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Open letter to Nobel Prize Winner Abiy Ahmed Ali

Open letter to Nobel Prize Winner Abiy Ahmed Ali with is efforts to achieve peace that should inspire others to make World Peace.

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِي

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most merciful

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ

Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wbarakatu =
May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you
My dear  prime minister.

I want to start off by reiterating the message that we are very grateful and appreciative of all the efforts that has been done by Abiy Ahmad Ali in the role he chose to feel in regards to playing a decisive initiative to resolve not just border conflict with the neighboring Eritrea by setting an example for the whole world and regards to rethinking what it means to make a fast transition from a country that has not known peace  democracy , Justice end piece with a rule of law since the days when prophet Muhammad himself spoke about in Ethiopian King who was just and everybody in his kingdom was treated equally.

So we really have to look back with historic lenses in regards to what this really means for the world and we all have the opportunity to reflect on our journey on this beautiful miraculous unfolding of Peace in Ethiopia that took a transition that was so fast paced it is very hard to digest how fast the change to happen and what really took place in Ethiopia so that we really have a sense of appreciation what really took place and that can only be done by the president himself last year when he spoke about this journey in regards to making this transition that if you would have told anybody about it they would have told you it would have been impossible, there's no way such a transition can happen hopefully we can tell you that miracle did take place and I really want to let the president tell the story because this is a moment for all of us to reflect.

The word of the Prime Minister provides the real picture that state is about to collapse and avoid that was equal to the black hole in space was opened up to the Ethiopian people and it was either destruction or deviating from the past or embracing the future. The steps he's talking about that he has not gone into detail with is things that I have to experience myself so that I can see this blueprint people are ignoring. this blueprint is needed right now in Egypt and many other places that leadership have to meet and they have to find a way to analyze information so that they can begin to make those changes.

There's been a blueprint 2 piece especially in the African continent so that the transition ETHIOPIA went through to make those aesthetic changes are not only started but also celebrated across the world.

We have to plant the seeds of peace and sometimes the seeds of peace was planted so fast that the techniques and the creative process that was implemented is overlooked by everyone so I am really hoping that it's opium president will begin to reflect back on this period as a moment where a unique process took place that was equal to open heart surgery which is not celebrated because a minority was the first person to do such an operation that was not only successful but the patient who was operated on went on to outlive the pioneer of this surgery dr. Daniel Hale Williams which I would like to take a few moments to remember him.

The transformation Ethiopia has gone through is so unique and beneficial to the world that it has already paid dividends to its neighboring country Sudan.

so we really have to only study what happened in Ethiopia but celebrate those people who are involved in this process of making peace.

this is why I'm really proud of this Nobel prize today 2 p.m. president and for him to get the opportunity to write the speech of a lifetime bye taking time to step back and understand that for the first time in the African continent a country went to such a major transformation and it completed its open heart surgery in good condition and it's stronger than ever so for me being an African was born in Africa and speaks to African languages this is nothing more than remarkable and I can only add the cream to the cake by beginning to advise the president in regards to his speech that he will be making for the Nobel prize..

I want the president to celebrate all those people were involved with him and compare this to the first open heart surgery and I want him to specifically also pray that what transpired in Ethiopia will be just like that first patient who outlived the doctor by 50 years after that specific operation that had his heart opened and he was stitched up.

I am hoping the president we'll take a moment to reflect to understand his Nobel prize is something that he has to first tech credit for so that it is associated with him as a leader who the world now has to look up for 2 to find unique creative ways to solve The world's problems in regarding to other countries who are making this transition and to get that extra bonus. He personally helped so done to make that transition is a remarkable leadership that we all must celebrate of this remarkable achievement.

I am hoping the president celebrates this Nobel prize with all this grand gestures and Pens a letter or a book that will really give him the opportunity to reflect back on this great moment that the owner of the universe God almighty gave him the opportunity to experience and also contribute that has enriched the African continent that could be the source of peace and the end of all conflicts.

of course, it does help prophet Muhammad peace be upon him made a special prayer for the Ethiopian continent and this is something the President should highlight because his relationship with the Muslim countries with get even better because the world needs leaders who can listen and have an open mind / heart so that they can come with a unique process so that they can go through this transformation. 

this transformation can be copied and pasted starting with the Egyptian peninsula and moving on to Libya so that we can begin to experience peace we're all parties involved can come together and work together and I believe the African Union has a unique opportunity to also reflect on this Nobel prize so that the tools they use to bring peace to the African continent has even a higher standard which needs to be implemented by 1st and the standing this process that has taken place in the Ethiopian peninsula so that we can have a systemize blueprint that can be utilized by the African Union to implement those tools to bring peace and prosperity to all African countries and beyond.

