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Profiling encourage response.

 In the name of God most merciful most compassionate.

Profiling encourage response.

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I am almost complete in Reading or actually listening the audiobook of profile in encourage.

After listening to such a eloquent book that uses words to paint the picture of men with great character that have played a pivotal role in moving the country forward by embodying all its sacrifices that is needed to move the country forward or even better be an example for others to remember and build on so that those who are courageous will always find their way home.

Listening to this book that was introduced by Caroline Kennedy and read by John F Kennedy Jr was truly a great honor in terms of listening to it from the family themselves because they are a connection to the great man that no words can really describe the contribution he brought to the table in the United States of america. I'm talking about a man so great that not even his brothers came even close in ever capturing any greatness that he possessed he could not even touch his breath that lingers over the country and yes I'm talking about President Kennedy the one and only man I've been trying to run away from almost all my life.

I have been running away from President Kennedy because first and foremost I am a black man and when I turn the pages of History I went straight to who has made a big difference in the lives of black people and the passing of the civil Right bill and the skills and charm that Lindon Johnson brought to the legislative body coupled with President Obama's lack of skills and my own experience as an American made me look at Lyndon Johnson favorably more than Kennedy because I believe we all draw strength from people we admire.

In a time of weakness I always believe to never associate myself with people who will not strengthen me in my current vision of moving forward and being courageous.

I don't know why I never look to President Kennedy with the grand jester he deserves because he brought his own majestic and unique experience that was unlike anybody else in the history of the presidency.

But I have listened to his speech I always reduced him to an eloquent speaker and listened to the critics who carefully cut him into pieces and made him more than nothing but an eloquent speaker who was imaginative. He was nothing but an eloquent speaker and had a lifestyle that is not really live up to the hype that he was really given when he was president.

If you look at the critics and all the people who are painting the picture today they have failed to understand what Grace and the pressure really stands for because it is with the pressure where men are separated from the boys. Most of this critics who criticize President Kennedy have never had a moment of courage where they have to sum up everything they had and put up a fight to stand for something greater than themselves.

Can you stand for something greater than yourself become something Grand and majestic and what happened to President Kennedy when his ship was attacked by the Japanese vessel and he summed up his courage to deal with the test God has given him without making excuses that is when he mastered all his carriage and put it on display for everyone especially God who chose to save him and bless him for his relentless prayers and calling towards God while he was swimming in shark infested waters looking for help I would compare him to the Muslim lady known as Sarah who ran between the desert looking for water and health knowing God would never abandon her or her son to die in the desert.

It's always heroic actions that stand out before the owner of the universe God almighty and those who choose to be here heroic in the actions they will always be rewarded with majestic character and always finding your will to be graceful and the pressure but above all God has a way of making those people rise to the surface and take hold of the bull by the horn and make no excuses while everybody else a spinning excuses right and left saying this is madness which is another way of saying if I can't make sense of it no one can or at least no one should attempt to do anything because it's madness and because I said so everybody should drink their iced tea and just watch the horror show known as Donald Trump.

Because I have neglected one of the great men of history President John F Kennedy I feel that I have to make that up by sharing my own stories of courage so that they might inspire other people out there to get a glimpse what discouraged business is all about and why they can't go purchase it through their money. I call it a business because it is the business of men of God who humble themselves to the owner of the universe and find guts and Glory they can't be bought by anyone it must be earned and through it leadership is its reward whether people will recognize it and make way for men of grand yesterday to descend from the pulpit and find a seat among the cowards of our time is a question that is yet to be answered.

I dedicate this to President Kennedy and because I have ignored him and I just was given this picture of a Playboy who was dragged up out of his mind even though his speeches were eloquent and beautiful the critics made all kind of trumped-up charges to arrest his character and drowned out his glory and I am among those who drink that Kool-Aid after all I don't see the same eloquence and bravery being put on display by any Kennedy alive today so it was easy for me to look away and look at other presidents that I control my strength from but after listening to profiles encourage I suddenly find myself staring at President Kennedy and calling him a teacher and a friend or even a comrad in this journey of being courageous and selfless.

So I dedicate some of the stories that I have never shared before as a full movie apology that I put into an envelope that I hope to send it to the family of Kennedy because I was so obsessed with Lyndon Johnson that I send a few tweets when Caroline Kennedy was being vocal on Twitter I don't believe she still has a Twitter account maybe she has retired to the solitude of the countryside and she's looking forward to being with her beloved father and telling her how low America has fallen and how there are no more courageous men who can sum up their courage to make the nation face all its problems head on and inspire them so that American can be a better place for everyone.

