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We are dreaming and not impeaching Donald Trump.

We are dreaming and not impeaching Donald Trump.

Let's stop dreaming and let's start impeaching Donald Trump. No president in the history of the United States has deserved to be impeached like Donald Trump.

The process of impeaching the president is easy and anyone can do it and I am really happy to share this video with you so we are all on the same page in regards to impeaching this President because the founders of the Constitution made it easy and we have to get on the same page as to as to what impeaching is all about here is a video from vox that expels this notion that we cannot impeach this president.

I had a dream that I should employ for the American people to speak with one voice so that Congress and Senate understand that this is from the people without any political agenda other than saving this nation from a man who does not care about making America great for everyone.

We have to stop dreaming about impeaching because the United States Marines has taken oath to protect this country and obey the orders of the president. Can we in good conscience not impeach this president who has shown that he is not interested in making America great for everyone including the Marines?

I hope this sends chills behind your spines so you understand what it's at stake.

We have to make America great for everyone including the few the proud the Marines. please join our Marines and serve our country I have the link down below we're here to serve and we're here to make America great for everyone.

I call on Congress and all of those who want to impeach the president to follow this dreamer who has a unique way of using his creativity to make things connect to the hearts of people so that our dream of impeaching the president can become a reality.

We call the members of Congress to call everyone in front of the people houset take an oath and I have a video to demonstrate what I am trying to do which is to get doctors, police officers, lawyers, graduates, all facing the capital and taking the oath to protect and serve our country and what it means.

This will be a gesture from the citizens of this country reminding the politicians who serve and the people's house that we take their oath that the president has taken very seriously.

The demonstration of having families and children than professions from all over the United States coming to the capital will make our dream to impeach the president a reality in a way that unites everyone on the same page which is to say America is it going to be made great for everyone.

This is a simple short and sweet story that painted the picture what we need to do to get what we want without getting political. We asked the men and women who serve our Congress to initiate a plan via commercial or any other creative means they have to make sure this is implemented as soon as possible so that the impeachment proceedings can begin.

Thank you for reading this may God bless you and your family and may God make America great for everyone.

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