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Open letter to the vice president in regards to how to deal with turkey moving forward.

Open letter to the vice president in regards to how to deal with turkey moving forward.

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِي

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ

Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wbarakatu =
May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you midea vice president may God grant you and your family including the second lady may God grant a long healthy life and protect you both.

Also may God make  this letter rough draft for you to come up with strategies to make sure no blood is spilled between turkey and the Democratic forces army of Syria.

Dear vice president the opportunity has now come for you to represent our President Donald Trump and the American people on foreign soil and for you to come with strategies that will make sure bloodshed does not take place after this short treaty and coming up with a strategy that will permanently seal a deal between the Turks and the Democratic forces of Syria which must be done or there will be bloodshed which is unacceptable by all counts of the human consciousness especially when these people have one thing in common which is religion.

Religion must be the unifying force between the two and those who refuse to make religion the reference point of admitting that this struggle has been going on for a long time and injustices I've been done in the past.

We're going to start with the Injustice on Muslims in general and you're going to get the attention of the Islamic World worldwide when you begin to talk about what I am going to be giving you a rough draft on so that not turkey or the Kurdish forces will even dare to cross each other in regards to the peace that are about to be laid because this means that they will be going against the religion itself and that is something both parties will never dare to do.

So It is time that you made that speech what does America stand for in regards to religion and why is it very important religion to a pivotal role in making sure peace does exist because it takes into account into other factors that secular communities refuse to acknowledge which has been the main drivers of wars between nations in the European peninsula and in the world in general.

Religion is founded by God the owner of the universe  and through Angel Gabriel who is always the one who is in charge of delivering  information to human beings so that those who are human and chosen by the heavens produce messages and miracles so that we are all on the same page that God exists an angels that carry the order for the Lord. Bringing the message of religion to humanity.

I want you to make this a moment where religion stood strong and people remember their religion as an important element that has been undermined by atheist in general starting with the Turkish peninsula and this is really where you're going to get the attention of the Turkish people and it's president to literally to pay attention which to revisit the past and remind them what are the consequences of not preparing against atheist and foreign interventions who don't even take God seriously.

We have to remind them of the Russians what they have been doing in Syria they have slaughtered countless of people and they have bombed hospitals in discriminately and we have proof of the video below showing you that they were targeting hospitals and killing children and women who are giving birth in the hospital targeting them deliberately.


I want you to point out the United States of America is not interested in occupying anybody's land or getting anybody's way especially when they refused to follow a peaceful resolution to find a way out of their dispute. Remind them the United States of America has given you an example of what it means to get out of the way and we have seen both sides engage in warfare that has without a doubt begin drone footage surveillance that will be used in the world of criminal Court the hold everybody accountable for what has taken place in the past and will happen in the future regardless of what the future holds.

I want you to remind them the United States holds dear the same commitments a freedom that were articulated by our President John F Kennedy.

President Kennedy  articulated our stands against communist ideologies such as the Soviet Union anybody who is tyranny against freedom because our commitment remains the same we will bear any hardship of any kind, we will support any friend or oppose any foe to assure the survival and success of liberty.

The message needs to be made to the Syrian Democratic forces that we are more than happy to continue our relationship and make this a permanent win for the Democratic forces and the Turkish government before they are infiltrated and divided only to be conquered by the Syrian regime and the Russian government.

There needs to be a United Syria and a United democratic Kurdish forces alliances that finds a way to bury the past and meet the obligation of the suffering that is right at the doorsteps which is the refugees.

This is about refugees and helping those refugees settle and seeking Justice for those who were killed by the second Holocaust where the world watched and did nothing including turkey, the Kurdish forces who watched on as the Syrian population where and kidnapped and brutally tortured by the Syrian regime.

Those crimes have not gone unanswered criminal proceedings has already begun the Syrian regime that  I would like to share that because we as Americans are going to be executing those warrants within Syria and outside Syria and anyone who's involved with a Syrian government.

