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I was rejected by artificial intelligence an algorithm but this will be the last time for me and everyone.

So as entrepreneur I went ahead and documented what happened with this Innovative company that was doing what other people were doing which is looking out for number one the investor which is a very good thing but at the end of the day computers and algorithms don't get the whole picture.

If you're new to the blog you probably don't know I love movies and I always use them as springboard to explain my ideas because we leaving the age of digital consumption and our brain a wire different so when I want to change the world I'm going to introduce a movie and go about doing what needs to be done so that at the end of this blog you will understand the world just changed and I outsmarted artificial intelligence and Irene arranged how finances and markets will especially while Street it is going to be very happy there going to be dancing Just Like the Wolf of Wall Wells Street that is another movie for another time I'm not going to get off topic I'm going to control myself so let's introduce you to this movie unless you change the world.

And yes we're going to use Fandango the number one place to purchase tickets and watch movie previews so download the app have a link for you right here and watch this preview and enjoy it because this is a Hollywood Blockbuster blog.

So that's getting to the meeting potato if you've been reading the blog you should know what cabbage is if you don't know what that is you should go back and read about how artificial intelligence posted an ad on my blog and I went ahead and I applied and I went through the process and I was rejected and now I'm going to turn around and pretend that I went to the Future and stick it to AI and if you don't know what a I means you can stop reading and... Whatever any way I don't like people who go run around and not get to the same page so let's get started.

So we need to get on the same page because algorithms and computers are going to be here to use formulas to help investors to secure funds and grow the money so that they can be wealthy and healthy which is a very good for everybody.

Unfortunately I have a distaste in my mouth because credit card companies and other Banks did utilize the system without the knowledge of customers until they were forced to make it public and we had something called credit score system that was born and customers would get a copy of why they rejected basically I'm going to summarize what happened without going off track because it's not about the past it's about the future.

We need to summarize this and understand that smart people are trying to look out for their money and they did what they needed to do to make the Investment Group hens and the hidden scores that I kept on everything and everyone and I'll give you an example.

I'm a truck driver so I found out that I have specific points algorithms measure and they have sensors on the truck that feed into that algorithm and every driver is a number that is assessed because insurance are trying to be accurate so that they can save money and help the world with those savings so that when there's a disaster people get help and I'm sure the insurance companies appreciate how I am freezing this LOL.

We need to start on a fresh page and we need to ask ourselves algorithms and formulas what would it do if we changed it how we loan money and how we give out Capital so that intrapreneurs can get the money instantly do what they need to do and at the same time they have something to lose because we don't want people to waste money I'm not a fan of experimenting with people's money.

This is why I'm creating a procedure that the person who wants to take the money he has to come up with a creative way to show that the system is not right and it can change for the bear and I I'm an example because I am lightning the way for other people so that they can follow my footsteps and they can be successful.

So why should I be qualify to get money instantly first I went ahead and build the blog and I have more than 10,000 hits on the Block. And I'm going to go ahead and prove it right here right now because I was denied by algorithms who only use scores that were created not to be full informed of the effort of the 21st Century intrapreneur.

Can you believe it my numbers look even better because I only said 10,000 but I have 15000 it's also I have 0 followers because I don't want to be distracted with comments and likes this is a business of the future but right now I'm stuck with a Blog that's why I'm applying for the loan so that I'm able to create a system where people can create a website and generate more Revenue.

Now I want to turn the page to revenue because when artificial intelligence denied me my loan they ask for Revenue and I was very embarrassed to mention that I had only made $5 and $0.98 after putting hundreds and thousands of hours and creativity on to my website. If I only had $1 per person I would have made $10,000 and that would have been more than enough for me to lunch and do what I need to do unfortunately I am an open-source person who believes in Creative work should not be held captive because of money that is why we are all in this mess in the first place everybody is thinking about money and and it's the only thing that's stopping us from innovating so I rather fail than be a person who thinks about money all the time anyway here's a picture of my Revenue just in case you don't believe me.

No I'm going to begin and copy and paste my interaction with this great brand that I hopefully will have a person from the Middle East invest with me so that we can take over because I'm going to use it to get things done and you can read between the lines if you've been following my blog you understand that money is power and we need to help certain people of power that have direct impact in our lives not to be Beggars but to be paid what they're worth something I would I will not discuss us at this time.

Because I am laying the foundation for people to come after me and apply for loans I'm going to go ahead and copy and paste with my interaction with this beautiful brand so you can see that I did fail and I followed the Silicon Valley steps because applying for a loan where you have to go through the interview process and the ask each of questions how are you going to pay this loan back makes you sweat bullets and then you go through the process but once you've been through this a hundred times you turn the table on them.

