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My failed lawsuit

Vulcan INC.

I I went to initiate a lawsuit against Paul Allen. Paul Allen is the owner of the Seattle Seahawks, and  the Portland Blazers. I work for a company known as Nastec nternational . Who work for Vulcan for information visit   my Job is as estate agent protecting Paul Allen sanctuary or home. MR Allen bought a house and Vulcan hired my company Nastec to do the job. Nastec hired me Omar abdi jabar because of my excellent experience.  I  am not sure exactly when the hire date was but I think it's around in October or Nov 2013.

Every thing went wrong from day one wbenI told the Nastec I was not going to return the next day due certain things I observed and I was not interested in telling the people in charge that they don't have the right basic training of choosing the right people to work their apparently, they were so in a rush they just hired people of Craigslist and  formed a team and put them to work on the estate and catch the next flight out back to Los Angeles. Because usually in a estate there's nothing going on and all the agent do is watch the cameras and walk around it usually works.  Unfortunately they applied the same practice on the one of the Richest man on earth and this really came back to bite them back. Apparently you can't hire people of the street with no background check and also not even take time check their references and expect nothing go wrong.

On day one I  met a psychopath coworker day  how proved all my suspicion that I should resign or head the exits. Nasteh choose their director of logistics who had formerly worked at AMC theater.  I don't think AMC clerk get good leadership training that teaches them who  to hold people accountable especially when it's all male environment who some have been United States military . Some  Estate agent who were hired we're from the  united states marine, us army,  and other security agents had  very poor work experience and they had no business working there.

One of the individual who I talked about earlier I said he was a psychopath Danny because he pretty much disrespected me and humiliated as many people as he could  in the first 6 minutes he arrived to work for the first time. He also managed to humiliate natasha who was appointed as our boss the amc clerk. He got into her face telling her he was the supervisor everybody wasn't listening to him and he complain about a whole other range of issues that we've never heard of. Please keep in mind that this is the first time this individual is meeting everyone. So Mis natasha call him to the office and she closes the door. he starts complaining about everybody he just met. He especially complained  about a new employee whose name was isaac mcilvoy. Apparently he wanted investigation to be launched as to what had happened I don't know if he  was on drugs or he was just a psychopath. After she had finished talking to him we had a quick meeting where he humiliated me and her. I told isaac mcilvoy I was not coming back I was done 4. As a correctional officer I've dealt with many inmates and I know when I see someone  who is crazy. I was done and I sent  out  an email that I was resigning and it was great working with them and I did not want to get involved. Unfortunately Nasdaq my company pleaded with me telling me they spent a lot of time going all through the paperwork on hiring me if I could reconsider. I told them I would give them my decision in the morning  after sleep on it and I'll get back. After waking up the next day knowing for a fact that I was financially desperate I just came back from a wedding in Dubai and I just applied visa for my wife and i did need a stable job that paid good so I reconsidered and I sent them an email. My boss replied back she was very happy and I have it all that on email.

they decided to keep that psychopath anyway but she was willing to assist me to work a different shift so I don't become uncomfortable I also have an email on that.

As time went on I met   an individual named derrick little who was going to be my supervisor. From what I understand he's also from the United States military he has a very low level and he's never been in charge of anything or anyone. This is the first time he supervising  10 employees. We had 3 shift with two officers on each shift. We are providing security 24 /7 to the Estate. The supervisor who has no past experience  supervising anybody will be in charge of the Estate.Nasdaq operated out of Los Angeles so they have to fly back to the corporate headquarters. The supervisor is to report to the AMC clerk natasha on the phone and that's it. natasha stayed back she helped set up an office because the building was a brand new apparently a client paid 34 million dollars for the mansion. So we had is issues  waiting for us  head as you can imagine. The building was due to go under construction because even though the house is furnished and good condition but  client was going to do major upgrades to bring it up to his standard of living so we were expecting a major construction company to come through on upgrade the building but until then we were to provide security as needed and wait for further instructions.

