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Open letter to the Chinese president Xi Jinping How China is going to be a superpower everybody loves.


بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ


In the Name of God , Most Gracious, Most merciful 


Today I wanted to write words that could be a garden of roses That will help the Chinese president reflect on the future so that future leadership is developed and everything around the world can be better. I want his legacy to be leaving the greatest scent of roses to the world so this will be better for everybody and all the challenges China is facing can end in the right side of history where the Chinese people and the Chinese culture there is a ancient civilization when and become the heroes of our time so this is the reason for this letter if I can contribute some wisdom and give some creative solutions to ideas nobody wants to give because Islam has its own proverbs as well.

The door to knowledge of Islam especially in the spiritual realm has someone standing at the gate of knowledge and Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said I am the city of knowledge and imam Ali please be upon him is the door of knowledge.

I am hoping to get those people who have access to this door the Sufi Masters to make the Muslims in China become a rose that releases its fragrance from the hand that has crushed to you because if you do that then you Chinese uighurs would have never had any problems with the Chinese government and the great Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

This letter is not about the weakers at all this is about the future of China this is my unique opportunity to explain my stands on Taiwan this is an open letter about the mentally retarded Donald Trump who caused many challenges for the world. This open letter is about women leadership and why they're very important and why men are very dangerous to the legacy of China and why if they left and checked they will destroy China completely and why the great leader needed to rethink some of the diplomats and their behavior.

This is truly about making China a success and a superpower everybody loves. If China is willing to listen to some of my ideas they are not going to have a problem being the superpower that everybody loves but all of this comes from great leadership and having an open heart and mind and not being arrogant. Arrogant people never receive any blessing so if the Chinese president and its people are willing to be humble and listen to what I have to say I think I can give a road map as to how this difficult question can be answered moving forward so this is what this letter is about I hope you will enjoy it.

China has been waiting for a great opportunity to come so that it can make the world better for everyone because the word better is better than the word great because great has a lot of arrogance inside of it because greatness only belongs to God not humans we will always fall and we will always make mistakes but we can always get up and try to make things better.

So this is my open letter today it's about how do we make things better for everyone and how do we challenge ourselves and understanding the world is complicated and it's problems is always changing but the most important solution to all problems is to reflect on past problems and how people have dealt with it giving everybody a report card and a moment of reflection.

When I look at you as president I see a lot of great things and one of the things that I say is the teaching of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him about character about not being arrogant or being a loud mouth a person who is dignified carries himself with respect and also embraces the Chinese culture that is linked to the Islamic culture because the Chinese culture and the Muslim culture are the same we don't like arrogant people and we don't like to show off and it is very important that we reflect on the past what has made the Chinese civilization great which is quiet and kind confidence it's like the wind it's there to benefit everyone but nobody ever is grateful for the wind that carry the clouds.

So today I wanted to give a report card of your presidency because you have shown tremendous leadership since you have taken over China. You have dealt with corruption, you have dealt with people who are always trying to be arrogant and trying to just make everything about themselves and not the people.

It's very difficult to find a great leader who understands it's all about slow progress that emphasizes teamwork, then an arrogant person showing off. I wanted to just give you this report card so that you can reflect on the past because you've done a lot of great things and also you have done things that can become better.

The first thing I want to talk about is Donald Trump. I believe this man was severely mentally challenged. The president suffered from severe mental illness. This is my personal opinion and it is also the personal opinion of many people.

If someone is crazy and he's made the most powerful person he verbally attacks everyone and everything and destroys the supply chain and turns everything upside down everybody is going to be affected. Even you as a leader were affected severely because it was one sanction of time. It was just a nightmare for the economy and for the world in general and until today the world is yet to recover from this mad man's actions.

I believe we have to adapt to the changes of the time and Donald Trump was a great challenge and I think you did a lot of great things in China unfortunately I think it has taken away from your legacy in terms of certain people who chose to stand up and deal with the challenge Donald Trump possesses. I'm talking about the diplomats in general who stepped up and brought this wolf diplomacy for this idea that it's better not to follow your approach of steady and slow approach into things they took a very arrogant approach and they even made it public that Mercy is not an element in the Chinese culture because when I was watching the Hong Kong demonstration I saw that word being repeated show no mercy this was a departure from your great legacy of showing respect and mercy and cooperation.