Let me explain what I meant by turning the table by the end of the phone call I had convinced the customer representative that I will be making a loan to the bank and they will expand their credit line on their services because I could see something they couldn't which was they just tapped into a customer base line that is kosher in general and they believe in God and they don't want interests and they having a hard time finding a place to invest their money.

Now the story gets better because those people who are willing to invest in this company believe in God and they believe in taking chances even if it means that they will lose their investment because ultimately they believe everything belongs to God and if they make a lost they know they will get it in the hear after which brings a big ethics questions because we know what big banks in wall Street's Goldman Sachs and other people have been doing so I'm very worried about my people or sharing any information with them that we compromising eventually.

I really want you to watch this10 min interview by a whistleblower from Golden Sachs which  is the saddest reporters not doing his job properly By  not promoting the book and congratulating an individual who spoke out and just sabotaging this person and I believe Anderson Cooper did a poor job on this one and you will agree take a look at this 60 minutes.

Whether you've noticed or not I am a true Titan and I'm already establishing myself as a trustworthy individual who will make choices for his community and I will never defrost them of one single penny this is something they islamic World in general is very good at because we believe in judgement day and we believe that we are going to Hell or Heaven and if we do fraud investors we could be going to hell or even worse or punishment in the Hellfire could be tripled so we have a very different incentives other than profit which makes us great Bankers for the world in general.

I want to turn the page into trust and trust me the pages are turning because they're designed that way because I want them synced in to send my message to Wall Street and around the world that I would have complete control over money and I would have complete control over the stock markets in general because I bring something to the table which is Trust with the standard of my Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his family.

So if we loan money and we lose that money we're going to do a detail report as to how that money was lost and we're going to distribute the losses equally between the investors. This is something that's lacking in the western banking system which is set up only minimize its bottom line at any expense even at the expense of the entire economy and we have seen this with the crash of the markets on the bailout of insurance companies.

So I am talking about a new wave of banking from Islamic perspective we are lost as I expected but risks are taken with profits that will be unimaginable for investors and for creditors because we are all in this together.

Can you imagine if Apple and Google and all this other billion dollar companies where in a system where they have to share profits from the stock market and other dividends and they would set a standard for themselves and say that everybody who deals in as a mission statement.

Don't get carried away I am from Wall Street and I love numbers and I love people reporting every quarter with healthy numbers we're not here to help anybody and I believe the capital system where everybody looks out for themselves has a place in my scenario fortunately I have the foresight to see that if we can make this a mission statement then we can standardized Healthcare by making sure companies like Kaiser are effective in the process of giving human beings incentive to go through their system which is preventive maintenance just like a car.

You have no idea how many people would need less health care if they got their preventive maintenance and it would stop billions of dollars in costs and losses for companies in the way they can't even imagine. Just imagine Kaiser Permanente waiving all its minimum fees for people to get their preventive check-ups and go through free screening like a factory.

I think this is where I'm going to be real Titan and I am going to subsidize and also bring the Wall Street Swagger where people are forced to innovate and they're forced to report positive numbers and they're forced to take loans but at the same time we are in it together where we are going to share the losses but at the same time the prophets belong to those who are taking rest and those who are innovating.

I am always going to let founders of the company always keep me major stock and major voting rights because I believe that lawyers and other shark individuals have been praying on individuals that have no clue how to utilize the legal system to protect their rights.

I'm going to turn the page very creatively into the right of the customer it used to be the financial industry that used to give informed decisions and they never used to gamble or try to make a profit with a customer's money so what Goldman Sachs and every other bank has done is move away from the principles of banking literally and they've become investors so they have no business being in the banking industry and no one should be giving them any money whatsoever to invest just because they're smart.

I was disgusted when I heard the interview that Goldman Sachs customers know that they are fraudulent and they have no ethics yet they have to do business with them because they have the smartest people in the room and they knew how to do fraud other people so the investors are investing because they expecting Goldman Sachs and other individuals to defraud investors which is disgusting.

So I want to make a swollen pledge I am the last person artificial intelligence will ever reject for a loan. I'm going to create something called digital resume and I'm going to create algorithm that look Beyond and above the person with something called brand currency that we literally remove the currency that we currently have which will be just like Bitcoin but it's going to be controlled because every Advertiser will put enough Bitcoin and back those Bitcoins instead of the coupons so they can directly tie the clicks and the links to trace who bought what and which link let what sale.

This would bring about new algorithms a new artificial intelligence that will give credit where it's due for example I am responsible for more than 1 million in sales in Chobani yogurt unfortunately I don't have the algorithms to prove this but I will leave an example

I always buy delicious Chobani yogurt and I share it with my family and friends no matter where I go and I can tell you that one of my family members got knocked only got addicted she would always hide it in the fridge so I don't see it.