The beginning of the hostile work environment.
The psychopath continued his rampage of disrespecting every single employee arguing about every single thing humiliating as many people as possible day in and day out. We  complained to  natasha the amc girl  and she never  did anything.

Apparently the client is paying 65 dollars an hour to the current company but they only start off at $16 an hour for probation and after that they bump you to 20. But from what I understand the contract is supposed to give you a dollar raise every month unfortunately there was a big mix up and we did not get the correct pay increase is in the correct order for whatever reason  this went on and on and on and to finally we had an employee named Robert migrant stood up for the issue was very eloquent under my company did like this one bit. But somehow someway they never paid us for our money through the big complication and  at the end they decided to skip what they were paying as and just upgrade us from 17  to 20. The mix was caused by  current supervisor  who kept on forgetting to send the right paperwork so the right amount could be increased.  derek little was the one to  only blame for all the  fiasco. Because he kept on forgetting to send the right paperwork to increase our wages. So there's a big issue on on wages my fellow co worker migrant will inform you of how all this went down because he was always at the forefront.

Derrik the  supervisor also screwed up all health care on all kind of packages so health care was delayed until the last minute. Also destruction of  privacy happened because the supervisor had shared information that belong to other employees with everybody violating privacy this issue was brought to the company and nothing was done about and the supervisor got away with it. My friend co worker migrant  would be more than happy to fill you in on this specific events.

Because I was there from the beginning   i contributed  in the following ways: The supervisor had a lot of maturity issues he would get confused all the time and he would request my help. We have to put a schedule together so everybody could work but different people wanna to work different shifts so I assisted him in creating schedule apparently no one knows about Google products like I do . The schedule was going to be put on paper and he did not know where to start or what to do for what i understand he has never made a schedule So I went ahead and created a rough draft and I put it on Google and I showed them the power of the cloud  where are you can share via email it was revolutionary . I develop a good relationship with the supervisor because I was willing to sacrifice and work every shift and until he stabilized schedule. And I did so. I made a deal with this supervisor telling him Friday is a religious day for me and I have to be at my local prayer service and he agreed he said I guarantee you  will get your Friday off. After  everybody was given a set schedule and everything is running smooth the supervisor turned around on me and he did not give me my friday i told natasha about it  and she did nothing about it. Not only that my hours were cut back where I had to alternate with another new employee whose name was Jesse Morales. So I was patient and I just moved on. The schedule was then taken over by another employee who  now responsible for implementing the schedule  he  a lot of experience in that department his name was john clary. John clary was witness to cut back on my hours that happened on and off and many other unethical behavior.

Unethical  behavior by the supervisor.
Derrick little was engaged in many  unethical behavior I don't know where to start and where to stop. But I will talk as to what he did to me but  he also did to two other people too. He would instruct john clary to remove me from the schedule and he would put himself to work. And somehow he would not come into work. This all happened many times on many occasions john clary can sheds light on all of his issues. I would point one specific event that happened to me Jessie Morales who was my co worker called me one time and he said you were scheduled to work and I told him no I am not check the schedule apparently he was checking the old schedule I pointed him to the new schedule and it showed that derrick little was supposed to work. He said he'll be in contact with the supervisor and then take it from there I told him to call me back if the supervisor doesn't come in so I can come in and make my money . Unfortunately the supervisor did not come in and no one reported it to the company. So I was  put in a very delicate situation my friend co worker said he'll take care of it don't get involved in this. I wish I never listen to him and reported him and it  would have cost him his job because right now I am on paid suspension pending an investigation because of  jesse morales and somehow he  is now the new  supervisor  long story but it's true. I have long text messages proving what the hell happened.

ESTATE manager.

Vulcan Inc has an estimate manger who takes care of the estate deals with security and dealing with all issues regarding the state. We had one estate manager whose name was Jon Jones. I met him a few times he was an honest kind person unfortunately he manages a lot of properties so had to comes and go all the time but  sure he was aware of that Derek issues. I did not tell him anything but I'm sure most of my coworkers mention something so he knows something is going on with security  and of course refused to address the issue because natasha has apparently told is all good.

The  internal war  that started to take place.

