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OBAMA / family 😆 let's take on the problems

Open later to President Obama why you have to listen to a new voice to fix the system.

Dear president Obama I choose to call you president because the current individual who is occupiying the White House has failed to meet the obligation of becoming commander in chief. Even though I have reached out to him through my blog. The current administration which I have nothing but love for in my spiritual heart has chosen to copy my strategies without even giving me a thank you.

If anybody challenges me I can go back in time and we can look at my blog and we can look at the solution that the administration has chosen to follow which is a complete mirror what I'm saying on my blog. So it's time to take the gloves off and really come to an understanding that I have more than a million people visiting my blog so that must mean I have commanding  voice on to the Internet. Some People are  more than happy to go out blogs and cheat and copy original ideas and pretended it was thier idea all along.

I hope President Obama you don't do the same thing what the European did to my religion they teach the multiplication tables and algebra and many other contributions for my religion and they choose not just to disregard but to hide the evidence that Islam and Muslims are the game changes that is push this world Forward from the dark ages.

So I'm going to go ahead and include a video so that this people who were reading my blog get on the same page what Islam and Muslims have done for the Western civilization taking them out of the dark ages and perfumeming them mywith the seeds that started the Renaissance we have not gotten any kind of credit from you or any other American saying thank you Islam and Muslims what they say about you is not all true.

This YouTube video which acquaint students who coming to the library asking about what happened in the dark ages so I am hoping that this we help people around the group to get on the same page when it comes to contribution of Islam and Muslims around the world because we are sick and tired of being called terrorist.

I really hope that we are going to bring this exhibit to the United States especially in Chicago again where you will co-host and show the different side of Islam and Muslims that people should appreciate.

I want to make very it clear that I have given the president of the United States Donald Trump my full support and said that he might over come his diseases spiritually  such as arrogance so he  can lead this nation to glory so we can all move on with our lives. Unfortunately that did not happen I went ahead and I wrote him a solution for the wall unfortunately he cheated by coping some of my strategies without even saying thank you.

 Fortunately he did listen because I can go back in time and I can prove that the president of the United States and the White House staff did look at my blog and they did take the foot of the gas pedal on this wall issue so I did have an immapct on the issue so I'm going to put the link to my blog down here so you can read for yourself I wrote it in a way that the president would enjoy reading and would make it family a dynasty in politics check out the link ⤵ below.

When someone refuses to create a dynasty and dominate politics that signals a clear white flag that if president doesn't care about his family or himself. When someone does not care about themselves it is only arrogance which is the result of a silver spoon which cannot be changed by anyone or anything. So I am on a crossroads and I'm going to share my solution with you so that you might give me the opportunity  to meet with you and  share my ideas and brainstorm with you so that I can become a true leader and have my own voice on my blog in a way that is built into the future so that other citizens can do the same by following my footsteps so that they can be inspired to follow me and become a success.

On my blog I talked to Donald I made it very clear we have  a great opportunity to deal with the issue of our time and we can utilize one stone to knock all of them out.

On my blog I made it very clear to the president that the problems all connected and they will solve many problems if they are able zoom out and look at what I am looking at. Because I am a Soldier who has been on the ground and I have seen both sides therefore I have a unique perspective on this issue that makes me completely different from any other person.

So let's begin the countdown so that you can see what I'm saying so we can get on the same page President Obama.

First lets deal with police brutality and why innocent people are being shot on the street by amatures who don't have the proper training. How can we address this problem right away and fix it because I believe it's in our means.

Dear president Obama I'm going to tell you as former correctional officer I had to opportunity to go to boot camp  training  where we  trained side by side with the police department and I got to see the training  in detail on the making of an officer.

I can summarize the following we are asking for the impossible when it comes to their hiring practice of law enforcement. We look down upon men and women who have served us in the battlefield because they have PSD and other things and we do not see the importance of people who have been under pressure to the point where they have turned into a diamond.

The  practice of police department of not recognizing the skills that people who go  under pressure and gained a lot of skills has been thrown in the garbage. They are many people who  served the Marines on the armed forces who would make excellent police officers unfortunately because of a psychological profile that has been mandated by police department has literally shut the door on the faces of people who deserve to serve us at home they have paid the ultimate sacrifice yet we turn away from them by not letting them protect us at home.

