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Continuation of my open letter of bilal ibn rabah

Continuation of my open letter of bilal ibn rabah

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِي

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most merciful

Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wbarakatu =
May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you that you're Quest finding true love to be fulfilled inshallah.

The owner of the universe is fully aware what is the matter with people who look down at black people as a result the most visited house is known as the Black house or the house with black stone and on top of that a black man climb the black house and look down and everybody who was of different color pronouncing how God was great that is the sign of the owner of the universe sending a clear message to those who have been enslaved by others because they refuse to clean their filthy spiritual hearts of arrogance and ignorance as a result they have shackled their fellow human beings to a life that is not worth living that is full of torture and unimaginable horrific crime.

It is a very beautiful scene that I will be recreating and I can tell you this was no accident by prophet Muhammad peace be upon him to put a black man in the highest position he could find to declare his administration puts black people to be seen by everyone and to be heard by everyone was the only position that could do that is the calling of the prayer where you have to go where everybody can see you and everybody can hear you displaying your skin color while they all look up knowing fully well that this is truly a new beginning or a new chapter for humanity.

Unfortunately this is looked down upon especially by Arabs who are not members of the blessed family peace be upon them you will not see this opportunity granted to them to be at positions of not just leadership but to declare got their administrations are being represented by the color of the universe so that we are all on the same page what they stand for.

I went to play this scene where Morgan asks about the call of prayer andthis two individuals don't even bother to engage in what prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was really dealing with which was slavery and why that specific position was given to this black man they literally skip the whole issue and just say oh is just one of the dudes and you know you had a good voice and end of story just watch this it's horrific.

first I will talk about the story of God which is with my favorite black actor Morgan Freeman, a man who is free indeed and his voice is so unique I certainly want him to climb the block house and call the prayer and tell me how it would feel like it anyway let's look at what he's done.

Quick feedback to Google I was unable to find a button to share so when they click on that they will go and be asked for payment which is sad because we already have YouTube premium and this is something that should be included so hopefully you will learn from Netflix.

You listen to this you feel like crying tears of blood because the greatest inheritance left for humanity to connect to the heavens is dreams and this tells the story of that inheritance end it tails that connection that was established between prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and this slave that everyone is ignoring the black man who stood on top of the block House.

They have the White House Black people have the black house okay it's that simple.

Unfortunately those people who tell stories tell stories from their own perspective to continued racism and to put the black man down if you watch this story to the call of prayer they just make it seem like it was nothing but a slave you didn't even have a shirt on and they told him to just go up there you got a sweet voice you know what I'm saying check this out.

I want to make it clear that this entire movie has to be redone those people who made it they didn't have the black perspective this man was a free man by the time he came to the city he didn't have to work for nobody he did whatever he wanted and he had his salary coming from my beloved prophet peace be upon him because they develop an intimate relationship and he lived as a free man until he passed away. There's a sense Anna and greatness because he wasn't just calling for prayers he was also the ones who was leading the battlefields and announcing the message or commands of my beloved prophet so he was everywhere and he was visible and he was dressed in their best clothes and he had the best poetry you cannot believe what damage they've done so I have a quick highlight of that unfortunate movie that was made and if you hear how they made it you're not going to believe it there was a white man was wearing shorts sweating like a pig holding the camera on top of the camel pretending to be my beloved prophet peace be upon him.

you heard me right if you go behind the scenes you will see it is a white man holding that camera and they're looking at that camera you think of that caulking to the beloved prophet peace be upon him but it's some white dude unbelievable they couldn't choose a black man to hold a camera.

He is the highlight of the movie that should have never been made, but because they made it now it has to be done right I have work to do.

the only thing they got right is how he was dressed during battle because he really looks like a true king which he was under my beloved prophet peace be upon him he was an intimate companion who was close to him more than anyone.

At least I got the trailer right but I know there's going to be some chicken wings in my movie if you know what I'm saying.

you must be wondering what this movie all about I'm talking about so I found it Wikipedia and with my Google Assistant it was very easy to find everything I just have to ask it what was this movie about and it gave me all my information thank you Google Assistant.

Now back to the Renaissance that's about to happen in Atlanta with our mayor Keisha and the NCAA AP leader Derek.

first we're going to address the mayor of Atlanta Keisha we won the Superbowl and it wasn't some kind of coincidence the Lord was guiding the city and he put the first black woman mayor who has brought fortune and greatness to the city and now we are going to do the same thing for the city itself so we can get to our super bowl starting now.

