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Changing how people get hired and never fired from any company moving forward.

               بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

Changing how people get hired and never fired from any company moving forward.


I've been looking forward to this moment a long time introducing a new system where people get hired and never fired turning to the corporate world on its head.

The world has changed it's not the same place where people don't have any power and they cannot reach millions of people and make brands and ideas without ever spending a dollar has come.

The time has come for all of us to have a different perspective because the internet has changed the game what it means to be successful what it means to connect to new ideas and open the doorway of entrepreneurship.

Today I woke up to a video that really confirmed my suspicions that the people of the internet and my generation they are connected in ways you can't imagine and Facebook , Google and all this other tech companies they are just the beginning of the experiment ,but I believe that experiment has come to an end it is time to invent the real connections/ beauty that comes with the internet moving forward and to do that with employment will be the biggest satisfaction that I will ever get in regards to changing corporate culture around the world.

The time to unleash data has come in regards to setting expectation and telling every individual what you click on, what you like, what you share, what you to tweet, what you retweet or put on Facebook is creating a world of data that needs to be appreciated and unleashed moving forward because it is trapped behind the firewalls of corporations.

No one should have the right to pay a small fee and get all your data and use it against you as a human being. Whether it's an employer checking your Facebook and turning you down on unemployment and doesn't even have to tell you that's the case or other ways data is used against people which discriminates and also closes the door of opportunities that would have made a big change in their life.

All of this can be addressed in regards to how data moves and how all of this it connects and what real meaning is data really have those are the big questions that going to be answered by me if not now then at a different time but that will not stop me from engaging the world and asking them this big questions so they can begin thinking about it and they can begin to make the connections I've been blessed to make.

What does data mean to the individual? What does data mean to the family? What does Dina mean to a community? What does data mean to the world?

You start adding religion, race, politics, you have the past in the future into your ingredient and you really come out with a different art that tells you a different story what this is all about and where all of this is going and why someone has to capture this and bring it all together it's like reaching out into the clouds with your hand when there's a big storm and capturing lightning ⚡⚡⚡⚡ 💡📝📝📝📝📝📝⚡⚡💡📝📝📝📝

After capturing lightning your right your unique ideas and make all of this work which is what I plan to do. Information is not equal some people are making a great difference in this world and some people are very creative and those people need to come together and make this world a different place.

I want to reach out to the king of entrepreneurship and I wanted to give you this gift by telling him he's going to end up being one of the most famous people on earth a thousand years from now his name is going to be known and his story is going to be retold simply because he did certain things that it's not widely known but if anybody investigates a little bit closely they will see the ideas and the efforts that this person has put forward has truly changes the world unfortunately he has not read all the benefits in the world of social media and the connections I see so I'm hoping this will wake him up and make him understand that the future is going to change and it's time for him to be part of a team that is diverse.

We want to start with idea 💡 làb.

World has changed because of one man and his ability to just be honest with himself and create things that can make this world a better place and his unique vision of founding an idea lab in 1996 as far ahead of anyone and to be part of creating over 150 companies and out of those 150 companies 45 companies have made the IPOs and have been acquired by great companies there is no one on this planet I can say that except one man and that one man has surpassed himself because he has also gone on to not just change the world but save the environment and that person is none other than Bill gross.

I wanted to capture the legend of all times with a tweet which represents what he really stands for and this tweet that he tweeted to Amanda the poet sums up who he is and how great he is.

Bill gross is one of those individuals who I discovered and I was so angry that I wrote on my notebook make sure both artificial intelligence I am going to be making ranks same as the number one person on Earth in regards to a contributions to the world and a person who really has been a trailblazer for many successes people have enjoyed and above all of that the person known as Bill gross should be ranked as number one and this idea lab lessons Will go On to help me build the House of wisdom in Baghdad and make it a reality because I really did not know how exactly I was going to do that I had some few ideas but I didn't have an example that would have made me excited and happy to know that the future is set on solid foundations.

Bill gross is just one of those people that you have to hear him speak and he has already changed the world and I wanted to introduce a video that tells you his journey about how he was able to solve The world's problems in regards to energy and this is something everyone should know and everyone should be grateful for.

