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 Open letter to the prime minister of Ethiopia Hailemariam Desalegn Boshe.

Before I start my prayers and address the Prime Minister and everything that has to do with Utopia I want to thank President Obama for hosting the Prime Minister and his family and being a good stewardship of American politics and I hope the country will turn to Obama because he's a wise leader this is the only time I mention Obama everything else is address to the prime minister let's begin with a prayer.

I prayed to God and Grant you a long healthy life and I also pray for the country that God will bless you because Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him made prayers for your country so everything will be easy for you because you have received blessing and you will receive help at the right time and the right place to always help you navigate forward no one else can explain why you are so blessed except Muslims know that you received a picture of blessing from my Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and this will continue until the day of judgement.

My address this letter to you so that you may look at it as a rough draft and don't worry about all the Perfection just look for it to inspire you to think different and to bring change to your country and then move on to the entire an African continent so that changes can take place and you can Inspire other leaders to step down and they can copy you because you're going to get this right you are going to help this country move forward and I'm going to give you an idea that would make you think different that is tailored fit to the African system and how African think.

I will also give you Solutions so that the people can be satisfied and they can stop there protests and turn it into a celebration. Yes I'm going to turn those protesting to celebrations and I'm going to take the security forces and everybody else and they're going to be building something and they're all going to be celebrating because I'm a very creative person I can take problems Tournament 2 Solutions and make people celebrate something that no amount of money can buy so you should read this with understanding that your problems have now gone away.

Nightline how we need to do this from African perspective I will outline what steps that you need to take so that the government and the people are all happy and also this will secure your place if you ever choose to run you will win by 100% because everybody will agree that you handle this just like Nelson Mandela and your party will never grow old because people don't understand what it takes to be a leader the moment they step into your shoes they will understand that they have to make progress in the economy in the security sector and many other places that they don't understand so as you begin to hand over the torch what you must do first in order to be like Nelson Mandela but also you have to be open to different ideas which will make you think different.

So let's begin with the first solution we need to think like Africans forget about this westerners people who are telling you you need to do this do that no do this African style and listen to me and you'll be successful so let's begin and I will just address you as prime minister in this letter because I want people psychologically to just remember the name prime minister is just you.

I want to remind the government of Ethiopia and the prime minister of Ethiopia whatever that is working in the western around the world will not work in Africa because we have a different perception as what we believe government should work.

So I have some solutions I hopefully it will be a guideline and it will save the country from chaos and all the inviting that's on going behind the curtains.

You need to do this African style and when I say African style you have to do it in a way people will enjoy and changes will take place in a way that everyone will agree changes taking place and they're all happy and satisfied.

The first thing you have to do I was prime minister of Ethiopia is begin the open little conversation this is really important because I'm going to give you a very good warning one of the most dangerous things that has happened to the world is because of the tongue and when I say tongue people with silver tongues in Europe we had Hitler and in many other places weather it is Argentina we had that woman who could speak to people and ruin the economy and destroyed the economy because of the silver tongue.

The people that you have freed from prison and all of those people who are jumping up and down full power it's time for them they got a taste of what it's like to govern a country and make an economy grow.

So the first challenge that you need to give them is holding yourself accountable you need to write an open letter and you need to tell them the government is going to be giving you a report of what we have done good and what we have done bad and we ask people of Ethiopia to sit down and begin to read and understand that this is not going to be easy but my resignation will be in effect and the transition of this government will happen if active immediately this is my job as a stewardship of the Ethiopian people to make sure everything happens in order so this government and this country can continue to experience economic growth that it has been experiencing for the last 10 years without stopping for nobody.

Open letter will be a challenge and a taste of what it's like to to be a prime minister. They would get a taste so that those people who are not qualified they will not even approach to try to be prime minister because right now there's going to be a lot of people who are not qualified a lot of people were going to be using their silver tongue to push people's emotions and then we end up destroying the country and the economy.

So you need to create a timeline and I hope you follow my timeline because it makes sense and it has an African style of transforming the country in mind because I have live there after all I know the people and I know the country.

