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Open letter to Jeff Bezos.

I love looking into the future and trying to take a shot in the dark and hopefully I'll be proven right for my efforts because the more I try to fail and and the more resourceful I tried to get the more exciting the journey personally I have loved every step so this letter is just a continuation of that resourcefulness.

For those who do not know Jeff Bezos and I won't blame you because it looks like the guy in at school where you can take his lunch money and he won't be complaining LOL which makes him the ultimate hero because when you look at Jeff Bezos you don't see a Steve Jobs or Einstein or anything like that you see someone who's normal and you get a sense of I can also do this to which is a big compliment to Jeff Bezos as a human being.

So I want to introduce Jeff Bezos to the world and Beautiful video he made with his brother and it really puts emphasis on parents who are creative. If you don't parent and you make your children creative and resourceful and you build them up the where they will apply the lessons that you give them could change the world.

So the story of Jeff Bezos is a story of parents are people who play that role and help kids to be resourceful and this is something that America needs right now regardless of race because you need to be there for your kids and if you cannot be there at least make sure that they go to people who are creative and resourceful and they can help them gain skills that they can apply into the future.

Without further Ado I introduced this video because I hope the world learn something and when you look at your kids understand that the lessons that you teach them could take them a long way more than you can ever imagine and the story of Jeff Bezos is a simple as that please watch this video.

I hope that video gave you what success is all about which is being resourceful as a parent and just creating a sense of Wonder and Imagination so that those lessons help your kids to challenge the world and go on to bring change that will touch Millions.

Now I want to turn the chapter and do something very resourceful LOL I'm sure Jeff knew this was coming LOL.

The future is going to be about words why a lot of people are chosen video I believe words have a unique way of communicating with a human being so that you can get on the same page and what you're trying to say.

So I am hoping to start a change of people telling stories about the industries that they're in and what they think those Industries are doing it right and also are doing wrong and what they believe can bring about change within their own Industries.

So it doesn't matter if someone is up dentist, or a doctor, or a musician, or even someone like me who's in the trucking industry what matters is that we try something very resourceful by telling a story and hopefully that we have a chain reaction and before you know it we will be in the future and everything will just work out.

So I choose to tell the story of the Tucker industry from unique perspectives of a driver who's been through the industry for 2 years but has a little bit of a tech background and a love for technology and startups so my perspective is completely different from all the other people on the road.

My story always starts with an analogy and I love movies so we're going to start there and a movie which I have really looked into and the researched and I came up with this movie because it really defines what I'm trying to do to this Trucking industry.

On the movie is Moneyball.

This is about the American dream and the American dream can be summarized by the people who take on the open road because they have Open Hearts and open minds and if you break down you would always find a truck driver pulling over and helping you out or calling the police and you'll be have and making sure you are safe.

The American truck driver is not just a hero Legend they stop human trafficking from happening and I wanted to take this opportunity to remind the American people what the American truck driver has done in regards to human trafficking.

So I want to thank truck drivers in general for their contribution is stopping human trafficking and many other things that we do on the road as act of kindness that there is no way to describe. There's many times where I've been stranded on a truck driver comes out of nowhere and helps me out and they don't even need a thank-you and they're gone so I just want to pray to God that he bless us all of them with a good healthy life and bless their family with a long healthy life as well.

So  I also I want to take this opportunity to thank my fellow truck drivers who are not just Heroes but they have resembled the spirit of America because they are the ones who make sure people can go to a supermarket and find everything they need on a Shelf.

Many people are unaware of the infrastructure and the distribution centers that have to work behind the scenes to just Supply a single store. While many people might think this is just a shelf but if you step back and you say there are hundreds and thousands of millions of shelves and their so many stores that consumers are always emptying the shelves and those shelves have to be updated then it gives you a magnitude of the umbrella or a network of warehouses and trucks and computers just to supply that simple set shelf so one I hope to do a video on what it means to take something off the shelf and what are the environmental consequences of not understanding how it got to the Shelf of your local store.

Anyway I want to get back to this idea I have so that I can be an example for everybody else and they can think creatively they can copy and do the same.