Founded in 1996, Idealab is the longest running technology incubator. We have created over 150 companies with more than 45 IPOs and acquisitions.

Great Ideas.

Great Companies.

We believe that entrepreneurship can unlock human potential and make the world a better place. We look for big problems in the world that have technology solutions and test many ideas in parallel. When one shows great promise, we recruit a great team, spin it off into a company, and help them grow a successful business.

I have not seen anybody else use his creativity to really deal with the challenges the world is facing and replacing fossil fuels and actually creating a profitable pathway for businesses to embrace is nothing small so I'm really proud to share this video with you all because it really made me just cry because the world is facing a problem with the environment I'm finally we have some kind of a breakthrough that is going to work hopefully on time with Heliogen

Watch "Heliogen - Replacing Fuels with Sunlight" on YouTube

Some people should be ranked automatically as number one on YouTube and on the internet because what they have to say is more important than anybody else and that's what I promised Bill gross when my two of my AIS with a blessing of the prophets family allow me to do so very soon

To move to the physics era this is a quote I love very much and I really want you to watch this video because it changed my life and it should change your life because this planet is the most important commodity we own as human beings.

Watch "Bill Gross on How Technology Can Solve the Climate Crisis | Upfront Summit 2020" on YouTube

I now want to turn my attention to Bill gross himself since he's not going to be watching this he's going to be reading this my friend congratulations I wanted to pray for you and your son I love the story that you and your son wrote the problems of the world and actually put it on your heart or chest and you made a commitment to do your best to deal with this problems the world is facing and congratulations you have certainly placed the way for the rest of us because I was going to deal with this issue I just didn't have the money or the team or the unique insight that has been blessed through your hands that God has chosen you to be among those who will be changing the world.

So Mr Bill gross I pray God grants you along healthy life and all those people you love and care about and everybody else to be given this opportunity to live alone healthy life to see all the changes that we all dream about take place and then we can all leave this world knowing we left it better for our children because we were brave enough to deal with the challenges without making excuses and understanding through creativity and never giving up something was just going to pan out that's how I would summarize your story in general because you're very inspiring person.

I now want to turn to another video but a little bill gross  made that was miraculous to be honest I was watching this and my wife was watching it and we just couldn't believe our minds what we were hearing it was absolutely beautiful and because it has to do with making the world a better place and it ties to the environment and everything in between I'm going to play this video 

so I can explain what I'm about to tell you all.

Watch "A Perfect Storm of Opportunity: Bill Gross at TEDxYouth@Caltech" on YouTube


Watching something like this you must be either be crying, or experiencing happiness or just euphoria especially if you've been in the world of ideas and you have never met this person even though you know a lot about startups and you've been in this area or arena for a long time and then you meet this person at the end of your journey and a miraculous things happened that I would like to explain to even Bill gross is going to be blown away by this explanation.

Sorry Bill about the typing thing in your face YouTube would not give me the captions so I had to use live captions for my phone and it just happened that it landed in your eyes anyway it's a surprise so don't worry about it bill.

So you talked about creating a hypothesis what a problem and you would not believe it if I told you that when Donald Trump was elected and my journey is being under the Sufi path finding my teacher and going through many things that can only be described as classified information regards to just knowledge that needs to be experienced because discussing it with anyone would just ruin the surprise and it belongs to the owner of the universe so I'm not going to go into that but let's just say that I met one of the greatest guides of all time and I joined the Sufi path of the shadili path and I was initiated into a systematic way of cleaning the heart and becoming a better human being.

I also got a chance to see what I can now do after I have experienced all of this I have to sit back and look at my past colliding with my current or present future and the one of the best people that I have met in my life and all of those people are in the about page at one world one and it talks about the startup and the journey you can find out on my Twitter page as well I will also leave a link

Little girls you can check that out go to the about page it to give you everything you need to know about the startup and also will give you all the equations and the ideas and what this journey has been like but I'm going to summarize for you in a way that I have not done for anyone before.