The first thing is going to be the Constitution and calling people to all the freedom that has been taken away from them so that it's never taken away no matter what government takes place this is the first right that they have lost and this is the first right they would like to claim back so that they don't get to be thrown in prison and no one takes advantage of them moving forward.

So to make this constitution changes of course it's going to require everybody to have a lawyer and it's going to start the mediation process because everybody's going to be represented and all of the everybody's going to be represented and all of the different tribe we get their own lawyer who speaks their own language and this transformation can begin to take change.

The first process is an executive order to make people experience elections from different parts of the country this means that all those people with different languages can pick a new governor who will represent them and you will expand the parliament to give them a chair.

Because you have different tribes and different people who speak different languages let them go over each other with a complete and utter runoff to be selected by their own people to be the ruler of the county that is the first step you have to take.

This gets even better you're going to select the political prisoners and all those people who you know have had an effect on this struggle rewarding them as a council who will select those people who will run basically you're making their people who are senior select their people who are lower and you are making it a power struggle between themselves which they would love very much.

So to summarize they must taste what it's like to be free and there must be a systemic system step by step for the country to move forward into the future.

Step number one again you need to ask them to select new leaders from there prospective counties and because we don't have the money and the time to do all of this we're going to do this African style.

Be very careful of accepting anyone who's a silvertongue who can control all the people into this group that going to pick. You must not allow those specific people to speak because if they can control everybody then they will cause chaos we need people who are intelligent who can be held accountable by the people we don't need a manipulative piece of s***. We do not need a person who's a silvertongue who can control everything everyone and causes all problems.

This will set the motion of Celebration and everybody will feel that they have participated because ultimately the people we'll have to vote bring a person from the tribe over the person who they consider a leader when's the people select the leader he has to sign the Constitution which is to bring order and tell these people to relax for a certain time we don't want the people to think that everything is over they can continue to practice if they want but they have to have people they listen to to bring back order.

So this first step will give the people the African style of election they want and they will also have people to hold the government accountable as the process starts and also you will get what you were looking for to get this protest and everything to stop and celebrations to start.

This is very important that you declare a celebration for every County as soon as the leaders are chosen. Before their chosen you can get the people to build those celebration stages and you can send the Army to build this place where the new Governor's will be sworn instead of fighting with the people the security forces and everybody else is going to join them in building this celebration places where the leaders will be elected.

This is really going to make everybody happy in the country you are already building places where the leaders will be sworn in in their own perspective District this is unheard of instead of beating us throwing us in jail you're creating a place for our leaders to be sewn in so we can celebrate the people will fall into ecstasy and kiss your hand and you will be the new king of politics.

You need to turn the whole problem on its head send the security forces construction forces to begin building a place where all those people who will be winning the respective counties to be elected and you should ask people how would they like to celebrate send a lot of people out asking how does each County want to celebrate the new leader.

This is going to change the story about everything everybody's going to be celebrating and the politics Will begin of each district and they will be in the throat of each other as they try to look each other in the face and tell the people why they should be the leader because you're not wasting any time you building the celebration stages it's now up to the people and they're so cold leaders to come to a conclusion who will leave them without you interfering of course.

Now I want to make this very short and simple but I'm going to ask that you to do a very big surprise twist that has never been done before in politics because this really will work.

The surprise twist is that you need to take all those people who are politically influential and you know them and they know you from all sides and you need to put them in a plane and you need to take them outside the country of course you're going to take them to the United States where you're going to vote on Obama and where you going to invite International leaders to also be watching so that if there's any problems and anybody refuses to do what you're asking them to do the world will see them as dictators refusing to listen to a wise leader who's going to be like Nelson Mandela.

You have to get these people out of their comfort zone this is very important. Once you do that they won't have any pressure they can think and talk freely and Constitution can be drawn up but the very careful of skipping the people because they have to be part of all of this this is why I asked you to create to Celebration stages this is why I asked you to make sure they sell it to Slater's and they put them in charge and if things do not work out they can go and do what other people around the world which is vote them out.

If you skip this important process writing an open letter and building your celebration stages and making it clear to the people if you do not like the government you can always vote us out this is the new way forward then you have failed the country and you have filled the people because the people are not going to stop protesting.