I also used to go to work to pick her up and as soon as you started raving about your Bonnie and taking it to work guess what I started seeing the whole building everybody was eating Chobani because my reference.

I think they have 300 people working so those people went home and they did the same and they replicated it and I can tell that I started a chain of events and if I have the algorithm to prove that I am responsible for all those links and all those sales artificial intelligence in a Bitcoin system where no human can touch I would have made it over 100 million no more.

So when I say I am the last person who will be rejected by artificial intelligence I literally mean it because I'm going to design the system from top to bottom and I'm going to make sure that advertisers are connected directly to their customers and they can follow those advertising link and they can see the product being shared by customers and the customers are going to approve giving up their personal data so that the advertisers can see the links and clicks instead of the stupid cookies we have on the browser.

This would lead to more accurate Financial forecast every quarter because they can tell who's eating and why they love the product and who they are sharing with because at the end of the day no one can control the customer and no one can tell the customer anything negative because they are you a boss.

I'm going to turn the page now to who's your boss we are we the customers are you a boss the best system that can be designed is by a customer to their fellow customers which  automatically eliminates doubt or suspicion evil Corporation in Big Brother sharing the information.

Everything I'm going to do is going to be open and they can trace their clicks and their links and I tried to do this unfortunately nobody wanted to loan me the money to do this so I can demonstrate what I'm talking about.

I know for a fact by the time Wall Street Jim Cramer and every other person out there who has money understands what I'm talking about they will give me the money and I will go on to design a system that connects customers and advertisers directly and Wall Street will not wait for the company to forecast its profits they will be able to tell if the company is doing a great job or not by looking at the numbers before they're even reported which is a drug for Wall Street forecasts something that I'm well aware of.

Now I'm going to turn to chapter to Wall Street because this is what it's all about many people do not want to give Wall Street any credit but they are the reason why economies expand and why companies merge and why new products and services are created around the globe.

Well sweet takes risks and they put their money where their mouth is and they're willing to lose their shirts and that's why they are the bosses of the world. This is why you have major corporation controlling many things that we do today because they're more than happy to invest in research Department that bring out new product which are patented by early Investments which create more prophets that has had a snowball effect that has turned into an avalanche of prophets no matter where you look.

So I want to give my hat to Wall Street and in great investors who made great merges come together to bring about new jobs new economies a new way of life because I know in Wall Street it's where Titans take place and the words are taken seriously so that company's reputation are built on. And with reputation comes responsibility so I want to turn the page into my responsibilities as a steward of this new economy a new way of life.

Alan Greenspan is a very good example what kind of power words can have and I hope to have the same power because what I'm going to do is very different I am never going to be on TV or am I going to be giving any interviews or pictures what I'm going to do I'm going to meet with my investors and my analyst is and I'm going to be releasing a report on different companies and performance and predictions with algorithms that I'm going to be developing.

I understand that in the beginning I'm going to be very wrong and companies and what they're going to be reporting a quarterly basis and what their profits will be and I know that I'm going to be wrong most of the time in the beginning.

But I promise you I'll grab them and the system and describing they can come together and we're going to have an accurate Financial Health of a company while well sweetie is pumping blood into the system of that company keeping it alive.

The lifeblood of a company or organization is Wall Street is where we pump money into companies and organization or even Nations so that they can give us a good return on your investment regardless of the risk if you promise a certain reward you must meet those rewards and you must report your numbers and you must make a profit if you cannot do that then this is where my company will come in it will give a different perspective on certain Investments and Wall Street we cut its money and the blood will be cut off from the business and they will die.

I know end with death after all death and taxes will make you think twice LOL.

For a new economy to come into existence where new jobs and new product lines a new everything to come forward this means is going to be the death of many companies and many ecosystem which would be very disruptive. Fortunately I'm very young I don't know what the hell I'm doing and I'm going to need a lot of help from Wall Street and investors and everybody who cares about the future to help me navigate carefully so that we take the world to a place where disease and human suffering was something that happened in the past.

That is how I went in this why am I doing this I want to live in a better world that human beings coexist peacefully and with peace comes with business expansion and ideas are from around the world that could give us that opportunity all that dent into the universe so that we can think different and make changes that will last a lifetime.

Just like the open-source community and anybody who knows anything about innovating I understand that I hope someone read it and puts it together and beats me to it so I can just relax and do nothing and eat from there creativity because they're going to be inspired by what I'm writing and they will see what I'm trying to do and they will do what I'm trying to do unfortunately let's just say I'm just like Nicholas Tesla so I'm not afraid of nobody you can go ahead and read this and try to reverse engineer this and do whatever the hell you think you're going to do but I know it's all about trust and it's all about founding fathers something that cannot be copied replicated no matter what you people do.

