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Formation of a political solution party.


 بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ


Formation of a political solution party.

In the Name of God , Most Gracious, Most merciful 



Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wbarakatu 

To everyone around the world

May there  peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you  all People of planet Earth.


I would like to announce a formation of an American brand that is dedicated in finding solutions in the political arena.

The political arena is just like the gladiator arena whether people like it or not it is an arena where people come and express themselves in a way that is in accordance with the law.

Unfortunately , we no longer live in Rome the gladiators no longer exist , but the rules still apply someone has to make rules and regulations that can help the system of politics all over the world.

We have forgotten that the system of politics is a system that needs to be renewed and respected. The world of algorithms had taken politics by surprise and because of our carelessness of not anticipating this change it has cost us dearly as humanly. We have been experimented on by tech companies who have taken the the responsibility to be the overlords of the political structure of the world which is unacceptable a for-profit company should never be allowed to step  in the political arena while public discourse is taking place and they have their own self-interest in the political arena.

We have seen the wreckage and the danger that has taken place in regards to not understanding the political system in the world is due for change and the party that I am setting is needed  because we truly need a champion who's the gladiator in the world of politics because I respect politics and it's history and all its great people / gladiators who have come before me so I am well suited to be the champion who comes forth to produce a beautiful analogy that will help us  and set a new course for politics around the world.

United States of America has been a place where the experiment has taken place to always find the solutions the world is facing because the world is not willing to experiment and have an open door policy that respects the rights of human beings from the religious to many other basic human rights that most of the world either choose to ignore or just relegate to the dust pin 🗑️🗑️🗑️ of History.

I believe the United States of America has all the qualities to produce the champion that will answer the call in dealing with all the difficulties the world is facing. President Kennedy is a great example of a person who did not make any excuses he rose up to the challenge the nation was facing and he did not back down in the political arena making sure that he was an example of what it means to be a gladiator in the political arena.

President Kennedy mastered all his energy and skills and brought himself to the political arena in the United States and requested the American people to give him a chance to run for the highest office America had to offer.

It is the heart of the American people who have this canning ability to recognize champions and propel them forward so that they can deal with the challenges and set a new course for the United States and the rest of the world and I'm hoping that is exactly what's going to happen with this initiative that I am taking in the world of politics announcing this new platform that is made of algorithms and also thinking account but the truth is what everything is built on.

The truth needs a champion and it needs a person who cannot be corrupted by money and and push algorithms and your system that is supposed to work for everyone to be on a solid foundation. This is my goal as I dedicate myself to be the champion of the truth because the foundation that is set on the truth will only yield results that will make the political arena around the world a better place for the world to engage the discourse of having free and fear and healthy Democratic institutions around the world.

Most people who undermine the truth and consistently shovel misinformation and praise dictators and do not become an example for the world like President Kennedy was are only doing us all at this neighbor. It is true that I have discovered President Kennedy at the leader stages of my life after reading profile in encourage

It's really challenged my notion that we can not be brave and face the times that are going to be relentless in our future. I choose to be brave and form a political solution party that deals with the challenges of our time.

We are facing a great challenge in the political system of the United States. Have certain foundations the country was built on and we have had people who believe in God and country that paid the ultimate price in founding the United States of America and writing is Constitution and evolving with all these changes throughout history are being challenged buy a new progressive with their own ideas who don't understand that the foundation of a country if assaulted with new ideas that the country has never faced will only divide the nation and not united.

I am not going to be hiding behind my words I'm going to expressly talk about the changes the society is going through especially in the United States we are talking about the notion of God and country being challenged we're talking about basic things that I've never been challenged in American history such as marriage and sexuality and many other ideas that are on the table that is transforming the nation without the consent of all the voters in the country.

Probably the most destructive thing that I did see was under President Obama and I do want to emphasize that I love the president and he was the first black president who should be honored. And I am determined to preserve his legacy as being the first black man and as a black man myself I'm very proud of him especially knowing the fact his father and my father have lived in the same country so I don't want anybody to take what I'm going to say out of context.

