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Advice into speech for the president.


Whatever you do you need to understand one thing and only one thing this whole message is about this country moving on from the past and starting on a new page.

It's time the country loved you because you deserve it.

It's very important that you understand that what are your weaknesses what you suck at so that you can hit all the points

Let's just say that you're not a politician meaning you don't know the G-Spot but it comes to dealing with people.

All you need to do is look at Bernie Sanders this man he's a legend he knows where the G-Spot is and he used his words all day long and people go crazy for him.

So I need you to listen to me very carefully because you're going to be the most loved president to ever walk into that place.

I know that your reasoning some dumb speech where you going to Crazy yourself you're going to praise your compliment and probably are going to talk crap about Obama and you're going to give a crazy speech just like you did when you took office.

You can choose to do that but I promise you that the price will not love you one bit that will take you apart and they will humiliate you and everyone will laugh at you.

So lets me very clear you need to have a have a simple mission statement everything you say you do should hit the G-Spot and people should love you.

If that's not your goal then I don't know what to tell you.

So listen to me very carefully Donald because I'm going to tell you something difficult to swallow.

Nobody wants to tell you this because they're afraid but the fact that you can take this and still not not get a angry shows that you are a real President Obama can never reach you.

No way in hell President Obama could have handled being called a silver spoon b****

You are the only president who will say whatever what's next uneven smile and laugh about it and say you know what foul language and being tough and cutting cost and we can tough decision has been part of my life.

Even if it means not paying workers for your hotel because ultimately you have to look out forlook out for the bottombottom line bottom line line people will hate you.

So listen to me very carefully you are not a politician you do not know what it means to lie for your own good.

I saw you on Piers Morgan and I was convinced that you were going to make a horrible politician and you're going to destroy yourself until you listen to you listen to simols advice.

You can only do what you can handle one step at a time and you and review those tapes like the NFL you've made a big mistake.

Every politician learn real early and real fast lie through your teeth you need to sell ice to an Eskimo and didn't need to love it.

You have left the ceiling and the advertising and the crying and the begging two different people in your business you have focused on cutting the deal being an ass hloe. Which explains why you having a hard time you've been hiding under the table.

You need to learn how to get on your knees and open your mouth loud and suck the truth out of people.

And I said get on your knees because you're used to people getting in the knees for you and then you saying and doing whatever you want and you haven't the last word that is what you're used to.

This is why it's so hard for you to just say I'm sorry it's my fault I take full responsibility something you can't even do this is something even businessman can do.

So you need to ask yourself what the hell is wrong with me why can't I say I apologize.

This is what we are looking for we want to see you take responsibility for your own mistake as president you blame everybody else and you try to reach a middle ground and say what you said to Piers Morgan.

You have to say I apologize and I'm only human if you do not do that you can take this f****** speech and threw it out of the window because it don't matter.

You have to start with an apology I don't care if you mean it. It's time for you to be a politician if you don't want to be a politician you need to resign it's your job to lie for a living.

You have to start with an apology you have to apologize to women you have to apologize to black people you have to apologize to everyone and everything you've ever hurt.

Then you have to move on and talk about how tough your campaign was and how you're not a politician and how Hillary Clinton attacked you and how this was the most horrific camping has ever faced and it all happened on social media.

It took time for you to adjust and the wounds have not healed from both sides.

This week really get people to respect you and love you because they know that what you're saying is true you have apologized and you have taken responsibility which means you're grown up. They will also know that you're not real politician because you're willing to lie your ass off.

You have to keep this speech low in terms of your ego I knowI know what hell you going to do.

You're going to go and talk about the economy and it all the good things you've accomplished and you're going to rub everybody the wrong way and people are going to hate you even more.

If you want people to hate you go right ahead talk about how good this taxes was took about what a good job you're doing make it all about yourself prove to everyone all you care about is yourself and your a go and what you've accomplished and humiliating everybody else.

Whatever you do understand there's going to be consequences either people will hate you or love you people already hate you with passion and you want people come together hate you as a team well go right ahead.