So basically I had to look at my journey and sum up all my efforts to change the world and I went to where I did my best and I witnessed a lot of blessing that did not make sense until I came to my teacher's feet and to join the Sufi path. Being black and not having a voice where people take you seriously as always been hurdle I have to climb especially when I was a black man as a correctional officer and I did many things that are amazing and I hope to do a TV show about it and hopefully it will make the world a better place but the main point is that I went to back to what I accomplished best in my life and I was most proud of which is the right even though English is just a problem because I speak many languages.

Anyway long story short I went through the creative startup process I drive my wife crazy with writing stuff and going through this crazy process I'm sure you're the only person who kind of understands that you start off with something that is solid and then slowly you begin to investigate the idea and let's just say it was in the world of domains at that time because it was the first time I had to try to bring about change which is something weird to say but it's true for most people we all just go to work pay our bills and we don't show any confidence in ourselves in regards to what change we can bring we just watch TV and live out our lives as if we really cannot contribute which was my case until I met my teacher again.

Anyway after that creative journey was done I tried sacrificing everything I could and I did whatever needed to be done and accomplish the first goal I got a hold of my friend who was an incredible brilliant web designer and an engineer I put him to work with all the ideas they got his group together he built something and I felt it just did not capture what I was trying to do so I have to shut him down make him destroy everything you should have seen his face he was so puzzled after coming up with such an incredible idea and him building a prototype I just had to destroy it because it wasn't to a point where it had the right timing because it had to do with the virtual reality and mixed reality and it was just too early for its time but he couldn't understand it anyway but he put it aside with a lot of frustration and anger.

Destroying ideas because they're not ready even though they're brilliant on paper it's probably the hardest thing a person can do because you're so in love with your idea and you get carried away by it but when you look at the reality the technology has not caught up with the idea and pursuing that idea is just foolish and you just have to wait unfortunately or fortunately the owner of the universe decided to take my father please be upon his soul I asked the owner of the universe to bless him with the highest of heaven A man who taught me ethics I never told a single lie in his entire life in my presence you can ask for a better role model than that.

Here is a picture of my dad and me here's a picture Yusuf bin Omar 

Anyway bill I had to abandon everything and just forget about everything and then I was blessed to come to the second grandson of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and all of a sudden it happened again I have to dig up what I buried and I was really challenged because this time I just couldn't bring up some ideas about domains are what the future is like when I don't have a product with me or on the market to display and explain why I believe the future is going to be the way it is and what we can do to prepare so it was very difficult to meet the second grandson of the prophet Muhammad must be appointed who was not just eloquent but articulate in every way especially in different type of knowledge is from science to religion is just an incredible person and he's also included in the about page.

Anyway I guess I'll save the story for a book I don't want to give it all away anyway I wrote the hypothesis explaining why the future is going to be different and what we can contribute and that started with just my investigation in history and looking at creative people and looking at past technology how it was developed and how this creative breakthrough happened I went all the way to the invention of television, radio, I look at how ads flow and what happened to great inventors and I was able and I was blessed to also look at the Islamic contribution especially the House of wisdom and after doing all those research and praying and waiting I decided to write my hypothesis.

I chose to call the hypothesis hypothesis beta 0.1 which people did not understand why are you including the word beta and your hypothesis I wanted to tell them I was testing testing and I wanted them to read it and then discuss it amongst each other and then have a meeting and really have a deep discussion over things and then test it out in theory and if we can come to an agreement then we can go ahead and pursue the idea.

Unfortunately that's not how things work the Islamic world anymore and most of the Muslims even though they know startups or even worse than some of them don't know what it is in the first place and it's just like your journey you described how you had a hard time convincing anybody to going into what a startup is and so forth and I think there's something that you actually missed to tell the people and you're not talking about because this startup culture is really been summarized in a beautiful documentary known as something ventured and that's something that you should be included in I guess we'll have to do a new one because that's for the past when people do not know what a startup is and I really want you to actually look at it and watch it and if you have watched it I want you to think about how can we make the next evolution in regards to this work without further Ado I would like to play this for you.

