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Digital currency will be bridged by Brand currency.

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ


In the Name of God , Most Gracious, Most merciful 


Digital currency introduced by China. How brand currency is connected to digital currency and how it will fill the gap when currency fails because of market fluctuations or devaluation of currencies in general. We hope Brand currency will be a hedge for businesses to do business in any country without worrying about what the local currency is doing.

China is off to a good start with the Olympics. Let's demonstrate this with the following video.

Watch "Trying China’s Digital Yuan e-CNY" on YouTube

All countries around the world must always control their own currency and must always get the opportunity to collect taxes from transactions to help the state prosper.

Taxes are very important without them a country cannot function. Taxes can also be used to go to wars that are made of lies and citizens who contribute to the people of a country instead of bridges and roads being built. Illegal wars are started and millions of people are killed. So I believe taxes have to come back to its original place where the people are in charge of making sure that the taxes are not used against them.

Muslim I believe in the day of judgment there will be held accountable and if a Muslim contributes to any country and tax system and they go to war kill Muslims in general or other human beings in general then they are part of that transaction of inflicting pain and suffering and their fellow human beings.

 Fortunately in the Islamic country people are protected from taxes in general and this is because most governments are very oppressive and they will use the tactic of collecting taxes to oppress the people and destroy accumulation of wealth.

Taxes can also be used by government to go to war this is not acceptable from the Islamic understanding of collecting taxes and giving it to any government that lies and start unnecessary wars to kill innocent people and as an American I really feel that I want my country to go back to where the government backs bonds and other ways to pay for its own wars.

I should not finance any government contribution to its purse so that it can go to war and later on we find out there are no weapons of mass destruction and millions of people have been killed in Iraq.

I hope digital currency will bring control back to the user so that they get to decide how they choose to connect and pay their taxes. I am a proponent who loves to make sure that taxes are paid so that the government can function from police officers, to firefighters and two roads and bridges that need to be built.

I believe brand currency will bridge this Gap from the Islamic perspective because it gives businesses that opportunity to sell without depending on local currencies or currency fluctuations because the value that they are ascertaining from the transaction is much more than just a country's currency on the marketplace that is being traded by traders.

Brand currency will be backed up by data and that data hopefully will be more valuable than money itself because the way it's structured, the way it's valued and the way it will move the economy forward will be a new standard where it will challenge the goal as a status symbol of where people accumulate wealth.

We believe what people choose to accumulate and hold is what should give value. It doesn't matter if it's gold or silver when it comes to commodities, but we believe the same will happen when people choose to hold basket of currencies as a reserve because they're trying to produce the best results that will create them the biggest savings account so when they travel they get more for their money and they get to increase their spending power.

The Chinese currency is the perfect currency. It has the supply chain synchronized and it has relationships with retailers in the United States and around the world. So I went to link the supply chain and the virtual shelf through this new digital currency.

It is too early to tell who will win this race whether or not the United States will join the program and issue its own digital currency and understand the following which is very important.

Digital currency will bring new information that can be very valuable to the federal reserve. I've been talking about this idea that data needs to be collected from all aspects of the economy so that new tools can be created for the Federal reserve so that we can change the approach from doing chemotherapy on the entire economy to directly injecting capital and skipping the banks all together and creating a new economy that's very dynamic and response in dealing with inflation and prices that are out of control can be brought back to control.

My vision for the digital currency for each country is that the transactions between suppliers and retailers can give a new insight into what inflation is doing and what the Federal reserve can do to battle inflation before it goes out of control.

For example the Federal reserve can inject money directly to transportation companies because this would keep the deliveries of all goods and services to customers around the country low and cost would not be transferred to customers in the United states.

It will be a new form of loan which is designed just to battle inflation and help transaction process and go faster so that the latency that's been created by Banks is removed and those people who actually need the loan can receive the money they need to move the economy forward.

We need to issue loans to people who have great business ideas that can bring the jobs of the future. Unfortunately banks have prioritized making money first not growing the economy of finding entrepreneurs that need the funds they need to create those jobs or technologies that would help the economies scale up cut costs and have a small foot 🦶 👣👣👣 on the environment.

If Henry Ford never received any money to fail we would not have the assembly line of the model t and you can imagine what kind of economic opportunity America would miss out on.