Our President Donald Trump has made a commitment that he will not be playing around when it comes to drawing the red line and under President Obama miscalculation with those red line brought about a second Holocaust for the Syrian people.

We are dealing with a victim of the second Holocaust who are gassed and executed in the hundreds who are yet to receive Justice and that Justice will be brought to Justice by the will of God one by all the power that is possessed by the United States and its allies to make sure those crimes do not go unpunished.

It would be an injury to insult to see Turkey and the Kurdish forces go war war and continue the suffering of the refugees which will pile up the criminal charges that will be answered in blood. The United States might not have many forces in Syria but we have the military capability to make sure we protect the refugees but you realizing all the power that has been given to us including initiating drone plans that are yet to be known by the world but will be felt on the battles space with fury.

That is a commitment with making to both side should be prioritizing the refugees from taking all the help from the world 2 give a break to people who have been through genocide. We need the opportunity to recover so that a peace agreement can be reached and the Syrian people can find a way to move forward.

We want to move forward and we do not want to move backwards where people want to continue The killing and for loaning the suffering of the refugees who have been through what is unacceptable by any human standard.

The only way to move forward is through religion and the religion of Islam is one of the most peaceful religion in the history of this world because for fourteen centuries we have never seen them fighting each other they have only expanded outwards even though the empires were held by different nations. There was a time we had Arabs involved at the leadership and the change to the Turkish Ottoman empire and did not even once did we ever hear Muslims going back and fighting each other.

We asked the Muslims to continue the tradition respecting one another by following the teaching of their beloved prophet peace be upon him Muhammad.

Dear vice president when you mentioned the name of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him you have an opportunity to humble all Muslims because the moment his Name is mentioned they have a religious requirement just like they pray 5 times a day they are required they put their head down or the ego down on Mumble away words of Peace So that peace can begin to take in their heart.

The name of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him when it is mentioned it is said the owner of the universe I don't like to pronoun him or whatever, but we all know God is not a man or a woman is not occupied by space or by time he's the creative space and time so when I say the owner of the universe says I Allah and my angels send peace and blessing and salutation on the best of a creation prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

I have the quranic verse that you can click on so you can reference this on your speech

Point being in your speech that you will be making, I want you to reference this point so that you can see the effect that I do not have on both sides by just mentioning the name of my beloved prophet peace be upon him you will indeed prepare the hearts and minds to begin to deliberate about peace because the best of creation is being mentioned message starting with his name this piece literally so if you want peace you need to mention his name many times and you need to ask the delegation or whoever you're going to be addressing to send peace and blessing so that we all anti work ordinance in the heart and mind which is peace that has to do with religion from a human being who was the epitome of Peace itself just his name is enough to bring peace that is something to ponder over dearl vice president

Dear  vice president this is a beginning of a new page what it means to engage the Islamic world. I have already written a letter which was open to the UAE to create that platform where we can really begin to do what needed to be done a hundred years ago in regards to Muslim scholars being the separation of power in the Islamic world where Justice and the teaching of my beloved prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is implemented without any fear or harm coming from government.

This is the main reason we have problems in the Islamic world because of this idea of  power separation that has been refused to be implemented by Any Muslim country around the globe and I say that because all you have to do is ask yourself when was the last time a Muslim country wanted to do something, but they change their mind because of Muslim scholar give constitutional perspective counter argument that is based on the authentic book of the owner of the universe and the teaching of the beloved prophet peace be upon him.

Can tell you the number  one that have gathered Muslim scholars and reached a consensus and followed that recommendation of going to war not going to work I can tell you there are absolutely no Muslim country that has done that in the last hundred years.

 We can give a big zero I have never heard of any Islamic country that has followed this separation of power that was instituted by our beloved prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in regards to being the core function of the religion because the scholars are The heirs of the prophet peace be upon him and if they're The heirs of the prophet peace be upon him their words and wisdom in regards to how they legislate or give their Islamic opinion in regards to what is based on the teaching of the beloved prophet peace be upon him to be implemented is non-existent in the entire Islamic world.

