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Open letter to the Chia people and the Chinese government.

I would like to start with a reminder that God is the one who bless his people. People on this world don't have to pay any taxes for the Sun that rises and the air that we breathe.

I believe it doesn't matter how you start out what matters is how you finish. This is something American people know very well. It doesn't matter if it's football and you have won three and a half quarters and you can not deliver in the last two minutes you will be called a loser END of story.

American ideals and compassion has  gone across the world touring freedom and democracy everywhere. It is very unfortunate this freedom and democracy has been undermined and throw up and the burned alive by nearest individual in the Chinese government.

United state is not afraid of any country we are more than happy to engage anybody who thinks can stand next to us at anytime 24/7.

We are proud of the Pentagon they can take on the world and still pray 5 times a day to the Lord.

The government of China needs to understand the United States is the leader of the Free World and will continue to be the leader of the Free World even after Donald Trump is gone.

The world needs to understand there are men and women who have paid the ultimate price who are in their Arlington grave Cemetery. America has given its blood it's tears and it's wet to protect Freedom wherever it flies.

Unfortunately this is something the Chinese government does not seem to understand period the United States cannot get tired of democracy. We cannot get tired of helping the poor and winning Hearts everywhere.

I want thank publicly  the men and women in the United States Army before I tell you what I want China to do in the coming years. You need to remember who we are because someone else told you for the last 8 years and does not believe in God we are strong. We are a strong country and we are founded on the principle that is one God he is our Lord and he is our savior.

I want to remind you of the power of the United States so we're going to go through a military exercise and this paper so you understand who you were talking to.

First off we're going to introduce you to the United States Army.

Second  i am going to introduce you.

United State Marine Corps oorah

Let me introduce you to the United States Navy who's been giving Syrian regime early present. Stay tuned more to surprise gift by Seal Team 7.

We have this Coast Guards who keep our Shores safe. No one can get in anymore.

We have our men and women in uniform who are representing all branches 24/7  ready to go any where to go to take on any challenges anywhere in the world. It doesn't matter if it's in Mars Pluto You Name It We Ready To Roll at the command of the president Omar  Arizona the commander of the US Senate / Congress and everybody who has power in this government.

The Republic of China I don't know who lied  to you but I can tell you America strong. An American never lost it might. American value and might  period so standby because we're showing you a military exercise that you never much.

I want to talk about war we have had in this Mini World of Wars because we have presidents who come into don't believe in God and do not people in there rightful place. Somebody needs to put you and your rightful place which is a follower not a leader of world affairs.

I want to make it clear to you you were in complete poverty until our president the corrupt Richard Nixon did the brilliant move of meeting with your leader Mao Zedong.

Mao Zedong was one of the greatest leaders this world has ever seen. He's an amazing human being and we all look up to him. China should be very proud of a man who United them and they should be proud of their history. I have no problem praising this dictator I'm calling him an amazing human being who did a great job and everybody should consider him a hero.

The Republic of China remembers when the hero named Mao Zedong met with our president know as  Tricky Dick who was a corrupt individual On February 21, 1972, President Richard M. Nixon arrived in China for an official trip. He was the first U.S. president to visit the People's Republic of China since it was established in 1949.

It is because of this meeting you have enjoyed economic Prosperity unlike any other Nation. It is the American people that have taken you from nothing to where you are. You are everything you have to the American Consumer. It is true we had a man who did not believe in God Obama letting you flex your muscle and do whatever you want. I want you to understand that has now has to come to a complete stop.

At the same time I am going to point out a very huge important resource that you have that you can utilize effective immediately.

Intelligence sources tell me you have a lot of building that you have built. And they all need  residents.

According to intelligence I'm being told China's real estate bubble is now beginning to show in the large amount of empty houses. There is about 1 billion square meters of empty houses in China.

You are the one who wants to be the world leader. We're going to show you what it takes to be a world leader. World leader deals with the problems of the world 24/7. You have to open your doors to refugees in thoes buildings that the Lord inspired you to build it. I hope all of it it's making sense now.

The Lord wants this refugees to be giving the apartment. You're the one who said you wanted to be a leader of the Free World I am going to show you how. You're going to earn your spot.

We had a president named Obama who does not believe in God he refused to protect the innocent and let the refugees in. Donald Trump took advantage of the people and he said what he needed to be said to be elected into political office. All of that now it's going to be thrown out of the window because the people now would realize there's a true leader sitting right here in the United States of America.

I understand the president of Chinese meeting with Donald Trump. I advised the Chinese president to play it cool and listen to our five year old president who will be complaining and whining. All he wants to do is win win win well let him win the debate and let him treat you like a child and humiliate you. Let him have his fantasy because he wants to shave your head. Do not ask me how I know all this stuff let's just say I have people who work in the White House I get reports all day and every day what the president is doing.

