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Warren Buffett and the world

Open letter to Warren Buffett.

Dear Warren Buffett I would like to make you an offer you can't refuse and I'm telling you there's not going to be any Italian pizza or pasta trust me you're going to like this.

I want to talk to you about legacy this is something that's very important because it goes down in the history books when we are all going to thousands of years from now how do we want to be remembered is the question.

I want to make it very clear in American history there's only one family. Rules them all and that's the John Deere Rockefeller family. There's no one in American history or would be better than them in any way for more shape in this world now and forever. We have comes to legacy John Deere Rockefeller out doesn't them all he will be remembered as the great American the one who financed Americans out of the depression the one who used his money to bring change that will last a lifetime.

Dear Warren so I want to be very clear the title of the greatest philanthropist is already taken in this world when it comes to the United States of America that John Deere Rockefeller family has taken this under the own this and then name is untouchable and they will bring me remember to such in the history books now on and forever.

With that said that does not mean history is done because we all know that even though they were good to America they never reach to the African lands or the European sure around the globe so the title for the ultimate philanthropist is still on the table in America. Unfortunately being the greatest for lantus up in America that is not something anybody can be because that has been taken by the Rockefeller family in America they would be the greatest and they will remain the greatest end the story. As a matter fact when I make my first billion I'm going to share with you the Rockefeller family and I'm going to buy that house back and I'm going to owner them again for their sacrifice.


Also  that means a big opening now for a the greatest philanthropist and I think you've been a great job you're investment with bring gates is paying dividends and I'm very proud of bill Gatton Melinda gates and you strategy of bringing Jane to the world so I want to share this video with you because I want people to understand that bill Gates is making a real change and people need to wake up and compete with him all the philanthropist and the world they need to see one bill gate and you have been up to so we're going to be opening up the secrets and I'm going to put this videos down here so that everybody can see what they are missing out on.

Deat Warren Buffett your idea of giving you money to Bill Gates paid off divisions this be honest. I think you a strategy is right on and I think you could be remembered is the man eliminated poverty and rebuild Africa from the ground up. The Chinese government can do with best to build roads and homes and exploit resources in Africa but ultimately I think you were going to have the last laugh because people remember people who I bring technological adventures that change their lives on by looking at the videos about you know that bill and Melinda grades are going to continue doing a really great job and I hate you want to congratulate you on making such a wise investment not many people cannot commit to that what you have done has is paying dividends and I hope you stick with the plan because the way I see it Bill Gates is going to need more money lol.

I would like not on the chapter back to the Rockefeller man that I love so much what medium different from everybody was that when he went to Ohio he opened the refinery he did not open on oil business. What I'm going to do is the same thing to the news I'm not going to open the News Network I'm going to open the refinery for the news its the same play you need to understand there's just too much and you some people not drowning information they need an open artificial intelligence where they can be part of it and and it can be part of t

I'm going to share video with you without I have made and this you'd really make you understand who I am and what I'm going to do as far as the news is concerned it doesn't matter what brand that use it doesn't matter how I do this I know for a fact that the people we fall in and I'm a personal understands the power of the American concealer. I'm going to have the American consumer in my pocket because the American consumer and never going to go business together I'm we're going to create this connection between them brands and us without any interruptions so how powerful is someone who is in bed with American consumer?

You were my friend I want you to get on the same page what I'm going to do to this planet I'm going to take the news and I'm going to create pooping artificial intelligence and I'm going to get the open source community to work on it and I am going  to create connection between the customer and then brand without any interruptions. I'm going to be lot of AI  intelligence that's going to  give the American consumer total control over their personal later. I'm also going to force the American people to give up their privacy so that the brands can see without paying the single penny. Under whatever profits that come out of there it we're going to a brand currency system where the people on the brands can decide to do whatever the hell they want with it.

I think you're beginning to understand that I am going to be not just rich but I am going to have the title eliminating poverty on this earth literally. My titles will be many on trust me when I say no one will touch my legacy as far as well this concern on this planet that is a I promise I make you right here right now that you would never see well for like mine and you never see change that I would bring I will out do you and Bill Gates and every other billionaire on this earth.

Now I want to turn the chapter 2 being adopted and I was going to have a bomb on me a request to be adopted by you Unfortunately plans have changed there's a big opportunity going on in England and I think Michelle Obama can be the queen of England and Barack Obama can be the person who supporting out for the rest of his life. Barack Obama can use is silver Tonka make the world dream and to make the world be more United in pursuing vision that will change the world. Everybody has a talent and I believe half of wisdom is to recognize peoples talents and put them in the right place. Sometimes I can see the people gift to the need to be put on a shelf and if I see someone and I see he's good at something I would place them in the right place which is the most amazing gift the Lord has blessed me with. So Barack Obama is going to spend it today is in your being a king inspiring the European Union to bring change to this world that would last a lifetime.