I start with an apology to Caroline Kennedy and to the Kennedys in general because they deserve an apology which is I am sorry I did not see what the fuss about President Kenny was all about and unfortunately I did not see the same courage and eloquence that was summed up in President Kennedy in any of the Kennedys especially Ted Kennedy who was being blamed by Jimmy Carter the Virgin man who never committed any adultery who claimed that it was Ted Kennedy that blocked healthcare for everyone.

I guess there's been men who lack courage like Jimmy Carter who never took time to even give you credit to President Kennedy and was among those who piled on the trash on President Kennedy or even worse did his best not to mention his great qualities that what he did in 3 years can never be challenged by anyone especially him. While he was attacking Ted Kennedy he should have stopped to at least give credit to President Kennedy with big  Awe of the great man who was the greatest president to ever take office in the history of this country because of the challenges he took on and the long list  of excuses that was never found in his corner.

If politics was a boxing match then Kennedy was the champion that no one could ever reach. He was the Muhammad Ali of his time not just because of his look so hard Rich father the man would have made it without anybody's help he had heart of gold and anybody who has any common sense would just acknowledge that.

As long as I live I will always think fondly your President Kennedy and I will never ever let anybody especially the critics and Hollywood in general Meyer this image of President Kennedy which can be summed up of being courageous and fearless and finding a way to master that carriage by being a student of History and doing whatever you can by going to the rooftop of the country and reminding everyone of the great past of America and why it is important to celebrate the independent spirit that we all individually possess because it's through that creative spirit that we find praying to God that frees us from all fears and makes us all face all of our challenges.

Again let me send my apology to Caroline Kennedy because at that time the flames of hate were burning all the way to the sky and Donald Trump was huffing and puffing and President Obama and Hillary Clinton or no match for the mess they created the only added fuel to the fire and they didn't have any courage because courage belongs to God it is a gift that is given to those who are willing to cry at night and not disconnect themselves from principles that are the foundation or the bedrock that this nation was built on which is not to drowned out people of the past either by forgetting to mention them or refusing to master the courage to do what needs to be done which is to admit you are inadequate for the challenges that has been put on the table by the American people.

I believe I sent a tweet to Caroline Kennedy how Lyndon Johnson did not trust the Kennedys and how I was still suspicious about the Kennedy's but I never said anything that was out of line or maligned I was just lost in the world of LBJ because that is where I could draw my strength from I didn't see any strength with Kennedy until now after listening to profile of courage I have to sum up my first courage and apologize and say that I had drank my own Kool-Aid that I had mixed up from documentaries and my own research and I wish I could go back in time and tell you how proud I am of you and your great father and I would have thanked you for everything your father has done and you have continued to do for this great country of ours. So dear Caroline thank you for never giving up I never giving in to any hates and meaningful of class and generosity and even magnanimous and how you carry yourself and continuously represented your father in ways that has made me remember him fondly and take him as my hero. I hope to meet you and he a few stories about your father so I might get a sense of the man who was brave yet eloquent but above all a man who never made any excuses in the boxing ring known as politics.

I also want to apologize too Joey Kennedy III because whether he knew it or not or maybe he had his blinders on he wasn't able to recognize leadership at its finest. It is unfortunate that someone like Joey Kennedy who's related to Kennedy himself did not see me as a leader on his own realm which tells me there's a lot for him to learn because the whole legacy of his father was opening the door for new immigrants who are unique and different I'm doing everything he can to Foster the independence and unique perspective immigrants bring.

So we are all on the same page I got a screenshot of his Twitter account so that history can record that we were talking about the right Kennedy

Believe it or not I did not know even a Kennedy was in office because the Kennedy's they always possess this Elegance this opportunistic incredible flair for brilliance to distinguish themselves to the point where people cannot stop talking about them unfortunately that is not the case for Joey Kennedy even though I've been on Twitter I've never heard of him until he gave that speech that was televised and I noticed the name Kennedy and I was just still drinking the Kool-Aid of Lyndon Johnson I immediately became suspicious of this Kennedy who all of a sudden instead of earning his spot like his father was being giving us a silver platter to deal with Trump and be a response to this great challenge America was facing.