Like I said it doesn't matter what Industrial in but we need you to tell us a story and you can follow my steps by finding a CEO like Jeff Bezos or Sundar pichai of Google and tell the same story.

I'll go by my nickname as always, Arizona and I hope I have captured the imagination and I have put both of my hands on this imaginary steering wheel and I hope you have been reading knowing that I have been steering you like a driver and now we are a point where we about to make a turn and I will tell you my story as a truck driver.

I will tell it with highlights so that if I ever get a chance I'll probably write the book but for now highlights will do.

Just like any American it came down to making a living and I was burned out as a correctional officer and I did not want to do that anymore and I did graduate in real estate and economics and commissions and being stuck behind a job doing an accounting or working for this statistic Department of one of the government offices was not part of my appetite anymore.

I also had been in the country for too long and I have not explored the country and I also wanted to get paid because I became a Uber driver and I decided to visit some of my relatives after I I had completed my career oriented training which means being tied to a job for too long LOL.

I got the idea from Uber because when I was in the Bay Area I was getting paid every time I saw a new place and I would never leave and go explore as a tourist I will let you Burke take me there and I went across the Golden Bridge while I was getting paid I went through Apple headquarters and Google headquarters while I was getting paid so it was much fun and it was much natural for me to pick Trucking industry to make a living and get paid and get to see the country inside out.

So just like Moneyball I found the school I enrolled and and it has an American ….. name which I don't want to reveal because I hope to buy that school because it went out of business.

Anyway just like Moneyball recruiters came to my school and you can say that they brought pizza they bought everything that you can imagine and when I graduated I did my research and I went to the company that would pay me the most.

It turned out to be a complete nightmare I found out first-hand that drivers were like cattle and I'm not making this up. If you ever seen a cowboy bring cattle together and put them in a bus and transport them from one area to another and then take them through to put them through the water where they go through to be disinfected and then they go to the slaughterhouse and somehow someway you know the rest it's not pretty.

I use this analogy to describe what is real and that is literally what happened. You have companies that are owned by small families and those families happened to deliver Freight and Freight pays very well. So this means that they have the opportunity to take one truck and buy a few more and you can tell money starts rolling in and before you know it the mom and pops truck is now a corporation.

The entire Trucking industry can be summarized from that perspective that they keep family relations very close. So let's just say that there's a lot of friction in regards to race and in regards to many things that makes the entire organization an industry a complete friction that has been a nightmare because it's Foundation expanded from people who are not culturally diverse.

I will share a quick story. I went to my first company and I was put in a boss just like the rest of them and I was only giving a few minutes to park and I was segregated and thrown into some apartment and fortunately I was told I was very lucky because they gave me a bus ticket to come back and I can tell you I was devastated.

I went from thinking I had graduated and I hadn't did my research to just hoping anybody would take me and I definitely fell for the first company that told me that they're not going to give me all this big test and because I was knew that would put me on the road and I joined a company which I wish not to mention because they're doing a lot of good but at the same time I will say that they're known for the roach motel LOL.

So I found my trainer and I started driving with him and I could see tears that were just falling and he's a grown big black man so it's not everyday you get to see a black man's holding back a river and you can tell he's in pain.

So I told him I am a man of the Lord and my religion is Islam and crying is what the Lord put us for in this world so don't hold back your tears let them flow and I will not judge you.

I did regret saying that because he got very hysterical and started crying and just crying which made me remain silent and follow the teaching of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him because in his circles crying was something that was accepted and a human being and what is going on with in his or her spiritual heart is between them and the Lord and you do not judge people who are crying it is just part of life and it is a sense of Honor that the human being is finally letting them experience what is going on through them or what they are going through at that moment in time.

So I asked him to please explain what has happened and he told me that the truck is like a house if you stay in this industry long enough and you get a truck and you put your family pictures, and you put your sports team and memorabilia and many other things and you drive for more than 5 years old 6 and then you take a vacation for two or three weeks maximum.

And then you come back and some white guy tells you I cleaned out your truck all your stuff is in that dumpster over there and unfortunately it rained so you need to dig your stuff out of the trash.