We all have to take time to take in this moment that a transformation happened so fast that most of us did not take the time to reflect on what has transpired in the Ethiopian peninsula and what is new leader could mean for the African continent in the world in general when it comes to being a leader who can bring peace and prosperity through a unique blueprint that we need to not just study but celebrate how all of this transpired and concluded.

We also have to make sure that economic work for Ethiopia which means is foreign reserves in dollars and every other opportunity that every other nation has double down to make sure that a message is sent through the entire African continent that if you pursue peace and you do your part we will meet you halfway with your economics.

I'm talking about making sure that every country contributes in the most unique way to make a rapid transformation in the economies of Ethiopia so that that message is ingrained in every country in Africa around the world that we really value peace and we really really good leadership that is the best response that we can give this miraculous transformation in Ethiopia that has taken place by meeting them halfway and finishing off what they have already started which will send a clear message if you as Leaders come together to sort out your problems we will meet you with your economics as well so this will make many countries eager to copy and paste the transformation and all of us can play a role which week bring a more prosperous and peaceful world.

so let's not just celebrate this Nobel prize but let's meet it'll be a halfway let's make it clear that if you choose peace we will support you with your economic endeavors and you will make a rapid transformation that will raise the standard of living in your continent.

I want to conclude with addressing the president of Ethiopia you have managed to create not just a blueprint but you have actually planted the seed of peace and prosperity in your country I'm just like any other seed that is planted that needs water, that needs labor to turn the soil inside out and above all it needs an environment that we're all sharing that we can choose to ignore or facilitate it's recovery will greatly impact this seed that has been planted in Ethiopia that needs to grow into a big tree that can give its fruits to Future generations.

We asked the president of Ethiopia to speak to the world and tell them about my country and I have been what we can to be a model for the rest of the world and we ask you to join hands with us to deliver the growth of this seed that has been planted in this country so that the standard of living can be raised and future generations in other countries from South Sudan, Libya and many other countries that are in need of this great change can be assured that if they do their best they will be met halfway.

Real work now begins after this Nobel prize has been issued we're going to ask all countries to contribute the unique creative power of their economies to make the piece that was planted a reality and not empty words.

I asked the president of Ethiopia to challenge each country who are well-off to take on a specific project with in Ethiopia especially the big brands 2 set a goal for themselves and to join other companies who are helping Ethiopia go big because that is helping the seed grow and opportunities and prosperity to reach everywhere because we must have a model people can look up to so that they can copy and paste the whole blueprint understanding that if they do their part the world would meet them halfway.

I want to sing Coca-Cola and all those people who have realized what it means to have countries that are peaceful and prosperous which is good for business and I are each other businesses to jump on board to understand that the success we have in Ethiopia will translate to all other countries and your products will be sold and bought by customers who enjoy this unique blueprint that will bring peace and prosperity which is the pillars of business so I want to play this video on think of a call and all of those people who are helping this seed grow because we all need to help Ethiopia to go big because they've done their part we have to do our

I want to get back to that moment where all journalists were released and the president of Ethiopia was emphasizing that point that they do not have a single journalist in jail this is an accomplishment that is yet to be celebrated and I wanted to take this moment to make sure I celebrate this.

This is one of those moments that  we live in my memory for a long time because everybody knows highest jihad a human being can perform is telling the truth and no one is equipped or specializes in telling the truth like the journalist 

The Muslim British scholar who goes through the Islamic education talk me the important lessons and regards to the truth that is attached to Islam in general and journalists play that important role of telling the truth even the Quran the word of God puts this into perspective for example

I believe we all have to take the opportunity to seek wisdom from a a fountain of wisdom and beauty in regards to words especially from the Muslim world that is not being utilized by Muslims themselves and I am hoping that those who are not Muslims hopefully will benefit more because they will see that unique message that is within Quran .

The Quran addresses simple people, sophisticated people such as philosophers, Kings, peasants and shepherds

have a great video explaining this. Hopefully you will benefit from.

I also hope that your greatest the covers of the Koran because it's only a click away so that you might be inspired true love peace with no matter where exists and to be part of those who help peas grow and prosper and let people who are qualified to plant the peace and let the rest of us do our best to make sure you provide all the environment and the tools those seeds need to grow and prosper.

so please Grace the covers of the Koran so that we can engage the Muslim world who have yet to reflect on this deep miraculous book.

please click on the link above and you can scroll through and the part of those who seek wisdom whatever it exists.