So that we are on the same page I'm going to make sure I put the speech right here right now.

Watch "Joe Kennedy criticizes Trump in Democratic response" on YouTube

The only problem I had with Joe Kennedy first that he refused to acknowledge he was a Kennedy and he was proud to be connected to one of the greatest president America has ever seen a man who was the king of politics in the arena of politics if politics was a boxing ring then President Kennedy was the champion of all Americans because he was a man okay we made any excuses and always stepped forward into any storm America was facing.

Joe and Kennedy never even give any credit to President Kennedy not even for one second what was even worse there seem want to have any gel in his hair he was not looking or sounding like Kennedy it was as if he came with a shovel to make sure President Kennedy was left in the history books forever.

The presidency of Donald Trump was a trial by fire for the country. It was a unique opportunity for the country to step back and watch and look for its heroes and let those who have distinguished themselves be rewarded and acknowledged for their creative spirit to deal with the challenges the country was facing.

It is very unfortunate I sit here today first is a proud husband, I graduate of a California community college, a proud not so successful real estate agent who refused to deal with interest even though that was one of his degrees but the main degree i got was in business so I was lucky enough to get two degrees in California even though I always tell people I'm just a truck driver I've taken my time to at least attend college that is a fact that I wanted to clear up right now because I'm always down playing any accomplishments I have but since this is going to be read by the Kennedys at least they should know I have some kind of education LOL.

I am a graduate and I'm proud of it and this is the first time I'm actually showing this I have never shown this to anyone not even once but to own a President Kennedy and his family who are going to be reading this I want them to know I took education very seriously but I never pursued it in fear of going into that and having a useless degree that will not give me the courage to deal with the problems at hand.

Back to Joey Kennedy I sent him a few tweets challenging him unfortunately he did not see who I was and what I was about and what great contribution that I made to this country my contribution is so great that people are afraid to mention them or even acknowledge an immigrant could have such influence over the presidency of Donald j Trump and play a decisive issue in being the first immigrant president in regards to decision making because when I wanted the president to do something it was done.

Explain that a little bit because while everybody was sleeping or hating the president of the United States Donald Trump they forgot to understand that the man was just human and he was lacking the confidence of dealing with the issues at hand. All the tantrum and anger that he was displaying for the world is was nothing but a mask that needed to be moved out of the way so you can see the real man who was not confident in anything and fighting / arguing was just a mechanism for hiding what was really belief the president and the president was really crying out for help and was looking for anybody who was courageous enough to stand with him and guide me through this president.

There's no other way to thank you but I am the first black co president of this country just like many other people who spoke to the president and he goes to follow what direction is a matter of fact you said that he listened to the last person who had such an open mind and heart it was willing to listen to the best argument that good massages ego and I have to tell you that when it comes to flattery I have the gift so I made it a point of praising the president and displaying what my religion has taught me in regards to dealing with your fellow brother and sister in humanity despite all the mistakes all their flaws as a Muslim I'm required to look at another human being as a creation of God and to give them a benefit of a doubt that God does love him or her and we owe it to ourselves to make space in our heart to look at them with the light of God.

All this means is that I had to take all my pain as a Muslim after all the attacks all the humiliation and swallow my pride and come to the rescue of my country with every tool in my toolbox to be put on display and before I talk about what I did that made me the most powerful citizen the United States has ever seen I would like to go back to some stories that shaped me who I was as a man that made me equipped to deal with the issues at hand when everybody was spitting in kind of excuses especially in the Islamic realm I'm talking about Muslims college or being Americans all their lives who have been actually converts to Islam they were Catholics and couldn't make sense of what was really happening in their own country other than just calling it madness.

Before I was able to shape the presidency of Donald Trump and guide the president into his legacy which was taking a a strong stand against China and making him realize that was his legacy in standing up to bullies who had bullied America and America would love him for it and he would be re-elected because he stood strong where nobody had stood before and it was an open frontier that would serve him well. 

I also shoot his Twitter usage moving it from POTUS to his real Donald Trump not understanding the consequences of the lows and highs that laid ahead, but I was convinced that ultimately the man was going to do it anyway so I might as well just help him understand that the most powerful thing he possessed was his daughter account and when he left the presidency his Twitter account would go with him if he chose to be responsible and efficient he would save the taxpayer and the world time after all it was a nightmare listening to him talk about anything it was horrifying and deeply disturbing president of the United States incoherent on World stage I'm being made fun of by comedians of our time.