First under the leadership of the NAACP Derek we're definitely going to be announcing plans to eliminate racism Justice and making sure we honor loyalty especially the first African American Royal and I'm hoping Derek will be making this announcement here at Atlanta.

obviously all of this is an effort to honor the city of Atlanta and also look back to its history and begin to honor the journey that we have all taken of different faith that has brought us to the understanding of the movement of nonviolence has Martin Luther King said it is no longer a choice, my friends, between violence and nonviolence.
It is I the non-violence or non-existence.

So Derek I'm hoping that work on that ideas that we talked about so that the Muslim community can get that opportunity to find its way to continue the legacy peace and unity that was cut short on the brother Malcolm x where he was working in the United Nations to deal with issues that affected the United States and the Muslim world.

but first we have to put the city of Atlanta and the mayor of Atlanta to put the Superbowl plan of making our city the number one prosper city in the world by making sure we have new residence and this black king calls  Atlanta home which is part of the program.

this will require Atlanta to deal with a prison problem and with the homeless problem because we're going to eliminate homelessness from Georgia itself and being a person who has worked with private corporations as a correctional officer I can see those connections that is going to work for Atlanta that we're going to remove every single homeless person and give them the opportunity to help themselves or they can choose to go to another state where they can do whatever they want.

My policy is that Atlanta Georgia is more than happy to help with anyone with housing, medical needs such as mental health and so forth but they're going to be housed in a specific area that will deal with all this issue simply put I'm going to share that plan right now.

I have worked for these people and asking the challenges that they deal with and the jobs that they have created and yes they are for profit company but that does not mean we cannot have our own laws that verifies that the dignity and standard of human beings is being met so I really want the mayor of Atlanta to take a closer look at corecivic

I want to make it very clear we're not going to build jails that is not my goal we have enough jails we need to empty those jails but we have to have a unique approach of letting the people of the Lord work with corporations so that people go there for rehabilitation not to be punished.

Simply put Atlanta Georgia has to be like California and we have to lead the laws in regards to what it means to be incarcerated when we have a goal of rehabilitation from day one and I want to make it very clear what all this means. It means better facilities, it means better trained staff. I need means that big compromises will be made by the state in regards to how we view incarceration and how we are going to lead the way by having discussions about how we can mirror what's happening in Europe so that we can have that as a standard.

I want to make it clear that we're not Germans or Europeans were people of different races and we have a different way of looking at things that we have to make an adjustment not to live in Fantasyland but the standard of competing and comparing ourselves to such a standard is a worthy and Noble goal of making prison in a place of rehabilitation I did not a place of incarceration and punishment.

I've already discussed about people who don't need to be arrested and we'll go to rehabilitation areas where they will not receive a record or a report or anything on their record because they're human. Human beings do get angry, even beans do do stupid stuff and just because they were put in handcuffs by police and they were taken to a facility where they can be observed closely and a decision can be reached by a panel of experts does not mean that they need to have a record of any kind because we need to make room for the human being to be human.

This means we have to control what it means to be arrested some people are going to be out of control because of psychological issues or they have a divorce or they lost somebody issues happen but the fact that they were transported to our place of observation and were given the opportunity to bring themselves back and dig out of themselves and to live without the record or anybody knowing is one of my goals to making sure those who are already on the clear side are protected.

so what I'm saying is that the power to arrest itself will change nobody's going to be arrested any more we already have the Apple watch people can be sent an arrest warrant over there watching and they can be arrested by tapping their watch where we can see their location and so forth we can also monitor their heart rate sending it to the doctor so he doesn't Spike so when it comes to arresting people or sending them to any person, I think that the solution is not to do any of that we can use technology to minimize this interaction between law enforcement and how those enforcement are carried out by utilizing technology.

this means you will never see anybody put their hands on anyone at any time for any reason that is my mission statement in regarding to this idea of working with the prison system if we can stop people from being arrested in the first place nobody is going to be running from the police because they know they're not going to jail jail does not exist anymore.

It is those people who are untrained and have not been properly given the opportunity to learn what verbal directive is all about that shoot people and take lives unnecessary so I have seen the sheriff department and other law enforcement communities who have produced a timeline of training and gaining experience through correctional facilities that will make your enforcement officers work less make more I'm not arrest anybody.

the law enforcement community is not interested in destroying our lives if we give them the power to do their jobs and make sure they make a lot of money, work less and they left alone we're not going to see any arrest or tickets or any problems on the fabric of our community and all we have to do is have honest and open discussions with them I don't know what problems will go away this is a solemn promise I make with you because I have worked with them tirelessly and they know exactly what I'm talking about.