And he said that they did all of that because he was 2 hours late because truck drivers take Greyhound and if you haven't taken Greyhound you'd have not had the real experience of America LOL.

So he was explaining to me he had rare marriage photos and rare photos of his parents that he did not have a copy and they were destroyed and I told him why didn't you quit why didn't you just leave and he looked at me and said your new but you'll understand very soon because it's called fixed expenses.

I have a family and I have rent that is due and I do not want to start over and just because my company is full of racism under there doing this because the corporate culture has no way of communicating within its own ecosystem so the people who have a higher position tend to abuse their position and it rolls down from there which is the main problem so I am caught up in a spider web and what makes it worse I understand why they're doing what they're doing because the driver never has representation and we're just another number in this system and we just find a way to adjust.

Clearly I was very angry and I was also very depressed that a person who had a clean record and had drove for many years and we are in an industry that is willing to pay people $10,000 as a signing bonus just to get a driver unfortunately there is no representation because most of the people who are offering this bonuses are recruiters who are Toothless and useless and by the time you get there everything is smokes and mirrors.

Actually have a screenshot of exactly what I'm talking about.

You can go to Craigslist

and you will see even more but this is from my own email I received a few days ago and you can say that I am two years into this industry now and I am in the same boat and I hopefully this will change everything.

Anyway right there with my first trainer I told him that I know how Silicon Valley started and I told him the story of Apple and Google and his story was going to make a difference and his story is the reason I'm going to start this brand and I'm going to build it up and I'm going to be the Jerry Maguire of this industry and people like him and me will not only have the representation but also the opportunity to pass along a different industry to our kids and this will be a turning point.

So I took out my paper and pen and I told him we're going to start a brand and we're going to go through from there so I asked him a lot of questions about the industry about him and that's how everything got started and and this is where I introduced the brand and everything I've been trying to do until today.

So I hope to leave this Legacy and I know everything I'm saying I'm doing is just a rough draft But ultimately as a truck driver I know that I want to capture all the freight that runs through American borders and it doesn't matter if truck drivers at delivering food, water, clothing,  etc what I want is to make sure that I capture all of it and make sure it's democratized because I'm over open source person so I'm not trying to build a business that makes a profit and takes over everything and everyone and I'm sure people are going to be confused of my Approach and less you know what Linux is all about.

So this is more of a Lennox project what I'm trying to do because I want to free up this market so that people can work less and make more and I want to flip it like a burger and I do not want to be like Uber or any other company that's trying to come to this industry and trying to not only undermined the American truck driver but thinking that they can just come in and buy more trucks and hire more drivers and be part of the old system of mole fraction and no freedom.

Many people don't understand that the future is tied to the trucking industry because of its system and how it setup to change the world forever.

A lot of people don't understand what I'm saying unless you've been over the road. Truck driving has eliminated homelessness it is the first job that has combined a job and a house all-in-one so this means that you can go explore the whole United States while you deliver products and services to customers at the same time.

And I am hoping to capture something called Cobra points or anything that can be rebranded on that shelf because ultimately my goal is to go after that shelf and to put certain digital floating information on that product and how it got there and the environmental impact that it's having.

This is where Amazon comes in and Jeff Bezos because Amazon has strategically placed itself to shift our future and to help mother earth and its resources to be multiplied and also to have a positive effect on the supply chain of how things move in America.

The question is will Amazon be discipline not to want everything and did not return every job to a 8 Hour 12 hour job and to be part of change so that people work less and make more and have a positive effect on the environment.

I believe Our Day Will Come where we will not only be able to track our resources around the world but we would also be able to pinpoint the environmental impact that the goods and services are having an any product that is coming onto the Shelf and I want to be part of those people who would be bringing this reports to the customer before they even go buy anything so that the supply chain and businesses adjust to the new realities because customers are going to have tools to hold them to a higher standard.

I am very happy with Amazon in regards to the jobs that creating and how they are expanding unfortunately I don't think we have the correct perspective as to how can we be more productive and how can people work less and make more and change what it means to be employed.