So I convinced the president he used to this whole time but I need to realize where he stand for and he actually listen what I have to say and utilizing his Twitter account to do with people with because ultimately even I could see the mind of the president or at least you could be summarize that for me  by Stephen Colbert who will give you inside what's my next strategy would be making sure I advise the president of the best course in regarding what  is the best interest of the country and also work was efficient for the president so that at least whatever he does have the best chance of success.

I want to make you very clear I utilize my blog and my Twitter account manage their Spirit of the country and they're so sick just like other things to go to the president and the president took that they how to say seriously but none of them were well equipped in massaging the ego and giving space to the president to do whatever you want to do so that ultimately you become the decided after an important that and that is the only thing I cared about and making sure this country was killed in the right direction and the president you work for everyone especially everything that was in the interest of the American people which I was able to accomplish.

My efforts can be summed up as getting ahead of the problem the president was facing presenting him with different choices and giving him unique sets of ideas that fits his ego that he could take on and make it his own after all he was a one-man show and I would be lying to you to tell you that I actually was successful at discouraging him from doing all kinds of evil because he did whatever the hell he wanted all the time and attacked whatever he wanted so my unique interjection into his presidency was small but effective.

I am the one who called the president showed him love like no one else I am the one that really healed the president and removed all the bitterness and the poison that was left by President Obama and Hillary Clinton. I am the one who made the president feel like he did not have to fight anymore that he was the president of the United States and he was loved and respected and I proved it to him time and time again until I could see him cool down and take the wheel of the nation and become president.

I was the one who ended the damage that was done by the political process by looking into the president and understanding what he was really going through and what unique perspectives he was holding and what needed to be said to him so that he can sidestep all the problems he was personally tolling with so that he can become president and get on with it.

President Obama was the worst president to ever take the office he did not have the courage of vacating the White House sooner massaging the ego of the Donald Trump bringing world leaders to the White House giving Donald Trump an opportunity to be president by giving him the unique opportunity to learn what the presidency was all about. He waited until the last minute to let Donald Trump come through the office like a bull and take revenge on all his perceived wrongdoing that was done to him by Obama and the Democrats and the country paid its price psychologically and emotionally to have a president like Obama who did not understand the consequences of just stepping back and have different voices surround you that criticize you and at the same time give you unique perspective.

President Obama surrounded himself with white folks who kissed his ass and never give him the opportunity to open the door of descent and unique perspective and his administration. He kept people who loved him and praised him close and those who could have given him the unique perspective he needed to take a full picture of what was really going in the country far away where their voice was drowned out the indominal spirit of those people who can truly make you understand what the country is feeling nowhere to be found.

Anyway Obama is a subject that is lacking courage because he took this country in a different direction refuse to forgive Edward Snowden and prosecuted journalist by using all his powers of philosophy that he gained from Harvard so basically I'm not a fan but I respect the first black man who has ever held office and I will always continue to learn his legacy because we are from the same country and we share the same language and history so no one respects him and loves him more than anybody because I expect him to grow and learn and to have courage to admit that he's done many things that are wrong and many things that are historical either way I'm looking forward to the tough conversations and what he's going to do with the rest of his life.

Anyway I want to get back to Joey Kennedy sir have to graduating from my beautiful community college and refusing to get into debt and having a father was a hero who was in countless battle physically or verbally because he had migrated to a country that was full of corruption and police officers would always come look for money and thieves will always surround and he had to fight for his life and he always managed to subdue any loser who their challenged the safety of his family and he never backed away from any fight of any kind at any time so everybody in town you you should know your place or my father would put them in their place just like all the great men who had courage that Caroline Kennedy spoke about.

Sir  if I had to sum up my father it was a man who never lied his entire life in my presence a man who was brave and eloquent and there are those people who can pass on qualities that no one else can and I found him in this book that I was listening to which is the profile of courage well I Will Not waste a lot of time discussing my father he was a man who shaped me and gave me the backbone I need to have Grace and the pressure and to fear no one and to always tell the truth regardless of the consequences in my brain.

Anyway I was a correctional officer and I was able to change careers from being a new graduate after all I had just graduated on the real estate economy was about to crash and I had the brilliant idea of combining the opportunity of seeking working a recession proof job as a correctional officer but at the same time getting the opportunity to be challenged into a new realm that had every opportunity to see what I was made of.