After natasha had refused to address any changes or hold anybody accountable I meltdown started  between all the workers within the estate and politics was born. Jessie and mcilvoy we're now best friends and they  had one common enemy derrick little. Also they had one big connection both of came from an executive protection backgrounds so they really were appalled as what they saw what's going on they were so disgusted nothing came up with a plan that I wish not to talk about I will only mentioning verbally but I can guarantee you that Jesse was involved in all of this. This plan was  to form a company and take over the contract they have experience all they needed was the name. But they needed a company to back them up apparently nobody knew that mister john kerry owns a security company and he is already completed all the red tapes. So he has corporation and he had up 26 or more security guards working for his company long story short a company  was born and that is all i will say on this issue it has nothing to do with me but I just want to paint a picture of the internal war that Nasdaq forced its employees because they did not care they never visited the site we were all left to ourselves.

The arrival of a new estate manager who was going to stay at the estate this was a game changer.

Her name was olga  Arago she was going to reside in the state she was going to see everything on the work with security and manage construction. Unfortunately olga was a new employee who did not know what she walked into. After being there for a month and  getting to know everybody getting and hearing and seeing the  stories she was disgusted and  appalled she requested drake little to be removed immediately.   
That was not going to happen because natasha I was there. She fought for derrick little Like her life  dependent on it  just like she fought for the psychopath . It is safe to say there was an impasse. Somehow someway Jesse and mcilvoy had their company so they said why not let's take over let's introduce this company to the new estate manager it made  to lot of sense why not just take this account from this idiot's who don't seem to know what the hell they're doing. But it turned out that richest man in the world was not going to accept 2 people who no experience insecurity to take over the account. I don't know how  the word got out  and Nasteq found out. and Just like that Mcilvoy was out and Jesse was getting a lot of praise also the  CEO Nasdaq came down for one day he did not bother to meet with everyone to find out what was going on he just met with one person Jesse morales . And just like that we did or did not have a new supervisro thier was a big confusioin but from what i understand he met with Olga and told her everthing was going to be ok.As you can imagine I was dumbfounded by the events. From what I understand because I'm not aware of the formation of the company on how everything went down all I knew was Jessie snitched on his best friend. Derek was supposed to be fired to please the client. It was a very big mess because natasha was in the middle of it  she would not let  derrek little go anywhere that was the moment i knew she more power than the ceo.

After this a big mess we had a meeting everything was cleared up from what I can understand jesse was the new supervisor and he was working with the CEO. The CEO and natasha could not come to some kind of agreement who was the supervisor. Apparently natasha is very powerful.

The big meeting that was supposed to clear everything. email is posted below

Mar 10


I need a count of all attending Saturday's mandatory training by NO LATER than Tuesday 3/11/14.Please confirm your attendance.

This is a full site training that will be completed from 8:00AM-4:00PM

Please take note of the following:

1. Lunch will be provided
2. Please bring with you a PEN and NOTEPAD to take notes with as we will be covering a lot of information.
3. Training hours are not overtime hours-they are additional hours and CA State law requires that a least minimum wage be paid to employees undergoing training-I will let you know once I have received an answer from HR what you will be compensated on this day.
4. Guards who are not CPR and First Aid certified need to obtain their renewal of license by NO LATER than 03/21/14 as you are required to have first aid and cpr training.
5. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please email me separately so that I make sure to address these items.

I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday morning-please make sure to respond to this email.

Thank You,

We had a big meeting where the client Vulcan was advised everything is going to be taken care of complete training was going to be given on my nasteq is going to get squared away. Before the meeting i was  anticipating the CEO was going to come to this great meeting and i was going to have a general discussion about something. I have never seen a guy and he already talk to every single guards except me so I was wondering if it dislike me because of  my religion because he comes from my Israel and I'm thinking that's why he is avoiding me even though I have the most overtime I was one of his best employees so when he was going through resumes and he was talking to all the different people he did not say hi. Not wanting to be a stranger I sent him an email the night before the meeting just saying hello my name is so and so I've done this and this I hope I see you at the meeting so we are not complete strangers. I want to be very clear that I sent that email to his email address unfortunately natasha reply back saying did you send this email? I said yes I did it was me indeed. She said don't contact the CEO if you need anything talk to me apparently she reads all his emails I think she controls him by the balls. Anyways the meeting happened the next day where we are all present. The CEO never showed up natasha was the only one there i was not really surprised but I couldn't wait to hear what she was going to discuss what was going to help us to move forward and do a good job and how things are going to be.

