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Open letter to the late night show Stephen Colbert

 بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ


In the Name of God , Most Gracious, Most merciful 



Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wbarakatu 

To everyone around the world

May there  peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you  all  especially Stephen Colbert  and People of planet Earth.


Open letter to the late night show Stephen Colbert you have been a shelter from the storm is going on with Trump when the news failed and none of us could make a sense of anything so I don't know if you know you're more than just a comedian you are the refuge for most of us on the Storm was going on and there's nothing we could do anyway we did the rest of the letter Steven thank you for always giving it your best but you work too hard cut down your show and take lots of vacation anyway read this.

In Celebration and appreciation of Steven I want to play the following video so you understand what I'm talking about.

Watch "Trump's Historically Long, Epically Weird Speech" on YouTube

Watch "Don't Even Try To Out Stupid Donald Trump" on YouTube

Anyway I went to see one good thing about Trump is the only President I have ever thought that if I reached out to him with a problem I have he probably could take it seriously and just act on it because I was terminated from a job as a truck driver because I refuse to drive for this German company who wanted me to drive even though I was tired so I refuse to drive and the company terminated me and because their contracting for this Mercedes Benz German company they use this contracting business to avoid responsibility but I decided to write a blog about this to the president so he can put tariffs on Germany and this is just a small truck driver thinking that the president would actually listen and put tariffs in Germany and punish them because some citizen believes in the president that he would actually do it because he's listening and that's the job of a president even though most of you will make fun of trump that was the first listening president that most Americans thought that he would actually listen he was on Twitter and that really brought a new era to the presidency with the people like it or not because let's face it the presidency is not the same anymore anyway let's get back to this open letter.

When Trump was in office a lot of us we woke up to the sounds of revolution it was traumatizing something was happening every day somebody was being verbally attacked maybe it was an immigrant or it was a politician or even worse it was a comedian but I can tell you the most feared comedian in the history of comedy is Stephen Colbert every single person I know who actually was insane because the insanity was being displayed by Trump came to take refuge with this late night show not only did we understand what was going on we were laughing at the same time so there is no equal to the the work that's been done by Stephen Colbert when Trump was in office.

YouTube is a place where people are voted up or they voted down I want to get rid of all the cute videos about cats and all those attention seeking suckers let them go to tick tock let them go to any other place I want to turn YouTube into a serious place where every video that is uploaded and it's presented by artificial intelligence makes a difference in people's lives.

It doesn't matter if it's the news or religion or comedy it doesn't matter if it's creating value and it's making the world a better place it's going to be number one on YouTube on YouTube will work with TV television broadcasters to make sure their number one we're going to make an inbox that there are people who always leave data and everyone so if I like something I am calculating that it is best for the world and it's the best of the best and everybody has to watch it basically I will dictate what the algorithm is supposed to give what is good what is that I'm going to teach it myself certain shows they're boring you never learn anything you're not even going to laugh those people who did not discover the Stephen Colbert show or the nightly News of they call it now or the new YouTube show basically I want Stephen Colbert to take the news on YouTube summarize it not work every night but get our attention if the people who need to be punished of people need to be held accountable tell us what to do what is our role in responsibilities in all this information that's happening around the world we have our own personal life we have ideas to change the world we don't have the time to sit back and watch some old guy telling me what's going on around my neighborhood or some shooting happened that does not concern me what's concerns me this information does directly related to me and that information makes me responsible I need to execute on the information on being given is a bad guy somewhere he's not listening someone needs to deal with him then I wait for everybody to deal with the problem if nobody's going to deal with that problem guess who's going to show up I'm not going to come there because I'm happy now I've been forward to come out just going to be severe penalties for waking me up from my fantasy of changing the world LOL.

I seriously have a life and I have many other goals I would like to accomplish if I don't have to watch the news that would be a perfect day for me I would like to go about my day never wondering what the news is I would like artificial intelligence to tell me all the good news and tell me my role and responsibility is in the world hopefully artificial intelligence will replace all news anchors all comedians except the best someone like Stephen Colbert cannot be replaced by any artificial intelligence is intelligence is off the charts I can't even believe I did not dedicate a block to him and congratulate him and all the work that he has done over the years.

So the news has changed it's not going to be the same people are going to get an inbox and human beings are going to vote and what is best and what is not and people are going to have their own settings according to the religious beliefs or whatever it is and it's up to us to make sure we meet those settings that people put up according to their own values and life and if someone produces something that meets all those settings then they're going to reach all the inboxes.

I am not going to take some person who hates a certain community and he has a message to say that's because it's going viral he does not mean it needs to land in everybody's inbox especially if it creates for the Jewish community for the Muslim community what goes viral like a virus has to be controlled and it needs to be either vaccinated or inoculated depending on the transfer and flow of information.

So let me summarize this for you people the news is not only going to change it's going to shut down the 24/7 broadcasting will shut down effective immediately. All news anchors will switch over to YouTube and all users will have settings and goals and ideas that they will put as a barrier if a news network is able to meet those settings and deliver quality information then the news will reach the people and the people will give back feedback on what actually they understood or if the person reported the news did a good job or they just boring and they just hate them they wish someone else to just do the news.