That is the kind of effort we're going to need for us to make sure we are ahead and regards to being those who sent the trends just like California does.

We are also going to need investments in regards to Atlanta from the Muslim World in general especially from the country of Qatar and we would like to see American football being held there and this is a country that has without a doubt play the PV total role in making sure democracy and democratic ideals are spread in the Arab world and the consequences of them being a leader in this field has certainly left them with a bitter taste bud with black leadership I believe that we can make sure that we all know that City and we get the investment in regards to them coming to Atlanta especially when they're willing to honor the blessed family peace be upon them.

I want the mayor of Atlanta to acquaint herself with Qatar because I plan on having the museum of Malcolm x and some of the museum of Martin Luther King to be moved around in that specific country so that we can appreciate what they have done in regards to promoting democracy and paying the price for it.

my message to the government of guitar is it is important that the blessed family peace be upon them is given their opportunity to make sure the house of wisdom in Baghdad is restored to its former glory without interfering with your neighbors political future which is Saudi Arabia which I have made clear that they need to sort out their own issues and we are not getting involved in anything that has to do with Saudi Arabia just wish him the best.

But when it comes to Baghdad we have a favor to return to the blessed family peace be upon them and we literally have someone whose name shakes the Earth in regard Iraq peninsula which is King Hussein and I want the Qatar government to do the same in regards to what the United States did in giving him the highest honor he is an example.

I'm going to consider this the Malcolm x legacy before he went to the United Nations and he was going to work on Muslims finding a way forward in regards to working with the United Nation so that the Muslims can find a way forward and resolve the issues and also deal with the issues of color in the United States and I really want to replay his final speech so that people can really understand that his journey and vision was cut short and must be honored.

I'm actually going to put him being honored by zaytuna college instead of my last video so that he can be honored in a way that you would love.

Martin Luther King and brother Malcolm x on the same journey of bringing Justice and equality to the world that's why when I look at them both they might have taken different roads but in the end they were nearing their peak of really bring peace to this world and they were cut down short I believe that Martin Luther King would have been president and Malcolm x would have been vice president and that would have been the change America needed and fortunately that did not happen anyway I have another beautiful for Martin Luther King which is about one letter that's not talked about much where if he had sneezed then he would have not lived but the owner of the universe make sure he delivered his message and his work would live on simply because he was too great to be cut down by any racist and his message will never die or falter and it will continue to inspire millions of people around the globe.

So the NAACP we be getting involved in international affairs giving our opinions and if we need to revisit the Niagara movement to relaunch our efforts in making sure international diplomacy does find a way to make sure government integrate their races and to treat people equally because we have two kings that we can share with them and that is all. I do want to in an NAACP to look into the blockade that it was put in Qatar and what is a strategy in regards to how we can make sure that this comes to an end.

I want the government of Qatar to understand my stand of the brotherhood is for them to become business Leaders and to give us the opportunity to eradicate radicalization and using the religion of Islam as a tool to misinterpret the religion So guitar was going to play an important role in making sure the brotherhood in general get a chance to be smart businessmen and women who are respected international community but will they will just have to give politics a break or go through a rehabilitation program and I am hoping that the emir of Qatar will continue to pay attention to my blog because I am not among those who is engaged in hiding my ideas so I will continue to communicate with you on my blog and we hope that you will be that bridge we need to launch the house of Baghdad.

I want to play this quick video so the emir of Qatar understands that building the house of wisdom in this century will require us to bring the fourth industrial revolution but it is good to look back on why the house of back deck was blessed because of the blessed family peace be upon them who need to play the role and Arab leaders have indeed shown that they're outside the cave I'm not inside the cave with the prophet peace be upon him because in order to be inside the cave you have to be intimate friend who gives up everything.

Atlanta has just completed the super bowl and have won the Super Bowl and we wanted to replicate an opportunity for Atlanta or the NFL in general to get a chance to do two super bowls won in the United States where the winner gets all but the second one to be the world's super bowl where they do it on the world stage so they will be to trophies they get paid twice and this is an idea that was inspired by the mayor of Atlanta because Atlanta wants to prove itself to get another super bowl win in this new beautiful city of Qatar.

I just got corrected by my assistant because I have an addiction problem with Super Bowl and NFL in general I have to quit so as an addict would love to support too much I had to stop watching it so I'm aware when it's happening but I completely forget cuz I have so much funding in my mind so this means that they need to be a replay because Atlanta should get a replay of the super bowl and the fans can vote for this game to be played out in Qatar I think that's a very good idea and this is going to happen.

