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Open letter to the dreamers how to get what you want

Open letter to dreamers how to get what you want.

If you are a dreamer and all you want is to get the papers you deserve well this is something you need to read and have a seat.

Never ever ever think politics will not affect your life politics is the only thing that will affect your life because decisions are always going to be made in your behalf and it's going to be against you or for you and if you don't pay attention to those people who are running for office and you don't show up and support them and show loyalty to them then you can expect what you are seeing that is unfolding right before your eyes.

I would like to see a new political party created called the dreamers people who have played like a pond and they had no representation because no one is in your shoes and as a fellow immigrants who came to this country 20 years ago I understand what you're going through because only an immigrant can understand another immigrant.

So the question now becomes what is it that you can do to make things go faster and smoother so that you get what you want and Donald gets what he wants this is the way you need to think in terms of politics. I need you to think about what is it that you can do that's in within your control that can help you instead of going out there and doing whatever everybody else is doing.

When you begin with simple questions like that then things begin to become clear first is to understand that majority of you are Latinos who have come across the border or who have been brought here for whatever reason but that is what you have in common and I think that you have shown Latino / Spanish leaders in general no respect whatsoever.

So I asked you to go back to the drawing board and understand where your efforts need to go so that your rights are never taken away from you and that is at The Ballot Box and how do you do that you go back to things that I've worked for the Spanish Community from day 1 you need to go back to your Heroes and you need to let them lead you and you need to make sure you are loyal and we have new Latino and Spanish leaders who are born out of this struggle.

I think the biggest betrayal has come from young people who are from this community who have refused to acknowledge leaders have been here and they go to Facebook and they go to the congressman or whatever they make it an issue about themselves instead of a political party with  deals.

Who would have thought those young people with a Facebook account and their stupid stories is the reason that we are all stuck because they refuse to respect the political system that has been put in place in this country and anybody who tries to circumvent the natural process with always get the results they're getting and they're going to be used as a pond and nothing is going to be issued to them.

So I want a dreamers to sit down and be quiet as I begin to give you a plan and I suggest you follow this plan to the T and you don't deviate from the plan because you are part of change and you have to be part of a system that has already been established.

What system and what I'm talking about? Well I listen to this Your Heroes so you remember who are the people who you are supposed to support and you're supposed to wait for them to negotiate on your behalf instead of running to white people and all this other political parties.

Meet your hero your champion the person who dreams betrayed and you tried to circumvent instead of helping her so she can become your voice and she can become the true  queen of the struggle.

Meet the voice of your party that you have chosen to ignore and you will never get anything until you follow the political process and you give respect where it's due.

Dolores Clara Fernández Huerta is an American labor leader and civil rights activist who was the co-founder of the National Farmworkers Association, which later became the United Farm Workers.

So now I begin to talk to Dolores my hero that I would love to meet one day as you begin to pass the torch over to a new generation that we bring change that will last a lifetime.

I want you to know that the correctional system is my legacy and I have plans to make sure that mental health is prioritized immediately President Reagan was the one who cut all the funding to mental institution and prisons have become a place where mental patients are kept in horrible condition I used to be given assignment call suicide watch and I had to sit 8 hours to make sure a mental individual does not kill themselves but unfortunately they always do the same thing so we have to gas them and physically restrain them and hurt them because most of us were not qualified to deal with this people but the company I work for CCA correction Corp of America was making a lot of money dealing with these people so the issues at hand is something I have had the opportunity to see first row.

I choose to talk about the prison system because this is where new presidents i.e. I'll be voted in and really change will come from because the Border issue is just useless and Toothless all we have to do is increase border security by more helicopters increase dogs that Patrol the borders and no one will get through everybody who knows the Border issue they know this very well we can always double and triple and create more jobs and make sure no one comes in.

What no one is talking about is the prison system that needs to be dealt with right now and also immigration for the dreamers who seem to be stuck in a nightmare because they refuse to respect the laws of politics which is to support your leaders and stand behind your leaders who have shown that they can win every battle.

So I hope dreamers find their way home and I understand that their job and roll is not represent themselves and take away all the glory from Heroes Like You by going to Facebook and going to the favorite white congressmen and women and the thinking that they'll get anything done.

So the solution for the dreamers is very simple as far as I'm concerned we need to meet with our governors of all the states and we need to make sure that they're protecting their citizens and immigrants can report criminals so that they are not afraid of being deported.

We also need to sue Donald Trump and his administration for intimidation and just complete and utter be creating Havoc within the community not understanding the delicate matter of people who don't have papers and who are good citizens who have businesses that America depends on from farming to mowing all kind of lawns.

I want all the criminals to be taken out of this country but I want the states to have that ability and to make that decisions in a timely manner what Donald Trump has done is just delay the process of cleaning out this country because he has too much ego and too much ignorance to understand that you cannot force people to do anything without working as a team.

So the issue of the dreamers is the issue America it is tied to immigration and it's tied to the prison system and we need to make sure that we hustle our votes and we do what you have done always was to make sure that we select people who can represent the issue in all local and State offices.

We might have lost the White House but that does not mean we're going to lose every governor race or any other race that has to do with change with public office.