We need to think different and we need to bring solutions that people don't see Mr President. I have worked shoulder to shoulder with men and women who have served our country in a correctional setting and I have seen them in action they need very little training to work in a hostile work environment where they do not use excessive force. Correctional officers are taught to use verbal directives to get what they want. To be most Pacific it is also call verbal judo here is a


This brings me to a nice turning of the page into the skills that is missing in 👮 Police officers around the United Statesand around the globe. We cannot put people to be police officers when the training teaches them when everything fails they always reach for the gun. So I really do not blame police officers because they do not have the right training and they have not been in the right environment to sharpened the skills so that they can deal with a general public. I really believe they don't have the skills with the training to do their job this is something that we need to speak out clearly and articulate early so that the problem can be fixed.

Majority of the problems we have is a matter of articulating what the solution is and what are the  steps need to be followed to correct all the problems that we are having in the police department around the United States so that appropriate steps can be taken to fix it. This is where you apart comes in if I ever get a chance to meet with you I would probably brainstorm with you and come up with a framework how to fix the system in a way that starts at change reaction that will  force everybody to just think different so we can articulate to solutions.

I would like to apologize for spending too much time on this issue you but they're just too many black men and women what being shot on the streets as if they have NO value which we cannot be tolerated​ any more on the streets of the United States. This is a problem we need to deal with right now. This is a discussion that we should in the near future for now I want to turn the page into the solution that is connected so that we can deal with all  issues I see under one   roof.

Dear president Obama I want to make it very clear. I have a very clear vision on how to solve this 3 problems we have under one roof and why they're all connected. I'm going to make the case 3 problems which are

 1.police brutality,

  2. Correctional systems​

  3. Border wall or Immgration problem.

This will be  the easiest problem we have ever dealt with  because it's  as easy as  ABC one two three and I would like to put that Michael Jackson video right here right now so that you can enjoy yourself because I know you love MJ and we miss him dearly and we pray to the Lord he blesses him  in the heavens.

   I hope you enjoyed the video because it's all about dreams and if a family can dream like the Jackson family then in America opportunities open for anybody who's got a dream. So I have a dream Mr President I want this to be part of my Legacy and your legacy.

Dear president Obama from the moment you took the presidency it was like breathing fresh air again it was a moment where time  stopped and we all celebrated because we knew good days we're ahead. I have watched your speech millions of times and I  have cried  many times. Without a doubt you brought hope and dreams to the nation and you steered America out of a financial disaster left by your predecessor George W Bush you were cleaning his mess for 8 years  and you never have the opportunity to pursue what needed to be done for the African American community in general so I am hoping you would give me the opportunity to join hands with you and we try to build a future together.

I can't help myself but put this year to video of your speech I know many people are going to enjoy this because I have a lot of visitors so please enjoy the video below.


America is  a place of dreams and hopes we have  great dreams​ that is why we are great country. We are the best country because we dare it to have the l best dreams that are bigger than anyone that is why America great. America is great because we are willing to have tough discussions on the on all the issues and we are  willing to follow the rule of law which has made us the leader of the free world. That American secrets are on the table for everyone to see it is a story of immigrants who have father's in Kenya. On one hand you have one has become
 president and his father who is in Kenya  and other hand you have another candidate who is determined to be a leader and has been blessed to live in that Kenyen on land as well.

So I went to get back to this idea dreaming big and making our problems as easy as one two three it's simple as doreme God I love that song lol.

I believe all three problems are  connected and should be solved simultaneously to bring change that will last a lifetime. This is a great opportunity to take on our problems head  and go on to the storm and say we're just going to fix whatever is wrong because we are ready to dream up and we already for challenges so just bring it! because we are here and we are willing to change the world.    

I would like to stay that I see those three connections as clear as day light we can solve those three problems because it's simple its a one ,two, three and  it's time to open up our minds and our heart  to a new voice that is part of the Millenium people who grew up with the internet and in tune with the future because we are already trying to make our income via monetization   from Google account sweet from

YouTube, Google blog, too many other paper click advertisement that is the new economy has to do with people who are making a living in the 21st century.

Mr OBAMA you are still our president in our hearts I hope you will give me the opportunity to take you into this future where you will set up the your own YouTube channel and also you will set up a blog and be part of the future so that you can share  about your daily life and your struggles so that we can learn with you and we can be on the journey with you so that you don't have to write a book and restrict your income into just one book when you could have made billions of dollars with a Ad revenue on your blog  hint hint  we have a lot to talk about😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

I really believe if you would have approach the Tech Community you would have received a foundation Endowment into your dream that would have been above a billion dollars from Apple to google to Facebook you could have seen a donation that would have made you very happy because you have to sustain a certain lifestyle because of security concern and your families future. This is why I really believe this is a great opportunity to think deeply what the future holds for you personally as you begin to come back to civilian life.

Dear president Obama  I believe everything is connected and I see connections that can help you become successful I see connection that can make this country more prosperous with more ambitious  plans to send people to Mars and to redirect trajectory that has been pointed to the ground instead of 2 the sky by your current administration.