First I asked her to clear up who was the supervisor. We have 10  security officers in that meeting and natasha said the following.  The Supervisor is derrick little. They're going to be adding a new post as an assistant supervisor Jessie Morales was going to be the assistance him moving forward. She talked about some training that was going to be conducted and we talked about general things and that concluded the meeting nothing was really done. But apparently they promised the client that they were conducting some kind of training which they never did.

The fall of derek little.

After the meeting and everything went back to normal apparently that was not the agreement between the CEO and the estate manager. natasha changed everything all over again and this really did upset the estate manager olga she put up a fight as result natasha damaged olga reputation I don't know exactly what she did to the estate manager but after this incident estate manager wasn't willing to get into all security issues. But by god did she put on a fight until Jessie Morales was the supervisor and derrick little was demoted to assistant supervisor. And at the end feeling the pain and humiliation he resigned but natasha was willing to help him stay but even he had enough.

The  raise of jesse. and the incident that happened

When Jesse was fighting to be a supervisor he was lobbying for a lot of support he always used to say I'm working with one hand tied behind my back meaning natasha. Jesse  told  us that the CEO has giving him full  authority to implement anything he likes please keep in mind this is a snitch. Also it was a major event right before he was made supervisor between him and me. I really regret not reporting this because Jesse would have been fired so I only have myself to blame where I am today. I have a full statement detailing what happened how it happened who was present. To summarize what happened jesse physically attacked me and threaten me he pretty much lost his cool. All I have to do is reported to olga and he was done. Unfortunately in my mind he was a better choice than derrick  who was out the door so i  remained quiet but I mentioned it to some of my coworkers. I also warned migrant that jesse is not the best choice for supervisor because he had a short fuse. Jesse had a great plan and it was very smart what he said was I was offered a job by the CEO I did not even go looking for it it was just offered to me. As a result I have to accept it because we don't want someone new coming in and starting all over so all of you should put your support behind me. Jesse did have experience in estate security and if we did not support him and  we did complain about him to Vulcan  we would have  lost the account because the scandal rocked the everything to core.

Don baumgart Vulcan  physical manager
Mr dong is the person we  dealing with when it comes to security for a client he is in  charge of implementing all security rules on protecting the client in all of that state. Derrick was working with him directly and we would also get emails from him and that's how we would be in contact with him. Our  job was to implement Vulcan security on the estate.

The pass down log emails.

Emails started to be excessive from the entire vulcan department . . On the other estates before people came on the estate  security would get the names of people who are coming when they are coming what they were going to do.  Because this is the newest estate the whole world descended on us all kinds of different employees from vulcan.  We went  from having 5 to 10 to 20 different type of guests. We would welcome the guests would give them the tour of the house and they would meet contractors decorators, and so on all kind of different people coming to estimate, the coast of what they were about to it was  just constant. You could imagine with all these emails carrying instructions on who's coming and what the guards need to do. It was the supervisor job to go through that the emails extract the right information and then pass it on to the guards. It wasn't long when miscommunication happened. The miscommunication happened because Derrik the supervisor is going through divorce actually he was going to divorce from day 1 I knew him and his wife were fighting for the child. So the supervisor was always under a lot of stress. So I started doing his job for him by going to the emails and passing the right information down to the rest of the cards. One important crucial moment construction was about to kick off the big day have finally come. All the information was in the email and it was scattered all over the place. The problem being the estate manager does not take the time to copy and paste what we need so the guards can do their jobs. What she did was she just forwarded  the entire email conversation  information. You can't imagine the conversation between 2 or 4 more people in 1 email talking to each other. So I requested with creat a way of communicating of passing down information. I create a passdown log  on google drive so the guards can you communicate and leave messages to each other so we can be more organized and productive. Apparently the supervisor refused to implement it this maybe a life hell. He also refused  to read the emails and give us the right information. One  of the biggest  email message we got  was the kickoff of construction I was able to distract 40 names from the mix conversation how to the able to create instructions for the guards to park outside  getting them  ready for the big day also I also emailed the supervisor telling what was   going on and i told to get early to deal with apparently he did not have clue what was coming. All I'm going to say in this subject is there was a lot of miscommunication on the email and I had implement the changes that are being used right now which I never got credit for.