And I want to explain that very clearly because I believe in digital resumes this means there's always inputs and outputs data coming in when people are interacting with each other and when people are growing and I giving feedback on each other and in general people are like a rollercoaster they're going up and down and they're being themselves and sometimes they don't like each other sometimes they like each other so there's a lot of data coming in that should never belonged to corporations but at the same time it's giving the human being a digital resume how they're doing what they can do to improve themselves.

I call this the free Flow River data just like a river the date I will be flowing and this data will belong to everyone just like a river because many people forget everything businesses do is for The Human Bean. Businesses are profitable when they serve other human beings when they create products and services that benefit human beings unfortunately I believe there's been a a big conflict in regards to businesses and what people need and want in regards to the environment.

I recently discovered Edward Bernays the last few days and I looked at the impact he had on advertisement and also natural resources which was very destructive. So I hope to reverse all that damage because we're going to have artificial intelligence in our life soon and we will be able to measure everything we do and say with algorithm input to give us our value in regards on what we're doing so that we can qualify for loans that would help us change Industries.

So I hope in the future someone like me will not be riding creative letters like this but the system will flag and will give me a loan that I need to do what I need to do and to make sure that I bring change to Industries so that we can all benefit.

It's very unfortunate that we live in a world where billionaires and millionaires are the only ones who can afford to start new businesses and take risks without experiencing any losses and I think it is the saddest part of the century of the biggest tragedy that competition has been stifled because innovators or Visionaries like me and others don't have the funds to do what they need to do to start companies and challenge the status quo.

I see a future where people will work less and make more and I have seen this affect where we are all connected and we are all talking to each other even though everything we have is a precursor to the Future especially Twitter is a good example where we are all connected to each other and we are all experiencing information coming from around the world and we are responding in real time to deal with situation that can have economic consequences and because we live in a global economy it is very imperative that we are connected and we are all having the same perspective in regards how we move into the future.

The Arab Spring was a good example when people are connected and they're able to share information and they can think for themselves they will make a determination as to what is wrong and what is right and I think that is the key thing that people are under estimating about human beans the moment we are all connected and we are all pursuing the same goal which is there's no such thing as an unlimited resource on this planet then we're going to have a different perspective and we're going to hold people accountable who don't have those standards which will save our planet environment for the Next Generation.

So I want you to think about the American truck driver as an opportunity to make sure that the dream goes on and homelessness is not just eliminated but is a thing of the past because truck driving in cooperates work and home at the same time and I'm hoping that this idea of working and living would ultimately lead to the flying cars where you deliver and you live in your own flying truck or apartment which is the ultimate Freedom if you ask me.

So the trucking dream I have is an opportunity to open the door to the Future and I am behind the eight-ball because I am currently in the middle of a storm where my truck broke down and the insurance company is dragging his feet which put me out of service for a while and the company brought me back to be truck Recovery Agent so I'm taking very long Greyhound bus to recover tracks and bring them back to the terminal until all of this is resolved.

So I really want to build this brand and I want to open the door to the Future and I want to be part of those people who can use creative storytelling to capture imaginations and tell people that yes the future will be different but only if we give people the resources they need to go out and be resourceful and try. We live in an age where banks have moved away from risk and they have eliminated their risk completely.

They do not give personal loans anymore they give mortgages that are tied to the secondary mortgage Market that is guaranteed and we have eliminated all their risk in regards to that. Even with the credit cards they have so much interest and they have other investors so the only thing that's left of the banks in our days is just a facade and the ATM drive-thru is under accounts that they have and unfortunately even with those account you have to maintain a very high balance to be worth anything.

If this system was functioning the way it supposed to an issuing loans to people who can change the world I would not be sitting right here in front of Jeff Bezos explaining to him that it's wonderful that you're going to the moon and you're trying to explore but at the same time people like you and other companies have a role to play in the future and I think competition between Google and Amazon is not healthy especially with all the automation that's coming and millions of jobs are on the line it's time to put our differences aside and try to make things work together so that people can work less and make more.

Unfortunately that's not how things work because investors are to be presented and they need to make more and the workers need to make less so this is a big friction that we have in our current system and we need people who are open-minded and people who understand we are now living in a global economy where we are affected and everything we do is interconnected and what do I mean by all of this.

