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Open letter to the Chinese president Xi Jinping legacy and how people will remember him.


بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ


In the Name of God , Most Gracious, Most merciful 


I want the legacy of Xi Jinping president of China to be the greatest legacy any man has left in the last hundred years.

When I look at the man closely I see a man who fought the greatest battle any human being can fight because it is the battle that's going on within the human being and I received another inspiration from another incredible person they say women are smarter than men if only men can just accept that they could truly be great.

So I urge you man don't think you're smarter than women because I learned it the hard way. Every single person thinks he's the smartest person in the world until they get married everything is rearranged and you really understand how dumb you are.

Anyway let me pick up this bread crumb that was left for me and built on it.

Before I talk about the yin and yang and philosophy that belongs to the Chinese people or any other philosophy as a Muslim I would like to remind people around the globe that Muslims has pretty much the main reason why philosophy has been preserved in general especially in the western world I don't know about the Chinese philosophy and what Islam has done but I know it's very significant.

The most important thing about philosophy it governs the world if you choose to ignore philosophy then someone will philosophy everything for you and you will be following somebody's philosophy basically what I'm trying to say philosophy matters and to really explain this I want to give it to a Master who has crafted his tools and is a champion of the truth and has no equal introducing the president of Zaytuna college Sheikh Hamza Yusuf.

Watch "Hamza Yusuf: Philosophy Matters" on YouTube

The legacy of resident of China is all about philosophy he's been philosophizing for the country since he has taken over this is why when I looked closely at his life I came to the realization that's such a great person should not leave this earth without making sure China's legacy of becoming a superpower everybody loves is philosophized and a proper conversation is giving a chance to be planted between the Chinese people and the world in general.

So let me ask you again what is the legacy of Xi Jinping china? Well if you ask the propaganda on YouTube they say something else and that's where we will start.

I want the president of China to know that we have a new media emerging and we have new people who are shaping the hearts and minds of people now Johnny Harris is a friend of mine and he's done a lot of excellent videos but he took the turn for the worst and he started philosophizing for the world and he's using powerful technology and creativity to bring creative storytelling to the world and I'm calling him out because I watched the video recently about him and it explained why he needs to change his ways and make an apology to China and the Chinese people in general this is my own personal opinion I haven't met with the guy but I hope to sit with him so we can have a Frank discussion and he can explain himself why he made all this videos so let's play his videos because what he's saying the Chinese president's legacy is war.

Watch "Here’s What Happens If China Invades Taiwan" on YouTube

The question becomes what is the real legacy of of president of China the answer is very simple we can find it on youtube. Unfortunately they just uploaded a few days ago and the message is that if you do not advertise or philosophize your life for people people will philosophize your life for you calling you a killer of murder and a person who has left a legacy which is the invasion of Taiwan and all women diplomats who work for China will be arrested and they will be stripped of their positions and there are many plans on the way that the president of China has given the military complete power and they are ready to destroy  all the games China has made under the president of China Xi Jinping. Is this the true legacy of the president of China that the military will take over will crash all opposition will strip every woman in China especially all the diplomats of their positions and it will just go to war and destroy china?

Before I answer all these questions let's show a video that truly shows who the president of China is.

Watch "How Xi Jinping encourages people to read" on YouTube

This is a man with extraordinary life and whether he knows it or not he has built the Chinese dream I would say he is the Chinese dream telling every Chinese if you work hard and believe in yourself read books and never give up you will go on to change the world.

Many people have said if the Chinese president died today or any other day then everything will go back to the old ways. He's going to be erased from history and that person who's prominently being displayed in China will continue to be displayed 


You know what they say women can be a force of good or evil but women are loyal to the cause of any man who's willing to love them protect them doesn't matter how evil they are even if it's Mao the women will never betray China and they will do whatever they are hot is inspired too I think there is no greater woman in China in making an example on sending a strong message to the president to the president of China that if Chinese women are given the opportunity to be successful they will execute the philosophy that's laid before them with dedication and love without any other man ever coming close.

