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The end of homelessness by building designs for Mars to solve our problems on Earth.

In the Name of God , Most Gracious, Most merciful 

The end of homelessness by building designs for Mars to solve our problems on Earth.

I see a future one day people will come to housing community managed by AI or even better a hotel managed by AI inspired by your farms and other nature inspired systems and I can promise that this hotel will accommodate millions of people overnight simply because we ask the right questions in terms of what is it that we can build on this Earth that will make it feasible for us to be in Mars or anyway another planet and our solar system that can build and maintain complex housing structures without us lifting a finger.

Sometimes someone has to ask the questions that generate thoughts and inspire hearts to come up with designs that change the concept of what it means to even have a home and to be housed when we put our collective resource on the same page and deliver an incredible idea that I'm about to share with you today.

A simple design that can automatic unlimited amounts of rooms is to use the most abundant thing we have on this planet to just start up which is there perspective if you design something with an incredible skeleton inspired by Nature and then you build those incredible rooms on top of each other can you give the system the ability to blow air and form a structure it is not hard to see what I'm telling you let me give you an example of what NASA is doing so that we are both on the same page so you understand this is not fantasy.

Watch "The Mars Homes That NASA Awarded $500k" on YouTube


We have to start with designs that can help us live in different planets and we have to design things that we don't have to lift a single finger because as you know the atmosphere of other planets will not allow us to go and deal with this issues so it is important we built something without raising a finger and that's a question that needs to be post to engineers you can work on a rough draft and I can help them but when I'm really concerned about right now the people on earth I have some suggestions in terms of what we can do better.

I think it's an acceptable to have a tornado touchdown straight homes people have built and they have paid off working with their savings all their lives can you imagine a hundred year old person living in the home that he or she paid off and then she becomes homeless overnight I don't know how we live with ourselves that can turn the entire home into a smart home that can literally descend like an escalator on to a designated underground area and wait for the storm to pass.

I can't believe that we are letting our homes to be destroyed by fire when we have the capability of making this homes to be designed from an underground infrastructure so that when problems comes like wildfire the home descends automatically to the ground and even let's water to be boiled and the steam from that water to generate electricity to make the underground life hospitable.

I can't believe we have truck drivers who have created an ecosystem where they sleep on the road and ecosystem have been created to manage their lives on the road we are yet to learn about them which means that if electric cars and electric trucks are created we can literally create a system where people can be on the move and humans were created to being nomadic lifestyle so this will mimic our nature and to have people to go work on different jobs or visit different lands because we ask people who are building this electric vehicles system and their technology and how all of this fit it's a game changer.

So I hope to do my part and build something special that will alleviate all homelessness and will challenge what it means to have a home or to go to a place where you can just rest for the night without worrying about whether you can pay the bill or not inshallah I will leave that legacy by inspiring people questions and ideas that will move their hearts and souls to say what you are saying is incredible and can be implemented we did not think of this but now with the help of AI to all be possible.

I hope you have enjoyed my thought-provoking idea how homelessness will end completely and working alongside artificial intelligence I hope that basic necessities such as 🏡🏠 at home will be something that we have re-engineered and I hope refugees will be among the benefit from this idea because I can imagine us dropping a self-assembling home with our big military plane instead of dropping bombs and this self-assembling homes will just open itself. It's going to be an incredible scene to see a hospital, housing, and an entire community to be designed in less than half an hour in third world countries.

The opportunities are great you just need creative people not to put a limit on what they can come up with their hearts and minds I hope this was an example for you to think about it I hope to work on actual designs going to challenge what it needs to have a home people will be on the move again all over the world and with my brand currency idea as well I know and you sits of value that will generate income that will not end it's on its way and I can't wait to write that letter as well I hope you have enjoyed reading this and I hope that we all think differently moving forward thank you for reading may God bless you all


waalaikumsalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you all 

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