Very sad we're living in a world where morals and ethics is deteriorating or even it can be described as decomposing. Righteous character of integrity and honesty is usually rooted in religion and God and the teaching of the mosque, the church, the synagogue having a high standard as a human being and making sure that you hold yourself to a higher standard our foundations that I found in religion and anyone regardless who they are if they are not careful as to how they approach this subject and deliberately divide the nation and set it on fire that is going to be issues that are going to unfortunately cause the loss of life and affection that cannot be easily undone because this is exactly what happened in President Obama's term.

Under President Obama who was the first black man in the history of the United States made a big mistake in surrounding himself people who would they would like to say kiss his ass I'm not criticizing and give him a real perspective on what the nation was feeling and was reacting to his approach in dealing with the foundation that this country was built on especially in the arena of religion.

President Obama surrounded himself with beautiful white folks who praised him my name and blocked his perspective therefore he was never able to see the nation as it is getting angry and cry in their house and I am not making this up I know men of religion who was begging God and crying for justice saying that we have elected the first black president and he has went ahead to use the courts and every power of his disposal to undo everything the whole sacred starting with marriage all the way to gender identity the president was fighting the American people on gender identity and bathroom issues before you even left and was threatening to cut funding on certain States who did not fall in line with this agenda.

I want to be very clear that the president had every right to pursue any agenda he pleased unfortunately people forget the American president is a representative of all Americans If I was President I would have made sure that different perspectives were at least acknowledged. He would have had different people of religion who would have condemned his actions to appease religious people in the country he did not do that he lit up the White House with rainbow colors which was a milestone for the country.

I am not here to undermine President Obama but I'm here to paint a clear picture us to The hidden pains of Americans who don't have the will to just Express what they went through under the Obama administration who chose not to recognize the deep fracture that was happening to the nation when he was president and probably the worst thing that in my opinion happened was When Donald Trump was elected president Obama refused to prepare Donald Trump for the presidency. I think he had a moral responsibility to give him Donald Trump an office in the White House and giving him a opportunity to learn what the president was all about even leaving the White House weeks ahead of time to let his family settle in and give him some mentorship so that the Carnage that took place when Donald Trump became president would not have been a reality Americans would have experienced.

I believe Hillary Clinton and President Obama they took a pendulum or a pressure cooker and they were part of politicians who increased them pressure into the political system so much that by the time Trump took office there was so much anger and hatred and poison between citizens that they just left the country burning and I was left to clean after their mess to cater to the president of the United States Donald Trump and appointed country in a new directions.

I know this is very hard for people to believe but Donald Trump came to the office angry and humiliated it wasn't necessary for President Obama to humiliate him in the White House and it wasn't necessary for the president to engage in many other factors that really created this environment that we all see ourselves in everything that is happening in the United States is Not an accident it is because of lack of leadership of understanding the people of the United States and what they stand for in regards to foundations that have been set throughout time and dividing this foundations and Democrats or liberals who choose to ignore the will of the people and refuse to take a course that is wise will without a doubt continue this deep divide this country is facing.

So the party I am making is going to address all those issues it's going to be a platform for all political parties in the United States it doesn't matter if your republican, democrat, independent, it doesn't matter who you are what matters is that moving forward all parties have a new standard to live up to. And all those people who are running for this offices have to be put through a test to make sure that they will not divide this nation but follow a course that is built on wisdom and they should not be part of those people who are deliberately or even worse from those people who are sabotaging the country who know that they're sabotaging the country which is a different story those people who are worth are those people who are ignorant of the fact that they are the cause of division in the country and the Patriots that is pouring forced from citizens in the United States.

I plan on forming this party setting standards and using algorithms and the new campaign tactics that will be copied by old parties and new ways to either recall or finding out temporary ban on individuals who are either don't have the courage to stand up for what's right in the remain silent because they are worse than the troublemakers because the troublemakers only get their authority when other people remain silent and make way for them so that they can become the dominant narrative of any party especially the Republican party.

