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Donald Trump is an asset to the USA if he's willing to be part of the game plan to use his personality and is unique powers to change the world.

I want the world to remember me as a man was able to see the other side of the coin and a man who was able to turn the page with no one could.

The lord of the heavens and earth has blessed me with opportunity to withhold my emotions and understand that he's the one who works through the spirits of the people and what that means is completely mysterious and I do not wish to explain.

What I am saying is that if you step back and ask yourself simple questions such as how and why did Donald Trump become president and I want to give that different perspective as to why he can be an asset.

First I want to start with the why question which is God is the one who chose him and put him in the White House despite us human beings putting up a fight and yes I put up the biggest fight I wanted to vote for Hillary I was excited about her presidency the first woman I was drinking the Kool-Aid after all the president and said many things about Muslims that made him allergic.

After falling into tears I remember that God is the one who moves everything and everyone and he's the one who closes the door and opens the door to anyone he pleases and he's the only one who understands the wisdom of why Donald Trump was chosen president.

I went back and I thought about it very carefully and I came to the conclusion that he's the right time for a very short  period of time because he has the right skill set to do so anything no one else can which I will explain with the how.

This President is not just a maniac but he's the crazy man we need not only to bully but to shame countries who need to be put in their place we need a diabolical individual who is ruthless and also knows how to be ruthless in business to choke the life out of our competitors.

The fact that he's merciless and he refuses to pay the Drapers who helped him and he knows how to cheat and he knows how to be disruptive and assault people makes him a prime candidate for what I want him to do which I will explain.

We're going to start with China China has not on the stolen or technology but they have also maintained their communist ideology they have also extended unlimited terms for their leader which means he's making everybody to Celeste just like President Putin when you make people toothless they will not be able to bite you and they will not be able to hold you accountable and you can do whatever you want which is more dangerous than nuclear weapons.

If we allow the president of China to continue in this path and to eliminate all rivals this means that he can wake up in any mood at any time and say you know what I feel like committing suicide around the world and I'm just going to go ahead and launch nuclear weapons around the world who is going to stop him and who is going to question him and who is going to hold him accountable that is nobody because we were sitting here watching him knock the tooth out of everybody around him and no one could bite back.

I hope I have made my point any man who tries to eliminate competition from his country is just sitting up himself or herself to be at odds with democracy we as a country cannot sit back and wait for China to attack its neighbors and also to launch all out of salt on all over the world they have started with the China seas and this video really is eye-opener for all of us as Americans because we have never been in such danger because we have let the mouse come on over to our border and eat as much as they want and copy everything.

Unfortunately, the mouse has turned to an elephant and its trying to go through the same hole and absolutely is not working we can all see the China is now a superpower and for the president of China to knock the teeth out of the competition is dangerous to the world no one can hold them accountable this means we are back to square one after so many years of progress we are here afraid for our lives because of the Chinese president.

I say this because I watch this video and I saw this assault on China Sea by the Chinese government building islands and beginning The Assault on the world and I predict the millions of people will be killed and lest we unleash the full potential of Donald Trump on this country starting with tariffs and sending them to The Pourhouse if they choose to do so.

The same goes for Russia we have to let him know that knocking the teeth out of your competition so that they cannot talk back to you and you have no competition in the country has caused the Russia everything the fact that the Russian government could not stand up to George Bush and tell him he's a piece of s*** tells you that President wouldn't make sure everybody had no teeth in that country.

The secret to democracy is having opposition Powers who keep each other in check constitutional Court's and separation of powers put together if any country moves away from freedom of law an expression and separation of powers they are threat to every single country around the world and we are at Beacon of democracy and we will not sit back and watch any country engage in such behavior that will come and harm us in our own living rooms or offices like 911.

The stakes are high and I have Turn the Page to Donald Trump and I've looked at him very careful and I have analyzed all his skill set and his skill set match what we need and fortunately he's not willing to be part of the game plan he's not willing to Channel all his skills in a way that will be fruitful for America. We want him to be a maniac we want him to be crazy and we want people to fear him like a lion unfortunately he chooses to bail out like a coward every time.

He we had China on the ropes and what did he do he go it went there and did a u-turn giving the Chinese false confidence fortunately everybody knows he's a Madman he just needs to say what needs to be said on foreign lands so he can get out of there safely.

I really want you to watch this video because it painted the picture of the scenario of not having separation of powers of the scenario that we will be back to square one this is the moment we buy China and we hold them accountable we asked them to do what's necessary to make sure that there are people who can hold the president accountable we are not going to let the world and because we cannot turn the page and connect the patterns I will make it everybody wake up it's time to take a tough stance on China.

Please watch this beautiful video from Vice that woke me up.

I want to make it very clear to the Chinese government in the Chinese people in America we have teeth we can bite and we can criticize and we can see what is on our mind without being disrespectful I say what I say because I'm in peace and I mean wisdom and if the president of China is willing to listen and willing to make sure that the world does not come to an end because he has eliminated all competition then that is very wise or the opposite will happen either way my blog will never be censored it is a beacon of Freedom around the globe.

So as Americans we have to hold ourselves accountable to a higher standard and we have to make sure that the future turns out to be safe and prosperous for the entire planet Earth the United States of America has a responsibility to play this role to Perfection to make sure Freedom brings everywhere to make sure a separation of powers and courts are the standard in every country.

I predict human violation rights are going to be taking place in China and we're going to be watching in horror their plan to go ahead and destroy the United States has been full effect for very long time we have to utilize the Donald Trump unique skill set to be a complete monster and to bring results and I think this trade war that China has just fallen into is a step into its destruction.