China is going to be the superpower but how it does that we'll decide if it's going to be a long-term success or if China is going to choose a short-term success in its diplomatic efforts.

My assessment for Hong Kong was it was a short term success and it has destroyed the foundation China would have laid to make China permanently successful with the mercy and wisdom of the foundation that cannot be hurried or destroyed in order to gain a short-term goal. Hong Kong has been added to China and China has been successful in adding it to its rightful territory but the way it was done it was not done the way you do things it was done by many advisors around you who did not see the long-term success of China they forgot the principles and the discipline that made China successful it is only a short time victory but the hearts and the mind of people are broken and even though many people do not speak of this this is just a short-term success but I believe that if you open to listen to new ideas this Showtime success can be made better and many ideas can be implemented and Hong Kong can become an example of what the future of China will hold because many people think it's just a small thing but I think it is actually the greatest opportunity to China has to declare democracy and a mixture of the Chinese culture it is just a new way and vision that will push China forward.

It is very unfortunate people refuse to respect wisdom and careful planning that's very slow and deliberate in achieving success many young people are in a hurry to just fight everyone declare victory disrupt the legacy of China which is your legacy which is as far as I'm concerned steady and slow movement cooperating with everybody and showing that there's just more than one way of getting things done.

If I can define what I learned from you it would be that cooperation and teamwork is more important than individual success and anybody who's arrogant and shows off and pretends to be the whole team is the worst person this is what I learned from you watching your legacy watching your leadership and you made an example out of billionaires who don't understand this this is something I really appreciate about you because it's about the country it's about the nation it's about working together and respecting each other.

This is why I want to give a f report to some of you are diplomats we have deployed around the world we don't have respect for you or this idea of slow progress that's full of discipline that it is about making things better and working with everyone and having a vision of the team we have some diplomats I'm not happy with at all and I choose not to share their names but they have refused to answer my repeated emails in regards to visiting China and opening the door of diplomacy and finding a way to make the Muslim teachings that China has lived with for a thousand years live in a new future where we're all looking for that Harmony that is something the United States has never been able to do because they have too many distractions in this country from baseball, football, college sports it's a never-ending disaster of distractions this is why they have never been able to find peace with them Muslim society or even support their own foundation that has been laid by past president just like President Kennedy.

It is very unfortunate that I say this about the United States government. They have abandoned the principles that have made them successful in the past which is respecting leadership and cultivating honorable people who are champions of the truth to be on the front lines so that they can eventually take over. The United States is concerned about sexually quality for different communities and this is an agenda of Biden has made top priority he is going to get muscular and everything else is just secondary religion is secondary Muslim and non-existent so if a country chooses to undermine its own success and even chooses to threaten supreme Court justices when they don't get their way turning violent it's a betrayal of the Constitution and the American dream itself.

What has made America great than any other country is opening the door to different cultures and people and through that blessing God gives them leadership that is unmatched by any other country I am part of that dream unfortunately when I look at the country today the doors are now closed leadership is not cultivated opportunities are not open it's a betrayal of the past America has lived by and this is the greatest opportunity China has if you choose to open the door of leadership if you choose to choose wisdom and mercy to be your foundation then the Chinese dream mixed with the Muslim dream and every other dream that's trying to be successful can truly merge into something beautiful and let's just say that China being a superpower is going to be guaranteed because you have followed the simple principles of cooperation and making things better for everyone everything is going to continue to be challenged and I see a great opportunity opening for China to distinguish itself not just to be the world leader but a country that is going to be there for every country that is in need to create a cooperation that is collective that reflects the future not the past of Americans who have failed their own country to even pass gun laws to protect students in their classrooms.

We have shootings everyday in the United States people are getting killed every day for absolutely no reason because politicians have abandoned the principles that has made this country great of working together putting the personal differences aside and they have created a storm that if Donald Trump is reelected he can ignite so much hate that they could be all out civil war in the country where races turning each other while the president and all the Democrats are concerned about sexual gender norms and many other things the country can burn to the ground because it's all about leadership and cultivating great leaders to take over when people ignore the leadership that's supposed to take over then the battery themselves alive.