I can bring myself to play that game between the Atlanta Falcons and the Patriots because that didn't happen in my mind we need a repeat so I'm just going to pretend it was a draw and we're going to look forward to playing them in Qatar

But just to rub the lucky in brotherly love we really want people to understand sports is a way to put people's hearts together and what it takes to be a winner Is Love and that love has to be respected regardless of where it chooses to reside if it's the flag of the United States, or anything people hold dear this is my message to those people who've been messing around we need to respect love in the hearts of people know the story of  brotherly Love is indeed a story worth watching to prepare us to get that replay on international standards where all those people who we feel that they should have won the Superbowl or they had a better record get a chance to replay the super bowl again instead of having regular matches we can have a one month play off in Qatar and The winner takes it All.

Now that we have the world stage is going to be an opportunity for those who are Masters and have been blessed to initiate the circle who are black and have descendants will have been leading people for the weight of God to be on display for the world with their beautiful chanting and movement of rhythm in remembrance of God.

I want to go back to what the house of Baghdad's means in this century in regards to copying Asian Giants and this is a message to the King of Jordan and I need to make sure that Google sister knows who he is King Abdullah II of Jordan

It's very important that we understand the reason the House of wisdom was blessed this because of the family of prophet Muhammad peace be upon them they have a role in the blessing and if we look at any other effort into making this world a better place we're not going to find those characteristics that I keep describing that I am boarded because the Bliss family peace be upon them work together indianola Church of states and also in the religion meaning that they work hand-in-hand and they know how to sort themselves out so that you lick the religious people doing with the religion and you also let those who are good in politics deal with politics this is why King Hussein has to be highlighted in this coming century so that we understand we're both on the same page we want to replicate success not failure.

I haven't seen this documentary yet so I'm playing a real gamble here but I believe with the King of Jordan did with protecting the Jewish people and establishing peace in the Middle East should be recognized and this is going to be a real challenge for the Iranian government because they always talk about how they love the blessed family and how everything that they're based on is to support the blessed family well this is going to be the test of the century.

We're going to ask the Iranian government to back away from the state of Iraq and we're going to work with the United States and the King of Jordan to begin to re-establish the House of Wisdom in Baghdad because it's really in disarray and how things are is acceptable because we had the birth of the cold hearted evil people who are in The Game of Thrones if you know what I'm saying mr. Big Daddy himself.

I didn't think they had the HBO show wrong because it was supposed to say summer is coming not winter especially in the Arabian peninsula they would have seen Mr bag daddy and his ISIS group do what they have done so it's going to be very important that the Muslim World in general understands that summer is coming to Baghdad and we're going to have the opportunity to engage in a massive reconstruction of infrastructure and many other things and that is what I want to discuss.

Singapore is an example of what I want to do in regards to most of the Arab peninsula so that we can have clean and good housing and economies that are vibrant without delaying because if we work together we can accomplish The impossible starting with Atlanta and then working our way out.

so there is much to discuss but I'll be focusing in Atlanta in regards to housing which has been a problem and especially assistance of helping people who are helping themselves.

My goal for Atlanta is to help people who want to help themselves meaning that you are working and you're going to continue to work and we don't believe in any free lunches. As a matter of fact, I'm going to be very strict with the state of Atlanta if you can help yourself we're going to help you out of the state is that simple because we want citizens who are willing to do what needs to be done and not be freeloaders in any way form or shape.

When we start with such strict standards and we made sure that everything is just like Bitcoin in regard to distribution and identification of people who are trying to ask for benefits we're not going to have us any problem with it because we are certainly going to investigate anybody who's taking advantage of the system because anybody can look as to who's taking what and why are they taking that assistant when there's many jobs available the big can provide for themselves in order to help themselves so that we are able to help them.

I'm taking the distribution of any kind of program food stamp, housing, and everything in between I have noticed that if we really put a serious effort in training and meeting the expenses of making sure people go through a specific skill job training they're not going to need any help they would work and they will be self-sufficient this is something that I've noticed especially from the black community if they were given the opportunity to be successful they never look back and I've witnessed in the trucking industry and those are going to be Joe programs that I already available that will not cost a single dime from taxpayers in Atlanta.