I want to give you a Stern warning the Democrats and the Republicans have had enough of your b*******you're going to unite them and they're going to take the presidency apart they're going to take the executive power away they're going to take your your button away from you they're going to turn you into a museum.

As soon as they take your military option off the table and they say you know what we're going to suspend all your power pending a mental review and only then will you remember this blog.

You have used up all your chances like a cat and you really are standing on one leg as far as African-Americans are concerned as far as minorities as concerned as far as women that concern you do not have any more room to fail.

What are the hell you put in this speech I don't care you you better apologize to everyone take full responsibility for every problem.

And then this is where my victories picture comes in to take it home.

You have a way to humiliate Obama and Bush and every other president and everybody will be okay with it.

You need to make a promise that you're not going to be a liar you're not goinggoing to undermine marriage which is a shot right across the Obama.

You need to take a shot of bush you're not going to start fake was with fake information Too Deep the American people to send people to Iraq and kill millions of people.

If you take a shot of Bill Clinton how ungodly and unethical he was having sex in the White House and you are being accused 24/7 of being a sexual monster while that monster lied under oath.

You can make your speech Raw and you and you can take a shot of other presidents and no oneand no one can can I tag you because they will be in trouble with the church folks.

No you need to bring Solutions on the table let's talk about Afghanistan 100 people were killed because Obama give them confidence and tell them away going to be cowards and we're just going to leave so just wait us out.

You need to destroy all their hopes and you need to tell them that you will never forget September 11th and we're going to relaunch all our military back and and we're going to 35 year campaign.

You need to make it very clear that we are never leaving for ever let hell freeze over.

As a matter of fact I want you to start with this because if you start with praising praising and kissing ass that shows that you really are an asshole all you care about is yourself.

He also finally need to recognize me in secret you need to talkyou need to talk about the American dream and the American people and how blah blah blah we don't give up we find a solution out of our way blah blah blah I'll get my message and this will also give a message to every single person who has a solution to come out of the woodwork and help you.

The amount of help that I put on the table is unprecedented and it's giving me a step-by-step Direction which makes you the smartest guy on Earth and I'll explain why.

You need to understand you're the first president who'swho's going to utilize the talent of America to make the smartest decision what's wrong with that?

Obama was so arrogant he thoughthe thought he he was smarter than everyone he did not want anybody to share the mic with him this is why he was always on the mic and the media always talking about themselves always showing off I knew you were going to do the same thing praise Yourself Praise your taxes praise the crime rate praise how you have an increased employment.

You go right ahead and be like Obama praise yourself until the wheels fell off and let everyone hate you and trust me I will take you apart with my words and really make fun of you and Grill you like a cheese so the world can see.

So I need you to listen to me very carefully say something called open-source community and if you knew what that is you would be the greatest president to ever walk this Earth literally and I mean that

Every single Innovation from Bitcoin to everything has come through this idea of collaboration that Muslims and islamics put forward long time ago and fortunately we've been undercut by Europeans and other people who think that collaboration and mutual agreement is something new.

So it is my responsibility to show you what you look like becausebecause you because you knew nothingknew nothing about technology and how horrible you sound when you talk about it so I want to show you a clip.

But you don't want to see each other in the daylight so I want to play this clip you and NBC reporter who's my favorite going at it this is the best thing I've ever seen and you know what when people have the balls to get in your face and have a real argument it is beautiful that's when you really shine Donald that is when you really really want you to watch this.

You have no idea how happy I am when you're talking like this and someone else is talking with their balls in their hand and you're going at each other big-time word for word it is so exciting it's better than The Apprentice I got to tell you I am so happy that I got this clip.

Forget about my technology stuff you probably already know everything just focus and what you know.

You need to just tell these people what they need to hear and this is what they need to hear how you will be the greatest president to ever walk the earth if you've listened to the simple advice.

You need to remind people of the problems we have.

You can start with the prison system why did Obama fail to get it done because it doesn't have the personality to engage everybody in Congress to get anything done.

He said he does not want to wine and dine politicians literally you can quote me on that one if I'm wrong you if I press people to look that up.

