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My first loan from artificial intelligence

My first loan was recommended by artificial intelligence Ad on my blog. So I'm going to apply for a loan.

You are the first company that was automatically selected by Google AI as an advertisement on my blog.

I went ahead and clicked on the link and I was taken to your website and I found somethinthat I have never seen before in my life.

I saw a beautiful brand that is structured in a way that give me a clear picture what a bank would look like a hundred million years from now.

I made a promise to myself that I will make you a household name around the globe.

I want to start off with your brand name which is cabbage.

I don't know if this is a coincidence or not but cabbage is my favorite food. So you can imagine the Delight and happiness I was feeling that your company sounded delicious and you had all the ingredients I needed to change my world.

There's so much you can do the Cabbage you have no idea how much I love this green vegetable.

So congrats and picking up brand that is my favorite green vegetable that I never miss to eat everyday. Just coming to your website makes me want to go eat more veggies so congratulations you're the first brand that is affecting me health-wise already.

I want to start off what you have  put on your LinkedIn who you are as a company you are about us I want to copy and paste that because I want people to get this idea who you are and what you do, but first I must start with this YouTube clip because it really sends the point home you are here to change people's lives.

I really love how you have real stories of the right way signs story because it brought tears to my eyes. He told me that you understand quality and you understand uniqueness it's not about just the money for you but it's about making real change. Anybody who has not seen this video they should check this out.

I was also looking at your about me page and I found this which means you are in my own backyard ATL baby.

About us
Kabbage Inc., headquartered in Atlanta, has pioneered the first financial services data and technology platform to provide fully automated funding to small businesses in minutes.

You are not joking when you say minutes I am an Android fan so I took the liberty of creating a GF for you from the Google Play Store.

I have a link for all those people want to download it right away I have link so you don't waste any time.

Trust me when I say you need to download this app the moment to download it you're going to get visual stimulation of the green and you're probably going to eat more veggies and be more healthy check this out because I downloaded it and I found more Creative Design in the app than any other business in the history of Finance.

So don't waste any time if you are a small business and you need cash and you need to expand this is the place you want to go and you will get all the money you need to meet all your fixed expenses and expand trust me when I say this is a fresh air in the financial industry that we have all been waiting for so please check out their website because it is out of this world take a look at the picture below

No for those customers who are old school and then you want to call them right away right now your phone number is right here as well

Just click on the number right here and your phone will recognize and die right away or you can copy and paste onto your phone number.

888 986 8263

No I want to move on to the next chapter of me applying for this company for a loan and I want to set the footsteps of what a loan application would look like in the future.

There's a lot of people who are talented unfortunately we do not have the opportunity all the luxury to have all the finances to put our ideas together so that we can present it to venture capitalist or investors so that we can secure the funds.

People like me are trying to make their dream a reality by getting the funds they need to bring a team together and build the detail information for investors to review so that they can invest in our startup.

So what I want from cabbage is to give me a loan so that I can hire employees and build a brand so I can move to the next step.

I'm going to revolutionize the trucking industry and what uber did to the taxis in the trucking industry fortunately this is going to happen from the perspective of the driver to the driver so it's going to have the opposite effect where resources will and profits will be shared across the board with the drivers in the trucking industry.

So I went to introduce my brand which is called Cobra agent.

I want to give you a background story on this brand that was developed in the trucking industry. I develop this brand in response to the crisis that the industry's is facing which is no representation for drivers as a whole.

I want to share an emotional story with you because this all started when I was picked up by my trainer as soon as I graduated which is a long story I'm working on a book about this journey but I'll summarize when I decided to create this.

My Trainer was an African-American gentleman who pick me up and we hit the road I was going to learn the trucking industry and I could not help notice that my trainer was holding back his tears but they were falling and he was in distress.

I looked at him and I told him I am a man of the Lord and I cannot handle looking at another man who's holding his tears back please tell me what's going on because I am here to listen and I will do what I can to help you.

I requested that he pulled over and tell me what was going on after all he was driving a truck and my life was on the line.