But we hope to set examples and solutions and it will be under an Islamic brand because I believe Islam and Muslims of the solutions to the problems that the United States is facing in regards to politics.

If Muslims do not embrace the golden past and understand that they are part of a 1400 years of a political process that has produced multiculturalism where the world lived in peace together in harmony loving each other and wishing the best for each other 💓 and respecting each other's perspective and contributing to the world through the house of wisdom where algebra, multiplication table, chemistry, astronomy, and the list goes on especially algorithms that are causing people problems it's missing the Islamic spiritual guidance.

Muslims have shown civilizations can live in peace and be in the pursuit of knowledge to benefit each other this foundation that the Muslims civilization for this is not possessed by any other civilization including the United States of America that is about to go and be plunged into civil war turning its citizens into terrorists because there are many things that are being done in the disguise of political correctness in the arena of politics that has to be dealt with.

With the 4th of July coming up I would like to announce again that the Muslims are forming a party that will represent all parties and will find solutions to problems not a single person in the United States of America is not only thinking about but is even trying to implement the country is not just divided it is headed for a complete division we see citizens taking arms and we see loss of life becoming something that is common occurrence which is a very sad thing to say.

Those who do not believe me should understand that the American people are armed to the teeth and majority of them have ammo's that can make any third world country look bismol because of the power of weapons that are in the hands of American citizens which should be taken as a warning sign if issues are not settled and problems are not put on the table and solutions are not found we are headed for some kind of ugly nightmare that no one will be able to wake up from the country will be permanently divided as far as I'm concerned we are looking at the civil war scenario moving forward and this might not be the issue of to be a free state or a slave state but the issue will be to have an identity or have you identity erased by individuals who don't understand that they are missing with foundations that has not been challenged and is the source of peace and prosperity in our country.

I look forward to meeting with a blessed family of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon them who are the source of my creativity and to be a person who is suggesting solutions to all political parties and all the problems is not surprising to the blessed family peace be upon them because they have people like Imam Ali A man who took on the most ruthless and corrupt people on Earth who are intent in dividing and destroying an entire civilization and he responded with all the creativity and bravery he had throughout which an out man all those evil people with the evil intention and save the Muslim nations from deep conspiracy of individuals who engaged the destroy the Islamic Nation at its highest level.

Talking about people who launch multiple assassination attempt on all the Muslim caliphates leaders of the time we're talking about people who Knight and Day cooked up plans to destroy a civilization and they were ultimately surprised to find out Imam Ali was up to the challenge he annihilated them and uploaded them and found them one by one finishing them off because they were known as the Kharijites Arabic: الخوارج‎, al-Khawārij, singular خارجي, khāriji), also called the al-Shurat (Arabic: الشراة, al-Shurāt), were an Islamic sect that appeared in the first century of Islam during the First Muslim Civil War, the crisis of leadership after the murder of the third caliph Uthman. 

Islam has seen people who know how to cook the books put on disguises and do their best to take down an entire nation I believe we have the same people who are trying to bring down this country some of them are ignorant and innocent and they need to be walking up to the fact that their actions is causing the nation to be divided and probably destroyed. On the other hand we have people who are deliberately trying to sabotage the United States of America because they hold power and they do not care about any principles that America was founded on or it's people hold dear it doesn't matter if it's current president in the White House President Biden who seemed not to care and follow the same exact steps that I described happened to Obama which he's not taking hide or seeking any advice which would help him to diversify his approach in dealing with the American people and also pushing the country forward in a progressive direction that he believes to be in the interest of the country but can be done in an approach that is beneficial for everyone.

the question must be asked by every citizen as President Kennedy said what can you do for your country? This really took me to my car as an immigrant as I looked at the political arena and I understood what I could do for my country is to begin to articulate its problems and solutions and also to be an example by leading with what can help the country move forward and heal from all the tragedies that they have been facing and the different administrations.