You need to praise yourself without stepping on anybody's to you need to sell yourself to America. When I sell America I mean people's hearts so they can love you.

You need to tell them that I have the skills to bring changes no president can ever bring because of your business background and your in your face and then Plus way ofway of cutting I'm getting things done.

Now you can praise yourself big-time really praise yourself and I'm going to give you points everybody has to get up and everybody even if they hate you they cannot afford to sit because I'm going to force them to stand up and kiss your ass. Now you can praise yourself big-time really praise yourself and I'm going to give you points everybody has to get up and everybody even if they hate you they cannot afford to sit because I'm going to force them to stand up and kiss your ass

You're going to start off with the Middle East and you're going to say look at Saudi Arabia women can drive again.

I promise you every single person will stand up and kiss your ass and clap their hands.

You can tell them I am inheriting a mess from Obama in the Middle East especially in Yemen and you need to say that this was Obama's doing because of his weak personality because of getting on his knees and sucking everyone including Iran

But you don't need to see sucking LOL but you can say whatever the hell do you want as far as he's being a failure in that department and people have taken advantage of America.

This is where you switch to Iran and the people of Iraq and you tell them as president I will do better than Obama I will give you everything you need I will increase your money I will increase the flow of computers I will give giv give you all the jobs from Apple to Google to come there.

You need to attack Iran and you need to tell the people I ran it is the elites it is The Crazy Ones who are destroying our economy who are refusing for you to get jobs.

This will literally bring down Iran and it's evil government because words are more powerful.

Now you can turn the page in Israel because these people have to stand up the Israeli lobey is watching them all.

Go ahead and praise Israel say God bless Israel and if you agree with that please stand up on clap.

They're going to stand up like b****** every one of them and they're going to clap not a single person will stand and if they refuse to stand we going to attack them with the Holocaust.

You need to say I see some people are not understanding that I've been to the Holocaust Museum and people are attacking me and my wife and some people are sitting down not showing respect to the Holocaust.

I promise you Donald you're going to own every single person because when I asked start to advise someone they don't win they dominate everything becausebecause I'm better than John D Rockefeller and any other Titan who ever step foot in America.

So keep it simple keep it short do not do what I'm thinking you're going to do like your opening stupid speech I I understand you have to go with your team and you have to just read whatever they tell you because this was too much.

Now you need to make them break this and you need to make sure that they hit all those points that they make you look good that you force people to clap for you and you walk all over everybody and everybody loves you.

If they don't deliver this I have no option but to come and work in the White House.

Sooner or later this month starts to come out of his cage and I and I have to because there's no more room for error unfortunately that mean a guy has to be thrown out like f****** trash.

So I want him to read this and I want the entire staff in the White House. Understand if the president of the United States does not dominate does not humiliate every other president does not make everyone loved him and clap for him when you have failed

Donald get ready to get angry get ready to humiliate people in the White House get ready to fire people get the Bible Belt out get them in the meeting make it very clear if you fail heads are going to roll we're going to change everything.

Make it very clear if you do fail to deliver and you don't cover all this points you need to fire them all because what is the point of having people who cannot give you step-by-step directions so people can love you.

Be the monster you are Donald get in their face and hold them accountable and Grill them like cheese and humiliate them in the White House.

If they're not able to handle it let them pack your bags and get out let the tough survive this is business it's all about the bottom line which is to get people to love you.

So where'd of advice to the White House and all those idiots were writing the speech the speech better make the president be loved by black people speech better make the president be loved by the Spanish people

This speech is about love and apology and it better have a lot of it if how can I sing to do with makeamericagreatagain you are all messed up.

I'm sending this in the middle of the night hoping no one is going to realize it and you people are going to read it and you're going to readjust your stupid speech and you're going to make the president look good.

So make sure by the time the president wakes up you have the speech up and ready where he can hit the point adjust it to him just like a Taylor if you need a motivation I have something for you it's called the Lyndon Johnson movie from HBO.