I don't want people to be thinking that there's not going to be any accounting as a matter of fact I think I counting is the only way forward with transparency and accounting for every dollar for the entire city, so when we talk about transparency we're going to be seeing reporting of accounting to algorithms in ways you can imagine I want to give you an example of what I'm talking about, so that's why understanding it's about checks and balances and accounting for every single penny that is the way forward I have a beautiful video that I want the mayor of Atlanta to See

So this brings us back to the fourth industrial revolution which is all about checks and balances in accounting this means that we're going to be raising certain incomes for those people who will be doing a great job so that they don't need to be dipping into the pot and I think they call it double dipping their many organization in Atlanta that require certain budget to operate to bring in business and that is the architecture that I need to discuss so that one's this system is in place, nobody should be complaining about money because you were told to submit your budget and how you plan to spend the money before money was issued to you in the first place.

Money is the source of all corruption if it's not accounted for and if it's not transparent nothing will ever work especially the fourth industrial revolution so I have big plans for Atlanta as we begin to look at what does it mean to have buses that run on time and are driven by artificial intelligence. Or taxis that are automated that take people from the airport and drop them out their houses.

What does it mean when we can ship all the goods that are coming from Atlanta overnight to different countries because we have embraced the blockchain just like businesses and we are holding individuals accountable, States accountable starting with Atlanta and once we're done with our experimenting of lunch in the fourth industrial revolution then we are really going to be opening the door to success for the rest of the world because everything starts here in Atlanta.

we have to look at countries that have no resources and I've been able to do the impossible Singapore has a great example and we're going to be studying this small City and we're really going to be implementing what we learned by traveling to this country with the mayor of Atlanta and the head of the NAACP Derek.

This does not mean that we're going to leave healthcare behind because everything is tied and if Americans know anything it's that they know what it means to have a playbook and in the NFL we have learned that especially if you're a play caller you take whatever plays that's working out there and you make your own play and we are going to tackle this from that perspective so this following video really challenges healthcare as we know it.

I guess there's not going to be much end because where did it come to this to a black man who stood on top of the black house because it contains the Blackstone under people are trying to figure out what is black matter or even a better word dark matter so Injustice is not something that should be accepted it and the owner of the universe has made it very clear in regards to racism and bigotry is a disease of the heart none of this stuff we talked about we never come to forwishen until we as human beings come to the simple conclusion that we are spiritual beings not just made of matter.

we are people who have souls and the souls have been roaming in the universe that I am unaware of but I know people who know this stuff because I watch a lot of YouTube so I think it's appropriate that I end this with a Sufi meditation center my spiritual place so that we are all on the same page that every human being should inspect themselves look in the mirror and you will see something looking back and you would understand that you have been infused just like a smoothie with a different colors and different tastes at smoothie King or yes I'm making a commercial their smoothies very delicious.

So my advice is go to smoothie King and rule for the day I don't know how to check out Sufi meditation while you're enjoying your 🥤 smoothie.

So please check out Sufi meditation center where you're going to be asked to breathe, meditate, learn, grow, pray, connect, magnetized, transcend.

Inheritance of the prophet peace be upon him dream interpretation and what has been left for humanity to benefit from the heavens to drink from the springs of the circles and to talk about the story of a black man who reach this height that is yet to be seen that is open letter will continue to be dedicated to him to go through his spiritual journey that created this intimate discourse between him and the owner of the universe because of this intimate friendship with the beloved prophet peace be upon him.

I'm going to be honest I just watching this and I got the tools to meditate I'm among those whose hearts are closed and is trying to connect just like a modem I feel like my heart is just like AOL 

It's going to be a long journey but if you watch the soothing meditation center you certainly should have a master and everybody knows my master I'm looking for a slippers anyway we're going to be continuing with our blog it doesn't seem to want to end.

The spiritual journey of a black man and how did that black man who stood on the black house that contains the Blackstone and was the king of all Kings not remembered and this relationship not admired between him and prophet Muhammad peace be upon him it is the right of every black woman, man, child to appreciate the story of such incredible triumph.

We're going to continue to highlight and celebrate the story until our children regardless of their race or Creed or no matter where they are if they are black would recognize this relationship of love and honor where a man was a slave and was humiliated but through this relationship with a blessed family peace be upon him wasn't just elevated or made a master it was much bigger than that many people are unaware of the owner of the universe and what gifts are awaiting the human being because everything we do and say is from humanness and regarding eating, drinking, wearing clothes, mighty which is just like dressing up an animal but the secret is inside so hopefully we will go deeper and begin to unveil many other benefits.

So we'll see you in the next page which will be about spiritual triumph of the black man through the relationship of the blessed family peace be upon them for those who choose to bring good manners and keep their tongue away.

waalaikumsalam warahmatullahi wbarakatu
May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you all

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