Dear president Xi Jinping you are a wise and come leader. Metaphorically speaking you have to play along with this man he's completely crazy. Thank you for playing along with his fantasy.

Dear president Xi Jinping thank you for playing along I believe Donald Trump is the right man for the job because he has many personalities and he can adapt unlike Obama who was a lawyer and was blinded by arrogance.

Thank you for playing along with the game and meeting with the president. Thank you for not acting stupid and staying strong. We know you're an amazing China I watching you and are planning for your demise. Especially in the military. We all know the death of a country always comes for its military Commanders. We sympathize with you with your struggles to contain your military industrial complex and to arrest you are enemies so that you can make a smooth transition in a government that reflects the Chinese people on Chinese terms or timetable to make a country that is for the People by the people the Chinese way not the American way.

China has reached a different level and needs a direction and  vision  what it will do for the next hundred years.

I hope you have read my vision for the Russian government and its people and what they need to do with themselves. Just in case you have not read that I have a link for you so you can understand I'm a man of vision.

Dear president please make sure you read my vision for Russia as a part of a new global economy I have the link prepared for you right here.

I want to turn the page now too how can China become a global force of good. The answer is right in front of you even though no one has pointed this to you out I'm going to do it and make it like the sunrise so that you have no doubt what your future is as a country.

God has blessed you with the discipline of building. The American know this syndrome as Bob the Builder. You are the Bob builder of the world. You approach is completely different you're not interested in being arrogant or being involved in the political process that is ongoing with countries soap opera.

We have been watching what you've been doing very careful and we are proud of all your efforts that you have done with Africa and You have not meddled with their politics plus you have Built  to the country.

I want to point out to you that you will be a global force of good if you do not step out of bounds. We are all in this football field and we are playing a game Tango and we believe that if you play by the rules and you earn your spot no one would challenge you or question you in anything. As a matter of fact we welcome you as a global leader as long as you earn it.

I will explain what I mean you need to earn this title. You have already gone into Africa and you have shown you I bility to build and put resources into action with a lot of creativity and with fixed expenses that has driven the cost of building to zero.

The question is can you innovate and also create a system that can be systematically utilized by the world so that you can become a global force of good. No one is going to question your leadership when you go into Africa and you build it from the ground up. Every single country in Africa will show you loyalty which is complete power over people.

Anybody who tells you that if you help people and you build very country and you show restraint that they will not love you and admire is a complete liar.

As an American I'm very ashamed that we have not much to you in this effort and you have been ahead of us taking on Africa building relationships. I really believe your efforts has Propel you forward you have nothing stopping you and becoming a world leader on a global force of good.

Unfortunately we understand you have a military complex Industrial syndrome that everybody suffering from that one's to keep this common is an agenda going. We were very happy when you almost eliminated them unfortunately the economy took a turn for the worse and your enemies group even stronger.

We are proud of your actions that you have taken against the dictator in Korea who is pretending to be God. I don't know why he wants to challenge God because God does not this likes to be challenged. This man is claiming to be God he has no business being in charge of that country. And you know very well that it is going to be you who will go into the country and assassinate him and bring peace to that country.

The Chinese government from the past has handed you over I'm melting nuclear situation where you have to deal with government that's claiming to be led by God himself. You have been put in a hard place and a rock fortunately you have a military and you can show everybody in this world that you are not out to get anyone.

We would like to see the Chinese government prove to us that they can eliminate this man who pretends to be  GOD and they can go to war with him and they can eliminate him. But United States will be more than happy to join you in this war or anytime 24/7. You're well aware that we are ready to roll on this country and we have been waiting to roll over there for a very long time.

We are not going to tolerate a neighbor who keeps firing ballistic missiles and threatening the security of the United States 24/7. It is your new role as a world leader to crush this man who says he's God with all the might of your military. We promise you that we will find as this work if you want us to but you have not shown us with your military that you are looking for peace.

Before you start complaining Taiwan has a lot to say on the situation that you have been engaging in building this Islands in Territorial disputes in the South China Sea. We understand you've been taking advantage of Obama the man who does not believe in God.

We want to make it very clear to you the United States of America will you lose all its might to bring peace and prosperity in this dispute moving forward. I promise you we're not even going to Blink on this issue of Territorial disputes in the South China Sea.

We are however going to work with you until you make sure you make the military subservient to your orders. We understand the internal struggle power that is ongoing and we will show restraint and we will give you support. But we want to make it very clear to you we're not going to tolerate or even negotiate this issue at any moment.

The United States military is ready to go to War 24/7 anywhere anytime. Under President Obama we feel like our pride has been destroyed. We hope under Donald Trump he keeps the devil around so that people understand that we are not shy about releasing a few missiles to make a point that we have very serious and the United States will not tolerate any kind of aggression and its neighbors.

We are the referee for the world we set the tone and we lead the way and we light the way to freedom and democracy around the globe make no mistake about that.