There's a lot of words dear Dolores that you said that I was inspired me and even Obama has copied you even I have copied you so please forgive President Obama and forgive someone like me who keep copying your words My slogan is the same but it has actions right built into it.

So I would like to share My slogan so you can see for yourself.

I don't know if you know this but I went to head to direct my own animation videos and I went ahead and made no excuses and try to deal with issues with all the tools I have at my disposal and I would like to see young people do the same so I really I'm going to show you this videos even though I don't like to talk about that much but I really want you to see it.

I want to bring change and I want to inspire change and above all I want to end television literally because we're moving to a future where everything is going to be automated artificial intelligence is going to take over and all people are going to do is take art classes poetry classes and get to see the face of their fellow human beings and for the first time I will have majority of human beings a visit every single country it will be the first time human beings leave the zip codes and have a lot of Visa stamps on their passports this is one of my important goals especially for the Spanish community and African American Community you have never left the ZIP code.

So I went to end this because I have a way of always going on and on and on and never stopping so I want to congratulate you on all the accomplished Dolores and I want to meet your children and I want to have a Spanish lunch or dinner with you and I want to spend time with you talking to you about the future and what is it that we can do.

Some of the ideas is to reform the political system making every politician explain why they voted the way they did submitting an essay as to what was the political process the idea that all they have to say yes or no it's gone I think that the political system must be an intellectual process where everybody gets to submit what they're thinking and why they reach such a decision because if we do that then we're not going to see this destruction that is ongoing in Congress to undo the Dodd-Frank Act and to destroy the environment because all they have to do yes or no to get money in their retirement.

So I went to overhaul the entire political system by slowing it down and making sure that politician explain what they're doing and how they're doing and if this system was in place every single person who voted for the Iraq War would have been out of office because not only did they vote for the Iraq War they did not limit the executive power of the president to run the war so they literally killed us twice.

President Bush went to war lied about it what was his punishment absolutely nothing they went on to let him manage the war in an Islamic country with no Islamic advisors so he went ahead and did more damage on and on and on so the political system has not just failed it has destroyed everything that is Holy.

I don't think we need Congress / Senators anymore everybody can type up the ideas on a Google Document like I'm doing and they can tell us what they think what they trying to do and why they cannot pass all this laws and if they cannot pass all this laws we would like them to send in their resignation because ultimately we are sick and tired of all the games that is ongoing in Washington.

So I believe the time for changes here the time for change is now the political process must be streamlined and dreamers must understand the role in not betraying people like you and the Spanish community and the voice of change so I hope we discuss many issues that has to do with politics and also has to do with Kennedy because I have a lot of questions about Kennedy I used to be LBJ fan because I just wanted to get stuff done I did not like all this fancy crap but at the end of the day I figured out that President Kennedy was a man who spoke to the hearts and minds of the people and also his speeches were not just in lightning but it was educational people came to listen to him to be educated and by the time the speech was completed they knew what they had to do moving forward something that is missing in this century.

So I have a lot to talk to you about especially the Spanish community and also what is it that we can do different how can we dreams and your family and make sure your name and your legacy and your museum is built and you are valued just like any other hero you're the most neglected figure in history.

So I hope to start my political career because I'm trying to campaign to be a senator of Arizona or am I start as a congressman because I want to be House of speaker so I'm kind of conflicted something you can help me with maybe I can start with a smaller post and move up but my plate is very full and I enjoy dealing with issues constantly and settling differences between people so maybe not running for political office is the best option for me but I don't think I can let the Speaker of the House continue what he's doing sitting in my chair something I don't like seeing I believe that's my chair and I am the speaker of the house and I hope at least 2 years from now I know I'll be there and I'll be sitting in that chair while the president is making you stupid speeches.

I really hate the presidency and I will never be president simply because you have to disclose all kind of information about yourself and also there is a lot of white people who would like to be president so there's a reason they call it the White House I have no problem letting the white people run that house as long as they like as far as I'm concerned I would like to rip apart this dream of becoming a president because all those people who became president were psychopath so it's not a place people should aspire to in my opinion it is a very different office that is tough and people should aspire to the inventors like Steve Jobs and many other sectors but the president is something that I would like to knock the head out of people to stop dreaming about the impossible because history has proven Psychopaths the only exception I think and other few presidents but we all know how it ended up for them not so well.

  1. Anyway thank you for taking time to read this especially the dreamers you need to understand your role in the political process to the people who can bring change and if you refuse to do that then you will be where you are stuck in no man's land this where by everyone is confused and betrayed so I suggest you do what you're supposed to do with your show loyalty and come together and honor your Heroes and champions so we can get somewhere.

I pray to God that this nightmare on the dreamers comes to an end enough torture has happened to them and it's time we give them the temporary relief of things go on but unfortunately that's not how politics works we just have too many stupid people in Washington who cannot be held accountable who cannot explain their votes they just have to say yes or no as if it's a five-minute marriage Vegas Drive Thru so we have a lot of work to do and I hope you will ask yourself the same questions which is what is my role in all of this what can I do different moving forward.

So dear dreamers think different and do what needs to be done while you're at it you can change the immigration system, you can change the prison system, and you can change the face of politics in general forever.

Thank you for reading this God bless you all.

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