So it's a democracy people are going to vote people speak different languages and they want the news in different languages and different ideologies and customs and we can work with governments around the world to make sure that we meet their standards and we don't manipulate their population we let them create their own settings and rules and how information we flow throughout their society especially in Muslim countries or even a regime that's completely out of line and it's crazy still we're not going to humiliate and curse and do all kind of evil and just say whatever we want it's bunch of nonsense.

Anyway I demand the news to be changed I want the 24-hour broadcasting to be shut down I want people to create the settings and I want countries and leaders to work together so that the news does not come into your country and start a riot because somebody's reporting information about you that is not correct that is missing from that's full of political ideologies to destroy you and your people the news does matter, data doesn't matter and how it flows is even more important.

So I hereby declare Steven Colbert to be the number one anchor in the news of the world just the way he delivers it and tells what happened I personally don't want to listen to anybody I would rather just focus on my ideas let other people listen to you and then those other people take a vote and then they come up with a final report and then I get a summary of the report and if that report requires me to take action then I will take action and deal with those problems I don't want to be the first one to deal with problems that was the case for Donald Trump if you look at my blood I waited for everybody to deal with that problem and when everybody was burned out and they didn't know what to do now it was time for me to now coming like a peacock with movies and comic book and completely putting as much silver spoon and lights and the lights and showing off and the ego and just putting on a show coming out like a superhero that is exactly what happened.

Trust me that was not my intentional goal I was already working on my hypothesis I had mathematical equations that was going to change the news I had already everything down for my teachers but my teachers knew that that was all nonsense of the time there's a walk going on out there there's a people man who is president who's doing and saying whatever he wants he's challenging everyone and we're well aware of what you have done in the past and what you're capable of so don't bring all this dances to us you going to the store the temperature is about right to someone like You go right ahead forget about this hypothesis and equations you have doesn't make sense it's time for you to go to war and go put on a fight of your life for your people go ahead strip naked in front of everyone do whatever you're supposed to do and do it well and then we'll deal with you another time.

So all this equations and ideas of people are seeing this was done long time ago and my teachers would not tolerate all this ideas because just nonsense there was a war going on and a warrior was needed so I had to put all of them aside and I have to step up again because something I'm used to but I don't want to do anything I have to be forced to do anything just ask my mom.

Anyway I want to thank my mom for being a fearless leader she never gives up on me she always makes sure that everything is ready I'm left alone and I'm thinking about my ideas as a matter of fact she knows I'm a problem maker so even when we used to eat in this big plate my brother would stick his finger all over the place I would just slap him and tell him what the hell are you doing eat from your corner don't do that again and it would go to my mom and complain and all of a sudden I had my own plate I couldn't eat with people anymore I said wow I'm not going to complain about this it's being a bad guy is going to give me my own plate so those people who are playing around and nobody's complaining about them it's good for me let those people who want to be patient and tolerant and help these people continue but I don't have any patience for people so anyway I want to end thinking my mom because I don't know what I would do without her.

Anyway I think this is about the news so all of this is a bunch of nonsense we need to do what we need to do on the news we need to move forward shut it down make those changes overnight if you need to give me my own plate so I can wait for you people to play with this information cuz by the time it gets to me it's going to be time for action Jackson I'm not playing around as long as my teachers are not there and my mom is not complaining or nobody's there to help anybody I will take the ax and terminate positions fire CEOs do whatever that needs to be done show no mercy to those people who don't need it you need to be criticized, you need to be putting your place, you need to grow as an individual it's called constructive criticism but you do not give it to someone like Donald Trump you praise the guy you tell him how good he is and you give him your opinions while he's enjoying all the good news and praises you're giving him he probably will take what you saying seriously that's the relationship I had with the president I actually respect him and I pray for him all the time like Nancy pelosi says LOL I wish him all the best because it's his storm that really just woke me up and said what is going on who's this guy making noise in the middle of the jungle thinking that he's the only guy out there who can deal with issues and has a big ego and can put on a real show?

He put on a show on Earth that woke me up from my sleep and said wait a minute this guy is melting everyone attacking everyone everybody's running in all kind of direction it's trumpzilla in his full glory and makeup the orange Queen was there to see you so there's no way I was going to just not show up and participate in this theater maybe God put this show so that I would have to step up and go into the store sometimes things happen you don't know why they happen but when the storm is over everything comes down you realize it was all a blessing so don't hit the bad guys because sometimes it is through the bad guys the good guys come and with that I hope to be among the good guys thank you for your time congratulation to call Bear short and all the staff that work hard I don't know what you're showing anymore but if I'm ever stressed out I don't know what's going on I can't understand it I probably will come to show just to make sense of everything.

Thank you for reading this God bless everyone.


 waalaikumsalamwarahmatullahi wabarakatuh to my blessed family and 

To everyone around the world

May there  peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you  all People of planet Earth.


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