How's the correctional officer I learned to master my facial expressions, my body language and I became a role model for all those people who seek to safety especially those people who were under my custody. Every single inmate look forward when my shift started because they could finally relax because a professional was on the job now and he was not going to stop until it turned the entire unit upside down and harassed every loser was going to cause problems and endangered security.

Simply said I was a man who was fearless and was dedicated to my job to the point where I got standing ovations from inmates and I got countless confessions that every time I was working that they all felt safe and honored under my custody. I had to control over 400 men and earn all their respect. I had to physically search and strip naked men and overwhelm them with Force if I needed to in order to save a life or put anyone who was out of line in their place.

I was a man who was responding to countless events of violence showing up at the scene using my training to make sure the fights between gangs and all the other losers who don't deserve to be mentioned was sufficiently dealt with and everybody paid the price especially if it was my unit that a fight took place and people did not seek permission from me before they settled their scores because they subdued my authority and challenge me in my own floor which is unacceptable and I had it out collective punishment within the rule book which was allowed by law because I was the sheriff of the town and nothing was going to go down without my approval.

You can never stop men from fighting or four things for being the way they are but you can stand tall and have your own principles so that even those who get into a fight and fight for their own or whatever they're fighting for who are not even in my unit laugh and smile and start joking with me while they're bleeding confess to my greatness telling me it was an honor to be in your unit I never had to get into fights I never had to worry about my safety of being raped because you are always turning everything and everyone upside down you are getting rid of all the people who would not fall in line and respect common sense. The inmate who I was escorting to the medical unit to seek treatment for his wounds after his battle was giving me his praise and was respect my leadership.

Probably working on the women was tougher than men because all that Glory can only make people jealous so a group of individuals decided the Glory hole that existed in the women's section was something a man like me could never pass that I would fall like many others who were sent to this department or unit where they want nothing but females hopefully that I will be Dishonored because the women were too beautiful and they were too desperate and they were looking for every opportunity to fight over any male who could give them a joyride with his rocket.

Congress of men were walked out with the Walk of shame who can stand before women who can pose in different poses as you do your rounds showing you what will drive a man crazy especially when they are every race you can imagine because I was working for the private correctional facility that had immigrants from europe, china, arabs, White, models you name it they have them all they have the figures that just will make any man weak at the knees.

Unfortunately you never understood why I was there in the first place I was a man of great integrity and I would never violence any practice ever told me and they found out the harvest I was not married but I was wearing a raise and I was not wearing any questions anymore I was rough and talk and I tried new opportunity so I was even more trust and more challenges that I could have ever imagined.

Giving every woman have had because she was on her period and knowing which menstrual cycle is going on was not easy for a man to be handing out pads to women and every single woman trying to get into my pants even though I was single but I was a man of God first and I was able to overcome all the challenges that was put before me until they knew that there's nothing they could do to discredit or dishonor me they put me in a different section where I was sure to fail.

Yes they had psychopaths and special units so after my fights with the warden and with a letter that shock them to their core displayed my leadership and just took their breath away the warden decided to do whatever he could to intimidate me unfortunately no matter where he placed me I came out as a champion it was very frustrating when someone dislikes you and does everything possible to screw you over but you managed to praise him and out wit him at every turn but it was with the blessing of the family of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon them that I was able to get out of there while I still had my senses and my glory attached to me I had made my father proud but I paid the ultimate sacrifice acquiring my own courage and charting my own way and making sense of madness and people of all kind.

I guess I want to finish off with the real man who really inspired me to write this because I don't think I would have taken the time to write this if I did not see the spirit of Kennedy within him.

Is none other than Josh Schlossberg

I want to conclude by directly talking to him I don't know how you can not put the Kennedy last name regardless of who your father was right next to your name but I think Jack is good enough if people do their research but I think the Kennedy name needs to be revived and after looking at your Twitter account I have seen that you need and beautiful embrace of courage. You're the only one who talks about your grandfather in a fun way and visits the great speeches of the frontier maybe you're not the only one and there might be other people but I'm yet to find anyone who's still proud of President Kennedy As You are and I want you to know you are my hero if you can continue on this path you have no idea who you might bump into.

