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Us house plan project.

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ


In the Name of God , Most Gracious, Most merciful 



.Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wbarakatu .

May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you all my dear Blessed family of The prohet Muhammad peace be upon him and you



Us house plan project.

Please click on the link to find out more about the project.

Problems are nothing but puzzles that can be solved according to the House of wisdom a place where every problem is approaching creativity and with the blessing of God no problem is too complicated and ultimately a solution is found to whatever problem exists.

Starting with technology companies that have chosen to undermine democracies and I have changed how data flows from its natural state to a state where they have built dams on the extract all kinds of information from our data..

They have become such a problem that they have infiltrated our political system and they have made it stagnant and we have not been able to move forward in the political arena in a way that works for everyone.

We hope to bring a new approach to the political system in the United States starting with the House of Representatives.

That change has already begun we started creating the website and the Twitter account and we are almost done notifying every single member of Congress the change is here you should get ready and get a preview what change looks like.

And we hope that the blessed family also looks at the change that's coming to the political system because it is a change that is well over you in the political system of the United States in America for it to work more efficiently to help serve it's people in a way that will solve the problem that the political system is facing that was caused by the United States supreme court.

We have lost control of our political system and corporations and super pacs are the official owners of the entire system no one can match their wealth and the influence because of the supreme Court decision against citizens United and I have a video to explain all of that.

Please watch.

Watch "What’s the Big Deal About Campaign Financing?" on YouTube

Unfortunately that's not the only problem that the entire system is facing I would argue technology companies have done a greater damage to democracy and the citizens of the United States than any other super PAC or any other organization in the face of the Earth.

I say that is because it's about data and I always say data is just like water it has become the stuff of life and how our data flows is sometimes more important than anything that people can even imagine.

If data a flows like River that brings life to people like the River Nile in Egypt or in the United States from the Colorado mountains where it snows and that snow melts and turns into a river it's an amazing thing to see.

Watch "Chasing Rivers, Part 1: The Colorado | Nat Geo Live" on YouTube


Data has become the stuff of life 🧬🧬🧬🧬 is the point I'm trying to make which is if data is not collected and deposited into a stream or a system that benefits everyone then we have lost the future just like the Colorado River it's going to run dry because of the negative externalities of people who are refusing to accept reality.

In the political system data has to be freed from tech companies and it has to be controlled at every stage and carefully monitored by people who it affects because there is about to now flow through artificial intelligence and between people whose goals are aligned because they live in one planet and they are all breathing the same air and everything that happens on this planet is a consequences to them regardless of their political affiliations or opinions.

At the end of the day either things are going to get better for us as humanity or they're going to get worse and we're going to suffer those consequences together as a community because we live in the same planet.

Nothing is more important than the political system and how things are done in the world of politics because it is the engine where all change begins and ends.

And the people who are elected to the Congress are those who have the power to move this engine in any direction of this country to pass laws and represent people of their constituents to find a balance to the problems the Nations is facing.

Fortunately I have already told you about the money problem and I have also told you about the technology companies that are posing even a bigger threat and no one has stepped forward to deal with this issue until now.

I hope to use the organization to free data by by using the following plan.

1.Report card.

Door-to-door survey.

I hope to inspire volunteers who will understand what is at stake and what is at stake is data itself the stuff of life and it has to be controlled from stage one which is making sure the people who are part of the program understand the vision and understand that we have problem with money and cooperations that have bought and sold our political system and this is a fight for our lives so we are bringing our sweat and tears to collect data so we can create a report card.

This report card will be collected from all places and since I am a Muslim I will begin to collect it from Muslims especially on Friday prayers and the month of Ramadan the survey will begin to give us an idea what the true needs are of the constituents and how they can better connect to their congressman and women who serve them.

We want to make this data pure so that it is the foundation what is going to change the political system it is face to face questions and learning what is it that the community needs and what is it that's not being represented.

My blessed family I urge you to visit the US House plan because it gives an example what a new generation that has grown up with technology is being burdened with by becoming leaders in their own bedrooms facing revolutions and taking on dictators so technology has outpaced is that a percentage of Congress and that's one thing I want to change personally. So please visit the website.

I personally would like to start with myself I have a congressional member in Congress on the 7th district of Georgia and my needs are not being met because we have grown in a world where technology has outpaced what members of Congress are able to digest so that they can serve the constituents with all their needs.

I give a great example what this shift has been with the Chicago girl and I talk about it in the website us house

Please go to the website my blessed family so you can see all the details.

I also go on to give examples about myself and I continue ahead and suggest many solutions to the political systems.

Each member of Congress gets a list what's going to be submitted soon.

