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Page Two. Pictures to update my fellow correctional officers

Welcome Page 2.

I want to start with a thank you to you as a reader taking time out of your busy day to come to my blog. This is Page do we know can really get started and I can lay out when I've been up to since I left Corrections.

I have a problem with remembering dates and times because I feel their unnecessary information. And my brain likes to delete information that's not necessary. So if I don't remember or whatever it's nothing personal I pray to God it doesn't give me all simers but I'm showing all the signs LOL.

Sewing 2008 I left Corrections. I wish I took more pictures there unfortunately I did not but I will put a link of all the pictures I have and Corrections right here on my block with a simple link and you can go through them.

No I was talking about my life and Corrections. I do not share my accomplishments of my failures with anybody period I just take him like a man and move on. What happened in Corrections was very simple I knew it was time for me to leave when the leader of the Union asked me to negotiate on their behalf. Also the warden wouldn't give up the bone of trying to fire me because I had messed with him so much that he did know what to do with me. I think captain Perry was a witness to this where the warden came to me and I just pissed them off.

 He went to the corner you know where we enter the shift from that back door for the back unit he went to stand over there and whining and blah blah. Long story short I had accomplished everything I wanted there. There was nothing more challenging to do. I was playing politics and everything became boring. Plus I was in love with this lady who doesn't know I was in love with her. And how do you ask someone who doesn't know anything about your religion to walk away from their life and to join you in this Expedition of love. It doesn't make any sense whatsoever. So like they say you gotta leave it in there Lorde hands and he will guide you.

To be honest I don't think I would have left there. Believe it or not I got into a big fight with my roommate who put my stuff out so you have to call the cops blah blah blah I have to pick up my stuff and then I live with another roommate. Long story short the Lord wanted me out of there even though I wanted to stay I was having so much fun.

What really happened was I went on vacation and my family let me know that I need a mental break period I was locking doors. I was strict. And I was going to different levels with all the looks that are coming out of my face. I was not going to hide my facial expression from new one if you pissed me off you were going to know about it so it was a moment of reflection with my family they were telling me whatever is going on we don't understand but this is going to mess with your head. People were questioning my mental sanity which was totally okay. I was at peace being a superhero making sure people are safe at the same time I was playing politics at the highest level and that was my regular day. I loved it.

I miss kitchen in Corrections. Anybody who work there they know what I'm talking about it was the moment I took complete control of the airwaves and everything. I had a lot of fun stories to share that I'll be going back and forth in my blood and it's going to be totally awesome. I remember one time where I think it was the commander of them sorting bring them who challenged me on the radio I walked all over him stand down Stand Down is what I can remember. I don't know why you challenging me I was having a fight with the warden and I was trying to handle the day-to-day politics I think he learned a pretty good lesson that day.

I really miss the kitchen because I put on a show  like Ric Flair or Stone Cold Steve Austin. It was my graduation day up in there. I say my graduation because I had inmates coming up to me and telling me that so and so is trying to do blah blah blah. On this gang member is trying to force me to pay money or he will do blah blah to me basically I have reached a point where the inmates were telling me stuff that they were not telling anybody.

I got to tell you it was good. I miss the crap out of that place I hope one day to come back and walk around the halls. I also miss my fellow correctional officers who helped shape who I am today. There's many people who worked in that place were brothers to me we broke bread together and I miss many of them because they were brothers to me. They watched my back and they saw me with their own eyes taking on challenges unapologetically. So I want to say to them I miss you guys and hopefully one day we will make a TV series of some kind. I'm already working on that actually I think we're going to make one hell of a TV series on our TV series when actually challenge the correctional system in the world.

Correctional officers have a unique perspective what it means to have any ability human beings. What it means to deal with mentally challenged individuals. What it means to be under pressure 24/7 and I'm eating all those challenges head-on.

The TV series is going to be with a purpose to bring change to the criminal justice system around the world. I will tell you this when I left and I was betrayed by the CEO of the company I took it very personal. Because I had played the warden and he had to go report to the headquarters period on the wording came out and met with me what time face-to-face what I was doing those donuts a lot of people do not understand what that means but I was being taught a lesson LOL basically the warden came to me point-blank and asked me what do you want to do. Because I had written the most amazing letter. He was forced probably by the board or whatever to come up and speak to me on this issue because he had no choice in the matter. I know the assistant Warden who were fired know what the hell I'm talking about.

So long story short there's this moment where the warden comes out and I talked to him and he offers me whatever the hell I want. I could tell from his face he was uncomfortable offering such a wonderful offer plus I knew I was not going to last and time had come to an end so I looked at the word I said something that I wasn't supposed to say which is part of my life and I will say my tongue and moved without my permission LOL something I will explain if I'm still alive one day.

So to summarize what happened in Corrections it's a place where I went and I learned the skills I needed to engage in politics. It was my school of experimentation and contemplation. That was  correction made was to me.

So I can announce without a doubt sooner or later we're going to have a TV series that's going to be action-packed and I'm going to have my fellow correctional officers on this TV series. I have already begun the script writing and stuff like that and every single person who has ever worked with me will get the opportunity to be in this Saga. We're going to sign beautiful contract and we're going to make you resign from your position so you can enjoy the life. So we're going to take this on we're going to show them a day in a correctional offices life Hollywood has gone ahead and they have shown what it's like to be a prisoner in Breakout what is it like to be an officer who was to break in and change the system to work for everybody. Going to have this kid who's from a civil country was sticking on all this blah blah challenges and it's going to have his American counterpart we're going to be changing the system with him it's going to be sweet. So expect something on that sooner or later as I begin to negotiate with this big ass companies how they want to do this. But I am not going to give up any directors control or any other idiots I've never been to prison and they don't have any kind of logical plan to make this entire series about change. The system is not going to change unless we make it the bottom line that we want to see changes in what it means to have a universal system that is in place for every single jail in the world.

So I have a downpayment on a story that I've been writing on this specific area period I'm going to include the link over here. I'm also going to ask my fellow correctional officers and all those people were going to be in this TV series not just to get ready but you're going to speak through your own character what challenges you had to go through try to make it to the top. Especially if you're a Spanish lady who's trying to make her way up period or if your a black man was trying to make your way up and get promoted so there's going to be a lot of politics at the same time we're going to entertain the crap out of people because the stuff that happened in Corrections is beyond imagination of the public. So this is going to be hard pounding entertaining interesting but above all it will bring change to the criminal justice system. That is the only reason we're doing this we want to bring change at the same time we're going to be celebrities why can't we have the Both Worlds. So we out further deal here's the link.

End of page 2 a message to my fellow correctional officers we're definitely going to do this if I'm still alive. I say that because I'm a truck driver so you never know what the hell's going to happen.

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