this is not just about showmanship but it's about the standards Islam has to be restored where they've always been which is being champions of the truth and having a great character like the amir who's a hero that needs to be emulated.

Operating may God bless you wish me good luck and pray for me we wait for Chuck to approve the meeting because he's the senator from Iowa and if he doesn't approve I'm sure there will be many other Senate and congressmen and women who will meet with us and discuss this plans because it has to start in the US Congress because ultimately everything else will come from there because American Islam lately have not had the best relationship and due to certain presidents not being champions of the truth distorting the truth with weapons of mass destruction and not actually being on the same page with Muslims in the United States to find solutions in the Islamic world. So the United States needs this project more than Muslims do because the problems in afghanistan, iraq, all of this I just lack of not having real heroes to emulate and having people who actually embody the teachings of Islam being a standard and example for Muslims to follow so this is not a small feat in regards to the security of the United States but also the prosperity of Muslim nations around the world so this is very big it's not a small matter.

Anyway we always start with one step and we are going to be starting in Washington and once we are complete with that we hopefully everything else will be easy because we will meet with our community and we will take our art on the road starting to Turkey and then to Switzerland and we will follow all the plans that has been envisioned here so that the House of wisdom can be a reality under Muslims can start on a new page with their hero of their own and a town that has been blessed in the name of the family of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon them.

Thank you for reading goodbye God bless.


waalaikumsalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you  all my dear blessed brother and sister from all faith regardless of color creed and religion I pray for all of you and I pray that you are all granted a long healthy life and you get to see this world change for the better   🥀🤲🌹🕋♥️🤲🕋♥️🕋🌹Amin ya Allah🌹🥀🤲🌹🕋Amin ya Allah


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