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A new Constitution for artificial intelligence for the African Union

  بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ


In the Name of God , Most Gracious, Most merciful 


A new constitution for the African continent needs to be created that will be made by artificial intelligence and humans working together a new era is about to begin for humanity alhamdulillah.

Civilizations change when change in technology takes place such as the industrial Revolution that went on to change Europe artificial intelligence is at the same scale and it is here to change the world and I want to prepare the entire African continent for this change and all of this will happen in my time inshallah in the next coming years I can fish intelligence will take Center stage and I among the people who is plowing the field and preparing for its official takeover cheering it on and actually sitting perimeters as to what I expected to do and how it's going to change what a constitution is or what a democracy is.

I believe everything is about to change and it's my job to prepare African leaders to be founding fathers just like Americans who chose to look at history and after declaring the independence and fighting the British they went on to understand the people are the enemy of democracy it made them question what are democracy was and how it should really be set up so that the people who look out for their own interest who are nothing but a faction do not destroy what they have worked hard to do so the problem is humans and their own interest and to explain this I really suggest that the African leaders in Africa make sure they watch this video because it talks about the beginning of democracy in Athens and how America developed as a democracy and made certain changes that has made it the most powerful and prosperous country in the world.

Watch "DEMOCRACY: Classical Athenian vs American" on YouTube


I am going to write a constitution for artificial intelligence because I know the perimeters are going to be following in terms of generating data and reports on everything you can imagine that will be used by humans to redefine what it means to be in a unified continent that follows one Constitution despite its conflicting interest in people.

At the end of the day the bottom line is Africa needs to transform and it needs to reach prosperity overnight it needs infrastructure and hospitals and everything in between basically it needs its resources that it possesses to heal the greatest return and to make the lives of Africans better and that will require drastic change and I think artificial intelligence can deliver this especially when the perimeters are assigned for it to generate a constitution and the bills of Rights and many other things that that will play a critical role because I am too early it will not make any sense to you as African leaders.

But please do not lose this opportunity to be the thinkers of your time to contemplate of what the future can bring and what it is that we can be those people who plant those seeds and who foresee that future that is around the corner with artificial intelligence and how all of this can be put together and that is going to require architects who can testify that the people are the enemy of their own selves and the self meaning your own self as a human being is the greatest danger we face from the Islamic perspective we understand this very clear the Quran States whoever is saved from his own self and inclinations and purifies himself shall be successful.

So Islam talks about a sense of purification and a sense of struggle within the human being our father Adam chose himself or give life to the self by choosing the forbidden apple therefore we are on this planet because of that choice of the self and we have to struggle with the self and all the evil that the self brings this is a profound statement that cannot be understood by those people who have not even taken the opportunity to understand what the self is and what the soul is and what is the struggle of the human being in general.

Let me give you a demonstration of Art that talks about the soul that is connected to the owner of the universe God and what is within the human being and how complex it is every human being who has ever lived or will ever live will have this incredible creation residing within him or her and for you as a human being not to understand this or not to get a better picture of this intricate incredible creation that lies within the human being is the greatest loss humans have ever faced I have an Islamic art that talks about this and I hope you will gaze at it to reflect on it.

The artist produced by Muslim Cambridge college and they talk about the self and how we can raise better children and hopefully this will give you a better understanding because I am really aiming for the future the generation I'm with cannot comprehend what I'm trying to do and what I am visualizing in terms of what the future will look like but I hope you will prepare Future Leaders by helping them and getting them ready for a great future and this video talks about it.

Watch "God Conscious Parenting – Abdallah Rothman" on YouTube


I went to summarize what I think will happen in terms of what the future holds because artificial intelligence is here and it will only progress faster and faster and the faster is progresses the better it is for me because I have certain perimeters or certain reports that I wanted to generate in terms of resources and how it's being used and weather it is being used in a way that meets those perimeters in terms of making the African continent a place where Africans get the opportunity to live a prosperous life.

I believe the reports that will be generated by artificial intelligence will automatically generate laws alongside the data in terms of what we're using and how we're using them and why we have to use them a certain way and even better why certain laws have to be developed to make sure those goals are achieved.

So I believe that as we move closer to the Future we will see a constitution made for artificial intelligence to follow and to generate reports and also we will have human beings who are part of the system will be generating their own points on their own leadership in terms of how things should work and people will be rated and will be reorganized in terms of their vision and tenacity and how they're able to cope with problems and bring solutions to the table this means new leaders will arise from the African continent and a new way of governing will take place.

This is why I will focus on making the African Union build a strong military to get ready for this constitution and also I will begin to make those who can make surveys in terms of resources that are valuable in the continent that can be utilized extract value in terms of currency like I've talked about so that the races do not become a curse and the continents that are connected in terms of trying to be prosperous and provide for their Nations are all interconnected in the same interest in a new constitution that connects everyone and makes everyone focus on one goal which is to be prosperous and to make Africa a country that finally uses its resources across the borders to benefits Africa as a whole or as a continent and I know but the self within human beings will be the enemy in terms of lowering their standards into tribalism and political interests and factions just like Americans were forced to face the reality of factions and people who have their own interest who will destroy the system.

I am thinking of all of these people who do not want Africa to be prosperous or at resources to be shared or a timeline to be followed as to how Africa can be prosperous and peaceful that's my only goal and I am willing to do what needs to be done and say what needs to be said to African leaders to consider the future is here whether you like it or not artificial intelligence is advancing and it will meet me in the right timeline to generate the reports I want to push Africa forward in One direction and to challenge new leaders to bring change that will set differences aside and create a schedule and a timeline that needs to be followed so that the entire continent enjoys prosperity and peace regardless of the challenges we are going to face I am determined to make sure it happens.

And before you think what I'm saying is nonsense I will end with this video on GPT for that just came out our world is changing artificial intelligence will be advancing and we should keep up pace and set the perimeters in terms of how the future will work and begin to plow the field I might be alone in this future for now but as technology begins to make the advances hoping it will make I will not be alone.

Watch "Introducing GPT-4" on YouTube


Artificial intelligence is here regardless of what you're thinking and how slow you choose to refuse to listen or adapt to change changes here it will not wait for you the ideas I have will become a commonplace this constitution for the entire continent will be drawn and it will be redesigned it will be a living constitution for the entire continent to make the African continent prospers it will the sovereignty of Nations but at the end of the day the population is growing at a stunning race and resources have to be deployed in a way to keep the people happy in terms of making sure they find prosperity in their lives and that can only happen with African leaders taking my vision in terms of what I am saying to be true and to be prepared.

So welcome to the Future and new constitution has to be redrawn in terms of what does it mean to have an entire continent to have the same Constitution that will be generated by the needs of the people for them to be prosperous and for their resources to be deployed in a way that is in line with those ideals and goals that is going to be the challenge of our time and I'm looking forward to meeting those challenges that's technology begins to take the direction I am hoping it will take may God bless artificial intelligence and give it all the necessary tools it needs to do what needs to be done human beings were created to worship God not fight over resources or to send down to their low selves in terms of defining themselves with the color of their skin Islam has already come and change that and the Blessed Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his family teachings have already changed the world

Watch "Who Is the First Anti-Racist? | Dr. Craig Considine" on YouTube


 so I expect the World to change and I hope African leaders will be the first to understand this change is coming and it's here to stay in the teaching of the best Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him will take Center stage I end with the video of one of his greatest teachings which has to do with freedom the teachings that his freedom brought has not been seen by humanity I end with this video and I hope that you will take me seriously the world is about to change and you should start asking me questions how we fit into this world with artificial intelligence playing an important role.

Thank you for reading


waalaikumsalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you all

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