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China can deliver the dream of making this world great for everyone

 بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ


In the Name of God , Most Gracious, Most merciful 


I want to open the door of working with China to change the world and make it a better place.

Can China step up to the plate and meet all the challenges that is in quiet to be a super power greater than any other country. Starting with the United States Europe and the whole world combine can China deliver the dream to their own people and to the world and become a true superpower everybody loves and everybody wants to work with.

This is the question for today that I want to explore because I believe China has all the ingredients not just to be successful and be a superpower but to bring change to this world that has not been seen in a very long time.

I will start with my other letter that I have already and I'm not going to focus too much on that but to summarize it's about justice that is based on truth That represents the Chinese culture and the Chinese dream but mixed in with Islamic ideas of caring and sharing and consulting one another so it's a combination of Islam and Chinese philosophy it's a new idea it's going to take the American dream the Chinese dream the Muslim dream and it's going to packages in a new ideology that will represent a new world.

The president of China Xi Jinping , has been trying to find the Chinese dream but China is not the only country that searching for this dream everybody's looking for this dream and idea how they can be great and help their own country and the world has almost impossible.

If anyone was going to be successful it was going to be China because they have without a doubt put the best effort forward in capitalizing on the future creating an ecosystem we have business lives and this is why the iPhone is made in China.

China has made plans for the next 100 to 200 years an example is the batteries for electrical trucks and many other areas and that's what really leadership does executes a brand that will help the country gain a strategic advantage and that's something the China has done beautiful under the leadership of the president of China China has risen to you heights and has weathered the many storms.

The president of China Xi Jinping is one of the most incredible leaders the world has seen in a very long time he has dealt with all the challenges China has brought to the table with wisdom and dignity this is not something I can say for Donald Trump or other leaders I have never seen him curse I have never seen him angry I have never seen him behaving anyway that is disrespectful. The Chinese president has shown what leadership is all about which is to carry yourself with dignity and respect and to respect everyone and to lead by example.

I am proud to call the Chinese president one of my heroes And I expect to give him the Nobel Prize of Islam because his character has been incredible The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him loves people who have great character

The president of China is someone people can learn from is wisdom seems to be incredible his spirit is always strong let me show you some cute videos so you can understand how incredible the leader of China is.

Watch "Xi Jinping: Young generation is China's future" on YouTube


Watch "Chinese President Xi Jinping encourages the youth to strive for the best" on YouTube


Watch "How Xi Jinping encourages people to read" on YouTube


After watching this incredible videos I am convinced the president of China has worked all his life to leave the greatest legacy in the world has ever seen and my vision is very big it includes every human being and every person who wants to be successful and live a good life this requires tremendous leadership that's willing to have a bold vision that might be 200  300 years down the road and I don't see anybody on this world right now who's willing to do such a thing of thinking about the future and taking appropriate step working with dignity and class and wisdom to make this dream come true because we need to dream together and we need to look at each other and say what is possible if we choose to respect each other if we choose to work with one another what can we really accomplish well the results can be the following let me tell you.

The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his family said, "The Hour (Day of Judgment) will not be established till your wealth increases so much so that one will be worried, for no one will accept his Zakat and the person to whom he will give it will reply, 'I am not in need of it.

I believe the time has come for this prophecy to be fulfilled poverty to end everywhere everybody to have enough I believe artificial intelligence combined with synchronized delivery supply chain can deliver this dream to the world through the idea of brand currency rewarding people for choices cutting down cost and maintaining artificial intelligence as a assessment tool to reassign resources and develop a new way of measuring wealth and distributing wealth through Labor and economics with the free markets with a taste of Chinese dream and American dream and Islamic dream all put together so I think this is possible.

I hope to travel to China to meet with the president of China and to tell him about this dream because so much advancement has been made from the last hundred years if you carefully study you will see the transformation of the society has been breathtaking from the industrial age now we're entering the age of AI where automation can be implemented everywhere and everything can be done by robots and human beings can be freed from their day-to-day work and they can focus on thinking about great ideas and do great things.

I believe China is the only country capable of delivering on this dream if it chooses to have an open dialogue heart to heart and through respect and wisdom we can make this reality for everyone around the world because I want to destroy as many jobs as possible if artificial intelligence can do a job I want the computer to take over the fast food industry I want that artificial intelligence and robot to take over transportation I want artificial intelligence to take over anything artificial intelligence and robots can do I want to accelerate that this will require careful planning and also finding creative jobs for people to do challenging them with their heart and mind to think about Big ideas and creative solutions and above all to worship God and prepare for the journey ahead because everybody was come before us has died and we are all on a journey and we should all prepare for this journey contemplating on the big questions what is it that's going to happen to us when we go to the other side and how can we leave a better world for our grandchildren.

So the challenges are many but those who choose to carry the burdens of the world will always enjoy the blessings that come with solving those problems while everybody else is sitting around doing nothing being self-centered and selfish instead of caring for the world and all its problems that's what I choose to do all the time I worry about economies I worry about countries, I worry about poverty and I always think what is it that I can do and say to make everything and everyone better than they were day before and if people are willing to carry this luggage as well I welcome them all to come on this journey in making this world a better place.

I believe China can deliver this dream but it has to challenge itself and take time to reflect on the past and the future and open the heart and the mind for transparent and honest conversation about all the challenges if that happens I believe my trip to China will be very fruitful and hopefully I will come out of there with all the tools I need to implement some of my ideas to the world.

I am really looking forward to going to China meeting the president of China and also learning about the Chinese culture and the Chinese Muslims and how I can benefit and learn from the people of China and the government of China and all the wisdom they have to offer because a sign of wisdom is the eagerness to learn and listen and that's probably my greatest asset I love listening I love learning I never think I am better than anyone I always think someone can teach me something new everyday so I'm always willing to listen to anyone who's trying to teach me something new so this always gives me an edge of everybody because majority of the people they already know everything there's nothing you can tell them but for me I'm always open to new ideas and I'm always learning so hopefully my trip to China will bring me a lot of wisdom and a lot of happiness.

Thank you For reading my open letter to China hopefully my trip to China will be successful I will learn a lot I will listen a lot and I will write an incredible blog and hopefully I will give this noble price of the Nobel Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him to the Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

Hopefully the Chinese ambassador in Washington will accommodate me and I will go on this trip as soon as possible and explore China and its people and hopefully the world will be a better place.

Thank you for reading God bless you all.


waalaikumsalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you all thank you for reading my open letter 


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