It's very simple Google is soon going to be launching their small autonomous cars and I would like them to turn them into a shelf and I want those automation to be part of this new shelf delivery into cities and into countries so that we can begin to see this technology Google has made and this infrastructure transformation in regards to the supply chain that Amazon is making is all working as a team to make sure that we make a smooth transition from two jobs that make people work less and make more.

Facebook has done a horrible job and Google has done a horrible job in regards to their advertising dollars and how to create new Industries so that people can share in this wealth of data that has been locked away from people who actually own it.

We also have Elon Musk who's bringing that electrical truck but he is only building in for businesses just like other trucking companies and they are not building it to create a better world where many things are thought about and put into the drawing board.

So I hope to think creatively with Elon Musk what a truck is all about it is not something that just delivered from A to B but if somebody's home that they will choose to explore and only deliver to make money part-time but to live in their full-time as they explore the world.

So I am behind the 8-ball right now and sooner or later I'm going to get a loan from someone and I will be successful and it's very unfortunate that people are waiting for me to be a success before they engage me which is very sad but that is how the world Works everybody waits for you to become a success and then they associate you with them unfortunately that is how the world works and I completely understand.

So it is with great regret that I put this GoFundMe page because it is the only place I have found that people that benefited from and I hope to create something similar to this because even the banks have failed to just give you a simple click or a link so that you can directly receive fans even that they would not do so the banking system has been a nightmare and it is definitely on the drawing board as we speak and I'm just holding it back.

For now I asked you to let me be the Jerry Maguire and help this truck drivers who have excessive wealth that is on the rich and all I'm going to do is collect your data put them in a database and be there agent so they can work less and make more that is what I want to do.

When truck drivers have the freedom to work less and make more that means move Freight will be left on the market which will it increase prices and we will also intensify automation for delivery so we're going to make a smooth transition because it is better to increase the price and help people save up and let automation come in as hero and save years of the market while we the truck drivers and all those people in this industry take what they can before the robots come.

So I feel like Jerry Maguire on this movie really summarizes everything I'm about to do if I get my funds because I believe everything I just wrote his my mission statement just like Jerry Maguire.

And just like Jerry Maguire I hope I get the funds I need because I will be off and running. I will build my Brands, I will begin to collaborate with Google in regards to Google maps for truck drivers and we can begin to actually tell this idiot Geeks to stop going into the ocean and mountains to actually map truck driving routes and make the roads safer.

I would lunch the first open source GPS for truck drivers and I will also launch of course the first Jerry Maguire one-on-one contract with truck drivers as we begin to take them off the market and make them even more available because when there isn't a whole lot of drivers that Freight will it be very expensive and drivers will be like diamonds which will attract more people to take as much money off the table as they can before the robots come.

So I expect to see a lot of drivers and their data is to be open-sourced and for them to be given points and everything to be just like the Linux Revolution because it's all about the people and those people who don't understand that then you've already lost half of the battle because all you can think about is your technology and your control over everything the moment that you are part of a bigger team then I think we can have a greater impact on this world.

So if you think I've been very resourceful and have left a very good example for the world to be creative and utilize tools that are available to everyone to change the world then please feel free to contribute because sooner or later I'm going to take off and when I do I will never stop I will do my best to make this world a better place for my fellow human beings which is my mission statement.

I promise to leave the environment better, I promise to leave jobs that people work less and make more, I promise to make sure that even politics is domesticated and it's just something more of a costume and people put it down and get back to that lives happily ever after, so with this funds that people are going to give me or Jeff Bezos can beat everyone to give me because of my resourcefulness I will get to work right away and I will work as long as I live and as long as I breathe to make this world a better place and to be more resourceful.

Thank you for reading this God bless you and your family all and yes this was open letter to Jeff Bezos but it was also an open letter to everybody else so that you understand that we can all try to change the world some of us might not make it like me but at least I tried that's what I always tell the ones I love just try and maybe the future might be different for all of us I leave the link below thank you and God bless you all.

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