It's very unfortunate that I give this example to the Chinese president to tell him the Chinese women are greater than the men and the men will never be greater than the Chinese woman and this is a very bad example but I think it's an example that is necessary women can be ruthless or as they like to call them cold b****** who are heartless because once they love something they will do what needs to be done to make sure it's done for China and this is the message that I really want to give the Chinese president that the Chinese women are the most important people China has that will protect it from unnecessary wars they will continue the division for China to be successful and Carrie lamb of Hong Kong showed her Lion heart when she dealt with all the problems and make sure China secured that province and it will be women in China who will make sure Taiwan is secured as well so I urge the president of China to take women seriously and give them the position and power and the philosophy they need to make sure China is a superpower everybody loves.

To make sure that my message is crystal clear to the women diplomats you need to make an example out of all the men in China and you need to use this video to tell them women have done more and has sacrificed more and they are smarter than you and more dedicated to China than any man in this video should summarize that. It's very unfortunate but I'm talking about dedication doesn't matter if it's so bad or good I just want to make a point that women are better than men when it comes to dedicating themselves to service.

Very horrible example I'm giving for women but I'm sick and tired of men intimidating women in China telling them that wolf diplomacy of being strong with testosterone is the best way to show China and I hope the women in China will definitely make a point with this video and argue or philosophy for that safety and legacy after the president of China is well gone people will bury them alive once the president leave so I urge him to take this very seriously.

Watch "Jiang Qing: Blood and Revenge in the Cultural Revolution" on YouTube

The second thing is finding a solution to taking Chinese culture and Muslim culture and taking democracy and form of governments bringing it together and creating something special for China as you know I've become a big supporter of China because China has become the heart of the world where supply chains is synchronized and the world can be a better place for everybody so this is a challenge the China must look into and must look at the tuna college and their courses in logic to send their students there to learn so that the next leaders or the garden of the roses is planted perfectly and we have people who know Islam and he knows the Chinese philosophy and can find a balance in making the next great leaders and to explain that I go back to Thursday tuna college president again.

Watch "Hamza Yusuf: Logic (Zaytuna College)" on YouTube


I believe the Chinese president and the zaytuna college president have a lot in common and I want the world to find peace and prosperity that's my goal and I would like to come to China with the president of Daytona college and engage in a discourse that will leave China in a better place in the future.

Watch "Introducing the First Command Book Club" on YouTube

It's all about knowledge it's all about wisdom the president of zaytuna college is the most wise human being I have ever met and nose cut Chinese culture and history more than anybody so I hope to bring him with me to China and we can find solutions in general.

The president of Virginia college also talks about philosophy and religion something incredible anybody who's smarter will listen to and understand that in we need intelligent people to be in charge of the world and someone like this should be given a high Post in China or at least some kind of cooperation to be opened.

Watch "Hamza Yusuf | The Global Philosophy of Religion Project | Islam" on YouTube


President Obama is also one of my admirers and mentors in general I've learned a lot from him and he talks about the peaceful rise of China but he forgets to say is how can China become a super bowl everybody loves he's a man who confuses me a lot he never gets to the point I don't consider him to be a really brave man but I consider him to be a smart and shield man and I hope to meet with him and discuss many things with him and see you if my ideas can bounce off from him.

Watch "Pres. Obama on China: More power means more responsibility" on YouTube


I now want to conclude with the Islamic philosophy and teachings of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

No one knows when they will die but it's already pre-written and when the angel of death comes it's an incredible scene. Prophet Muhammad has advised every human being to work as if they're going to live forever and to work for the year after as if they're going to die tomorrow which is an incredible statement.

So I want to send this message to the president of China telling him what is your legacy?

Will you have the wisdom and the power to remove chairman's Mao Zedong picture from China and put your own picture?

Will you make yourself as an example of the Chinese dream what the Chinese people need to inspire to because I think you should and you should see all the enemies who hate you and dislike this and call the chairman the real hero and call the party the real hero and see if they are ready to attack your children and wife and arrest all women diplomats and execute them and start a war with Taiwan so that all the progress China has made is destroyed and you are not the longer there to help them because while you are alive you refuse to do and plan as if you're going to live forever your plans was always limited to a short-term you are not brave enough to look and make the necessary changes for China and its people therefore China suffered the consequences of your inactions this is my my personal assessment.