So no wonder we see Muslim countries all over the globe engaged in so much bloodshed because they have sabotaged the inheritance of the prophet peace be upon him which is not just the teachings but the people who embody that teaching.

Through out the history of Islam no one has paid a higher price in making sure the constitution of the Muslims which is based on the Quran and the authentic sooner or teachings of our beloved prophet peace be upon him is instituted so that Justice can prevail on where Muslims are situated has been who were the followers of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him who are known as Sahabah

Aṣ-ṣaḥābah (Arabic: الصحابة‎, "The Companions") were the companions of the Islamic prophet Muhammad who had seen or met him, believed in him at the time when he was alive and also died as Muslims.

We have the fortunate opportunity to be at the end of the century where we can look at all the Muslims who contributed to this religion and have embodied the religion by receiving the message of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him through his prophetic light and transmission of the spiritual heart.

The entire message of my prophet peace be upon him was to clean the spiritual heart with people and enlightened their hearts and minds at the same time with the verses of the book.

It's unfortunate artificial intelligence or Google Assistant will not let me locate the teaching on my beloved prophet peace be upon him in regards to his saying when he said there's a piece of meat in the body and if the whole body is good and if it's bad the whole body is bad and that is the heart.

Fortunately we have Muslim scholars who are homegrown and can revive this teaching in a way as a future president can understand that this has to be done organically either in the United States with the assistance of Muslims or without them either way this is going to be done.

The state department is indeed selected a great Muslim scholar to alleviate suffering of Muslims and we hope that turkey will be a very good lunch in point because he's well entrenched with the government and the scholars to revive that specific element that is needed.

I called in the vice president to call an emergency meeting of Muslim scholars in the UAE I know I am being very strategic with that specific request because it is the only leverage we have over the president of Turkey and their claim of having any voice or having any seat at the table in the Islamic world which is more important that you can ever imagine.

I say you should call the meeting in the UAE because the first opportunity you people had to negotiate between turkey and its Muslim Brothers who are Muslim 100% in faith and in everything in between because the Kurdish forces are not are Shia muslim they are sunnis so the fact that the Turkish government has chosen to unleash its military without even consulting Muslim scholars or alleviating the suffering of the refugees has been very destructive.

The Turkish president's idea of threatening the refugees as a weapon towards you has been very destructive in his foreignpolicy relations with the European Union to the point where everybody is ready to back Greece with their claim to Cypress.

So you need to make it very clear the consequences for the Turkish government is not just going to be sanctions ,but it's also going to be uniting the Europeans against the Turkish government cutting All imports or exports to European markets and as well we will triple down our sanctions on them.

They should have been wise leaders and they have chosen not to be wise to try to follow the teaching of our beloved prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and the Muslim scholars in general and that is what I want to get back to.

We have an opportunity to look at the Muslims in general their contribution from the moment prophet Muhammad peace be upon him passed from this world physically and was more beneficial because this world in ways that humans cannot even understand especially the Muslims themselves.

If you ask them when did prophet Moses peace be upon him pass they will tell  you long time ago and yet when prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was invited to seven heavens after he was almost stoned to death and he submitted to the lord of the universe and requested that as long as the Lord was not angry with him he was happy with whatever situation the Lord put him through and because of that submission that made him a true servant of God which is something I'm yet to comprehend or understand that Muslim scholars need to clarify he was invited to the heavens and Muslims were commanded to pray 50 times a day.

It's the blessing of Moses who intercepted prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and requested that he go back and speak with the owner of the universe to reduce the prayers and prophet Muhammad peace be upon him did so spoke with the owner of the universe came back to Moses and he told him it was now 40 prayers and then Moses has no go back and it's a long story that needs to be told in its own right I'm just going to conclude that because of Moses Muslims don't pray 50 times a day but because of the blessing of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him he made sure that they did not lose that 50 rewards and yet made sure that they would pray 5 times a day only but still get the 50 prayers.