This is the Lyndon Johnson moment for the president of the United States he needs to make the point that he's a deal-maker he can approach our problems from a different perspective and he does have a lot of internal internal issues that he needs to improve on what is a human being you need to focus on that that Donald is just a human being.

We need to stress this point we also need to stress that he's able to do something no other president can in it he can get politicians in the room and he can give them the credit you can get out of the way and politicians can shine and when that happens they tend to pass mobiles they tend to have more dramas but still this is part of the process.

The greatest thing about Donald Trump he does not share the spotlight with a politicians as a result more things will get done because Bob Obama could not move away from the mic he wanted everyone to know how insecure how piece of s*** he was.

This man undermine marriage this is a point that will destroy all of his supporters because we're going to put them in Brackets like b******.

If you don't know what that means that means that we're going to get the church folks to understand that the man of the Lord who's suffering with all these disgusting words is telling them you're going to show support to people who have undermined marriage you want your children to be what again you have no dignity

In short we are going to make this more than Victory we're going to make this the Super Bowl we're going to every point just like the G-Spot you're going to make sure that it is easy for the president to read the speech and he follows this pattern so that he seamless which is subject to subject and everybody cannot stop praising him.

You people have all the ingredients you need to make the greatest speech in history if you make anything less the president is going to receive this copy and the White House is going to receive this copy the price is going to receive this copy the State of the Union will be a success so help me God.

So get to work it's 2:49 a.m. and I hope the president wakes you all up and tells you study this and make sure that you follow everything Omar Arizona is recommending because this guy has worked for us in the past and he's going to continue to work for us and I don't even pay him I don't even to say thank you.

Don't worry about saying thank you don'tdon't snitches don't snitches I going to do the job for you after many years has passed they going to make a documentary all about me and I'm going to get my praise so don't worry about praising me I'll get it either way you have too many snitches in the White House.

Anyway get to work its 2:50 a.m. And I'm working for the president what the hell are the rest of you doing race to the White House to win people's hearts and Minds never sleeps this President needs to win a second term everything is on the line either he will lose it all or he win it all

Everything depends on your actions get to work get your coffee and make sure you follow my detail plan to seamlessly make the president switch do not make him to be all over the place and if he goes off script he just lost the presidency as you know it.

The Democrats and Republicans will unite and they will remove all powers that has to do with the executive branch and he will be a museum sitting president it will be your fault.

Anyway it's not a big deal you take your time and sleep and don't wake up and read this don't take this seriously and don't think Donald is reading this because I have personally asked him to never Retreat anything I say or do.

So nobody can prove anything nobody can tell me the president is not reading this thethe president weird stuff the president does not listen to Twitter yes it does not okay so as a matter of fact I think he doesn't look a Twitter much anymore you know he's a grown up why does he need to use T is the president.

Don't know you need to understand your family I have I have already painted the picture for your daughter to be the first female president you have a responsibility just like the Kennedys you need to meet you there family andand you need them to give speeches to be part of this Administration you're not giving them enough spotlight they're still stuck in campaign mode.

Bring in your son's let them make speeches let them go to the Middle East this is a Kennedy Affair if anybody ask Kennedy did this so will you you need to leave a good Legacy for your children if you don't do that then you're the worst dad ever.

So don't have to go get them hit him hard relax and understand the monster is always here to help you just do not retweet do not acknowledge any of my tweets this way my cover is never blown and no one says that I am helping anyone no one can say nothing I'm just a Blog I'm a nobody.

This gives me a lot of power to be a nobody it tells everybody to write their blogs and encourage everybody but the moment you praise me that I'm dead because I'm just like Malcolm X I don't want any praise from you I just want this country to hell I want you all to move on with your life and go right ahead and give credit to Martin Luther King and his followers whatever.

Muslim Americans are here to do the tough things no one wants to do which is to bring the hearts and mind together and create peace so just let me do that keep me out of your praise and leave me alone tell the same thing to your staff if I hear even one of them liking one of my tweets I'm going to person to come after them with my blog and humiliate them and condescend them.

Anyway that's it God God bless you with a long healthy life and God bless the United States of America.

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