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I want the president to put tariffs on all the German products starting with Daimler.

It is important people understand that being late will not be tolerated especially from German companies.

Many companies in Europe I've operated freely and in the United States have chosen to undermine all Americans by having deceptive practices that have caused the American people nothing but headache pain.

It is true at this moment assistant my elevation is not set up so I have chosen to demonstrate what my system will be capable of when it is set up and how workers rights are violated and that worker has appropriate data to prove that a specific company has engaged in deceptive and destructive practices.

Not only can that work approve that the company is engaged in destructive and deceptive behaviors and have made it they are new normal. They think that it is the end of the story because they are billion-dollar company and the American worker next paycheck to paycheck which is my current situation that I'm very proud of because I'm enjoying this moment as much as I can because I know the Lord has greater things ahead for me.

I request the president to initiate tariffs in all German products starting with Mercedes-Benz to every single part that is important to our country to remind them the American worker has a voice especially when a worker diligently reaches out entire company and they choose to remain silent for 2 days.

The company known as Daimler has chosen to delete with their response there for subcontractors in to activate an important example of what the future will look like when an American worker rights are violated.

I am working on deciphering how data or information flows without interruption. I'm the lowest people don't usually end up being by the minorities or don't have the tools to eloquently demonstrate how their rights are being violated and what the companies are doing to be deceptive and destructive on American soil.

I have to come by and certain technologies that are available right now so that workers understand what they have to say matters and our government cares how they're treated by foreign companies who think that their billions of dollars can help them violate workers rights especially on Labor Day.

So today, I'm going to give an example of what's about to happen when any worker's rights are violated by any company. How that information will flow back to the desk of the president so that he has the right perspective as to what companies are screwing Americans over and how they are screwing them over which is more important.

I believe it's all about data and this will be the first attempt for an American citizen to prove a German company has violated an American citizen's rights in regards to safety and I will demonstrate through technology  through data to make a compelling case that will allow the president of the United States to put tariffs on all German companies so that Americans know if your rights are violated the president of the United States will take your complaint very seriously.

There are current technologies that will facilitate trapping the American worker make a compelling case so that the punishment is very severe for billion-dollar companies because their reputation is on the line and also they will have a lot of incentive to make sure that they protect workers rights and fulfill their obligations aren't they will be met with severe punishment that is allowed to the full extent of the law.

Today, I want to demonstrate what one world one page will do through Google g suite that will be built into the system.

I will utilize technology and also I will utilize Twitter send an email to bring it all together to share that appropriate action was taken but the company chose to look the other way and refused to even send me an email. When I am ignored I can promise you there will be consequences and we will start with this dying light company and I would make sure the president seriously considers putting tariffs on all German products effective immediately.

First, let's make a compelling case with technology.

There's a feature called timeline it will show you everywhere you've been. So, through this, the workout would approve to the compliant system is accurate and I want to display this video so that you understand what I'm talking about.

I believe you get the point I have been everywhere all 50 states.

By the end of the year, we are waiting do I have a product that will be no greater than the iPhone are the personal computer or anything in between and I have been waiting for this product from its inception and it's called magic leap.

The current technology going to get much smaller and will be part of our day-to-day lives so I just want you to imagine when that product is finally delivered to the customer they will have all the capabilities of bringing you this all together.

So today, I want to demonstrate a quick story that will lead to all German companies imports being terrified by the president because I would make a compelling case that, German company named Daimler, has chosen to be late and we don't tolerate late individuals and the corporate culture they deserve to be punished in behalf of all Germany I hope they suffer the full consequences of the president with an executive order effective immediately after this story demonstrate that they are more than happy to create an environment where Americans are killed on the road.

A billion-dollar company has chosen to engage in unethical and deceptive behavior that has put American lives in danger. If you drive on the freeway, your life is in danger because of this company. Not only would I expose their deceptive behavior. I would also like to show that they have engaged in major safety violation and they have chosen to keep all the good qualities of creating a healthy environment in their own country and when they come to the United States they have chosen to Violet all workers' rights making their life hell.