So the point I'm trying to make is prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is contributing to the Muslims and the entire universe in ways that people cannot even understand if our beloved prophet Moses was able to intercede for Muslims who are currently living on this planet to only pray 5 times a day instead of 50 can you imagine prophet Muhammad peace be upon him what he does on day-to-day basis that this world is benefiting from 24/7 in the speed of light or even beyond which I don't even want to get into.

The worst part is that they're willing to pray 5 times a day and get the reward of 50 because of Moses who they claim died long time ago yet prophet Muhammad peace be upon him they choose to undermine even that simple life of being alive they have forbidden people to even ask directly from the prophet to intercede for them while they're here on this planet, but they're more than happy to believe Moses made it easy for them to pray but they have chosen to strategically undermined the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and this opens the page of the blessed family.

Dear  vice president I don't know how to tell you this but we have the opportunity to observe time from the moment prophet Muhammad passed until now and we can see the contribution of many people who are guided and blessed but the burden of fighting Injustice and protecting this religion and reviving it after every generation has happened at the hands of the blessed family peace be upon him through the blessed prayers of our prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

Despite the work of the blessed family they have been undermined at every level people have used the book of the Lord and the teaching of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him to cherry-pick everything and turn it into a weapon as a result we are where we are because we really are in an information age that is taken out of context that is weaponized in the context of religion that has turkey and the Kurdish forces ready to spill blood and kill the refugees.

I say that because the role of the blessed family has been undermined and as long as it continues to be undermined and the United States, the Europeans what part of this program because we chose oil and we are neck-deep into this Mass confusion that we have volunteered to be taken in between the Muslims it is only fair to acknowledge the past starting with turkey because you're really going to have the attention with the following words.

As a man of the Lord you're going to love this because it is about atheist and the Europeans who chose to undermine God and religion itself as a result we have two world wars because of Communism, and the undermining of religion itself that was undermined for the last century.

Religion has been undermined so much not even marriage has been left even in the United States as we speak our children are being brainwashed being told marriage is not between a man and a woman , but it is as people desire it to be. Not only have they undermine marriage , but they have undermined God himself in the United States where is a theist play an important role in undermining  everything that we hold dear and the Turkish government has suffered the most because of the consequences of ignoring religion.

We all know the prosecution of Muslims that has taken place in Europe because of the atheist and their agenda to sanitize the religion of Islam from the Turkish peninsula it's been a long road coming for president of Turkey to be sitting where he's sitting and for the people of Turkey to be free today because they stood up to tyranny of atheist who have agendas of undermining God and justice.

So vice president Mike pence I want you to make a commitment that the criminal who is living and residing in the United States who is responsible for the Turkish political and rest will be investigated and brought to Justice even if that means we need to ship him right here in two turkey so we can face the consequences of these actions.

We all have to stand up for freedom and we all have to understand that we have to find a new framework that works for us by putting the prosperity of our people first let's make turkey prosperous, let's make turkey vibrant with all its multi cultural and religious diversity let's protect turkey from all the problems that might arise from unknown consequences of this current war instead of seeking peace that could last for generations.

Peace is not going to come easy we are under attack from people who don't believe in God and have no morality and this goes to the Russian government and its marriage with the Iranian regime who have made it clear they will annihilate the Jewish state.

It is my opinion the Iranians have nothing to do with Islam and they're from the ocean of fantasy and they flow from the river of fiction this is why they're able to slaughter millions of Muslims in Syria and go to bed every night smiling with their fellow Shia Muslim.

So this is a dire warning to the Democratic forces in Syria who think that joining the Syrian regime and betraying the oath will not be tolerated if they choose to work with the Russians and the Syrian regime, especially those who have a proven track record that they will only divide and conquer and spill more blood because they do not have the same understanding of religion as we do which is about saving lives and not taking them.

I want you to quote the book of the Muslims the Quran which says the following.

Mister vice president I want you to study the verses

Let's be very clear the Turkish government has shown no appetite for finding a peaceful resolution and the Democratic forces of Turkish army have shown no appetite for cooperating with turkey to make sure that they do not go back to the past of assisting terrorist organisations that could be harming future of turkey so there is considerable distress and bad blood between the two that cannot be settled overnight.