I would like now to turn to my favorite person in this world a person who the Lord sent me to the work at his house to see my penis a person who I really love so much because I saw it with my own two eyes he is. Many people can talk like Mark Cuban and many other idiot billionaires they like to talk but I'm telling you Paul Allen is one of the few human beings I have seen with my own eyes is the most a humble the most kind the most sweet human being you never meet. This is why I'm going to hold of this adoption idea and its going to be a ceremony thing I don't want is money but I just want a crown in King has the most humble the most kind the most wonderful even be never to work this earth.

So I'm going to hear a few videos with you so people get to know Paul Allen is because he's the ultimate American story if you just do what you love the world will change because you're not trying to show off you pursue you a passions you be yourself on the world will change because of you. Forget about all this people who are trying to change the world and like Bill Gates and all this other people at the end of the day it comes down to your spiritual heart and I believe is no man on this planet that has a very good spiritual hard like Paul Allen he doing it 33 million dollars to take care of homeless people in Seattle and I'm going to show you some specific videos to tell you that there's one person who I respect on this earth and I is Paul Island everybody else is just secondary because he is the epitome what the American dream is all about.


I have a quick sample of the idea man and I think if this is something that every human being on earth should listen to and should buy if you can afford it if you can't then I'll probably talk to Paul Allen to release it for free so everybody can actually listened to the idea man because at the end of the day you want a human being who's been up and down and who has been under roller coaster of life to be your hero. We all deserve to have a someone we admire when it comes to business and we don't want someone who is perfect who's in angel was trying to do his best we want someone who is not perfect. 

I want you to see the person who I am Maya on love the most on this planet what he has accomplished and why I think Paul Allen will be the most Revere the remembered on the loved person on earth forever.. The end of the day it's all about your spiritual heart and if the Lord loves you you will outdo everyone on this earth. I believe Paul Allen without do every single billionaire because the Lord sent me to his house.

I would like to make a confession because I am a greedy bastard who is manipulative and who's a complete liar and I tried to take advantage of this billionaire and I tried to make him give me his football team is basketball team because I'm a politician and I am a total liar and it was a nice day has a complete lie so let's be very clear on one thing that pull Allen has never met me he is never shaking my head he doesn't even know why am i am just very dirty individual was very manipulative if you know what I'm saying so I would publicly like to apologize to Paula Allen all the embarrassment and he mediation of caused him he has done nothing wrong to me in any way for more shape and it's just the love agreed and welders made me say whatever the hell I'm saying just like any other he won't be mad I hope he finds it in his heart to forgive me so we can just forget about it and I would like to share why I went crazy this videos should give you a taste of why a man could completely lose it.

I want to make it very clear again it is my problem and my unfortunate disease of love of wealth and a combination of loving someone who has not been taking over by well those two combination has driving me crazy when it comes to ball Alan. Hear you have a billionaire yet he is very humble very sweet and very kind. You really find that in the world. Usually the people who are billionaires up buncha assholes my joy your of them so I have to tell you forget about all the wealth Paul Allen house what's important here is his spiritual her heart and I can tell you he is a wonderful human being if you have a spend time with him you would understand what I'm talking about. Nobody is perfect but I the end of the day the Lord does not care who has money that's not what is important to the Lord.

What is important to the Lord the owner of the universe is this spiritual hard within the human being and if they human being as a good spiritual hearth then the other most of volleyball people on North. This happened in the time of the profit peace be a bowl him he had billionaires around him and those billionaires remain billionaires while he was alive and they continued to be millionaires after he was gone and some of them even became more rich and nobody cared hi What you they were what really was the main concern of the the spiritual heart of the person and if you lookin Islamic history these a billionaire that was so rich at the same time it was so shy and I have a video that I want to show because a lot of people don't understand and Islamic weren't we are used to having billionaires running around its not a big deal so I want to show this video to the world so that you understand they Islamic civilization is used to having billionaires it's not something new.

The video above in a streets of point point which is we need millionaires and billionaires to be part of a big team to bring change this world so that we can move into the future. We need to respect people who are rich and we need to leave them alone and understand that the way forward is to have people were excessively rich and people who is assembly poor that's how the world works. The Lord distributions well according to his own plan which we are not aware off. So we need to get this socialism out of our mind that we can all be equal we cannot be equal the Lord has favorite people over others and some people others so we need to respect the Lord's decision rewarding people who are willing to test risk and putting themselves out there so it is very important that we respect the Lord decision that he chooses wherever he pleases I mix reach wherever he pleases this is something the world and to come to terms there's always going to be rich people and he's all is going to be poor people and that's how the Lord wants his world to be.