I will use Twitter to demonstrate what happened, with screenshots. You'll be able to read everything I want you to imagine when someone can add emotional testimony where they are devastated and crying because a billion-dollar company chose to engage in an ethical behavior turn on countless of people's lives that I have witnessed first-hand.

Here comes the email.

I want to make it very clear that they chose not to reply to my email saying that they received it or confirming nothing. Today its Thursday and I can tell you 3 days is more than enough to send a simple email to keep me up-to-date on what's going on they are on our way about the stresses I'm going through and I have chosen to honor all the victims this blood-sucking company has chosen to suck all the blood out and throw them in the streets. I have seen many drivers who have been psychologically and emotionally devastated because they feel helpless.

I ask the president of the United States to put a tariff on all German products sending them a message if you choose to violate my safety regulations that are federal law putting Americans in danger and you choose to drag your feet to tackle the issues that would make Americans safe from the freeway you don't deserve to do business in America. As a matter of fact, German companies don't deserve to do business in America, they should all face the power of the executive orders the president has at his disposal, especially the ones that are assigned to him to use tariffs against countries.

Mr. President, I want you to ruin the economy because they deserve it. You don't come to America and undermine American safety for the sake of making a buck. There are billion-dollar companies they can afford to pay their drivers good wages and they can do something much better than just wages.

They can cut back the route drivers are driving into half the work and double the pay they can afford it but they wouldn't do it.

Americans overworked underpaid because we don't have anybody standing up for us. We are like a machine or being grind until there's nothing left. Most of us cannot breathe or do anything we can I get out of this trap of paycheck to paycheck because companies I figure out a system of creating contracting companies to make sure we Americans never see the light of day and they're overworked and underpaid it is a system that has been perfected and it is a system that I plan on busting and destroying with my new idea on how information should flow.

This is just one of the few companies that would be feeling the pain of violating the trust that has been bestowed on them to do business in our country.

I will build my ideas and I will make sure they're all connected so that all the complaints and all the safety violation that foreign companies choose to engage in his present it to the desk of the president and the president of the United States can take action to protect us from German companies or any other company that has chosen to undermine the American people through the deceptive practice of contracting work that should not be contracted in the first place.

If you are selling trucks in the first place and you are selling parts of those trucks, you should have a moral responsibility to make sure that you hire drivers and you make them work less and pay them more because you can and moving forward you will.

I will engage in a lawsuit that will reach a settlement on behalf of all the drivers whose lives were ruined because of Daimler I would also call in the American people to strike and disrupt their business until they introduce unions and get rid of all of subcontracting that I designed to underpayment the American worker and overwork until depression sets in and most of them just go ahead and take that lives.

I promise to deliver on this idea very soon and we're going to see the real truth what has been going on in our country in regards to employees who work for billion-dollar companies but they're systematically undermined by contracting companies this is the same thing that happened in Arab companies where you go and they give up your identification and you come and work and before you know it you're not that trap and you can never get out you are stuck there working like a slave and you can't even go back to your own country.

So, I want to end with a video showing American workers who are in the same system Arab countries used which is called kafala. We are in our own kafala system where we are at being undermined and we are being overworked and underpaid. I have the president of the United States to listen to me because I am going to bring more companies who are violating the American people's rights off safety and security

I leave you with this video of people being undermined in the Arab world who I am going to be working with as well and making sure that they get their documents and they can get home. We have a lot of problems on this planet because information does not flow in a way that brings Justice. We have governments and corporations were determined to disrupt the inflow of information so that they can violate human rights. Today is the last day and other workers this day will be remembered how's the day I launched a revolution unprotected workers all over the globe from evil and deceptive practices that have destroyed countless lives.

Thank you for reading I want to thank God for allowing me to have this experience I'm to write about this experience I need to take this experience to connect it two hypothesis beta 0.18 will change the flow of information and bring the fourth industrial revolution into existence. Many companies are going to pay the price abusing contracting companies to undermine workers safety and human rights

With the blessing of God I would hug them all down and I want to make sure data flows the way it's supposed to flow so that human rights are protected along with workers safety those who engage in this deceptive practice early warned I'm coming for you no one is going to help you I'm going to ruin your economy you are brand and any reputation you have left I suggest you do the right thing before I get there

Thank you for reading God bless you all with a long healthy life.

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