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Google review for American airlines.

Google review for American airlines.

This is the highest Google guide with over 11 million views doing a review when a specific employee who works for American airlines.

American airlines should take this interview very seriously because very soon we will move to  blockchain where good reviews will be separated from bad ones and good reviews will be prioritized until people can establish that they understand that bad reviews is bad for business and good reviews are good for them and good for business.

Until people build a track record showing that they understand that bad reviews a supposed to be a tool for businesses to get better so they can do a better job bad reviews will be required to jump through hoops so that does not hurt businesses over petitions of individuals at any level.

Anyway, this is a good review for American airlines and one of their employees who's retiring so let's get started.

 This review should give this employee unlimited amount of miles to fly and should be recognized as the best employee American airlines has to offer.

Because of TSA security / Atlanta traffic I showed up at 6:45a.m. my flight is supposed to take off at 7 a.m. unfortunately, my flight took off on time it was unfortunate for me, but I was still happy for the other passengers who took off on time so I was happy and sad at the same time because usually I was expecting American airlines to be late ,but I was proven wrong next time I'm going to be on time and early because I  read this weird complaints on the internet about American airlines never be long time so I thought it was true, but I was proven wrong

To be specific this employee's name is

Joseph D

Is an exceptional customer service agent and delete me change my mind about flying with American airlines this is my story of what he did that was exceptional but hopefully will lead American airlines to make sure do flies for free forever.

I checked in through the kiosk was the shelf check out I was given a receipt that told me that my flight hotel ready taking off and I have to speak with an agent so I got in line and that was redirected to customer service well I got in line again and I didn't have to wait that long so there's nothing the American airlines needs to do to change that anyway here's my story.

I was dragging you my bag and I had a lot on my mind expecting the worst because I wasn't flying with my favorite airline because my employer chose this airline and I always do everything I can to be loyal to airlines that are good to me so that they prosper and continue doing what's right like Southwest airlines which is my favorite it wasn't my choice. I certainly think you have competition because you should reduce your view as well.

 I was welcomed  with a smile that would just  put any one at ease because the smile came at the end not in the beginning because we all know about the fake smiles people's give you a fake smile because are about to do something really bad to you anyway, my advice to American airlines Don't force your employees to smile let things happen naturally because there's nothing worse than a fake smile.

In this case he did smile right from the beginning really give me a heart attack because we all  understanding 

When you are at the counter, especially as a customer my favorite airline is Southwest I don't need to worry about my bags or cancellation fees or anything like that so I'm very suspicious when I'm flying in any other airline because I expected to be ripped off  and also to be treated like a piece of crap which has happened in the past so I was bracing for impact when I was approaching his counter.

Fortunately, to my surprise my gut feeling about this employee was a feeling. When you are a kid and you are  told some person is going to come down the chimney and he's going to leave you gifts that Kind of feeling anyways  Joseph welcomed me and give me the best customer service experience change my flight which I was flying local to Chicago because  as a truck driver I'm always flying so and this Pacific flight was booked by my employer so it was out of my hands.

Anyways, Joseph D was exceptional he changed my flight at no additional cost put me on standby I was able to contact my employer telling them I'm flying in late  due to TSA security / traffic I was delayed therefore I will be on time just running late to everything is good to go.

Anyway after all my fears were gone I started to chat with Joseph and we had a nice chat and I found out that he will be retiring and the exceptional customer service he was giving me was not something new an American airline reputation he's always been intact and all my fears and everything I've been reading and reviews were wrong under your feet have more Powers as an agent he would have even upgraded me to first class just to prove how great this airline is. He has helped countless of customers and he understood where I was coming from so it was refreshing to deal with an employee give you a testament of the reputation of the company and how they chose to treat him and he's been doing this for a long time and has helped  countless of customers and it's been a pleasure to serve American airlines.

So I told him I'm going to leave a Google review and leave it on top of the Atlanta airport.

So I want to wish him a very good retirement and I want him to copy and keep this token that he provided exceptional customer service recognizing this was more than just a regular flight different cuz I was a black man and I was wearing my hoodie it made no difference to him you treated me like how I am treated when I'm on my business trip and I have my sports jacket and I look like I belong in first class pictures of treatment do forgive you because you took the time to look good , unfortunately truck driving you have to wear clothes that match the work so I was blessed with a job with my hoodie and jeans so let's just say I wouldn't be offended these people did not take me seriously lol fortunately he looked passed through that and he not only smile but we had a conversation and it did help with that there wasn't a line behind me so we chatted about some other stuff and we got to know each other and I told me about other stuff that was memorable about employees went on to be flight attendants because they love the company and he actually trained them so he kept on giving me testimonials about the company which I found reassuring.

it's always tough because you don't know how a company is treating its employees this is only as my concern because if they're not treated well paid handsomely it only shows me the customer service and how long they keep their employees behind the counter anyway ;

I promised him that he would fly for free in American airlines because he served American airlines very well but he's excellent customer service I also want American airlines to understand the coming future all reviews would be on the blockchain I'm going to be owned by customers only so you're ratings 
in regards to customer service and everything in between I need the open for everyone to see and you need to pay attention to what I have to say because old reviews me change forever 

 My idea of reviews will be in the blockchain and hopefully in the near future I will  work with Google to make sure that people take the time to share the real experience so that the stars and scores can be processed by artificial intelligence all they have to do is  tell us what it meant to fly with an airline and what did they experience or what did you value the most, which is something that customers really take time to write a review on.