It's a matter of time before China takes a bull steps and begins to go to its neighbor that it's been lasting over to take it back by force and we will be watching in horror and they're going to do many other things that we cannot stop them because they have the military and they have for in relationship and foreign interests and everybody's going to turn their back on us.

We don't have a choice it's either we sit back and we lose everything including being the superpower of the world or we hit back hard and we make every single American company make sure their supply chain is chained to the United States or any other country effective immediately we can cause a shock that is very big that will send the Chinese back willing and the power of the United States will be restored forever.

The consequences of sitting back and not taking on this trade war is the answer heating of the power of the United States it is the destruction of the United States literally and the violation of Human Rights will follow closely this is a calculated attempt to begin something that is going to happen sooner or later so we might as well get started with this.

I just want to make it very clear that I still have all my teeth LOL and that is why I am speaking the way I am like a lion without a single fear in my body and I can speak my mind and talk about the future and talk about Americans dominance in the coming years because I want to make sure we remain is a superpower because we are the only ones who can do the job because we're the only ones who have separation of powers and we can impeach presidents and we can remove politicians from their place of power.

Ultimately I pray to God that my intentions are well placed that my idea is to save millions of life and also to make sure that we understand the consequences of not acting and freezing if we choose not to act it would be the biggest regret we've ever made and our chances of success will be sodium that it will be so painful to get that W in the end we're going to pay the ultimate price and this could include a nuclear attack which is an think about but if you really think about it they have stolen nuclear secrets and now they have the power to use it what else are we waiting for to die a horrible death?

It is the best interest that people take me too seriously because I always look at the two sides of the coin self-interest and self-preservation it is in our best interest to make sure China is part of the democratic process of the world where they can hold each other accountable and self-preservation meaning we do not die a horrible death because of a inactiveness of thinking ahead of time and taking precautionary measures.

If we fail to do this let's not just say that we did not have their butt debate in this open Society of hours reminding people around the globe the United States is the most powerful country because everyone can speak their mind and everyone can see what needs to be said that is not the same for every other country which they have done their job to make sure people are silence and therefore they will never be a superpower in anything as long as you suppress the human being speech and freedoms you will always be a third world country.

So I hope that you UK understands the threat and joins the European Union back by holding another vote and also paying off all the loans to Chinese I've given to Europeans because the threat is too great to be ignored and we have a president who have the skill-set to get things done yes he is very weak and he is very selfish and he is very self-centered and he only cares about themselves and he chooses to attack companies like Amazon.

We don't have a choice we have to work with what we got and we have to work on him until he redirects is energy and his efforts to benefit the United States of America this is my intention to make sure I take advantage of What the Lord Has put before me as far as I'm concerned he's put a man who's been in business and he knows all the dirty tricks and all kind of unexplainable despicable strategies that he can utilize to make sure the United States remains number one.

I want to make it very clear that I love China and if I did not love China I would not talk so frankly because I want China to be prosperous I want China to be a superpower I want China to be the greatest country in the world unfortunately no one is going to tell China that this is in your best interest to create separation of powers and courts and hold each other accountable if they fail to do this then China will go back to the pool house and China will lose all its dreams and all its wealth because the human beans instinct to survive is very great.

Every single country feels threatened by the Chinese philosophy of eliminating competition and secretly building a dictatorship that resembles the Old Guard this is a new chapter in the history books and I'm one of the few people who can look at history and look at the future and call it like it is and I want to make it very clear that I love China and I've made it very clear on the internet that I love China very much and I love the Chinese president as well.

I came up with the term China first four African countries protecting China's interest protecting China's deals with African countries because they came first they invested first so I want to build that relationship between China and Africa and around the world so Chinese interests can be protected because the Chinese people are going to need land they're going to need water they're going to need food that is the future.

So you can say I'm the greatest lover China's ever seen I'm restoring balance and I am making them all Healthy and Wealthy and I am helping them take advantage of the greatest opportunity Africa has to offer and they would have unlimited food unlimited resources and they will live happily ever after.

If China wishes to do this then they will listen to different perspective they will lift the firewall and there you will give American businesses equal footing into their country the time for jokes is over either China will adopt to the noodles and play fair or we will make painful adjustments and painful Cuts Like cutting your own limbs which is not fun but it needs to be done.

I'd rather limp and live a long healthy life then be wiped out by some kind of nuclear disaster Americans have to make this choice and I'm talkin to American businesses it's going to feel like jigsaw cutting your foot on your hand off your body and you might even bleed to death but trust me you're going to live a long healthy quarterly earnings but there's nothing easy about this.

Investors do not want to lose their profits they do not want to be penalized and lose money but our priorities as a superpower precedes I call this the eminent domain Factor where we have to seize the moment we have this window of opportunity with China we go unnoticed and eventually they will put the tariffs anyway and we will not be having this conversation but by that time it will be too late too little.

So I just want to give a different perspective that is very unique that we need to think about everything I've said is that after he doesn't mean anybody needs to do it I am just feeling creative today and I'm riding in a country that is free and I can share my thoughts that is the intention of this writing I just decided to write something creative that's been on my mind I don't wish harm for any country or anyone but this needs to be looked at from upside down we had a free society and we can share ideas and we can speak about the future so that we can all live in peace.

So I went to live in peace and I believe to live in peace in the past and in the future will require asked to look in the past and predict the future and take necessary steps to ensure a future of prosperity and democracy around the globe that is my ultimate goal is to have peace and prosperity around the world and if that's going to happen we have to take strategic steps to make sure that we use the stick or extend a hand to people who are doing what is right and not tolerate anything that will bring destruction to the world.

Thank you for reading this God bless you all and I hope you found this invigorating and made you turn the page thank you for reading God bless.

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