What we can do is be ahead of the game on create that platform that I spoke about yesterday in regards to the UAE and I can tell you the UAE is ready to initiate that platform so that those key components within the religion of Islam cannot only be revived but can stand the test of time because it is Muslim governments who have chosen to be outside the cave of this religion.

I say being outside the cave of the religion because there was a moment prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was fleeing the Arab State and they sent hunters and many other people to assassinate him and they came to the cave where he was surrounding it and the owner of the universe send a spider to weave its net on a bird to lay its egg showing you the owner of the universe is more powerful than anyone can even imagine.

There's a verse in the Quran that says no one knows who are the soldiers of the Lord he could be anyone and those people who continue to doubt the Lord and the powers of the owner of the universe will surely be humiliated sooner or later.

I have spoken about this problem on the Arab peninsula where most of them have chosen to be outside the cave and have chosen the world and all its wealth and I've chosen to undermine The Message of Islam simply because they can they have the money and the army to do so because this is about power and money and what people are willing to do to have power and money that is beyond reproach that they cannot be questioned by anyone.

I see this simply because if you look at the Arab world right now if they have any disputes among themselves okay do they go to their own criminal justice system to resolve the issues of any kind or do they go to foreign States and seek protection under the rule of law of non-muslims because they know non-muslims are without a doubt true to their word and regards to the rule of law that no one is above the law.

So it is not a mistake that we have not heard that princess and so other people of high stature what arrested or charged with any kind of violation of the law because the majority of the Arabs are above the law and they will remain that way, fortunately they  can have that moment of inspiration or clarification so that Arab leaders have the opportunity to make that platform and engage in the rule of law that has been undermined by their own wealth and prestige that has caused unimaginable damage.

So I say this to conclusion choose the UAE hold an emergency meeting in the White House of the Muslims and let's make sure we undo the damage we have done ourselves in regards to the blessed family peace be upon them starting with the King of Jordan who will without a doubt settle all this disputes in a blink of an eye if it's given the opportunity because even he knows Muslim scholars deserve their platform and their opinion in regards to how they can begin to legislate and provide religious ruling that is from the four major schools to be respected by all governments.

Our goal is to bring the voice of Muslim scholars back into the equation they slamic world that has been frozen for the last hundred years.

Regardless of what turkey is going to do or the Democratic forces are going to do we have a religious obligation to understand the consequences of not becoming a real pillow that can be a foundation to hold the platform so that the Muslims can resolve the issues and we as Americans can focus in our own country and deal with the challenges we face at home.

I alsodirect my speech to the president of the United States I have chosen the UAE to be the White House of the Muslims even though they have a long way to go in regards to the rule of law I believe the founder of the UAE has left enough determination in the blood and the bones of his children starting with Mohammed bin yazid  to take this momentous task of rectifying the past by letting the Muslim scholars speak freely and frankly as to what has transpired in the past and what's needs to be done in the future without any fear of recourse from any government is the platform we seek so this healing can begin.

With that platform is complete the UAE will make its changes according to the communication of Muslim scholars and so will other Muslim nations and we can all live in peace because this is a Muslim problem and it's happening on Muslim lands and it's fighting between Muslims and that's what it's all about and we need to make that point to the Muslims around the world that you all share the same prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and never make that mistake again of going to the city of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him or talking about my prophet Muhammad peace be upon him without saying peace be upon him because that is all we need people to have peace is the middle East.

So peace be upon prophet Muhammad and his family for always standing up for this religion and sacrificing everything especially when no one else wants to stand up for this religion and speak the truth I am blessed to have teachers from the two grandsons of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him who have been my spring of knowledge and guidance and they are both eloquent and grade teachers in their own right and I hope to do this in my own country to revive and do an organic revision as to what needs to take place in the coming decade.