I really believe this great opportunity for China not only to grow what to take on a different role. This is going to be the most difficult thing China has to do now is to find a way to get along with everybody and be a big boy and wear a big pants. As soon as you get a few toys you're causing problems we have to do what we need to do to make sure that we undermine your economy and your country in every way possible. If you don't behave yourself we will make you behave period I hope my language is not mistaken we're going to do what we need to do to impose Sharia law version on the Chinese government so help me God.

We have an opportunity that we have never had before. We need governments to back away from militarizing and aggression. People need to understand the United States will never sleep or blink at any moment we're watching every single person and every single country and what they're up to. We're never going to relinquish our role as a global leader in any form or shape. I understand Donald Trump has made certain statements that are very disturbing and everybody's trying to Grapple with this statement I'm going to make it clear what it means.

Don't worry about  Trump he  is a clown from the circus is in town for four years that's it. He took advantage of the people's fear and he got elected. He told us what we wanted to hear that he would make America great again.

The clown from The Circus said that he will destroy Obamacare as soon as he got into office only to pull out like a coward at the last minute. If you're going to go all the way in you need to stay in I need to need make sure that you deliver those eggs into the specified area.

We don't like cowards who cannot last more than a minute. You must have the stamina to go on and on and on if you need the blue pills pops as man or ask Rachel Maddow she will help you with no problem but the fact that you give in as soon as you get in that is not American. That has nothing to do with the men from Texas leave that to the New York and they can't even last a minute. Why do you think they call it New York minute don't trust anybody from that area they will only last 1 minute in anything that has to do with global affairs. Except the mayor of New York he has stamina and he could be president.

I want to remind the Chinese people this is a momentous moment for you all. You need to make sure you support your president as it begins to cannibalize the military and put them in their place. A commander-in-chief who cannot control his military is a nobody. The Chinese people need to get behind the president and they need to make sure the show full support. As a matter of fact I think we should give this President 45 years of democracy and dictatorship all put together until we sort everything out.

The problems and the dangers I had a difficult no one knows what will happen and no one can plan for the future all we can do is prepare our weapons and get ready to meet in battle in the middle of the night.

Anybody who tells you China or the United States will just get along everything will go well he's a total liar. There's nothing easy about what's ahead. Peace and prosperity does not come from jokers and clowns. It takes people who are willing to get the job done and meet local leaders and set a dentist that needs to be met.

As a private citizen I'm looking forward to all the challenges the world is facing. I'm very happy as I begin to make my entrance with Solutions and with guidance for nations of what they need to be doing with themselves.

China has an opportunity to grow into a global Powerhouse for good. They need to put their military in check and they need to play by the rules. This idea that we're just going to win win win win win we're not in a playground. Winning is in fantasy we call it compromising and coming to the table and ironing out our problems so that we can feed our people and not throw ourselves into destruction.

I want to finish with thinking the president of China and the Republic of China and its people telling them the United States is a friend and not an enemy. We have taking you out of poverty and we will take you to space and back all you have to do is support your president and deliver the dictator on a silver platter.

We want him to make it clear but the United States will not tolerate any more aggressive actions from him. We're not afraid of him we will go to war with him. We are ready 24/7 fortunately you want to be the world leader so why don't you take the lead. Why don't you do us all a favor so we can call you world leader . Let me give you an example of what we want.

If you bring him in on a silver platter only then will we consider you a world leader. The fact that you undermining on security and under same time taking away our jobs and above all destroying the environment does not sit well with the American people. We have been at war in Harbor and we will go to war again and again do not intimidate the American people or we will bite you in the dark.

We keep hearing about China One to be our leader well here's your opportunity bring this leader captured or dead on a silver platter and we will give you thumbs up and we will call you family. China has  to prove that you are not up to our destruction. We're not going to wait for danger to come and get us we will come and get danger and get rid of it. We're not aggressive War but we're not going to sit that endlessly as we watch a dictator who makes fun of God 24/7 at the same time threatens our security.

Nothing is going to be easy we look forward to ironing our differences on finding a solution that is not easy. I do not know the future and what it will bring but what I know is that we are going to do our best and we are going to pray to the Lord to guide us through. Give that man a message that the he's not a God. He will be crushed from all sides. Give him   a message that the last war will be with him we will take him out smoke him out of his hole and we are waiting for him 24/7 tell him I said bring it I'm going to finish off with a military exercise so that you people remember the United States of America is still alive and well. It is the Beacon of Hope and we have not relinquish that title of world leaders.

I want to think the Pentagon.

I want to thank the men and women in the intelligence community who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

We As Americans sleep well at night knowing that we have men and women working hard 24/7 to ensure Justice is given to those who deserve it. We feel safe and we feel proud.

I want to thank the American people who are proud and Fearless we're going to go into the night without fear and with the blessing of the Lord.

Thank you and good night may God bless the United States of America.

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