I am probably going to honor President Kennedy more than you will or any other Kennedy for that fact simply because of this profile of courage project even though I had listened to all his speeches and admired him from far I could have never found this beauty and courage to find a lost president whose honoring other great men which makes him the greatest president of all time because he's honoring the sacrifice and the courage of other men and traces it back through the history of this country which is something I have not seen anybody do.

I will see you as an American whose English is not his second language who's not eloquent or magnanimous like your father but I can tell you what was lost has been found through this profile of courage more than any other work that your father ever did because it is about honoring the past that all the glory of courage is summoned by becoming a student of History you become adapt in understanding what glory is all about because history continuously reminds us they are more heroes that are yet to be discovered and more people that I yet to be honored this is why I am proud to share with you the story of Imam Hussein who was a man who had a father who was known as The Lion of the prophet and the lion of God such Grand titles have never been given to anyone on Earth.

The sacrifice of Imam Hussein against tyranny and to wake up the conscious of the Muslim world is something that deserves your attention. I hope to write a book that does what profile of courage has done for the American people which is to wake them up and be courageous and stop making excuses and make their way to the New frontier with President Kennedy who was appealing to their pride. So this is my first all out open letter to the Kennedys I hope that I have apologized enough but I have never said or done anything that is egregious that really warrants my apology after all the Kennedys have not met the responsibilities of sticking their hand out and appreciating the independence and unique leadership that can come from immigrant families who have arrived at the shores.

I have never felt so alone and so desperate as an immigrant whose voice has been shunned whose accomplishment has been overlooked and whose opportunity of prestige has been sabotaged but everyone in power who refuses to acknowledge my contribution to American history and the American way of life.

I have shaped this country with my blog and my tweets to the point where the president of the United States would sometimes wait until I go to sleep out of respect so he can tweet about whatever he wanted or he would just treat about subjects that had given him a difficult time and I would go right ahead and deal with the problems that the president was restless about and I would give him sense of choices that would make his presidency much more effective.

My contribution to history has been ignored but my proof is my blog I have it all Every praise and every thing that I have done to make this country great I have evidence for it and I have many people who would confess my contribution is history that's being erased by tech Giants who have not giving me the unique opportunity to see where my contribution has been accepted and celebrated. We live in a time where tech Giants have put a stranglehold in the communication of the nation.

We cannot connect and find each other and celebrate great people and bring back the spirit of this country that is independent and unique celebration of people who find courage and put it on display and find people who recognize the leadership and appreciate it.

I guess what I'm saying is I would like to meet Caroline Kennedy and I would like to get some kind of souvenir that belongs to the president of the United States John F Kennedy a man who made no excuses but left an extraordinary and incredible inspiration that will last for generation.

I am probably going to take over and giving the courage award then behalf of President Kennedy to a new generation because President Kennedy belongs to everyone but just the Kennedys and I hope you understand that and embrace that and welcome that because that is what President Kennedy would love his legacy to be which is some American was unknown comes into the political scene and is inspired by his life work and builds on it and brings him on board as a proof of the American Spirit will never die there will always be someone coming along out of the blue and saving the nation unfortunately in my case I am first an immigrant, second I am black, third I am not just a Muslim but I am a man of God who loves everyone for the sake of God and I will never come from ice the traditional values and religion regardless of the consequences it might bring to a nation that is completely different from what it used to be.

I am determined to be independent and not to spread hate towards anyone but I just want people to respect uniquely worship and understand this country is in desperately of true leaders who can lead and find a way to heal this nation because America is not a place where people pray for each other anymore it's not a place where people root for each other anymore it is not a place where everybody makes way for anybody who can actually do their best and forget the rest.

I have currently within two comic books about politics that supposed to heal the nation and make it move forward I look forward in publishing them in Amazon I already published the children's book and I have shared so many tweets and so many unique opportunities for shared experiences for Americans to come together and talk about how we can just find solutions in the American experiment so that we can all remain independent as individuals but find common ground to make our way as to how we can help this country not the other way around which is what I learned from president kennedy.

I wish to leave a legacy of service and add my own flavor to the American experience which I know I will be successful but I have not found anyone who has the creative Spirit of recognizing leadership for giving me the opportunity to meet all this centers and congressman therefore I would like to ask a favor I would like Caroline Kennedy to accompany me to every congressman and senator and give me the opportunity to take a picture with all of them and to come out of that God forsaken sitting known as Washington which will not be forsaken anymore by the men of God especially if I get a chance to rub shoulders with the Kennedys but also accomplish what I always wanted to do is be part of the solution and not the problem.