Watch "SOMETHING VENTURED official US trailer" on YouTube

Dear bill gross those people who really change the world and give people the opportunity to be successful when they're nothing usually never get the credit I'm looking forward into making a documentary and I want you to give me a check or at least pretend giving me something so I can get a picture like this.

I met you at the end of my journey but I think that was deliberately designed by the owner of the universe so that I can finally be excited and happy I understand the rest of my life I'm going to be leaving a dream of inspiring people to bring change to this world that will last a lifetime.

I hope you will be part of my documentary I can't wait to talk about the story of you and your kid figuring out what's the most important problem to take on and both of you riding it down and putting it on your chest so I really want to tell the world a very good story about creativity and I also want to give you a rewards that I have never given to anyone an honor you in a way that I haven't owned anyone because no one has seen this.

Well working on this beautiful project that was always ongoing since 2015 I think until now has given me the opportunity to take a break from the project and actually use what I learned to go into different industries and try to make changes by applying the same pattern that I've learned attack on problems and heal the good results I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about because you beat me to the climate change problem so we definitely have a good idea what I'm talking about.

I want you to think about politics and information in general especially when it's wounded by the wrong person someone like Donald Trump and what he did to politics and did to truth in general so to mediate that or mitigate that or remedy that I really had to be creative because he was using data and how information flows to really become an artist who had the biggest brush and he really used those strokes to undo progress that has been done by hundreds of people.

We're talking about people who work through the civil Rights movement Martin Luther King brother Malcolm x and the many other great people who have dared to make a society more just and more equal. This person has undone what no one could undo because of understanding his place in history regards to using technology to paint a reality that is stuck in a sick mind and we were all bamboozled by the transformation that the society was willing to undo because of one man he was blessed to be in the White House and giving the greatest honor which means nothing to him and this has to do with the ego and the self and from a Muslim perspective I have to tell you that I completely understand what was going on and why things were happening while other people were just confused and didn't get it and didn't understand how they could get out of it.

I really want to take this moment to just give you why Islam and Muslims are not just the solution to the Future but they have the capability and understanding of undoing damage that no scientists or anybody else can undo because we have an insight and the best way I can explain this to you one of the great people who has been called the proof of Islam and it's greatness the great psychologist your imam ghazali.

Transforming man from his business to purity I wanted to make fun of evolution and all those people who just keep getting dumber with the more knowledge they have anyway here's the video below it's about knowing yourself as a human being if you don't know yourself what's the point of your life?

Be able to check out the video below I hope it gives you a unique perspective because as you all know where all destined to go to a place where we were originally from and I'm going to pray that you are among those who are blessed in this world and the next because your contribution by itself is all blessed anyway check out the video.

Watch "Imam Al Ghazali Advice on Knowing Yourself - #SpiritualPsychologist" on YouTube 

Anyway bill you cannot imagine what stories I have to tell what a legend I'm going to be and today I wanted to give you a gift I have not given to anybody else and this is part of the fruits of the creative activity or as I like to call it the creative engine that is untapped.

Let's just say when Donald Trump became president he gave every citizen an opportunity to manage the government if you had a way to massage the eagles the president and you were able to write something on your blog you could influence history and that is exactly what happened with me and Donald Trump in general I don't support any of his idea so all the problems that he has caused but let's just say that I went ahead and stood in the train tracks and waited for the tramp train to come and I stopped it like a superhero and I got on board on that train from the internet from a distance with my blog and tweets and I was able to do a lot of good I can't wait to write my book it's going to be exhilarating for readers to read what I have to say.

Anyway here's the gift politics is a problem and what happens when you apply someone who's creative and does research in the connections well I decided to make a comic book and become a superhero because that is actually what I did and I will be revealing my first blog today when I joined blogger on Google because it was the only place I could find that could uniquely give me a home on the internet which makes you homeless and pretty much everybody else no one has a home on the internet where all their information belongs to them and they can publish it or unpublish it and they're not part of this destructive web known as a Facebook you put something up can be shared by everybody and you can be out of your control which is not something I am willing to be part of that's why I don't even have a Facebook page or I do everything I can not to contribute to Facebook.