While the opportunity has been given to the UAE to be that platform I cannot control what they're going to say yes or no Fortune I believe they will say yes and unfortunately they say no we have our own backyard we have to clean up because we have turned a blind eye to many things that has to do with Muslims in this country that is yet to be addressed.

This is an important speech for the vice president to make a speech about God and religion and to set a vision for the future so that when Donald Trump is elected for a second term, the vice president will be the president of the United States which is my hope because As a man of the Lord and I will not tolerate to go back to square one after all the pain and hard work that people have God have to just lose everything and we have seen the dangers of letting liberals come in into the White House and turning everything upside down to the point where it's going to take a long time to undo the damage that was done by President Obama.

We have a moral responsibility not justa blame President Obama for the past but to live up to the Future President Obama was a great president and we appreciate everything that he has done to his capability but one thing that was not on the agenda with President Obama is governing and getting consultation in regards to the Islamic world how it should proceed forward he literally had the opportunity to guide the entire Arab revolution by understanding this is a Muslim evolution and Muslim scholars should have been in the forefront which they were never were and unfortunately I have to say a degree from Harvard is a counselor for the mind in my opinion.

We need to stop thinking that degrees from Harvard or people who are eloquent and educated can solve our problems through there are analogies and reference points of knowledge that you can utilize to manipulate words and information to get what they want can also fax know exactly what I'm talking about and that was the problem we had with President Obama of not understanding wisdom and knowledge comes from all places and all the people and the president of the United States Donald Trump has his own brand of wisdom that needs to be understood and implemented to bring peace in this world regardless of all those people who dislike him or hate him for his shortcomings, our job is to make sure that the betrayal that has just happened in Syria does not happen again when he meets with a random president between the Jewish Nation.

I for one am very angry with this betrayal with the Kurds who have been nothing but loyal and the lack of leadership that it's advising the president in regards to what do the Muslims really want and how to help them get what they want without even saying it this is a huge power vacuum. colors on both sides black and white Republicans and Democrats have failed to either that knowledge or even to demonstrate any willingness to work with Muslim leaders have a unique perspective on this dilemma we face in the middle East which has been the source of a problem from day one that is yet to be remedied.

there's a lot to say and there's a lot to do but with this rough draft I hope the vice president will find enough information to articulate a message to the Kurds on the Turks you share the same prophet prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and Muslim scholars will create a treaty that they both need to buy them if they choose to disobey prophet Muhammad and the religion of Islam they are more than welcome to join Shia Islam as far as I'm concerned or invent their own religion because I am involved in the stakes are high and there's no strategy or anything that they can come up that way help with him in any way forward so it is better for them to surrender and understand that I am coming from a different perspective and I am a bulldozer I will run them over without thinking about it twice.

It is up to the Kurdish forces to understand if you betray the covenant we will label use a new isis and we will assess the Turkish military from removing you from your post from the air and from the ground we will fight with turkey shoulder-to-shoulder and remove You by force and March all the way to Damascus and deal with this evil that's coming from are on the Russian government so the message for the Kurdish forces is to make sure you understand the consequences of your mistake and don't whine about it later.

We ask our Turkish allies have an opportunity to demonstrate that the religion of Islam is a religion of peace and we the sunnis who are under the flag of the sufis especially of a unique opportunity to discuss with one another to find unique solutions that will not harm the Turkish economy or the people of turkey in any way form or shape. We want turkey to be transformed and to be successful and one day to be part of the European Union since the British are leaving this going to be unique opportunities for them to develop the economy make themselves prosperous and be part of the World by joining Europe.

I went close with the vice president to give an opportunity for the president of the United States to take another swing at peace in the middle East by hitting the refresh button and making his way to the UAE just like he did to Saudi Arabia in the beginning to Mark a new destination for Muslims to find a solution to their problems so that we can all move to a better future. 