Banks have moved from the traditional loans and they become investment entities where their job is to make money, not a healthy economy. They move forward and take risks that's supposed to fail so that some kind of success can come from the failures of inventors around the world.

I am hoping the digital currency will bridge the scan will be held by customers to increase their spending power since China is the first country to already deploy the digital yen I think this is a great opportunity for China to understand that the data that is collected from customers is much more important than the actual goods China produces and sells.

I believe in the digital shelf and I am selling this idea to retailers in the United States Walmart Target and all other major retailers that the digital shelf is most important than the actual physical shelf that takes time and money and opportunity cost which is the digital shelf that does not need someone to stock it that does not need a supermarket or any other place to have it and above all the digital shelf does not run out it can sell as much as possible making the customers get into a calendar system or an appointment system where all assets that are not perishable to be delivered on a new schedule.

I believe there's no need for any customer to ever go buy a toothbrush or a toothpaste or anything that has to do with medicine in general. Anything that is not perishable that is not fruits, milk, eggs, vegetables and so on does not need to be in the store. I believe this will restructure what it means to buy something because the entire supply chain needs to be synchronized with a new delivery of buying and selling for customers.

Amazon has focused on delivering but people can live without amazon. Amazon can shut down tomorrow and the world will go on without them because retailers are the real secret because they have invested in building the physical stores and they have invested in creating that physical presence that customers are used to so the transfer of actual shelves to digital shelves is what will make regular retailers beat Amazon every time.

I hope to introduce this idea of the virtual shelf with retailers and work with them to make all the customers sign up and get great deals so that they never have to go to the store and buy what can be delivered in dark warehouses.

Henry Ford visited a slaughter plant and got his idea of the assembly line and took an idea from one industry and brought it to another industry and the revolution was absolutely permanent

I want to do the same. What I'm going to do is reward customers in the United States for making this switch and with brand currency and that line of credit I'm talking about. This is going to be very lucrative for the retailers and also for the customers to work together to be in a system where they're rewarding each other.

The biggest secret I have with brand currency is food that can be associated with shopping with just simple items. And this food will be part of the brand currency introduction and I want to do the same thing Henry Ford did when he went to that slaughterhouse because I've been looking at food and deliveries and how all of this works and I want to use that idea to reward customers for doing business with retailers and the United States let me give you an example of what I'm thinking.

Watch "The cloud kitchen hoping to go fully autonomous | CNBC Reports" on YouTube

What I am hoping for is that every time the customer shops for any products and they're willing to not only sign up on the app but ultimate all their spending because I'm going to have a real person go into their house put a digital carpet where they put their food for example I'm going to have this invention I call the the weight machine.

If a customer is eating cereal this smart carpet machine will know how much cereal is in the box, is it halfway or is it almost finished.

It will be the same for the refrigerator. I hope to put a small camera inside the refrigerator keeping an eye on all the veggies and the milk and everything the customer uses that will be linked to their brand currency.

The same goes for medicine so this means that there has to be small invention that needs to be made to monitor the customer preferences in their own domain this means that someone like me who's a private person who is a customer is the only one who's going to be allowed to go into people's homes because I'm making this for myself but I'm also connecting it to retailers who are going to be fulfilling their orders because it's good for the environment.

If we can synchronize the supply chain and know when the customers are going to be finishing a certain product and we can begin the shipping of that product and by the time it gets to the house it will be there at a perfect time because supplies are low and it's time for that customer to increase their shopping cart digitally.

Digital store that is virtual that can self-monitor and self-assess the supply chain and every customer who chooses to participate. The most important element of this whole thing is someone like me who's the inventor doing this to myself and to other people who want to volunteer.

I cannot stress that enough because privacy is a concern. If we're going to work together, privacy has to be the number one thing on the table because we are asking to go into people's homes, place digital monitors, and put them in a schedule that will be based on the supply chain and appointments so that goods and services are delivered with the minimum environmental impact.

The best part is that once the customers are done with all their products because they are required to give feedback on all their products it doesn't matter if it's perfume or yogurt. All of that data will be captured by the customer and the customer will even create trash that is neatly organized and ready for pickup.