Taiwan is part of China and I support that completely and I want to support China bring Taiwan back into Chinese territory but with wisdom and mercy and I wanted to be a long-term success for the Chinese people to be United and your leadership is the perfect opportunity that can happen if if you choose mercy and wisdom over other elements that are being proposed. We want Taiwan to be part of China forever We do not want something temporary that will destroy all the success and all the blessing China has received what is the point of all the economic development of all the success the Chinese people have been able to achieve if it's all going to be destroyed overnight with war and return the country to the poor country which will be a third world country what is the benefit if wisdom and mercy are not made as a cornerstone of making China great for all Chinese?

So I raise this questions to you as the leader of China because this is your legacy what you say and what you do will define China for another thousand years and I believe the Chinese women have not been given the opportunity to lead and shine There are many men especially those who have been assigned ambassadors who don't understand that this is a long-term struggle that China has to be successful and there's no option for failure unfortunately we all noticed just around is one of the worst thing a man can have because too much of it makes them like a wild elephant they forget wisdom and they are more than happy to go reward and destroy everything China has an achieved So I think the greatest enemy for the Chinese government and the Chinese people is men in general who work for you who are egotistical who want to show off who don't believe in the Chinese wisdom of respect tolerance and wisdom and patience that never runs out to accomplish the goals of the Chinese people.

There are many Chinese ambassadors who are very arrogant and very disrespectful and they are making many people angry around the world but I can tell you all the women who represent the Chinese government have reflected tolerance and love and they open the door of the world wanting to work with the Chinese people and the Chinese dream but I cannot say the same for the men in general because they are the true enemies of the Chinese people because they get angry they get irrational they forget about all the progress that has been made and they're more than happy to destroy everything China has accomplished if you as a leader can give women the opportunity to shine in the country and cultivate great leadership you will have the next Kennedy's you know growing like a flower in your back garden and I can promise you leadership if something no one can buy whoever possesses great leadership that has wisdom and mental clarity and eloquence they will always come on top because they can motivate their people they can inspire their people and that is something the United States has always been good at opening door to different cultures and making it easy for leadership to come to the table and see what they can do but those days are good and dead and I'm a great example of that this is why I am beginning to cultivate China so I can plant my seeds over there and also the Muslim nations in the coming future because we want to be where leadership will be welcome cultivated and every opportunity of success will be given to them I don't see that in this country right now I see that they are prioritizing other agendas and looking at food prices and inflation there is a crisis in the horizon and this crisis will give China the opportunity to prove that careful planning and working as a team is much better than a loss administration that has not prioritized a garden of leadership that could lead America so I am incumbent to make sure the burden of leadership for the Muslim world Can be a bit of place for everyone.

My job is to have a vision of the future and make sure I create a unique opportunity for future leadership to be cultivated and grow I think I have already surpassed all my expectation and even if I die tomorrow or the next day I have done everything I can to make this world a better place and I feel like I am entering my retirement age and it's time for me to think about other leaders who are from Somalia who other Muslim nations who are looking for that unique inspiration and opportunity to confuse Islam and the Chinese culture and open that door of cultivation of the heart and the mind so that great leaders can come out of the great garden and that's my vision.

I hope You have enjoyed reading my letter because it's about the future It's about a hundred years from now where leadership will develop where success will be a cornerstone that is laid for future generations because there is a lot of young hearts and minds that need to be motivated they need to be cultivated so that they can take on the problems of the future and that is something new one is thinking about everybody has a short time girl and I can see that inflation is about to go out of control the entire Muslim world is about to starve and China has a unique opportunity to use their food storage to make sure to send a clear message to the world that we want the future we do not want showtime game and we are better than everybody else because we know how to plan We know how to save and we don't humiliate anyone and we want everybody's life to get better.

Thank you so much for reading this open letter let's leave greatness to the arrogant people and let's work together to make things better nothing is perfect All we have to do is do our best day today and all of those small things that we do We end up building a great future for everyone It's the small things that we do day in and day out that matter especially if they're tied to a greater vision of this world being better for everybody.


waalaikumsalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you my dear president Xi Jinping

And to the Chinese people and all of those who serve the country with dedication and pride. And to everyone else reading this open letter I pray everyone is blessed around the world and we all work together to make the world better for everyone


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