Anyway if you go through the creative process you will arrive at the idea that politics is a wild animal and wild animals have a process of being made part of the family obedient and useful so politics was the same thing and I have to go to words and try to find what words can help me unfold or stitch on stitch the ideas that would really help the world and I want to give you the adult version of the comic book that has the solution where Lady Liberty has the honor of telling the world what I'm about to do to politics so enjoy this exclusive honor that I'm giving you that has not been given to everybody else even the best family did not get this because it just was finished a few hours ago so you get the blessing.

Is the cover of the adult page and the magic word for politics that needs to be happening to make it work for everyone is being announced by Lady Liberty you can read 

Sure you can see Lady Liberty talk about domesticating politics and you might think that's a simple thing but that simple word attached to the creative spirit really use hope to people to understand that there might be challenges but there's always going to be a way to find unique connections that no one saw coming but when it's unveiled it instantly makes sense and they all get it which sounds very familiar as you know.

Obviously I didn't start with the adults I started with children which was absolutely incredible because I wanted to make sure that I could actually pass the test by helping children understand what politics is in a way that they could digest it and I was able to be successful with that I completed the whole comic book actually published it on my blog but people usually are captivated with all my ideas they don't have the time to just extend help so I can continue doing what I'm doing and I don't stop what I'm doing so it's a continuous cycle that most people don't get they just wait for the next great thing I do and they never extend their hand which is weird but I understand anyway here's the comic book for children that I did and I'll just give you the cover page and also give you a few more pages that will tell you what this is all about.

I'm going to show you four pages out of the 23 pages and you can just hit me up on Twitter I'll give you a link to the rest of it I'm working on publishing it on Amazon but I tried distributing it myself and my blog first to see if I can challenge the distribution on Amazon does because after what I really don't need them but sometimes you just have to work with a big boys before you can go in your own anyway enjoy the comic book with the cover for children 

Cover page.


Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Fortunately this is where I stop I'm going to try to produce some revenue I learned something from you.

You have No idea how poetic this is because it applies to the message of my blessed prophet Muhammad peace be upon him because that is exactly what happened to him first he was he was ridiculed for suggesting there is only one God With The message of Islam and second he was violently opposed and kicked out of his own home that he has lived all his life and last but not least the message of Islam was self-evident to people after they had witness countless miracles especially after doing whatever they could do to undermine everything.

To get back to the beginning where I said that I wanted to Changing how people get hired and never fired from any company moving forward.

I think you have a problem with receiving ideas and also I think you have a problem with looking for ideas everywhere because I submitted an idea and let's just say I found out what the problem was.

The idea is going to change how people get hired and how they pursue their dreams by unlocking their potential and never being tied down to any cooperation because it's a new standard of employment and I'm starting in my own industry and I was hoping that we can work together and test test test and see what I'm saying can actually work out but I have a really good demonstration that hopefully you will also appreciate

Creative person can always Google the title of the videos on YouTube and get it but I did send an eloquent email explaining what I'm trying to do after your system did not allow me to submit my idea directly to idea lab anyway you also have the email in your inbox since you've made your email available to everyone around the world I don't think it's going to be a problem for you to find my idea I'm thinking about it and it's going to be an opportunity for me to fly down to Pasadena so we can have a discussion and also I can work on my documentary.

Ask you to diversify your employees I understand that African Americans are not considered or attributed with greatness in the world of startups and even if they are you can't put them next to Steve Jobs or all the other white creators that are known around the world so it is understandable that I don't see black people in your organization and I think you do have black people because you do have different probably idea labs in different locations so I'm not going to be too quick to judge looking at your diversity but I wanted to give you an example what diversity and success is all about because when I'm working on this documentary this man has represented people of color and I hope you a little bit of resenting me in all the projects and come along on this year.

I really think you have a lot to learn in regards to diversity and what it means to be part of a company that shows what diversity looks like and I wanted to give you an example of that

I think my notices are going to be the best leaders because of the struggles and I want you to look closely at this to power couple who are wearing red because I'm hopefully I will be working with them on this documentary about what creativity is and how black people can find this voice of creativity and bring change to this world that will last a lifetime.