Now I want to make it very clear that I'm only allowed to exit money is from the Jewish people they're the only ones who can finance me and do business with me as far as money is concerned. This is how my profit peace be upon in choose to do his business and I would like to fly is example so was I begin to open up my company's I can only borrow from the Jewish people because that's how my profit please be upon him did things.

How most of you have read my biography and all that you understand that I am a truck driver an eye out one to change the trucking industry. I would like to start my company as soon as possible and I would like to initiate my truck and company to go online effective immediately. I believe the truck and industries the only industries R Us of the problem with the homelessness literally. You can take someone who was no scales you can train them within a few month they would have money in the pocket there would have a truck where they can sleep in and they'll have gas stations where they can take that showers in.

I really believe the American people have not been given an opportunity to get a job and to become a owner operator so that they can live your life that is hard working but at the same time rewarding. I really believe every single person in America should get the opportunity to learn how to drive a truck and should get the opportunity to go see the landscape. Its my personal advice to people if you have the opportunity to learn how to drive a truck and become a truck driver you should do it you would see things and you we do things that you never imagined. So I very nice I just if you can enroll in the trucking school which I am going to be building  going to be sweet.

  To summarize this is my industry and this is what I'm going to start my total dominance in this business. What I'm going to do is open up my own business that is going to change this world that's already good. The trucking industry is doing a great job unfortunately the missing the human element which is how do you invest in human being so they can reach is your full potential. Trucking companies want to make a profit unfortunately they're stuck with you and being too I'm perfect who don't know what they want. We have people about teenagers we have people over just not interested in talking as a career so you have a lot of problems in this industry and I have unique solutions for the industry and ways they can't even imagine.

Survivor video pretty much summarizes my vision for the trucking industry when I want to do. At the end of the day you need to work hard and you need to create your own Brands to change the world. Anybody can change the world the question is are you willing to work hard are you willing to dream big if the answer is yes then you need to go out there and you need to make your own history. You can also follow my footsteps create a blog shut your mouth work hard trust the Lord and you will get where I am at right now. I promise you you will be successful you would have money you have everything you need and I will be by your side helping you creating your brand and businesses and working with you and your dream to be rich because I'd end of the day we all need to be rich if anybody tells you being rich is not important don't listen to them.

So I have a very important goal because I'm going to change the trucking industry and that's where I see myself being as a truck driver now I'm not going to lie there's a lot of beautiful women out there and I definitely would be putting down some videos dying and showing you all the most beautiful women in the world because I'm going to be a very busy man and a truck driver gets really lonely as you all know so I think I should put the videos down yet to send some Hello messages to the ladies out the around the globe if you know what I'm saying LOL

The first party I think I'm going to throw in Oprah Winfrey's house she has this famous saying it's how you use well not how it uses you know what I'm saying I'm going to be checking out a lot of homes I'm telling you I'm not going to get tired of this.

To summarize everything I'm going to be very busy around the globe and I'm going to be chased by every single woman who knows The Art of Seduction and I welcome it too because I am manipulative myself and I got no problem with it so let the game begin people places places that's what they like to say. Anyway

My message to Warren Buffett is I'm going to take you out to McDonald's we're going to have the dollar menu I'm going to talk about the world and where it's going and I'm going to wait and see how things turn out at the end of the day everything Belongs to the Lord I'm the man of the Lord can up ask help from anybody but the Lord. So I'm going to put my trust in my Lord is going to leave me through I might be broke right now but I think the Lord will take care of me and I think everybody should pray to the Lord that he will open for them a door that they would all be rich that they will all find faith that doing all be successful that they owe will make it to the other side. So let everybody dream that everybody work hard then everybody believing the Lord let everybody try to make it on their own don't ask for a handout dream as big as possible and let the Lord lead you through the Lord is the one who's responsible for you the Lord is the one who never gets tired of you the Lord is the one who created you the Lord is the one who protects you the Lord is everywhere and he's watching you are you with the Lord because the Lord is with you the man of the Lord is here and he's reminding you the Lord is full of love the Lord is the owner of the universe the Lord is the owner of all the planets what are you doing with your time do you pray to the Lord do you think the Lord is going to forget about you do you think you're not going to be rich well I look at my story baby the Lord is with me and I'm very happy with my journey what about you? You have a lot of praying to do you have to put your trust in your Lord that he will get you through your problems I can get you to the other side so you can be rich and famous like me so pray to the m Lord thank you for reading this.

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