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Dear Walmart this week I drove a lot of your loads to your distributions and I want you to know I'm not getting my fair share and I have an idea to change everything.

I delivered a lot of loads to distribution centers which is normal in my company because there's a lot of drivers who deliver and today I stand in a very precarious and also difficult situation so I want to share my thoughts with you are especially for truck drivers. To be specific let's just say that while I was delivering a Walmart load I drove thirsty and hungry and because I'm a Muslim I know how to go to ramadhan it was not a big deal but for other people it's very difficult.  

Any way Those who don't know the trucking Industry Walmart truck driving is a dream job it's like the major leagues it is the stuff of Legend and as  truck drivers we're all trying to make it Walmart. FYI just filingl in those people who always go to Walmart or complain about how much regular employees are getting paid.

One thing that people don't understand is that that it takes team to fill out those shelves and distribution centers millions of supply chain  to make sure all those stores are full shelves that Consumer keeps emptying.

Is a major undertaking and for me it's something that makes me look into the future as to how I can get rid of the shelves by automating everything and coming up with good ideas but for now I just want to share some thoughts because as a truck driver I need leverage and I want Walmart to partner up with truck drivers who work for them indirectly so that we can all make a difference.

As a   truck driver I wanted to get the opportunity to have leverage especially when I deliver Walmart loads and at the end of the week I look at my paycheck and I can tell you that it is not enough to make a living even though you pay more than enough two big companies to haul your products.
so  I want to motivate my company and all other companies to make sure that they understand they have a lot to lose if a driver feels his or her company is not meeting the standards to the point where as a driver is barely getting by.

So what I'm asking Walmart to do is to look at my brand because what is going to do is give you feedback on the driver and on your load privately and let you know that the driver is very unhappy with this company and it could be hundreds of drivers and it could be the same company that's hauling Walmart products.

With this kind of information I know Walmart can make adjustments to that specific area and let companies  know that we thank you for hauling all loads but we have information that all your drivers are not happy and we are paying you more than enough to haul our loads so changes can happen in directly and Company “ example Inc”  can be affected because Walmart has data coming in from drivers that is verifiable.

So I am trying to bring change in the trucking industry and on I want Walmart to know that you have a many carriers that are billion dollar companies that not only do they not give a fair share but also the even go worse  treatments to the point where they won't even cut a bus ticket for drivers to go back home.

So what I'm hoping to accomplish is to give Walmart data so that you can be part of what I'm envisioning which is something I would like to call cobra agent.

I hope to create a brand that will give Walmart data from Trucking agents that is real and raw as to what companies are doing great and I know I don't need to get in the drivers fair but the apart of change that is good to drivers and good to their business.

So I am hoping that Walmart would take an opportunity to understand that you have a major responsibilities 2 make appropriate changes to your supply chain so that companies can adapt and make sure that drivers are making a living or at least they have some kind of Leverage because by just letting Walmart know that I delivered so many load through the supply chain and yet I'm sitting here and I am not getting my fair share it's something that would interest Walmart so that they can make those adjustments and companies can be put on notice that drivers also have leverage.

So I hope Walmart will join me in this journey for discussions and also to make our roads better and be part of change that I'm trying to bring that is from drivers to drivers is my vision to the point where one day people will pick up a product from a Walmart shelf and they will say that this entire product was delivered by a driver who's making a living to help his family.

I hope to make something that will make a positive change in the trucking industry and I also want to create the leverage because I am in the same position that I am powerless and I cannot open up a program and put in  all the data on all the loads that I drove for Walmart and make my complaint so that Walmart can make adjustments.

So dear Walmart I'm launching this brand and you're the only company that I understand supply chain and what my idea could mean for the truck drivers and what it could mean for you supporting dreams for truck drivers so that we can make a living for their family and if they cannot make a living at least they can have leverage so that the company has incentives to make sure they fill in the gaps before major adjustments are made by big companies like you.

So I hope you watched this video in general and I hope you open up a system or a group of people that are open to feedback and I willing to work with people who are trying to do what will affect your business directly now or in the future.

I hope to introduce a brand that we make truck driver to work less and make more and keep our roads safe by increasing incentives for major companies and to do real data Exchange that is anonymous verifiable so that Supply chains can get a very good reading as to what's going behind the scenes so that everything can work out for everyone.

So I have this dream and I hope that you will join me or at least give me good feedback.

Sometimes change can come from the most unlikely places. Currently drivers are literally powerless and they have no Leverage and they are being overworked and we have seen tragedies on the roadway and I want to have an effect on that so that the roadways can be safer and companies can make adjustments and through those adjustments I hope to gain enough leverage for drivers so that they can work less and make more or at least give companies incentives to make sure that they understand that big companies will receive data directly from drivers so that adjustment can be made and companies who do not act responsibly will ultimately suffer the consequences.

Right now as we speak there is no data coming out because there's no representation created by drivers to drivers so that the roadways can be a safer place. Fortunately I hope I have done some good tonight because I am in one of those type spots and I have a lot of pain but I choose to articulate and at least make a difference so that one of the major retailers with the biggest supply chain gives me an ear and the things about my idea of receiving real and raw data that is beautifully put together so that you can make the right adjustments and through those adjustments I am sure agree changes will happen.

One thing that I have learned is that people have learned to protect their bottom line and if they understand that the bottom line comes with great responsibilities then they will make sure they meet up to those standards that are not only common sense but is good for all of us as a whole in this Society we live in because all of us hit the road and we share the road with truck drivers.

So I hope I made a difference and I hope the biggest retailer listen to me because I would continue to give you feedback and hopefully down the road change will happen for the trucking industry as a whole.

Dearl Walmart thank you for reading this and God bless you all and thank you for what you do for truck drivers and the supply chain of this whole country that is hidden from all the customers but I get to experience it day by day and hopefully one day you would make a documentary so that people can see what I see everyday a big family coming together and working hard and making sure that all the stores are supplied and they're never empty for families across America.

Thank you and goodbye.

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