Think for you to click on because you're not the only one who needs to enrich your staff with diversity and give everybody an open chance to be successful.

Dear Bill gross can you believe that I did not know who this person was just like King Charles or the kingmaker in the world of entertainment was until yesterday 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

The internet is not connecting to people and ideas the way it should because if it did I would have met all the right people long time ago and I would have either volunteered or worked with either of you guys so that I can be a successful black man in the world of startups and in the world of entertainment unfortunately that's not did not happen in my past but I have full control about what the future holds and if you also ignorant about this kingmaker Mr Bill gross I have a beautiful video that you're going to like because minorities they really bring everybody along with them when they make it and this man has done that for the minorities in this country and I believe he's going to do it for minority people around the world please watch this video.

Watch "How This Mogul Is Disrupting The Movie Business" on YouTube

Well I'm going to have the final say how artificial intelligence is going to be connecting to people because I'm going to make sure people are in charge and they can go into a system and they can make changes on information that's being displayed about them and it's really going to be a great world the fact that I didn't know this King maker or didn't know you is a sad fact and I'm going to make sure future generations who are working on a project should know where to go to have the opportunity to make what they're working on have the greatest chance of success.

The world that I'm going to be part of that I'm going to create us going to be more equitable and more just to everyone because changing how data flows by giving everybody a set of expectations before they interact with data will change big tech companies to adapt to the change of the people's expectation probably that is going to be one of my greatest contributions because of the blessing of the prophets family Muhammad peace be upon them there's been a source of inspiration that I cannot even put any words to their greatness and help in making sure that I explore all my creative abilities and the continue to work in this program that hopefully will heal the most fruit for everyone around the world.

I guess I will never stop talking and I think I'm just going to bring it to a good conclusion here and say thank you for reading this I'm looking forward to what my future will bring unfortunately I am always saddened with the fact that people always forget that I'm a creative person but I've been limited by the amount of resources I can deploy on my ideas and there's no AI that exists that finds creative people and just deposits money into their bank account that's probably going to be one of my legacies when I leave behind I'm going to take my money or my 401k and give it to my Ai and make sure it finds creative people who are trying to bring change that will help everyone and will do the most good to everyone on the planet and deposit some money for them so that they can do what they're doing an accelerate what they're doing something that most people don't understand I need to do I don't decide there's a way to do that with people I created enough to click anyway I guess what I'm saying is that I've read all the comic books and I've enjoyed everything you have not been part of the solution you just are spectators always not helping or contributing or making a small gift donation so I can do my work and quit my 10-hour job that I do everyday so I can pursue this ideas it's very unfortunate.

Hopefully that will change and people is smart enough don't get carried away with the currents of my creativity stop to think that I might not be taking full advantage of this current beneath my feet of creativity because I need to actually purchase a vote and then ride this to its full potential that's not going to happen unless people reach deep and do their best to give me a gift of some kind which is really weird I'm saying this but I just want to say this because it's been a tough journey to have people who have the resources I need and I never get the help to deploy what I have but that will change hopefully and I'll be the last person who has to stick his hand out because creative people like me will make sure the teaching of my best prophet Muhammad peace be upon him which is if people have to ask you for help then you have already failed.

It is up to us to help each other before people ask for help and that's what I hope to do for many people especially minorities they won't have to ask for help if they're doing something beautiful and creative they will be found and they will be given the riches to do what they need to do to become successful and I believe that is what the world is really missing to ignite the engine of change because there are millions of great ideas but they never get a chance to explore them and bring the full potential of the ideas to the world even idea lab that was identified as a spammer LOL


Thank you for reading this hopefully this is the beginning of great things to come because a company like idea lab I'm working with a kingmaker in Hollywood who's a minority I think that is the right explosive mix I need to help me get over all my hurdles especially with this documentary that I'll be working on I hope to see you on the road and I hope to build an actual home on the internet where people can log in and and they can have video chats with me and I can get to know them but as the world is right now everybody's homeless on the Internet it's only a big corporation that I'm making money that are controlling how the data flows and I hope to undo all of that thank you for reading God bless you all I'll see you out there.

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