I hope this is a very good start for you because I consider everything I do to be rough draft. I consider everything to be rough draft so that you can look at this and say there's a lot of good information here and I'm going to build on this. Please tell me the tribe that you have an opportunity to win the Nobel Prize and they will be Security place in history as the wise leaders who listen to the people and give the people the government and we all know that these people were going to be taking over there going to miss manage the country and they're going to run it to the ground.

This will give you a people were running the government ultimately to be elected by the entire Country in free elections because ultimately people want the economy to grow they want better jobs they want better transportation and what you have done no other government can do because they're not skilled at creating budgets and dealing with all the problems that is facing the country they've been dreaming about leadership but they don't know anything about leadership or stewardship of the countries prosperity.

Because I am a man of the country even though I have forgotten to speak the language I look like the people and I talk like the people just because I speak English does not mean that if you dispatch for my help I will not be in the Mist with you shoulder-to-shoulder helping you on the country move forward make no doubt about it if you ask for my help I will ask you to come to the United States and we will have a private meeting and then we'll take it from there because this country is too great to be left to inexperience people who don't understand that the country must move forward with economic progress and every other area.

It is your responsibility to make sure that this country move forward and picks up momentum of success in every sector that the government has worked hard for and do not late silvertongue people destroy the country destroy the people like Argentina or many other countries this is very important that you take my word seriously and you tell your people the time for talk is over.

Stop talking to people begin to write this is the first command in the Koran where people are told read a lot of people use their tongue too much they have nothing to say when you tell them right because there's nothing in there had all they do is talk useless forced everybody to write the idea down and forced everybody to start reading from your opponent to the government start listening to ideas that are written down do not get stuck in English debates of idiots who know how to use their town and they're not even creative.

As prime minister you have a lot of power and whatever you say everybody's going to listen to so do not let them replace you too soon so that greed and ignorance can take place do not throw the country into the ruins like other African dictators do not leave before it's too late do not give them an idea that you are weak and you're going anywhere you must be strong but at the same time you must promise the people that you will not even run even if they select you but you will be part of the process and you would hold on to the security forces and many other fields you're not going to just go empty-handed.

So I ask you to consider my proposal and I hope you think deeply as to what's going on in the country and what you need to do but whatever you do you need to be decisive and then you need to understand your role in all of this and what is it that you're going to do and how we are going to do this this is more important than anything. Because whatever you say and do we have a chain affect it will either make us or it will destroy the country and you would not be able to take everything back because you've been out maneuvered and thrown out.

Was very unpopular so everything you do and say can be used against you if you do not listen to me and you do not understand that you only have one chance to do to get this right then you have already failed and this conversation is useless but if you understand that what you need to do and what your role is then you have been successful and you have made this country successful and everybody will be happy and the country will move forward.

So I hope this is a rough draft for you to think and to sharpen your skills and to get different perspective from people who are not mired in the political process people who do not want a position they just want the country to be better those are the people you want you advising outside forces do not listen to people inside the country who want to be prime minister of who I interesting a piece of the pie who are looking for their self-interest and they will destroy the country so get voice is like me and voices that are outside the country that are neutral so that the country can be prosperous .

Thank you for reading this prime minister and I hope journalist and the Eopian people will read my rough draft and it will have an effect which is to think different that's all I want.

My reward is for you to think different to save the country so that you can be prosperous and we can all move on with our lives this is the only goal I have I don't have any monetary advantage so my opinion comes without any doubt that is from my own perspective without influence from anyone.

List of prime ministers thank you very much I hope everything is well for you and I hope you think different and take some of the small pieces that here make this African style it's about celebration it's about parties it's about paying people money who have been injured especially all those who out of prison they need to be paid something do this African style so we can get over this don't try to do this like Western Civilization and we need to cut a deal and move on with our lives thank you for reading this sir.

I finished off with a prayer that God is going to bless your country and your people into prosperity and Preakness and you will be the most envied country in the world in your democracy in your progress in the economy and in your progress in just being peaceful and happy and civilized this is my prayer to you as a country May the blessing of my profit continue to reach you make sure that you understand that this is the cause of all your blessing and as long as you know this you would always find a solution out of all your problems God bless you and thank you for eating

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