We are all responsible for recognizing people who have been blessed to begin a chain reaction that will transform this planet and I believe what has happened in Ethiopia could be a gift that will last a lifetime if we choose to recognize, appreciate, and above all get involved and do our part so that success can become the blueprint that is needed to be copied by those people who needed the most because we are suffering in this planet from our environment to our political architecture that has failed human beings miserably because we refuse to acknowledge creative people such as they topian president and their transformation so that the world can be a better place.

So I asked people please acknowledge and celebrate creativity that would lead to prosperity I for one want to celebrate my teacher is Eminence sheikh Muhammad Al Yaqubi for being among those who planted my seed in this soil of annihilation so that a transformation has begun to take place where I recognize creativity and and I acknowledge those people who need to be acknowledged such as the president of Ethiopia and this Nobel prize.

I have a quick bio video about him

 I hope that many other people who are within his circle the depart of his garden will be able to do what they need to do to make this world a better place. my teacher has a saying about being the architect of life which is tending to roses and gardens in people's hearts so that they can perfect their character and recognize beauty and wisdom no matter where it exists and it is through his teaching I've been looking at Ethiopia and its president and I want to not just acknowledge and celebrate what has happened they and I want the world to take that moment not just to celebrate but also to acknowledge what has transpired in that country.

what is really exciting is the president of it still appears initiation of using the creativity and the blessing that the owner of the universe gift in them and making that smooth transition that was shared with Sudan who's on its way to implementing changes I'm bringing well-deserved changes that will last a lifetime to its people. So down is very special because it does have the moderate teachings of Muslims from the Sufi orders in general who have been undermined and we hope that this could be the resurgence that we were looking for in regards to preaching tolerance and acceptance that will propel the Muslims to engage in the language and the culture of tolerance that has been lost since oil has been discovered and revenues from those oil deposits we're used to undermine the religion is self without naming anybody.

All in all I'm very excited and I'm very happy for the transformation that has happened in Ethiopia and the president of Ethiopia who has received the Nobel prize and I wanted to congratulate him again for taking the initiative to have open heart and open mind to understand that if you choose to listen and implement changes without undermining the people the miraculous things will happen and I to reminder prime minister of Ethiopia that he carries the name Muhammad Ali within his name and anybody who carries two names of that nature they tend to be very popular and they do bring change to the world especially to the hearts and minds of people just like Muhammad Ali and I'm going to pray and hope that this will be the same case for the president of Ethiopia to inspire an entire continent to bring peace and prosperity everywhere by following the blueprint that was initiated by the Ethiopian people and executed by the government of Utopia who chose to have an open heart and mind and with the blessings and prayers of my prophet peace be upon him the transition was smooth and miraculous because there is no other way to explain what has transpired in Ethiopia.

So I want an end by congratulating the Muhammad Ali of the African continent the prime minister of Ethiopia abiy Ahmed Ali

You chose to take a picture with a truck and you talked about planting the seeds and I have received your message. I want to thank you for taking that initiative and that picture which sent me a clear message that I need to finish this letter hopefully you will find the blessing and an opportunity to make this letter a rough draft for you to construct your speech and to ask the world to meet you halfway it because Ethiopia and its people have done what do you need to do to plant a seed but the environment and everything in-between from economic Powers doing the apart is something that is yet to be seen.

So I hope your speech will reflect that and I personally want to thank you again for going into the Sudan and helping them make that transition and please remind the world that the opportunity is here if Ethiopia is met halfway then the rest of the African continent would have no choice but to make the rule of law and emptying the prisons of journalist The New normal which is something that needs to happen and should not be delayed by any country.

my dear prime minister I asked you to ask the world to meet you halfway to make this architecture of success to be an example for the world so please ask everybody to play their role in whatever that they can do from the economic powers, there advance in technology in startups that needs to be incubated into the EthiopianNew birth of freedoms that will propel the country to be a new standard that will bring peace and prosperity be on people's imagination.

thank you for reading this deal prime minister may God bless you and the first lady with the long healthy life may you get to see this piece blossom into a beautiful tree and we may we all get to eat from this tree that has been planted in Ethiopia to bring peace and prosperity around the world Ameen.

waalaikumsalam warahmatullahi wbarakatu
May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you and your loved ones and the entire nation of Ethiopia. I pray that God blesses everyone around the world to understand that are unique miraculous event has taken place in the Ethiopian continent that must be studied and implemented throughout the world.

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