I want to rub shoulder to the Kennedys and I want to make profile of courage a centerpiece of my life but I want my political career to begin with that unique support of the Kennedy's family so I might be in Washington and meet people of all kinds and come back and seek the support of my community to be a member of Congress if I cannot find someone more eloquent or determined to bring good because in Islam you don't just seek power you have to find everybody who's better than you and give them the opportunity and the courage to represent the country.

If there's no one better than you who can do what you can do then it's the responsibility of the community to come together and ask you to be a member of Congress there's nothing wrong wanting to be in a position of leadership in Islam ,but there's nothing worse of asking or professing love of leadership so I am in a difficult situation but the blessed family will be reading this so I am hoping that this issue will be resolved and I never have to confess any admiration for leadership in my jurisdiction I just have to wait for the verdict and with the blessing of God everything will work out.

I do want to apologize for writing this but you can just imagine what Donald Trump had to go through when I wanted to get something on behalf of the country that I helped him manage and probably failed to manage most of it but at least I had some contribution what everybody was dodging the punches I found a way to redirect those punches to work for Americans in general so that the country is stronger and better who is presidency which is a very sad thing to say but it is what it is the presidency of Donald Trump was a trial by fire it was a fire that brought the flag of this country to anyone who was brave enough to step forward and take on the challenges and stop making excuses which I did that has been ignored by history unfortunately they forgot that I'm more than capable of revitalizing my own glory after all I'm the one who will have the last say in this matter I might be black and I might be ignored but that is not going to be my legacy especially if I have anything to say or do moving forward.

So I am hoping to find some kind of lightning with the Kennedy family and see they can recognize leadership and be among those who open the door to the slide so I can slide through A system that is ignored me and has done everything to paralyze me and to downplay any Glory or the independent spirit that has been profiled in the profile of courage I am going to be among those men with anybody hates it or loves it I'm part of this country and I demand to be acknowledged.

Thank you for reading this it was such an honor to write about this and to share my story that I've never shared with anyone hopefully it will ask people what are they doing wrong? Why can't they recognize leadership it's choice for even though it's been standing here right in front of their faces why is technology a barrier and letting good leadership rise to the top? Who benefits when leadership is ignored and Independence that is displayed by courageous people is ignored? It is only the nation that will suffer and suffocate if good leadership is not recognized and rewarded so I am hoping that space will be made for me and I will get my chance to be independent and unique and add to that Spirit of individualism to the New frontier of this American experiment.

Thank you for reading this I pray God blesses you and your family with a long healthy life that you are all forgiven and blessed and you all have an opportunity to contribute positively to the world that is facing many challenges that is is on its knees begging for leadership or a fresh air so that the pages of History can turn and great leaders can take their seat.

My final cry is the following don't be among those people who did not recognize leadership and help you grow because that is what I'm going to do for the rest of my life I will look for people who display courage and honor them with my own brand of appreciation I will not let tech companies or anybody else get in the way of finding people who are unique and beautiful and pass them along it is the least that we can do as Americans is to recognize / cherish and nature people who can lead us and will not make excuses for the problem we are facing so we are all inspired and we are all part of a big team that's working to work together towards a bigger goal of accomplishing The impossible.

I end with a thank you to President Kennedy who's officially my hero in this American experience through this book I have truly discovered myself and regards to what America was really all about and why it is great because it is the men of the Lord who made it great and paid the ultimate sacrifice and for someone like Kennedy to appreciate what history has to say and to take the hand of anybody who's willing to listen and to paint a picture of what courage is all about is priceless I learned a lot and I grew a lot as a human being and for those who don't know me I was going to be the most powerful citizen who never had to answer to anyone but now I think I might choose a life of public service that will inspire a new generation to be part of the American experiment.

please click on the link below and listen to this book 

Listen to Profiles in Courage by John F. Kennedy on Audible.

This book might change your life it's absolutely beautiful and incredible and I can't wait to write the Islamic version of this ,but for now just listen to this because you're going to see Kennedy in a very unique light.

Thank you and goodbye I pray God blesses you all with a long healthy life and overlooks all your shortcomings and makes you shine with all the best qualities he has put inside of you so this world can be a better place thank you and goodbye again.

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