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Page One welcome the hero is born

Welcome to Omar Arizona.

Welcome and thank you for taking time out of your busy day to visit my site.

It's amazing how the Lord blesses you if you engage in helping other people and you forget about yourself.

I saw an amazing story that had to do with the love and I could not sleep all night. I decided to do what I usually do which is go about my creative process and  bring changes to the world that would last a life time.

I'm going to introduce you to the world of links.

Meaning I'm just going to tell you to click on that link so that you can update yourself on the events without starting over and wasting time.

The love story of this two beautiful people inspired me to bring change in the world of domestic violence. I made a vow that I would protect women by utilizing my creativity in a way that is unparalleled or unimaginable by the common Folk.

1. Please click on the first link which is my favorite which will end domestic violence forever. Plus I have a plan celebrities with come to people's house and knock on their door and tell them you have been a good boy or a girl and I'm taking out to dinner. Imagine celebrities hunting people down to eliminate domestic violence. We will also have extras who are in the movies that can get actual FaceTime in the movie so that they can act in behalf of the celebrities so we're going to be rolling out of a creativity to end domestic violence forever. So please check out the link if you haven't done so

The brand is known as Dawn fall for a monster

Link  number 2 is an example for Muslims around the globe. We need to go out and help people in a way that is reflective of our Prophet peace be upon him. Help people without asking for money so that they can better themselves and the society they live in.

I'm still waiting on the family to call me so I can present them with a gift.

Now lets turn the chapter to  2 movies that are coming out very soon.

I have two movies they're going to be coming out soon and they are both about my grandfather's who are from Africa. So like to present them both in full Glory :-).

The epic War Between Simba the gifted lion with a genetics form  the dinosaurs and My grand father.  AL Hassan Al-Yaqoubi    BIN.A BIN.C BINK BIN. M


We already have a good story on what happened so you can read it for yourself. We have to turn it into a movie. So enjoy this story and expect them movie hopefully by the end of the year that's what my agent keeps telling me.

Meet my second run father Al-Hussein Ali al-Ninowy

who took on the monster crocodile.
Both of my grandfathers a Sufi master so they have prayer beads on their hands and if they lose one they have one on their neck they never take the remembrance of God of their tongue.



The second Blockbuster movie is about a crocodile named TAP TAP whose teeth were bigger than the human leg.  Tap Tap  what a grind his teeth and it would send shockwaves across the village. He is bigger than the Jurassic Park crocodile

We have another trailer for the crocodile and I like to say the following song two people before they watch the trailer which is bad boy bad boy what you going to do what you going to do when the crocodile comes for you. :-)

Now  I'm going to turn the chapter on my writing because I'm a superhero now so my writing is going to be epic.

Because my religion of Islam requires Heroes at this time because women in hijab that being attacked everywhere I have decided to step up and defend them all with the shield from the past that has historic president of protecting Muslims in times of danger.
Introducing the Star Wars Shield for Muslims around the globe.

Introducing the shadili shield. Inspired by the great imam abul hasan ash shadhili of Egypt who protected Egypt from a French invasion with a special prayer blessed by the prophet peace be upon him. Without the great Imam if you could have been destroyed on the Islamic civilization would have suffered a devastating defeat Beyond imagination.

The  Shadhili Star Wars Shield against islamophobia.

I would like to tell Muslims around the globe please feel safe again because this Shield has now been destroyed it tomorrow time before Victory comes in the hand.

I also heard about this Administration shutting down 7 countries for no apparent reason. So as a superhero it was my Duty to show people they have it completely wrong. We need a superhero to represent this issue and I chose to take on this issue effective immediately I'm bringing it to a close with a biography. Because the best way to shut people up is to show them what you've been doing in this country. And what you're going to be doing to make it better. Just like they say put up or shut up and I decided to put up my story and accomplishment and I asked the Lord to protect me from showing off which is a big problem I suffer from but because my religion and my people need me I am the right Hero at the right time at the right place who can get this done.

Presenting the superhero who will be taking on every single Challenge on Earth with a brand that is so unique got someone offered a million dollars to buy it fortunately it was shown the middle finger because as superhero I am not a sellout And i know Brands tend to live forever.


We need a superhero to hold of this brand up.

This brand was supposed to make such a big splash that it was supposed to completely and utterly secure Victory right away for the Muslims especially here in the United States. Unfortunately that did not happen but I have to tell you it was worth the try. I'm going to include the link below take a look at it I'm sure you'll agree with me it wasn't a bad try.


We all know that fans want to know the superhero especially when he's defending the seven countries that have been banned from entering the country so I introduced the biography of you superhero Omar Arizona.

                   Here is the link.

With that said I want to thank you for taking time out of your busy day to visit my blog which will be turning into something big. Unless I refuse to make it something big something that has made my engineers and team very angry. They went to build a very good website unfortunately I do not see eye-to-eye on that fact. I believe a superhero should learn how to crawl then walk then run. It is very important that I follow the regular pattern of what superheroes do which take one step at a time.

I'm going to upload different stories that are very interesting and projects but I'm working on it so it should be very entertaining for you to be tuning in all the time. Trust me I am hiding a lot I do not want to overwhelm you.

Select sure you check their blog regularly you will see a lot of updates.

Thank you for your time I pray to the Lord or as we like to call him Allah the subhanahu-wa-taala  the all-merciful the all-loving the all-encompassing Lorde who never gets tired of blessing on loving his creation because he sent them the mercy of the world the best of creation Muhammad the messenger of God.

I prayed to the Lord and He blesses you always health and wealth thank you and goodbye.

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