I really enjoy writing reviews and I hope to do much more as time goes on with my interaction with airport employees and especially flight attendants , pilots especially congratulating them how smooth and landed the plane so this is really going to go on and on forever because many people are choosing not to compliment and think exceptional customer service so someone has to do it and I'm going to just do the job something no one wants to do which is recognized exceptional service that should be acknowledged and rewarded with good words.

I have to admit I have fallen short in this area simply because of security and I have to work with Google because I will be sweeter turn my real name / faces of people should only be available to businesses who are authenticated to make sure that they will not violate privacy or cause harm average Joe who might be a stalker can cause serious harm this is why after 11 million views I have to stop by reviews, but since I'm always in contact with senior leadership of Google then hopefully listen to me this time and taking my feedback seriously.

I really have a lot of reviews to do in regards to customer service and different airlines especially  Etihad airways we're at someone I love work for them and it was exceptional all around 

So there's many reviews of left on the table because I've been working on my blog and now that blog is shut down I will be putting all my energy into reviews that I unique and exceptional.

So that our views are going to get longer more detail and it's going to go to employees who will use it as a digital resume this would be the same just like the software arena in Linux and other  certification where your work speaks for yourself this will be the new Norman customer service.

I called his digital resume and the rating system that's really worth a million smiles.

Many companies are always looking to make themselves apart from the rest of the pack in regards to the exception of customer service and everything that they do to make customers happy and I wanted to find a way to acknowledge and reward that and above all put it on the blockchain so that we can all see who's the best of the best basically the competition will be "NO" SO ON YOUR MARKS GET READY  BECAUSE REVIEWS ARE GOING TO BE MUCH MORE PASSIONATE AND PERSONAL THAT WILL MAKE EVERYBODY HAPPY.


Dear dear Joseph I want to leave this exceptional customer service review for you because many people don't understand what it means to fly and what hoops you have to start jumping through from the moment to book that flight stress begins from packing to making travel plans under for me I have to cancel Uber few times because he just kept on giving me drivers were far away anyway dear Joseph thank you for treating me with kindness because when people are approaching that counter please a lot going  through their minds but they can I share with you especially depending on their current financial circumstance or they're going through a personal nature of good evening for my loss or is a former correctional officer are you still released inmates and that they would catch a flight so I would always think what are they feeling since they have their freedom back and they're flying for the first time how are they going to be treated what are they experiencing and so forth.

So did Joseph flying nope just about getting from point A to point b but what happens in between makes or breaks people's lives so I hope American airlines leaves you people alone trusts The human Bean comes in all shapes and sizes and that would give bad reviews and good reviews and ultimately it's going to be people like me who have to dig into this bedroom and find out what was going on because 99% of the time employees who work at the airport never do anything wrong but customers never forget to give a bad review but they only forget to leave a good review so hopefully reviews we changing the future especially with the blockchain what's going to be very lucrative for the customer who can use their complaints to get more perks if their complaints are valid

Or if their complaints are wrong and it's baseless they will lose ratings because and this is near future everybody just to break everybody but ultimately there has to be a human in the middle to make that final call when someone like me will you make sure that the bucket is full of praises and point out much more good than bad and everything that is bad will be used to help people grow but never to undermine them.

I promise you I will make the best rating system because each airline has specific advantages such as American airline when flying locally found out I have don't have to take any trains bright across the security check-in so anybody  if anybody has flown out of Atlanta you know you have to take a train Justin get to get on a flight which is ridiculous.

Dear Joseph this is where I plan on talking to Google and I will ask them to hand over the entire program of Google guides and I will make them to guides of the airport independent from airport security or government where they just help people and not trusting so I have big plans if this company is going to help me do what needs to be done turn reviews to a tool that helps businesses and customers prosper together.

Unfortunately Joseph Google has chosen not prioritize what is good for business and people but they're more interested in building a community that they can monetize at the end instead of building something that works for everybody from the ground up which has been painful to watch hopefully they will understand that the tools that are built are to be handed over to customers to turn them into a win-win creative tool that makes the world a better place especially businesses and their views in general that have to be protected and put on the blockchain.

Many people have complained about Google reviews because there's no substance or award doesn't have a foundation other than adida belongs to Google and it doesn't belong to the people who are creating this reviews so hopefully they will listen to what I have to say and if they don't listen American airlines to help me build a blockchain overview so that they can have access to that abuse themselves we can make sure their trainings always number one so that they're not undermined or held hostage by anyone.

I want to end this the following reviews belong to people and it should be managed by a person who loves reviews as a result I promise to make sure bad reviews I'm going to be honest and helpful to everyone who are interested in building the blockchain reviews after all to honor an employee who has shattered my negative opinions of an airline I did everything in my power not to fly because of my preconceived notion they did not treat their employees well and they have so many problems that it was safe to stay away fortunately with this employee it has given me a different perspective.

I want to end with the power of Words the owner of the universe has chosen to communicate with words so there will be nothing powerful that can truly Express what people are emotionally experiencing  in regards to customer service then words not pictures or videos.

I hope to set a new standard in regards to customer service that will be put on the blockchain which will keep on customers so do exceptional detail reviews and the guards to What mattered to them especially when they Vic airlines come on board and begin to initiate those rewards so that feedback and readings is structured and streamlined in a way that would be a win for everyone which is my top priority.

Anyway thank you for reading this I pray Joseph is going to be granted his wish to fly around the world and American airline will be the number one airline because of Joseph and his dedication to his to customer service that has made me rethink how should streamline the entire process which is a big reward for American airlines and those who have chosen to maintain staff behind that counter so that ultimately they hit gold.

I believe American airlines has hit gold because they could end up being the number one airline for a very long time with the most happy customers because I will be leading the way remember them exceptional detailing that they chose to put the time into reward then Florence results come out of it.

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