Who is America's never recovered from the assassination of JFK his leadership is still unmatched and his eloquence is still yet unappreciated this is why he is pictured in my comic book that I'm working on and I'm really looking forward and releasing this comic book very soon.

I call on the immigrants of this country what can you do for the country? Those who live here have taken it for granted and are headed in a direction that is not conducive to the best interest of the country. It is only immigrants who have the ability to dream and find solutions the country is facing that will unite the country and bring it from the jaws of defeat to the victory of wisdom and mutual consent is the only way forward.

At the immigrant eye there for at least my plans to be a solution maker and leave by example by announcing a new party that is a solution for all the parties. Our party will not be running for office but it will be guiding those people who are running for office consider it as a pledge of allegiance to the truth and sanity. If anybody wants to be a person who will find a middle way and make everyone happy and use all their charisma to steal the country in a direction that will unify it and not divided then they will get the endorsement of this party.

The party will be a global brand setting the standards for what politicians need to abide by and how citizens can hold politicians accountable and find a political discourse that will yield them the best results by finding technology in algorithms to make their case this really will happen especially in Iraq where are young people have chosen to go to the streets and protest against Shia malicious who have targeted them and are suppressing their freedom of speech and other freedom the Iraqi people are experiencing.

So I hope to replace Facebook and make sure that the discourse in politics is protected and the truth is always my parents and no one with evil intentions who wants to be the villain who defiles the truth and undermines everything that is sacred for their own political games to win. Check companies have become the new overlords or villains because they have a conflict of interest and they cannot be allowed to continue in their ways of becoming the unelected representatives of the world because that is exactly what they are they dictate who is in power and who is not and this is a reality the world must wake up to.

Under the brand one world one page we hope to challenge facebook, we hope to challenge google, we hope to challenge apple, we hope to challenge the entire tech community because there must be an alternative people who choose not to engage in the political arena especially if they have the power over super weapon that is equal to a nuclear weapon in my opinion especially if they're in a power of a position of a great tech Titan company this goes specifically to Apple as a warning the CEO of Apple specifically you have been engaging in the political arena wielding the sword against the people of the Lord it has not been appreciated or gone unnoticed the same goes for Facebook who has its own agenda in suppressing conservatives and annihilating opposition into ideas the whole daer.

We find ourselves at the mercy of tech companies who have innovated and worked hard to beat technologies that they never invested in or even later foundation on the internet is not from any tech company it's from the American tax dollars. Majority of the innovations that are taking place whether it's pharmaceutical order check arena is coming from universities and developers creation is being siphoned off by tech companies who must be held accountable.

So without further ado I would like to reintroduce this political Swiss knife that will be solving problems in the political arena and setting standards.

I would like to explain the model that Lady Liberty is talking about in regards to the statement it's not personal it's politics.

Politics is an adult game and children are not allowed to participate because they respect the freedom and the space adults need to reach compromise this is why my comic book was first made for children so they understand adults needs their own space so that they can reconcile their differences and treat politics like Halloween where they put on their costumes and do what they need to do but when everything is settled they put away their costumes and move on with life.

Very unfortunate that adults don't get their rights in this country and children are always around and every subject an opportunity that adults get to express themselves in whatever language they like whether it's a foul language or the middle finger adults have those rights and children do not this is why I use the word it's not personal.

It's not personal it's going to be an educated initiative to make people to understand the political arena is just like the gladiator arena it is where people come and settle their differences and there is comebacks between adults and the lights sometimes they go off and people bring all kind of weapons and they engage in this arena of politics and this is probably what I'm going to be diving deep in my adult comic book to make people understand that this arena will be sanctified and purified and those who want to engage with it they just need to leave it in the battlefield and leave the rest of us to live in peace.

It's politics the word itself tells you everything you need to know which  the activities associated with the governance of a country or other area, especially the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power.