So to summarize all of this I do not need you you need me every step of the way and without me you do not get to that future where you all find solutions to all the political problems that has been giving you a hard time which I've already solved and anyone who's been following me knows exactly what I'm talking about because I took something that was unsolvable in this century and I made it something simple.

It took me many years to think different and to come up with words to tackle the problem such as domesticating politics which gives birth to an idea of coming up with the system and experimenting with it and finding a balance between nations and their cultures to have a democratic system that is in line with their values that ultimately leads to Human Rights freedom of speech but it's reflective of them not the western civilization would probably be my greatest accomplishment.

This has already taken place in Russia where they will have the Roundtable and they will have the elites selecting the elites and then we have another table where the public will be able to run and voice their opinion and send people to Congress and Senate and they will be able to elect those other leaders in the Roundtable so there's going to be power sharing and I believe self-interests and self-preservation will always rule above everything this is something that I've understood and I live by.

My accomplishments are too many to describe but I can tell you that I am the last person artificial intelligence will reject this is a statement that you can quote me on the future is here the future is now and I've been working from different angle utilizing my creativity and I believe the time is here the time is now for change so brace yourself if I make it the whole world makes it if I don't make it then you're all screwed lol that was a joke that people were smart enough to figure out what I'm trying to do because it's abc123 and they will reverse-engineer everything and they will do whatever but guess what.

I want to live in The Edge if anybody can do what I'm doing then I will gladly hand it over to you just like I've done with all my projects and I promise you that you will be creative you will fail and you will outdo me and outlive me so I challenge you take this project of my hands and make this dream a reality because I would love to relax and do nothing and take all the credit and say you know what inspired people to change the world and they went ahead and did it.

So don't be confused about me I am not afraid of anyone stealing my idea or thinking different as a matter of fact I welcome it if you can think different and if you can do better then I would give you all the credit and I will make you as rich as possible something that mini Titans refuse to do such as Henry Ford assembly line was idea of his workers instead of giving them huge shares making them rich and reducing his shares and allowing other people to innovate and and become rich they did the opposite.

I want to end with the following we need to understand that we live in a planet that there's no such thing as an unlimited resource there's no such thing as unlimited profit. The system I will make will monitor the trees in Brazil and we tie to the products that come to the shelf so the customer will know that you destroy the environment to bring this product into existence and then you will get a negative review for buying it and will affect the loan process.

So my system is designed for the planet and the human being keeping in mind that we don't have an unlimited resource and we have to share to get our self to a good standard of living and make sure that the rich remain Rich only if they keep innovating and keep creating new products and earning their spot. To get our self to a good standard of living and make sure that the rich remain Rich only if they keep innovating and keep creating new products and earning their spot

My religion is Islam and we believe in billionaires and millionaires and we believe people will be poor and a society with the function that way because God ultimately is the one who should be to the riches he want certain people to be billionaires he want certain people to be poor he want certain people to take different roads to get to a different Enlightenment so they slamming philosophy of how the windshield go about and do its business is in line like a tooth comb with the capitalist system the only difference is that it's subtract all the greediness and the selfishness that is tied to capitalism.

I want to finish with a prayer to my Lord known as Allah most magnificent the most merciful owner of the solar system and creator of the mercy of Light which is the prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him whose light has been created to bring out creation forth from human beings to angels to Heaven to Earth and yes even Jesus himself is made out of this light I'm sorry to give you the news.

My secret is the circles that I am in and the blessing of my teachers and the prayers of my teachers who are the family of the Prophet peace be upon him and I believe the prayers is reaching me and I'm being blessed and I'm getting openings and I'm hopefully I'm going to change the world and the future with them as long as I respect them and honor them and I asked the world to do the same so we can move forward and fortunately people don't understand that it's all that it's going to take to change the world which is giving the family of the Prophet peace be upon them that you right if we do that we're going to see unprecedented technology and please come on to this earth that you cannot believe did you know that Queen Elizabeth of England has the blood of the Prophet peace be upon him running through her veins which can explain the health and the peace in the prosperity England has experience because she's a member of the family of the prophet peace be upon him.

So thank you for reading this and understand this is the year women especially if they're related to the prophet peace be upon him we're going to get a lot of Queen Elizabeth Queen Obama Queen Hillary Clinton and many other queens were women and all they have to do is give salutation and blessing to the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his family thank you for reading is have a good one has changed the world and like I said I'm the last person will be rejected by the official intelligence with the blessing of my Lord that will come true.

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