So I'm going to have actual humans knocking on every apartment and setting the system up but above all we're going to take the environment seriously because every brand is going to pay a retailers to get feedback and all their products and also collect all the trash that's been created by their product because we want to be part of the circular economy where we not only create a circular environmental process where everything is used and consumed can be given points so that we can see the real footprint of a simple product.

This will give supplies unlimited feedback how they can make their products more environmentally friendly because the customer will be getting a digital report showing that you are being responsible with what you are creating and what they are allowing to come to the houses because they not only want to buy but they also want to permanently save the environment with the efforts.

Watch "Going green shouldn't be this hard" on YouTube


My idea of brand currency works with countries helping them move to the digital currency but my brand currency steps in when currencies fall or don't retain their value because it's going to be backed up by data and AI so businesses will be able to recuperate the value they need when selling their products regardless where they are in the world.

Hopefully Coca-Cola will be the first company I work with because they are brand is just known around the world and it doesn't matter where you are you can redeem a bottle of coke with your digital currency and brand currency with Coke will be the ultimate example where companies will just accept the coke digital branding because it will cut down an advertisement.

Majority of retailers moving forward I've already explained that they might not make money as much as they used to in selling through the shelf but as they move on to the online platforms into virtual and mixed realities they're going to be making a lot of money in advertisement I have already begun to tell Google that they should focus on artificial intelligence delivering it for the world and they should have a vision just like IBM and sell off the advertisement business just like Lenovo to retailers in general from amazon, Target and all other major retailers who are going to be entering this field and generating new revenue for their shareholders so my vision is very broad and calculated and it's going to work because for an industry to change great companies must make great sacrifices.

I'm going to be working with IBM and making sure that brand currency is the cornerstone of success for businesses to buy and sell. I even envision a day where artificial intelligence will take over the banking system, monitor everything and display digital reports along the supply chain. There will be great production all the way to delivery.

So in a customer picks up a product they will be seeing a lot of information floating in front of them and with that information they will make the best choice because businesses are required moving forward to make sure that they treat the entire supply chain with respect and upgrade their standards and how people are treated across their supply chain because I am going to get independent reports from truck drivers to janitors to everybody who works within the organization and it's going to give them a specific report which means that all businesses need to worry about how they treat people and what kind of standards they have in their ecosystem and they should be busy creating that great culture that promotes diversity and gives everybody the opportunity to be successful.

So I'm very excited I will be launching my app and I will be meeting with retailers and also I hope to travel to China to see how the digital currency and how the big companies like Alibaba on 10 cent have been able to make this switch where they can do everything with one app.

I hope to have success like Tencent has had in China so studying the business practice and everything they have done and incorporating that into my own business where the United States can have the same advantages but also I can prioritize Chinese products and the supply chain of China can be synchronized with the United States is my big hope.

Those who do not know what Tencent is Watch "What is Tencent? On CNBC Explains" on YouTube


Thank you for reading this open letter about digital currencies. I think the Federal Reserve in the United States will benefit the most by injecting liquidity where it's needed and giving creative people direct loans so that they can become successful. Henry Ford got a loan and I'm going to try to do the same. The United States has not been a good place to get loans and build the systems and ideas inventors want. It's been very difficult. Banks are not in the business of lending anymore than the business of making a profit. I hope to apply directly to the Bank of China and also travel to China to learn the ecosystem so I can repeat the same success in the United States because it really will take a different approach in making what works in China in the United States because the culture is different and the people are not going to compromise the privacy with anyone.

As a private citizen I think I can overcome the privacy issue because I'm going to give a share of the business to almost every customer and I will be very transparent with my source code and everything I do so I should not find any difficulty becoming success in the United States because it's all about transparency and also it's all about telling a story as to being a black man introducing innovative product that will be used by businesses around the world and will go on to save the environment and reduce poverty by 99% is a storyline no one can match anywhere in the world. So I expect to be successful and I expect to work with those people who want to make things better around the world.

So if you're interested in making things better please facilitate for me to get all the capital I need to do what I need to do and hopefully everything else will work out for the best.

Thank you for reading this I pray you all blessed and I pray that we all successful in making this world a better place because that's why I'm doing all of this I would like to leave a better world than I found and if that's your goal I look forward to working with you thank you for your time and goodbye.


waalaikumsalamwarahmatullahi wabarakatuh

May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you  my dear blessed brother and sisters


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