The Muslims need a place where they can be rest assured that the rule of law will be fully enforced on freedom of speech will be given to Muslim scholars so that they can say what needs to be said so the world can hear what has transpired in the past and what changes that are needed to be made so that the Muslim world can find peace through the teaching of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his righteous companions who advocated the knowledge of prophet Muhammad to the best of their ability and the blessed family who where blessed beyond imagination of people where prophet Muhammad peace be upon him made prayers for them specific to embody the religions I need to be part of those people who revived this religion back to its core which is the love of the blessed family and the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him that cannot be separated from both.

the entire faith of Islam is based on loving prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and loving what he loved which is his family. Those who don't love his family and as a result do not love the prophet peace be upon him can take the opportunity to reflect on what kind of drink they are talking about that they claim to have in their hearts?

the time to undermine Islam has now come to an end the time to face the music of What Muslim governments and other people have done to in the name of Islam has come it is time to separate the fiction from reality and it's time to set the record straight so that Muslims are either United under the teaching of the blessed family peace be upon them who follow the footsteps of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and like nobody else.

history has proven over and over of the blessed family have played a critical role in bringing peace among the Muslim by making them realize the love of the prophet peace be upon him is a journey that they have to take within their soul and they are only being and when they're covered with that love then they can truly comprehend what is the message of Islam in the first place.

so I pray Muslims all over the world contemplate of the message of love and peace that can be found in loving the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his family so that this religion might go back to its founding principles and finally find peace or Muslim leaders can continue to be at each other's neck killing other Muslims I'm pretending that it's all fine in the Islamic world because it is not we just have been through a revolution in the Arab world and yet we are yet to settle all the problems that was the cause of all those issues that needs to be addressed.

There's much to say but I will end it here we have a unique opportunity to punish those people who are the enemy of God and the enemy of religion and those who do not respect treaties or have no respect for human life who must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and I will be advising the vice president the president the shopping of a tools of retaliation to make an example of those who choose to play games with us to surround them from all sides and cut them off and to use whatever we have plans that God has blessed us away by all means necessary to crush the enemies of Peace no matter where they exist.

thank you for reading this mr. Vice president may God bless you and I'll country and all those people who are looking for peace and prosperity around the world, those who are not we will deal with you accordingly.

thank you for reading and God bless you all and God bless the whole world and the entire universe with the mercy and blessing of the love of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him who never gets tired of interceding for everyone with every breath that they film the chest where a source of Mercy everybody has chosen to turn away from but I promise you this judgment day will come and you will know who this man is and what his message was and what his rank is something that people are confused about I promise you will know soon enough.

Thank you for reading this

waalaikumsalamwarahmatullahi wabarakatuh السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you

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  بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْم.   In the Name of God , Most Gracious, Most merciful  Esteemed and Distinguished Members of the International Community, In this age of boundless diversity and shared dreams, I stand before you with a vision that seeks to rekindle the heart of the United Nations, while also holding aloft the teachings of Islam as a guiding light for harmonious coexistence. In the pursuit of a more equitable world, we must pause to reflect upon the glaring absence of the African voice in shaping global policies and decisions. Today, I present a profound call to action, one that not only champions Africa's rightful place but also invites us to embrace the wisdom encapsulated within the Islamic teachings that have nurtured societies for over a millennium. The moment is ripe for a revitalization of the United Nations charter, one that resounds with the vibrant cadence of Africa's aspirations. An audacious endeavor awaits: the African Union, a testament to unity

*The Walter Cronkite News System

  In the Name of God , Most Gracious, Most merciful The system was developed by a human being with the assistance of artificial intelligence known as Google Bard. We are moving towards a future where artificial intelligence will run everything from A to Z. Therefore, we must be prepared for this future and we must separate humans from artificial intelligence so that people always have a choice in terms of the news in general, how it is summarized, how it is rated, and how it is presented. The AI is able to watch the news and follow the system that I helped develop, which is known as the Walter Cronkite system. It is based on the following: Accuracy:The news must be accurate and factual. Objectivity:The news must be presented without bias. Fairness: The news must give equal weight to all sides of an issue. Clarity: The news must be presented in a clear and understandable way. Engagement:The news must be engaging and interesting to watch or read. The Walter Cronkite News System is a valu