We have  talk about getting regards to the future and  what it's going to be your role moving forward as private citizen.
Your role as  private citizen so that we can bring about changes that will last a lifetime. This is the most interesting question that I am going to be asking you so you might want to get ready because I am going to ask you as a former president what is your role  now moving forward?

I hope you will say that you're going to fulfill your responsibility in your own house and you're going to take care of  your  a financial future for your family to sustain a very secure and proactive way that will help all of us. Because I really believe if you don't make more than a billion dollars it's just going to be a shame and all of us so I cannot wait myself included to donate into your own foundation and  your museum and your​ legacy so that you can have a very good  example that if you serve your country and you take no bribes you will be a billionaire by the end because people want to reward honesty and integrity it counts for something.

Everything starts with changing ourselves  no one can help you change anybody until they help themselves. Dear president I hope you continue to do this speeches and I hope you  to continue living your life without apologizing to anybody. After 8 years in prison serving the American people putting everybody's needs a head of yours and missing out on so much family events I hope you will find more time to relax and you will find more time for your family and the world because finally you are free of last.

I am hoping to bring change to this world even if it is just blogging for the rest of my life. I believe in privacy just like  jhon Rockefeller i belive in privacy I think there is a way to be articulate our solutions so that we can  bring change that will last a lifetime.      

Dear president Obama I hope you will join me in this endeavor so that you can engage  the people on a new platform on Reading that is part of the future where we can exchange ideas because I believe reading shuts down all extra  blockage that shuts down communication. If people that willing to read they have no Avenue but to listen to the message.

This is why the first verse in the Quran  was a read literally. The first word is enough to bring peace in this world all we have to do is read and we will not have time to waste in futile arguments with people we get to the point of the message and try to make a change so we have to come together and ask people to write so we can read  their solutios so that we can all get on the same page what is the solution to all of our problems.

Dear President Obama I believe all my work is a rough  draft for everybody to utilize to write something up that has been properly punctuated  and reviewed by editors so that they don't look stupid like me.

I frankly do not care what people think of me I'm willing to do what needs to be done. I'm willing to do the dirty jobs so that other people don't have to especially when it comes to politics because I am  going​ to domesticat it  and make it something part of our society that is welcome and appreciated and respected like any other sport where amatures are not allowed to play in this game and I'm sure you agree with me on this issue. You have seen the first hand when amatures exploited fears of the people to get the most powerful title in the world which is the president of the United States that cannot happen again.

So dear President Obama I hope you think about it deeply because I am a man who's like the waves of the ocean because no one can deny me  my success the Lord blessing my  work f plus  I am person who is relentless and I will have my share of success fortunately I am hoping to rub shoulders with you and get some of that magic you have so that I can go on to change the world.

Even though I did not lay out all the plans in detail I hope to do that upon request. I'm getting tired of people looking at my playbook and then pretending that I had nothing to do with their success and this message really does go out to the White House. I'm not going to be writing anymore you have to deal with your problems on your own.

Dear president Obama I would like you to give a message to Michelle Obama tell her one of these days where going to name some of the stars heavens under her name so that she lives in history through our time as a person who stood by you with perfection and beauty that is un matched by any other first lady that has ever taken the White House. She has been a hero and example for everybody to follow I cannot wait for her to be done with the TV bendwatching house of cards and Showtime and many other programs that needs to be watched so she can be up to date with all the changes that's been going on a specially the show called billions on CBS I'm telling you I want to see her laugh and cry at the same time with joy because she's going to have it all ultimately because she has put in the time and I cannot wait to see what she's going to do with a future. Tell to tweet this pic to make it known she is not happy with the people who cut the dream of women around the world. That should send a clear message.

Tell her if she gets really angry she can use the dynamic duo that I sent on Twitter she knows what I'm talking about lol :-)

I would also like to say I pray for your two daughters and I hope they become whatever they choose for themselves as long as they're happy we are going to be happy with them. I really feel guilty just like many other Americans will feel like we stole 8 years out of their lives and we hope to leave them to have a private life as long as the alive this is why I'm going to be redesigning the news so that they can go about leaving their lives privately which is one of my goals.

With that said dear President Obama I would like to apologize to you anything I've said oh you have heard me saying in any way for more shape that would be considered condescending and unacceptable for a young man. I'm sure you understand it is just politics as I tried to carve my own destiny and you know politics is all about getting dirty which reminds me of a good video to tell you how serious I am lol.