After listening to profile of courage it reinvigorated me and supported me in my idea that the political arena belongs to the gladiators and the gladiators are the one who kept this nation together and chose to fart in the civil war to keep this country united. There's nothing pretty about politics it is all ugly it is an adult game that must have skill gladiators who know that amateurs are not welcome and they guard his coliseum of politics from the ignorance and the arrogant especially those who don't have any self discipline and who will go on to create their own party.

And yes I'm talking about Donald Trump and his new party that's where all of this is going it was never a gladiator he was always an amateur and it's only a matter of time criminal proceedings or otherwise the law itself curtail itself to the pages of history.

I call on the gladiators of the political arena like Ted Cruz whose father was a child is reputation destroyed and his opportunity mired in political controversy to have the heart to be a gladiator to understand that sooner or later the justice we prevail I'm Donald Trump will be out of the picture and he should not waste any time in uniting this nation and taking over from Donald Trump and running with the football all the way to the White House because he has my blessing.

I want everyone in the United States to know politics is an adult game and if we can respect the gladiators of this sport who will the power of articulating the struggles our nation is facing and how we can get out of the problems that we are thinking in or even a better word with the drowning then we're going to have a very good chance of putting the spectators where they belong in this coliseum of politics and letting the gladiators work with allegorithms to prove themselves that they are worthy of being president.

This new brand of politics inspired about Islam will bring a new form of Justice in the world of algorithms and it will give politicians who have sacrificed everything who have been humiliated, and are willing to go through there trials and tribulations to be given the upper hand with algorithms so their chances of winning the White House is greater than any other amateur will ever come into this arena that will be protected from any amateurs from ever entering and causing so much habit

So with the blessing and the teaching of the blessed family and my blessed teacher specifically check Muhammad al Yaqubi I analysis the formation of the Muslim political solution party that finds solutions in politics. We are not a party that will be running for office or challenging the current systems but we will be a party that will be challenging the problems and finding solutions to those problems whether it's in technology or whether it's finding ideas the contains the picture or any country you deal with its problems before they decompose or even implode for the new generation that will not tolerate technology not being conversant with the problems of their time.

So with the blessed family I hereby announce the formation of the political party that is whole purpose is to find solutions not to run for office or engage in interfering with other people's political problems but to find solutions to problems the system of politics is suffering from regardless of place on space.

Another page from the comic book that's coming out emphasizing algorithms as a solution but algorithms controlled by human beings not by corporations especially corporations who don't answer to any government. We will work closely with elected officials to make sure that algorithm is not used against them.

Like to end with a message to every Muslim woman who has worn the hijab and has been attacked in the political arena because they're Muslims to know that you have a champion and this issue will get dealt with in regards to politics.

Muslims will respond and deal with the challenges America's facing and the world as a whole politics should not be a black hole for the world there can be a solution and there will be a solution our motto at one world one page where is the place the prophet of Islam has been honored more than any other place on the internet because we are the home of the Nobel prize honoring the Nobel profit Mohammed peace be appointed so no one can reach us no amount of money or competition can ever reach one world one page in solving problems and living legacy that is unmatched by anyone in the Islamic World regardless how much wealth they have.

It's a new dawn in America a new champion has awakened taking on problems and bringing unique solutions for the world's problems while there's much to discuss I don't want to brag but I have shaped this country and I have done my best to heal this country and point it in the right direction especially when it was when it's lowest movements we have done something to office many people who are protesting and doing many other things but I have accomplished great things I'm going to be sharing with the community that will inspire the community to never give up in times of hard times there's always an inspiration there's always a blessing that you don't see and what you are seeing is just the fruits of those difficult days we were never empty-handed and now we're going to be blessed to be among those who shape the future with our creativity and the love of our religion of Islam and prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his family being our champions and our source of creativity.

Before reading God bless you all look forward to a great Dawn in American politics and politics in general around the world.


waalaikumsalamwarahmatullahi wabarakatuh

May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you  al my dear blessed brother and sister


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