DON baumgart failure.

Even though there was so much complains Mr Don never asked for your opinion. He just didn't care. all  he had to do is just a quick serve and everybody what I told him everything but being a white male who is more comfortable working with derrick who is a blue eyed bastard. When I had finally enough of all of this I sent him an email  and he  chose to ignore every single one of them when you go through the emails I think you're going to be very angry. One thing that made DON very angry he sent out an email on the non disclosure list NDR. Everyone who came on the property was supposed to sign this document. Unfortunately derrick decided not to tell anyone about it. So when DON finally asked for it we have no idea what the hell he was  talking about because derrick did not do his job. But natasha saved with a clever defense saying it was posted and everybody should have seen but there was nothing posted. I did not make any excuses i just dealt with the problem by creating  a Google document for the NDR and  emaied don and olga. I put all the names and no GOOGLE DOC and we were able to transfer into an Excel. I did  the job on a plane document and  employee named john clary put it into the Excel. Its been utilized until today. John clary was witness on the posted issue he was humiliated because of this issue he was so angry he wanted not return to work the next day.

Construction Company that was hired to do upgrades on the Estate.  Krakow Jennings.

The superintendent for this company the name is John best. John bes. He would acquiesce security of stealing tools as a matter of fact he accused security of stealing stools while I was sitting there and he wasn't doing it politely he was yelling in olga face. When you read through the the statements you will see what I'm talking about when it comes to the tools.


FACTS on the estate i have evidence to prove the company that built the entire estate took advantage of illegal aliens who all seem to speak nothing but  Spanish . Vulcan bought the house anyway.

After buying the house Vulcan used a company based in seattle washington who do upscale remodeling because they used them for all mr Paul allen estate. The company  is that should give all the info you need to know about them.

Because i want to get my case i am going to skip over a lot of things but i mention some important facts.

superintendent how was seeing over the remodeling was john best. this man did too many wrong things which give me the right to sue him and his company but i will leave that out for now. Also to important names David mostad and Romero for krekow jennings helped john oversee the construction.  Krekow Jennings did the same thing they have done to Paul house they took advantage of illegal works to do the construction for what i understand this is normal it does not violate any laws. I do have the evidence to prove who they used. But the disturbing fact is the number of workers who are illegal. i would estimate 100 to 200 workers. Krekow did major construction for Bill gates and other people who super wealthy and they used the same practices. But what is even worse they hired another company who had too underage kids who had high school I'D working on the property and know one  seems to care. From what i understand the super rich can do whatever they like. The company the kids who are 14 or 16  was AVNC and after getting to know them they told about other work they did which i very intresting. They told about one of the  richest person in the bayarea who owns 51 percent of Google and no one seems to know his name.  “Brian mclinden” i think i spelled his name wrong but he took advantage of underage children  to do his remodeling his house in alpine. The google individual is so rich he office is in a historic tree house.
One of the main thing i wanted to point out that Kerkow hired general laborers who had rap sheet for jail and when tools started to go missing jhon best did thing to security that  opens him and his company to a lawsuit. We had a major incident on this issue between Olga and john best which caused hostile working environment.You will have to ask me about some other time.

For now i want to move on the meat and potato why i have case and why lawyer from my company wants me seattle so i dont sue them and Vulcan and when you read the second its all going facts  i have so many emails showing my rights were violated you will be compelled to take my case. I named the other Google document The lawyer begging me to seattle.

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