On the other hand you could die tomorrow if you die tomorrow and the angels come I want you to understand the consequences of disbelief and not knowing the owner of the universe this is my gift to you so that if the Angels come then take you you will recognize Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and you will be in peace and happiness forever and whatever that happens to the world it doesn't matter to you you have passed on to eternity where death is no longer a state that defines you because you have gone back to where you came from among the stars.

So I tell the president of China to watch this video to understand what happens to you when you die from the Islamic perspective and this is my advice to every human being on Earth if you don't know what will happen to you when you die and what is a waiting for you on the other side you have done yourself for a big this favor.

So please watch this video and understand that all you need is to believe in one God.

Believe in the one God the owner of the universe the one who is not a man or a woman the one who's the creator of space and time the one who is not contained in space and time is the true God the god of the Jews the god of Father Abraham the god the one with no partners.

Anybody who declares the statement there is no God but God then has truly become successful and what that means is that first you have to destroy all falsehood and you must confirm that our planet Earth is one it's not multiple Earth there's just one beautiful planet and there's one beautiful sky above our heads. We have one big beautiful son that shines on us and everything is perfectly aligned and there's a creator for all this and the greatest crime human beings can commit is associate God or make fun of God or take things out of context and speak about knowledge no one has given them right to do so.

What's the testimony of faith is confirmed on any human being that you're not making fun of God you're not calling God a child you're not engaging in things you don't understand and you don't have knowledge of the best people are those who refrain saying things about God they don't know stay on the safe side this is my advice to everyone on Earth.

I give you the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him one of the greatest human beings on Earth someone people overlook they don't know who he is but this is the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad and he will leave one of the greatest legacies on Earth and I promise you watch this video about death and that's where I'm going to end it with this videos.

There's a complete playlist about the journey of the soul if you have any common sense you're going to make time to listen to this because if I don't give you this I have failed you as a friend and as a person who is going to be intimate to involved with you in the future.

Watch "Journey of the Soul By Shaykh Ninowy 5/9" on YouTube


Watch "Journey of the Soul" on YouTube

Watch this from beginning to end so that you understand where you are going and this really goes to the Chinese president you cannot put yourself in a position where you are with the devil in hell there's many things that have not been done according to love and mercy and the entire country in China is on the edge of going to war with Taiwan and if you die tomorrow or something happens what happens to the women in China? What happens to your legacy?

What is the legacy of the president of China is a question Xi Jinping needs to ask himself if I were him I would conduct surveys and I would interview the military I would even resign from power and watch everything from the sidelines because to leave this earth and not to structure a system that China will follow for the next hundred years it's a very dangerous thing because people unpredictable and the greatest disaster that can happen to China is this wolf diplomacy and all this man who are eager to go into a war and destroy all the progress China has made in the last century under your legacy.

I urge you to create a policy leaving it to future generation to deal with Taiwan and to create some kind of deal that was done by the great leader of China who helped China transition from a communist state to a hybrid system you were able to add Hong Kong and give the owner of someone else to deal with Taiwan eliminate all fears of war and create some kind of treaty just like Hong Kong was given and leave it to Future generations to deal with the issues of Taiwan unfortunately that's not the case you have made the military ready and you have given us very ignorant and arrogant diplomats who are destroying your reputation and Chinese culture making them seem that being quiet and eloquent and careful with your words is no longer important. There are many diplomats who need to be called back to China and taught a lesson in Chinese culture and manners because most of these people are low being for power and they will make a political move to unite with many people who will ruin China and destroy all its progress sometimes the struggle within and the enemies within the borders of China are much greater threat for the Chinese dream and the Chinese people and the greatest legacy you will leave is yet to be seen because from my assessment so far you've left a strong military that's willing to crash all the women in China and destroy all the progress that's my report to you please ask the people around you.

I close this with the following please create a good environment where everybody can tell you the truth and you can get an honest assessment without anybody being afraid of retaliation and then take that data and make the necessary adjustment for China's future that's all I'm asking you Mr President thank you for your time God bless you God bless the people of China.


waalaikumsalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you  my dear president Xi Jinping

And to the Chinese people and all of those who serve the country with dedication and pride. And to everyone else reading this open letter I pray everyone is blessed around the world and we all work together to make the world better for everyone


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