With tears falling from his eyes my trainer  went on to explain that the company proceeded to put all his personal items into a trash bag that is why all his stuff is in a trash bag in the new truck.

I told him I don't understand he said I've been working for this company for more than 5 years and I was late for 2 hours and they decided to put all my personal item into a trash bag and give away my truck.

I told him I don't understand please explain why they would do such a thing. He said they have a time limit how long you can be gone from your truck and I was late for an hour because of the Greyhound bus and traffic so they were not willing to accommodate me they dumped everything in the trash bag and give away my truck to teach me a lesson.

He went on to explain that the truck is like a house. He's been living there for 5 years and he has a lot of personal items that he has placed such as bobbleheads and honeymoon pictures and many other things on the truck so most of these items were also missing and on top of that they left it where it was raining so everything is wet.

You can imagine how angry I was and how sad I was feeling so I decided to tell him that I was from Silicon Valley and I believe in Brands and I'm going to find a solution that we will present all drivers so that if something like this happens you can just download my app and you can get the funds you need to get an Uber and I would have another job ready waiting for you instantly.

So a long journey begin of creating the brand learning the industry and driving different types of trucks. I believe now I have to come full circle and I would love to build this brand just like cabbage has.

What I want is the website and all I want is the app and all I want is the opportunity to explain what I'm about and what I want to do to the industry just like cabbage has in their video and if you have forgotten that I have the GF on the video I want to play it all over again.

Cabbage gets to explain its business in 30 seconds and I'm going to do the same.

No I'm a very creative person and I'm going to put my personal touch on this and I went cabbage to see this video that I have already directed my own animation and it's going to be very fun when I get my loan and I get to do everything. So I want cabbage staff and see you to look at this video because I'm going to have a lot of fun with the money you give me.

You know this is true I have my brand that's going to change the world unfortunately I'm only stuck with blogs hopefully that will change very soon because you're going to give me a loan and I'm going to love you forever plus I promise you I'm going to make your household name.

Dear cabbage please approve my project to get a loan to do what you have done which is build a beautiful website and then and animation video that explains what I'm trying to do so that my business can get off the ground I can hire more people and expand and go from there.

I'm going to let everybody know in detail how was my experience and how was my communication and whether or not my loan was approved.

If you choose to improve me I will advertise you forever. If you choose not to approve me I will thank you for giving me the opportunity of being so professional either way it's going to be a win-win for your company.

FYI I did apply and everything did go smooth because I'm doing something very creative and very different that requesting me to call them to discuss to gather more information so that they can approve me for the loan. These people are not joking if you download the app and you fill out the information you will instantly be approved and the money will be in your account unfortunately I'm not one of those people who have great credit and what I'm doing is completely different from conventional banking so I didn't expect to be rejected but they didn't do that they told me to give him a call so they can get a better understanding which tells me this is the best brand that will change the financial industry forever. Of course I made a GF of my application process which is awesome.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read this I believe this is how the loan of the Futures are going to look like we're intrapreneurs are going to reach out on the blogs especially if the recommended by artificial intelligence And I will be calling you very soon at 888 986 8263 😇👂😇🗺️💡💡❤️💡❤️💡❤️💡❤️💡❤️💲💲💷💲💰💡💰💡💰💡💷💰💡👂👂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I went to end with artificial intelligence and Google Assistant because ultimately I found you out through an ad placed by Google on my blog and I think artificial intelligence is just going to be part of our future and I want to be the first person to thank artificial intelligence and Google Assistant replacing this ad on my blog.

Please watch this video if you don't have Google Assistant please download it and use it it's going to change your world it's already changed mine check out the video below and thank you for visiting my blog.

Our world is going to change and I promise to do everything I can to be part of that change to be that rough draft that inspires change so that people are not afraid to try new ideas and start new companies that might change our world so I asked everybody to believe in themselves and start a project that will change the world don't worry about failure or anything just do it and let's see where the journey takes you thank you and goodbye.

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