                                                                                  Dear President Obama I have ideas that you can only use your magination you're going to be in so many TV shows exploring life by creating basketball  tournaments around the globe so that people can compete from the streets of Chicago to everywhere. I'm going to put you in the commercials and McDonalds I'm going to put you into into so many things that you will be an example for the rest of humanity to follow. You work very hard and once you're done with your work you become rich and you leave out of beautiful because somebody like Bill Gates is already beating you and eating your lunch you have lost so much time can you believe this Billy gate is already ahead of your​ leagcy  you have done nothing yet you're giving speeches to wall Street house   how sad is that.                                                                                                

I really believe Warren Buffett should relocate all his wealth and give it to YOU AND ME because YOU AND I  can do a better job than Bill Gates and I think Bill Gates done enough he needs to hand over everything to YOU  and ME so that we can bring change that will last a lifetime. I'm sure you've also heard that I am going to be adopted by billionare.  If not here is a link

unfortunately I have a week heart because I am determined to make my own money but if was a greedy and manipulative this billionaire would given up all his money in a blink if an eye  he  would have no choice I would have put the foot down and I would have made billion all ready.  
Fortunately the billionaire called Paul Allen he's very lucky because I love the Lord if I was not a man of the Lord I would make sure that he is completely broke literally I know also I would have destroyed His image and legacy because we all know he  is a party boy which ok with me. People can do whatever they want with their wealth. I think he's a good person he has a very good spiritual heart and I hope everything comes to a peaceful resolution before I get angry and really write a blog that would make people's eyes pop out.

The President Obama can you believe it this billionaire even though I was assaulted on his property  he  just chose to ignore me and did many things that made my life emotional rollercoaster then depressed me and just destroyed me in a way I can't even imagine. You want even believe it  that all this went all they to the FBI because one of these top security people impersonating federal agent which is totally crazy. Anyway I have forgiven him the only thing that I want was a little apology and to shake my hand even that he has not done so I don't know where I'm going to lose my mind sooner or later and just tell the whole to truth and nothing but the truth in public eyes so if I were him I would issue a public apology and that would make me bury the hatchet. I don't want his money but I do want him to apologize in public so I can move on with my life.

I want to make it very clear for those tabloids / paparazzi  isn't just my opinion I'm not going to confirm or deny  anything and it's none of your business you never got a comment from me and you never get a comment from him .Do not digging to what's none of your business  mr Paul Allen and  will deny everything and you will  be left with nothing. It's time we put this tub Lowes out of business by not being a sellout never run to the vampires would destroy peoples a reputation that took a lifetime to build just because$$$$$$$$$ that will only profit from you that's just word of advice to people. I'm also going to say everything I'm saying this just fantasy so you don't need to look into anything it's none of your F business.

Anyway President Obama I get carried away all the time and I think I will ever finish anything I'm saying unless I stopped myself because you have been outstanding in every way imaginable because everything you have done this to represent the citizens of the United States because they elected you. But moving forward whatever you say you would do will be held against you so we hope you just represent your self only.  Don't be present every other community in the world that will bring us conflict for no reason. People need to speak up for themselves and your rpresent themselves and I am talking to the community that has to do marriage that has  to do going against  the Lord.

You have given that specific community too much support and you have done a lot of thing I disagree with from lighting up the White House which you did because you were president and you're supposed to represent everybody which is understandable. Moving forward we hope you speak with your own voice and you say I have done enough and I am going to be looking out for myself and my family and my legacy that is all I would like you to do please do not be Inspector Gadget lol it never ends well with everybody.

I would like to end with satire which is one of my biggest weapons I believe we are all not perfect and we are all responsible for our actions and dudes lol. We all need to understand what Role we playing on earth.  People understand what role there supposed to be playing I think the world can be very good sports team you will find people were supposed to be parents parenting. Even find people to play poltics  as a politician who consider themselves political athletes. You will find community organizer​s to just organize and stay out plotics.

I would like to finish with the most famous words this is Phil DiFranco "You have now been filled in " the Luminaire of the future changing the future  who needs and want  help so please watch the video of below because if the future is going to change we have to support  people who will bring that change so support  him  and yes Dear president Obama am talking to you and everyone on Earth show your support please.







  • Obama can you believe this he's also in India making changes we got a lot of work to do we gotta catch up with the Bill Gates family and  HIS foundation and he's legacy because you have zero contribution as far as this is concerned literally time to wake up and smell the coffee and president tell Joe Biden not retire we're going to need joes energy and we're going to go to work to change the world for the better but before we can do that you need to be a billionaire so thank you for reading this and I hope one day we'll meet and shake hands and have coffee and bring change to this world that is Desperately Seeking thank you goodbye and God bless you and your family and God bless the United States of America.

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