I say the following in every single Congress members report.

Artificial intelligence score.

Will be submitted soon.

I plan on building artificial intelligence that is not dependent on tech companies but we as a community control and the entire community of the United States is all welcome once the system is set up it will be open source they will get to see everything how this score is created and how it is submitted.


Report card for every quarter

Will be submitted very soon.

I speak about a report card

I talk about a report card that will be submitted every quarter because Congress is the only place where an elected officials goes and we are not getting a report card as to what they're doing there especially when my generation is dealing with many challenges and we want to get a report card on the Palestinian issue or the Syrian issue or the local or State issue whether it's water in Michigan or there are so many needs we have and we wanted to get something back when these people are sent there and we can begin to analyze what they're doing and this report will give us exactly that.

I would have made it a report on every vote they do or a weekly report or even a day-to-day report can also be done but I'm just trying to go with something much more sensible which businesses do every quarter they report on something and I'm sure the men and women who are selected to represent us in Congress will have the same system whether they like it or not.

Now I do want to reward those people who volunteered to do the work meet with people gather all this data because they have shown passion and love for the political system I want to now upgrade them to these people who will create this report that Congress is going to be answering too because they knocked on all the doors they spoke to everyone they found out what is the needs of the community therefore they will get to create this report card for the Congressional districts of their representatives.

I talk about a lot of things from point systems to many other things that has to do with politics and politicians and I'm going to work with them directly because this is something that affects the political system and they're the ones who are experienced in that field I speak about a point system and so forth and and until I meet with them and speak with them then I will have a good idea what approach to take because those are rules that I want to be governed in Washington to upgrade all the rules that are ongoing and I talk in detail about that so please check the non-profit organization that I'm making.

I also want to discuss what we have been trying to do with the House of wisdom with a guiding virtual reality and mixed reality which are headsets and equipment and many other things that I need to buy to begin to shape this future and make it happen so I'm hoping this Ramadan it will help me with all the arts that needs to sell and developers that I need to be hired and this future needs to be shaped.

Information is already on about page and the House of wisdom we hope to build the Islamic artificial intelligence cloud for the whole Muslim world.

For the US House plan we hope to just do that locally we hope to purchase all the products which we already have some and we hope to really expedite this program so that all the virtual and mixed reality this feature that's coming it's in line especially in the world of politics because in virtual reality everything is going to make much more sense because the districts that being represented to them is going to be floating in front of them the number amount of votes that people are voting is going to be floating in front of them it's just going to be a whole different world when things out floating in front of you.

So imagine a report card created by the people for the people  clothing in front of a potential voter where their goals and opinions and ideas have been collected and have been put in a report and they can see their members of congress not living up to those expectations it's going to be easy to remove money and all the problems that come with politics because most voters in the future I believe they will not need to go to a voting place but they will vote virtually and people will be elected virtually and we will celebrate the victories of those democracies virtually in our homes so this is an absolute idea that's well thought out for the future.

I also give the opportunity to the public to rethink what politics is all about and how normal people can just get back to their lives because many people have made politics hell for regular people who just want to vote and go back to their lives so I give some analogies how politics can turn into a sport and so forth and that's something that hopefully that will help the country and heal the country from all its problems.

Most important idea I have about what would really change in the political world is the following I call it geolocation technology which already exist.

When we take virtual reality and geolocation and we added to the current system something special happens that's going to be baked in my program.

I can't wait to have a broader discussion with the Muslim community what the future means to everyone through data.

 Volunteers are going to be using this technology to build the communities and bring the data that we hope to feed back into this open source projects to create those report cards and to change politics forever.

Complete with a company that I like which is Google because they really are going to be very crucial in most of my ideas and I want to show you what I have in store not just for my local district or for the Muslim community or for other communities in the United States but this is definitely going to end up being a global effort in the world of politics and I want to end with this video and ask for your blessing and hopefully the world's problems will be solved because they're only a puzzle that is waiting for the House of wisdom inshallah.

I feel that most of us are homeless in this new digital world the poor and the rich are divided but I believe the internet and the cloud combined with artificial intelligence can change that for the whole world Google has demonstrated this with an idea called Plus codes for everyone and I'm really proud of this project and I cannot wait to give it new meaning and new life in the world of politics and this new organization that is a non-profit. Please check this video out.

Watch "Plus Codes: Addresses for Everyone" on YouTube

Thank you for reading this my blessed family. This is what I hope to see you soon so we can build the house of wisdom and deal with those other problems the world is facing.


waalaikumsalamwarahmatullahi wabarakatuh

May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you  my dear Blessed family.


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